A Guide to Coding and Fanworks

A collection of tutorials, references, guides, and meta discussion for the creation and appreciation of coding as used for/in transformative works.

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About A Guide to Coding and Fanworks (A_Guide_to_Coding_and_Fanworks)

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Everyone and their mother has a guide, or a favorite website with tips and tricks for writing, and there are a ton geared specifically towards writing fanfiction, but information for non processes and tutorials for making non-text based transformative works are a little harder to find, they are more scattered, and a lot of the tutorials are for making coding works for outside of a Fannish space, where the process can be a bit different. This collection is aimed to gather those resources in one place, and to encourage the creation of new tutorials, references, guides, and meta discussion for creation and appreciation of coding based/used in transformative works.



Q: What can I add to this collection?
A: Anything that is a guide, breakdown, meta talk, resource post, or tutorial for any coding for or as a fanwork. Some examples of what that could be are (1. A tutorial for using or making skins for AO3. (2. A walk through of how you coded images for mobile and standard viewing in a post on ao3, dreamwidth, or other sites (3. a tutorial on how to make a spreadsheet for keeping track of fic/vid/Podfic ect progress (4 A meta commentary on how coding has helped out in fandom.). (4. A list of free, easily accessible, or even costly sites and programs to help you code. (5. A guide for formatting char fics or social media fics with images.

Q: Why are you including coding for text based works? I thought this was a collection for non text based fanworks?
A: coding is done with text, but I don't consider it a text based fanworks, if you are using coding to improve or alter a fanworks, especially by adding visual or audio elements it belongs in this collection.