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rising cloud: from dark to light

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sitting opposite a goofy look on her face that was fixed on the smaller blonde, who was now passing the bottle of whisky over, taking it to swig on and pass back, she appreciated these moments quite moments where not much words are spoken but a lot of deep connection was getting transferred, swiftly sliding so that she was closer to her partner in crime, her finger automatically tracing around the outline of vanessa's face she watches as the smaller of the two speaks about plans and minor things she's not really listening she just transfixed, she can't believe that they are here living a life she thought was impossible after what they had been through, but now it's all here her boy's her dream partner, and damm she is looking stunning,

leaning in slowly smirking when she sees vanessa tongue sticking out, catching it with her teeth before releasing it with a pop, seeing vanessa eyes widen,
"you shouldn't of done that" toppling of charity so she could straddle her who was all to willing to play this vanessa's way,

impressed by the steadiness of still holding the bottle after shuffling around, gently grabbing the smaller ones jaw pulling down to peck her " oh yeah why's that then" her voice hitching as she feels the women on top move against her,

it's only when she feels the friction between her legs she realises she a bit tipsy and with that come dirty thoughts, with a devilish smile and a hand sneaking between them, she leans in to whisper in charity's ear, " if you open your mouth i'll let you in on a little secret" carefully pouring a shots worth in charity's mouth when she opened,

with the bit that spills down her throat collecting at the collarbone, she put's the bottle down, and goes straight to the little puddle sucking the path it ventured from,

charity was blown away she of all people knew that everyone has a dark side to them and knew that vanessa wasn't all roses either she knew vanessa is wild in the sheets but this, this was untamed savageness,

she was lost in all feelings, the burning whiskey down her throat whilst getting sucked on like a vampire who hasn't been fed in years, on top of that the pleasure she getting between her legs it was getting all to much too soon, with her right hand gently pulling vanessa's head so she could see her eyes before moving her left hand between the smaller blondes legs, she needed to be more closer so she pulls in for a heated kiss as they reach their peak, they jitter it through together with hushed whispers to eachother which seamed like it was never going to end,

in the distance where they could barely see the corner of the garden, noises where heard leaves were being crunched, they vastly moved out of the hot tub and into clothes that was nearest to them which was minimal clothing,

vanessa ran in to fetch their coats that were flung on the sofa, rushing back out to charity " here babe be careful god knows what's over there, might be a fox or something " whispering as they started to walk towards the interruption,

swallowing her laugh when she hears charity speak " i have a shotgun and i won't hesitate to use it" failing to make a sound of a shotgun getting loaded,

of all things in the world to come out from the bush they weren't expecting a young woman to come tumbling out, " right this is not how i expected this to go, firstly im not a creep that's not what this looks like" as the two figures stand over her, " im a neighbour from down the road, it's been going around the last few weeks that a couple brought the house," dusting her self off once she got up from the floor, " hence this whole awkward situation we have here, oh i nearly forgot there were a group of girls hanging around a week ago" winking "it's safe to say that we know why they were here"

watching the young woman free run the wall, " wait we don't even get to know your name seeing as you scared us half", getting interrupted by a laugh

" life's reason is unknown, i like to know things, i observe" disappearing behind the wall before the two women start talking,

"and she gone, well that's great what a bizarre way to end the night" as her hand still points to the wall as she looks to vanessa in disbelief

in shock of it all vanessa could say was " well you got to hand it to her, she good at climbing walls" leading charity to the house to go to bed,

a month later

having settled in fully and the house becoming more like a home now that all the furniture had finally arrived, vanessa had brought into the vets and is now a manager as well luckily doing the courses when they where away for years paid for it now, charity on the other hand was struggling with what she wanted to invest in,

in the last month revelations after revelations were coming out knowing her past she knew that a few relatives were last know to be some parts around here what she didn't realise was that most of her family were living in the same village,

on one hand she has an option she buys the pub and basically swap houses with chas, on the other hand it's completely open,

as she strolls back up the road towards home, ideas start to toying around in her mind if she brought the whole pub, what things that they would change, what it would look like.

hearing the door slam followed by two thuds against the wall she instantly knew who had just erupted the house, it boggles her how charity manages just by simply opening a door make her so giddish, yet so bloody angry the amount of times she's asked charity to put her shoes away nicely and that the wall won't put them away for her, she's worse than the kids sometimes,

looking up from the chair of the dining table when she see charity walk into the kitchen to flick the kettle on, " how was your day babe," lips ready for pecking as charity approaches, " as you can see my hands have been busy with mosaicness" showing her hands and then point to the table,

looking towards the table, upon see a half done mosaic piece, she can just about manage to see in one corner she assumes is a rocket, in another was some sort of dragon, the middle looked like a splodge of colours,

" oh wow bless them but what an ugly piece of art that is, what on earth are they meant to be anyways" laughing as she see vanessa face drop thinking she being serious " babe im joking it looks loverly, im guessing the empty parts are for us to fill in right,

nodding in agreement "yes you would be correct and no getting out of it and nothing you can say or do will change that" giving charity the look that says try it and watch what will happen if you do
" uhh fine i'll do it just stop giving me that look, it's borderline toxic when you pull that face just to have it your way" giggling she pulls out the chair opposite vanessa and relaxes,

they chit chatter along as they create the rest of the mosaic, suddenly remembering what she wanted to talk to vanessa, " oh babe i was talking to chas earlier and we got talking about her selling up you know quite live and all that, so i thought of an idea, which brings me here talking to you"

intrigued by charity's sudden burst of excitement when she starts explaining her grand idea, " that actually sounds rather interesting, so we basically house swap with chas but we stay with chas in this house until the renovations are done, then we move in and you own a full pub, it does sound perfect picturing it now"

glad that their on the same page, " thank you babe, i can't believe we are going to do this, i'll talk to chas about all that, we'll give her a healthy sum, she can't complain then, and im sure she'll be more than happy with us saying until it's done" struggling to keep the grin of her face,

satisfied with the final master piece, she carefully put it to the side for the rest of the night so it can dry, they leave their cups and head up stairs quietly until they enter their room as their kids are either in game land or asleep,

" you know im having the most say in what gets done if chas agrees with the deal," peeling her clothes slowly as she head towards the en-suite, " now instead of perving you could join me, or you know do both" posing at the en-suite door frame,

" oh im most certainly doing both more the first one beggars can't be choosers can they " following vanessa's steps into the bathroom, latching lips as soon as they are close enough.

it's about three in the morning when she decides that a hot drink might help her finally get a bit of sleep, although it doesn't help when you have charity shuffling around in bed all night,

as she passes the landing window she catches a figure lurching around the street lamp that's in her view, the slight unease that get's stuck in that split motion whilst also feeling a lot of ease knowing that at this time the windows with the house lights off gives an advantage of seeing out without people seeing through, she watch for a few seconds and all but sees the figure walk away pulling out some sort of device,

she heads downstairs to make her drink to take up, as she gets settled again she pulls out her journal and writes down what had just happened, she makes a mental reminder to tell charity all about it,
as she cuddles into charity she closes her eyes evening her breathing out something inside of her knows that something drastic is about to explode.