Because Everyone Loves BAMF!John

Honestly, isn't BAMF!John the best kind of John? A collection of BAMF!John fics consisting of him being the best BAMF that he is.

(Open, Unmoderated, Prompt Meme Challenge)

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1. Post-Reichenbach is optional. If, say, you want John to be a hitman assigned to Sherlock and that's how they meet, then by god you go ahead and write that shit.
2. Prompts will appear shortly, once I figure out how to manage the collection.
3. BAMF!John means he does BAMF things. By that definition, a fic about John weeding a garden or cuddling with Sherlock does not constitute BAMF-ness unless he's a.) burning the garden down with a flamethrower/shooting bullets into the rose bushes or b.) sexually steamrolling Sherlock down with some serious Dom-Cuddling (proving that, once again, I need to revise the list of 'terms that I never thought I'd use'