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Magical Trans! - Unofficial Addendums

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Chapter 52.A


"Say, Yui-san…" Zakuro shifted in place as her back was being scrubbed by her angelic host. "You all called me a 'Maniacal Girl.' Does that mean you and the others are Magical Girls?"

Yui smiled. "Yeah! Well, I'm just the club manager. I didn't really want to be a Magical Girl."

"Ehhh? Why wouldn't you want to be a Magical Girl? It sounds…" the amnesia-stricken demon lord began to blush a deep red, "…like a lot of fun."

Her heart-rate doubled once she forced those words out. Why was it so embarrassing to say that? She wondered, her mind racing as quickly as her heart.

"Well… To be honest, I don't think I can handle that kind of pressure. I already have a family name to uphold… I'd rather stay on the sidelines and watch. That's plenty of fun for me!"

Zakuro looked to the floor. "It didn't occur to me that being the daughter of a rich family could be difficult like that."

"It's not that bad! Every day I learn from the other club members how lucky I am. Like, I can basically ask my servants for just about anything I want, whenever I want it. I don't think I'm allowed to complain!" 

The daughter of the Furumi family was smiling brightly, but it left her guest with conflicting feelings splashing around in her chest. "I guess… But that doesn't mean you can't have problems, does it?"

This brought Yui pause, and she stopped scrubbing Zakuro's back.


Zakuro's heart began beating even faster as she sensed Yui getting closer and closer to her. Before she knew it, her body was shaking intensely, and every hair on her body was standing up on end as Yui began to tightly hug her from behind.

"Wh-What are you-!" The perplexed girl squirmed anxiously as she felt Yui's breasts press up against her back, and the kindly girl's head resting on her shoulder. "S-st-stop! P-please! I'm begging you!"

Recognizing her guest's discomfort, Yui released her grip and crawled around to apologize. "Sorry, I didn't realize you were so sensitive! Please forgive me!"

Zakuro's face was so red, it was almost hard to tell that her nose was bleeding. Her head felt lighter than a balloon, and her breathing was shaky and irregular. I didn't realize I was so sensitive either! W-why am I like this around Yui?

"It was just so sweet of you to care about me like that. I've never really shared that with anyone."

Steadying her breathing, Zakuro's gaze locked with Yui's, who had some tears welling up in her eyes. I… think I want to kiss her. But Zakuro shook off that thought. No, we're both girls, why am I thinking about that?


"Yes, Zakuro-chan?"

"I think you'd make a great Magical Girl." 

Yui seemed surprised, but she returned a smile. "I think you would, too."