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Hello AFI slash fans,

This is a collection of AFI slash fiction, both old and new stories. We'd like to create an archive of as many of the old (and new) AFIslash stories as possible. After the sad news that the original AFIslash site is closing after a phenomenal 10 year run, we'd like to keep as any of the old favourites together as possible. Please feel free to add your AFI stories to this collection. We hope that by grouping them together in a collection, plus using the tagging system on this site, they will be easily found by those of us happy people who need their daily dose of Hundam, Advey, Javey and Junter. All authors and all AFI slash related stories are welcome.

Spread the word and enjoy!!



If you have any questions, please contact us, and we promise to get back to you as soon as we can.



1) All AFI related slash fiction works are welcome.
2) All pairings are welcome, Javey, Advey, Junter, Hundam etc, as well as crossover pairings ie bandmember(s) with other fandom characters.
3) All rating are welcome from "all ages" to NC17 .... in fact, the steamier the better ;)
4) All genres are welcome, ie Alternate Universe, High school, BDSM, Hurt/Comfort ....whatever your slashy brain can come up with, we'd love to read it.
4) Stories must be the original work of the author adding them, or have the express WRITTEN PERMISSION of the original author to archive the work on their behalf.
5) Both old (previously posted on other websites) and new AFI slash stories are welcome.
6) Most important of all - read, write, and enjoy!