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Kinktober 2021 (AMatchInWater)

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When Stiles first found out about the supernatural, he spent hours upon hours doing research to help Scott. That didn’t stop when Derek earned his trust and the monsters got worse; he had so much more to learn. After the nogitsune happened, he spent more time with his head in a book than anywhere else. Always monsters, always needing to know about the dangers. Only the danger, never any fun stuff. 

So when Scott met Kira and talked about her nonstop, telling Stiles about this overwhelming pull to her, the human was all sorts of confused. Even more so when the true Alpha told his best friend that he had this almost uncontrollable urge to bite her. Claim the kitsune as his own and mark her so that everyone would know. Having never heard the concept before, Stiles did what he does best. He shoved his face in yet another book and his laptop and got to work. 

His research, as always, proved fruitful. Stiles learned that mates are one hundred percent a real thing and the urge to mark is normal. It’s the wolf’s way of making sure their mate is protected and another wolf doesn’t try to take them away. Malia admitted that she never once felt like that with him. So they broke up and honestly? It’s for the best.

Not just because they probably never should have been together in the first place. No. It’s the Theo of it all. The test tube created Alpha with a pack of chimeras. It’s how not once since he’s learned about werewolves had Stiles ever wanted someone to put their mouth on his neck and leave it six different shades. Until Theo. When Stiles would start to get a smirk when he was caught staring at the chimera’s ass instead of being snapped at.

It stopped being a surprise to him that he was constantly asked to sit at their lunch table. The Alpha always sitting close enough that his arm or thigh consistently touched Stiles’ own. The human knew he was being scented and did fuck all to stop it. In fact, he encouraged it. Stiles didn’t even balk when Scott mentioned it was only a matter of time until he was in Theo’s pack instead. His best friend said it with a smile on his face too like he’s totally on board with Stiles leaving the pack for someone who tried to kill him. 

But Scott’s not wrong either, is the thing. Stiles wants to be in Theo’s pack if it means he gets to be with the chimera all the time. The human distinctly remembers all the cuddling he did with Derek for scenting and pack purposes. His determination to do just that- because he doesn’t think he can ask for more with Tracy around- has him knocking on the Alpha’s front door after the sun goes down. Showing up to tell him that he wants in the pack. Damn near positive they’re mates too, but doesn’t have the slightest idea how to broach the subject. 

So he’ll start small. Resign himself to take what he can get and hope the pack bond will sort out the mess in his head. He’s only human after all, Stiles can’t sense these things as accurately as a supernatural creature can. 

“What do you want?” Tracy leans against the door that she’s only cracked, a scowl plastered on her face.

Stiles opens his mouth to speak, but Theo’s voice comes out, “let him in, Tracy.” The kanima narrows her eyes, analyzing him as he shuffles nervously. “Now!” The Alpha snaps and Stiles bites at the grin threatening to form over Theo wanting him here.

Rolling her eyes, Tracy pushes off the frame, opening the door the rest of the way, “come on in.” She couldn’t sound more annoyed if she tried.

Walking through the threshold of a house that’s become familiar to him, Stiles finds the Alpha sprawled out on the couch, watching a movie. The smallest sliver of cushion is visible and he just wants to nestle there. Josh is sitting on the floor in front of him with a bowl of popcorn in his lap. The Beta smiles warmly before tossing more of the salty snack in his mouth, returning to the film. 

The Alpha shifts on the couch enough to make eye contact and still lie down, “what can I do for you, Stiles?” Theo smirks, seeing Stiles’ foot hoover in the air- the urge to bare his neck and just fucking cuddle is strong- before forcing it back in place. 

Picking at his nails, the human wrings his hands out. Rubbing the sweat from his palms on his jeans, Stiles worries at his bottom lip with his teeth. The chimera’s brows pinch at the display of nerves. “I-” Stiles clears his throat, remembering how he reacted when the Alpha asked the very same thing. “I want to be in your pack,” his tone comes out a lot more confident than he thought.

What ?” Tracy seethes, coming up behind him, he’s proud of himself for not flinching. “Tell me you’re not considering this,” she says to the Alpha who shot up into a sitting position, eyes bulging. 

“You’re not joking,” Theo huffs out incredulously, “are you?” Biting his lip, having lost all of his bravado, Stiles simply shakes his head no. “Josh, Tracy, leave. Go find wherever Corey is and stay there.” Josh immediately gets up and heads for the front door to put on his shoes, patting Stiles' arm as he passes.

The kanima scoffs, crossing her arms, jutting her leg out, “you can’t be serious. Theo, he-”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion, Tracy.” The swings his legs off the couch, motioning for the human to take their place. “Stiles was always my first choice for a Beta.” The Alpha flashes a smile at Stiles, “just took him some time to come around.” 

Stiles grins, knowing the chimera is telling the truth. Theo told him that long before he even resurrected Tracy. So he sits, fiddling with the hem of his shirt, still fighting the need to reach out.

“But why,” the kanima sighs, “why do I- we have to leave?” 

Very good question.

Sighing heavily, Theo leans back with his arms on the backrest and spreads his legs like it’s a power play, “mostly because I said so. But I would like to talk to him in private.” The Alpha turns to look at him, softening his voice, “there’s something you need to understand if you’re going to be in the pack.” Red eyes flash and the way Stiles tracks his tongue licking his lip reminds him why he showed up to begin with.

“I got it,” Josh grabs Tracy’s wrist, dragging her out of the house as she grumbles. 

“Look,” Stiles sighs through his nose, running his fingers through his hair, “if you’re going to tell me that I need to listen to everything you tell me to do. I already know that.”

The chimera laughs, “that’s good and all.” Theo turns on the couch, bending a knee on the cushions, making a point to touch the human. “But that’s not really what I meant.” Stiles raises a brow, “I need to know if your chemosignals are just because you find me attractive or if you actually want me.”

Being in Theo’s general aura usually makes him anxious. But with the chimera being so straight forward, he wants to offer the same courtesy. Theo would know if he was lying anyway. “And if it’s the latter? If I want to be with you? Want you to mark and claim me like a wolf would their mate? Would you not let me in the pack?” 

The Alpha’s smirk turns into a wide grin as his eyes bleed red again. “You get one chance.” What? Theo yanks Stiles into his lap, fingers digging into the human’s thighs, his own hands finding the chimera’s neck. “One chance to back out of this. Because I will mark you. And I will absolutely claim you. Wanna know why?” The human nods, still too shocked to be straddling the Alpha to remember how to use his words. “You are my mate, Stiles. I’ve just been waiting for you to figure it out.”

“You could’ve told me,” Stiles pats Theo’s chest, making the chimera chuckle. 

“And make it seem like I was forcing it on you? No way,” the Alpha rubs his thighs. “You needed to come to that conclusion on your own, baby.”

His heart does this funny thing in his chest, “I figured it out. I’m asking to be in your pack for a reason.” Stiles brings his hands back up to cup the chimera’s neck, “I want you.”

“Good,” Theo’s eyes burn scarlet and he leans up to kiss him. Stiles parts his mouth instantly for the chimera to dance their tongues together, his lips making the human dizzy. Suddenly, Stiles is over the Alpha’s shoulder being carried up the stairs. “I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out. Scenting you only calmed them so much,” he says, laying Stiles down on his bed.

“Them?” The human scrunches his face, sitting up to take his shirt off, fumbling to help the Alpha out of his. It’s not even remotely weird to him how comfortable he is doing so. Theo is eyeing him hungrily anyway, so it’s not like he should feel embarrassed. 

Tearing the human’s jeans in his haste, the chimera shreds his own in consolation. Theo crawls on the bed, pushing his hips between the human’s and Stiles grabs his biceps. “I have a wolf and a coyote, babe. It’s that much harder controlling myself around you.” The Alpha rubs his sides, blunt nails grazing the mole covered flesh as his tongue licks up Stiles’ neck. “This is your chance,” Theo’s words slur around his fangs, sending a shiver down the human’s spine. 

Fingers lace in the chimera’s brown strands, pulling him closer until their chests are flush, “do it.” Stiles worries the Alpha’s changed his mind when he doesn’t move for a painful minute. “Please, Theo. I’m your-” his words are cut off in a guttural moan as fangs sink into the crook on his neck. It’s like a pack bond, but so much more intense. Stiles can feel how happy Theo is in his heart as he licks the blood away with a growl.

“You’re mine now,” blunt teeth pinch at his flesh, sucking above the mark. Theo leaves a constellation around Stiles’ neck, each making him moan and rub every inch of the chimera. “You look so pretty with my marks on you, baby.” The Alpha grinds against him, red eyes flickering hearing Stiles mewl underneath him.

“More, please,” he paws at the chimera, not caring in the slightest how he might look. Stiles said he fucking wants Theo dammit. “I need more, Theo.” Stiles pleads and their boxers are torn away. The obscene amount of precum has their dicks sliding together and Stiles’ breath hitches, while his eyes flutter closed, baring his neck for the Alpha.

Theo grinds his hips again and Stiles can’t fucking think anymore. “I promise, I’ll fuck you after the bite takes, okay?” Theo runs his tongue along the human’s pulse, trailing down to suck another mark on his collarbone. “For now, I’m gonna cover you in my marks and my cum.” The Alpha groans as more precum buds from Stiles’ cock and they glide together. “Everyone will know who you belong to. Is that what you want, baby?”

“Please,” Stiles moans as the chimera’s hand wraps around their leaking cocks. “You’re mine too, right?” The chilling thought seeps it’s way through before the human can really stop it. The Alpha rolls his wrist, swiping his thumb over their slits with each pass, smirking at the little gasps from the human. What was he worried about again? Stiles doesn’t know. 

Removing his mouth from the mark forming on the human’s chest, Theo hums at the sight. His eyes glowing rubies, “you better bite me when you get your fangs,” the Alpha moans, like the mental image of that was too much for him. 

Exposing his neck further and arching his back, Stiles moans. Close to falling apart for the Alpha. The chimera relentlessly sucks at every patch of skin, pumping his fist faster until they’re panting and they cum, coating Stiles’ chest and stomach. Blissfully delirious, Stiles barely registers Theo rubbing their cum into his skin. Marking him with his seed as much as his mouth, falling asleep to let the bite take.