2019-2020 Mixed Team Exchange

Nico and Nolan

This is a mixed team pair exchange. Make an offer for your ideal mixed team pair and storyline idea. Reveals will be made on Valentine's Day, so probably the sappier the better.

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(Open, Moderated, Gift Exchange Challenge)

About 2019-2020 Mixed Team Exchange (20192020_Mixed_Team_Exchange)

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Sun 26 Jan 2020 08:00PM EST
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This is a mixed team pairing exchange. They can be an existing ship that now plays on two different teams like the Galchenyuk/Gallagher, MacKinnon/Drouin, Nico/Nolan, or Burakovsky/Wilson ships. Otherwise, you can offer a rarepair (like Ehlers/Roussel) from two different teams that would make an interesting ship.

AU's, Canon Compliant, etc. are all acceptable. See the rules page for more details.



1) Can there be a ship with more than two players?
-Yes, no more than 3 players. Specials rules apply to threesomes.

2) Are AU's acceptable?
Absolutely, just be broad about the AU you desire.



1) The players of the ship must be on different rosters in the current year exchange. If they've played together in the past, that is okay.
2) No more than 3 players in a ship.
3) If using a threesome, two players may be from the same team (I.E. Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin seducing a third player would be acceptable)
4) Common knowledge AU's are acceptable, more specific AU's may be acceptable if the matched author agrees.
5) Fics must be a minimum of 2k.
6) Foreign language components are ok if translated in the work notes.