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OffGun+ December 2021

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A number of them are running around and Off is scolding the younger actors while laughing the whole while. Most of the company is here for the get-together, excited for the new year, but not all of them are causing chaos.

“P’Off, P’Off,” JJ says.

“What?” Off asks, snorting a laugh as AJ joins them, followed shortly by Nanon, Ohm, and Chimon.

“You have to come this way!” AJ commands, and then the group of them is sweeping him away.

“What the hell—” Off complains, but he doesn’t fight them, curious what shenanigans they’re up to now.

He ends up ushered over to Gun, who takes in his posse with amusement. “What is Papii doing?”

“You think I have any idea?” Off returns.

“This!” Chimon shouts, and he’s holding mistletoe triumphantly above their heads.

Off glances around, sighing as if annoyed, but a smirk takes over and he leans down.