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positive reinforcement

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Dragging Victor away into a lone spot in the venue hallways was easier than Yuuri thought, but then again he was an expert at this. 


It sounded mean to call Victor easy, but damn it, Victor was easy. And seeing his bewildered yet excited expression made Yuuri want to get to work putting a proper, fucked-stupid expression on Victor's pretty face. They couldn't get to a room with locks fast enough, but Yuuri suddenly wanted to catch Victor off-guard and do some teasing that would at least make butterflies flutter about in his stomach. At least until Yuuri could actually lock a door and skip the teasing altogether and have fun with his coach.


And his coach was definitely scrambling to keep up, the visage of the experienced and passionate coach dissolving to leave behind a flustered Victor who was blushing hard as Yuuri rounded a corner while making sure the area was completely deserted.


Taking Victor by the waist, Yuuri pressed the taller man's back against the wall and closed the distance between them, the heat of their bodies turning almost unbearable as Yuuri drank in the lovely expression on his face; needy in a soft way that made Yuuri want to kiss him, deep and warm, and for hours.


Yuuri gave in and leaned up to press his lips against Victor's, plush and sweet from his lip balm. His hands caressed the small of Victor's back right over his overcoat as their lips moved together, Victor sighing sweetly against his mouth as his own arms wrapped around Yuuri, broad hands clutching at Yuuri's jacket.


Pulling away and letting their noses brush together, Yuuri asked in hushed tones, "What else do I get for winning gold?"


Victor let out a weak laugh, his bangs untidy and his cheeks completely flushed. "Other than public adoration, a shiny gold medal, and the feeling of satisfaction over your skills on the ice?"


"Yeah. Besides that," Yuuri asked, his voice betraying just how impatient he felt as he relished the heat of his husband's body, even over their layers of clothing.


Victor's eyes grew tender, their lovely blue gaining a soothing coolness as he gazed at Yuuri and lifted a hand to caress the side of his face. "I'd worship you."


Yuuri smiled at Victor, leaning into that smooth hand and saying, "You did that even before I got as good as I am now...And you know I'll always pick you, no matter what."


A soft breath left Victor, his chest moving against Yuuri's. The younger man exhaled too, touching his forehead to Victor's and closing his eyes as he breathed in the subtle, masculine scent Victor wore, making him want to bury his face in the crook of that long neck. He thought about turning Victor around and pulling back at his hips until he was bent and prone and Yuuri could fuck him until his legs refused to hold him up anymore. And he would scream and moan loud enough to give everyone else in the venue a good idea of what Yuuri Katsuki was doing to Victor Nikiforov. 


But a much more petty part of Yuuri wanted to keep those lovely sounds and reactions to himself, which necessitated a room with a lock. "...So I want you," he finally admitted.


"You have me," Victor replied quietly, fingers tracing the shape of Yuuri's lips and leaving a tickling sensation behind them right before Yuuri had the urge to kiss the fingertips. He closed his eyes as Victor's palm settled gently over his face, and he pressed his lips against the length of Victor's fingers, all the way to the soft skin between the long digits. "I'm yours, remember?"


"Yeah," Yuuri breathed, leaning his head in to finally seal his lips over Victor's neck, hearing the older man's shaky breaths as his body trembled against Yuuri's, as though he were painfully sensitive. "Yeah, I do."



Yes, Victor was extraordinarily sensitive. That much was obvious as Yuuri held on to Victor's waist in a vice-like grip and pulled the quivering body onto his cock in time with his vicious thrusts, aiming right for Victor's prostate from the beginning and making good on his promise to make Victor break apart.


And the look on Victor's face was extraordinary as the tension in their bodies rose to an unbearable zenith, but Yuuri held himself at bay, muscles taut as he pulled and thrust rapidly and kept his gaze glued to the side of Victor's face that he could say, the rest buried against the pillow he clutched.


As soon as Yuuri locked the door to the hotel room he practically pounced on Victor, devouring his mouth and tearing at his clothes in burning desperation. He held back just enough to take his time lavishing adoration on Victor and enjoying himself with the feel of Victor's body under him and in his hands. 


The blue eye Yuuri could see was bright and unfocused already, and Victor's pink mouth was agape with every punched-out breath that left him with every thrust of Yuuri's hips. "Pretty," Yuuri huffed, intensifying the speed of his thrusts and pushing more screams from Victor as that pale back arched beautifully. "You're so pretty, Vitka..."


Victor came with a breathless groan, one hand flying up to clutch at the headboard as his back arched in a deeper bow and he threw his head back, eyes closing and mouth trembling with his shaky whimpers. Yuuri only held on tighter as he unraveled and his climax made his blood burn with euphoria as Victor squeezed around his still-spurting length before melting into the mattress, panting and whimpering more as Yuuri fucked through their orgasm until he slowed to a stop and his head drooped.


Yuuri swallowed gulps of air, pretty sure his hands were clutching bruises into Victor's hips. But he exhaled roughly as he bent down to seal his mouth over Victor's flushed nape, the older man moaning softly at the contact. "More," he entreated quietly, his voice so delicate.


Smiling against the warm skin, Yuuri answered, "Okay."