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A community to promote writing and creativity. We will write one million words this year! (2013)

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It started like this:

kaige68: I WANT TO WRITE A MILLION WORDS!!! Well, not by myself, but I want to help get a million words written! I've had some nice discussions lately with people about writing and some lovely reviews of what was written last year, and now I'm motivated. I WANT TO WRITE A MILLION WORDS!!!!

Only now it's grown! We did the million words!

Next up:
10 mil photo TenMillionWords_zpsf2c36cfe.jpg

These ten million words aren't to do anything but serve as a driving point to do more and to become better artists/writers. We're not giving anything to charity for it, we most likely won't cure even a hangnail! (2013)

For 2014 we're aiming for 15 million words!

We'll need writers, graphic artists, cheerleaders, coaches, betas, critiquers... ALL THE THINGS. Fandom doesn't matter, original fiction is beautiful.