2017 FKFicFest

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This subcollection is for stories from the May 2017 FKFicFest game. (Please see the parent collection for details about the FKFicFest ficathon community.)

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About 2017 FKFicFest (2017_FKFicFest)

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FKFicFest is a ficathon community celebrating the television series Forever Knight (1992-1996).  We still love our "vampire homicide cop" show and the amazing friends we made through it!  We held our first exchange-style ficathon in May 2010. We're playing our ninth annual game in 2018! Find us on Dreamwidth.

Please note that FKFicFest stories belong in each year's sub-collection.  (That is, add your 2010 game story to the 2010 collection, your 2011 story to the 2011 collection, etc.)  Thanks for playing!



Please see the admin posts in our community (Dreamwidth) for each year's detailed rules, instructions, and history.



FKFicFest celebrates Forever Knight (1992-1996) and its amazing, brilliant, delightful fans.

— Game Play Summary —

Each player (1) submits a slate of prompts, (2) receives in return a slate of prompts submitted by someone else, (3) writes 1 story (or story sequence) of at least 1,000 words (or draws 1 picture of at least 500x500 pixels) to fulfill any one of the prompts received, (4) receives 1 story (or picture) that fulfills 1 of the prompts submitted, and (5) a wonderful Forever Knight time is had by all.

Each day of the festival, the mod (1) reveals a story from the community’s AO3 collection and (2) announces the story on Dreamwidth and ForKni-L.