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"Yes Hyung...." said Eunhyuk immediately when he pick up his phone.
But he only can hear deep sigh, and sniffing from the other line.
Eunhyuk has to sit down, he put down everything and sit in the corner of the room, signaling to others to quiet down.

Sniffing "...Ya..." Yesung definitely tried hard to light the mood, but his broken voice lied to him
Eunhyuk bite his lower lips, retreat himself to speak and wait for another to talk.
"Thank you..." said Yesung finally
"What for??"
Another sniffing. And weak chuckles from his hyung start worries him.
"You did good.." Yesung clear his throat, try to have more gentle voice "your song.."

Aahh.. he finally hear it, said Eunhyuk to himself. "Thanks Hyung.."
"No, really.. Thank You..."
Both goes quiet for brief moment
"Thank You, Hyukjae.. your song makes me remember the old me.. the one whom I used to know.. the one that always dream bigger and wants to fly higher.. the one that cannot be stop by anything.. the one that named Kim Jongwoon"
Yesung speaks gently slow, between sniffing, between awkward chuckles, between holding his tears. But Eunhyuk knows.

Eunhyuk tears rolls down unknowingly. He didn't expect his work will effect to his member. He only want to be honest with his song, and give a good music to his fans.
But being admitted by his own member is something. Especially from the one whom he speaks by now, its definitely, something.

"T-thank--" Eunhyuk had to clear his throat too, his cracking voice is too much "thank you, hyung.."
Join the sniffing party, Eunhyuk tell a secrets "its about the old us, Hyung... you.. and me.. has similar situation back that days.. i--"
Yesung starts sobbing. Eunhyuk's chest starts to clench.
"Hyung.. let's try to not let our innocent soul go, okay... because he was the one who made us now... he was the one who build us.. let's try not to forget them.. not to break them or change them.. okay?"
Yesung has to take a deep breath before answer "... okay Hyuk.."
"Promise me Hyung"
"H-hyuk..." Yesung once again broke into tears
"Promise me.." said Eunhyuk between his sobs
"Okay... I promise.."
"I promise you too, Hyung..."

And they both engulf with comfortable silence. Hears each other cries, comforting each other by their breathing, until they both start calming down.
"What are you doing?" Asked Yesung
"Just finish YouTube live"
"Aah.. I see... I'm sorry.."
"Let's eat, I'll pick you up"

Even Eunhyuk can't see, he knows Yesung smile.
"See you in 30 minutes?"
"Bye Hyung, wait me"
"Bye.. see you soon"

With one last take deep breath. Eunhyuk standing up facing mirror and wipe his tears.
He is smile.
There's light feeling as if heavy weight have been removed from his chest.
He is ready to face whatever life would bring in the future, because he knows, there will always be some people whom have his back, and ready to catch him if he falls.
And one of them is his hyung,
The Tom to his Jerry
The Dumb to his dumber.
The Yesung to his Eunhyuk.
The Kim Jongwoon to his Lee Hyukjae.