Astra's 50-50 Challenge

An completed Exalted fan fiction project inspired by the one_sentence community on livejournal, in which some idiot writer decided to grab one of the theme sets and write fifty sentences of porn for each one word theme, hence the name the 50-50.

(And oh god, this is my first time making a collection, don't hurt me. D:)

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About Astra's 50-50 Challenge (50_50_Challenge)

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Hello and welcome to my 50-50! I hope you enjoy your stay, this is actually done with for now, unless someone else wants to take up the banner and start one of their own.



What is the 50-50?
Simply put, it is a set of fifty themes, much like the one_sentence community on livejournal, each theme having a story attached to it, with a length of exactly fifty sentences. It took me about two and a half years to finish, but I did finish it.

Where did you get the themes?
From the one_sentenceorder livejournal, set beta. Credit goes to them.

Is it all porn?
Yep! <3



Simply put, get a list of 50 words, make sure there's some variety to them. Then start writing fictions that are fifty sentences long, no more, no less, and post them. Try to keep them in one fandom.