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"How dare you run away, sweetheart? How could you run away from me? Don't you know how mad can I get when you do something like this? I never want to hurt you but you always force me to do it."

"Don't do this, Ahn. I'll never try to run away from you again. I'll do everything you want me to do but please don't hurt me. I can't take it anymore." Jimin cried, desperately trying to hide from the man who was slowly approaching him with a crazy look on his face. Jimin's body was shaking so hard that it felt like his teeth were going to rattle out of his head. He kept trying to press himself further under the bed, terror coursing white-hot through his veins till it felt like he was going to internally combust from the pressure exploding through him.

"I know you'll never even think about running away from me once I'll punish you. Bad boys like you need a good lesson." The deep voice was getting closer and closer. Jimin knew there was nowhere for him to run.

"No. Please, don't do this. Please!"

And with a loud cry, Jimin woke up from his slumber. It wasn't the first time when he woke up in the middle of the night sweating and crying. It was his routine now and that night was no different.

There was just a slight difference to be exact. It was raining heavily outside and there was the sound of water pouring down on the trees and the ground unlike other silent nights when there wasn't a single sound outside and the world felt so empty.

Jimin looked around tentatively. The same fear of that man finding him was somehow making his stomach curdle even though logically he knew he was safe. He was far away from him.

Jimin quickly got up from his bed and went to the bathroom to wash his face. As soon as the cold water came in contact with his face, he let out a deep sigh. His mind was now processing everything.

"It was only a dream, Jimin. You're safe here. You aren't in Busan anymore. No one is going to hurt you here," he mumbled trying to calm himself down. He said the same thing to himself every single night.

After Jimin's breathing became normal and his heart started beating at a normal pace, he came out of the bathroom to go back to his bed and slip under the sheets once again. Unfortunately, he was now wide awake. He looked at the wall clock and cursed himself. "Tomorrow is my first day at college and I'm here wide awake at four in the morning. I'm sure I'll be looking like a zombie."

He twisted and turned several times in the bed, trying to fall asleep again but he just couldn't. It's not that he wasn't tired because Jimin was actually exhausted, but he was dancing on the edge of sleep without being able to fall over the edge into unconsciousness.

There was so much wrong with how he felt. He hated the way his mind was extra-conscious all the time, and he hated how the bed felt like it was swallowing him up. Also, the feeling of the hand around his neck, tying him down, was a constant reminder that he was far from okay. It was all too much for him. But luckily, he slowly drifted back to sleep as he didn't get enough sleep for the last whole week. Those dreams and voices always kept him awake at night and if he ever succeeded in sleeping for at least a few hours, it was truly a blessing for him.


Jimin's POV

I woke up at the sound of my alarm. It was eight in the morning and I had to reach the college in half an hour. I quickly got out of my bed and went to the bathroom to finish my morning routine. I was feeling a bit excited as joining college was the first normal thing I was going to do in the past few months. I just wanted to live a happy life with my family, but I guess it wasn't in my luck.

I put on a dark blue shirt paired with black leather jeans. I also applied some light makeup on my face. I liked wearing makeup as I was well aware of my feminine appearance and felt totally comfortable with it. There was a time when boys used to make fun of me, called me a girl, and bullied me because of my soft appearance, but when I entered high school, those same boys started asking me for my phone number. That's how the world is. People prefer beauty over everything else.

I went to the kitchen and fixed myself a sandwich. I was living alone in that small apartment. I used to live in Busan before, but now I didn't even want to remember anything from my childhood when I was with my family or anything from my past in general. I missed Taemin hyung though. He was the only person in my life whom I could genuinely trust. But unfortunately, he was back there in Busan and I didn't even want to think about that place ever again.

I was too engrossed in my thoughts that I even forgot about the college. I quickly got out of my apartment and started walking towards the said place as I didn't own a car. Luckily, it wasn't too far from my home.

It was my first day at college as well as at my new job. When I came to Seoul, I started working as a bartender to pay my bills. I also wanted to save some money for the college but that job wasn't comfortable for me as people used to flirt with me there all the time. Well, I still did that job for two months and earned some money to start college. Now that I got the job as a waiter, I was happy that it was so much better than the previous one.

I walked fast and luckily reached the college in time. When I entered through the gate, I promised myself to give my best at whatever I was gonna do in my life and try not to indulge in any kind of drama. I walked up to my class and took a seat near the window. I wasn't really in the mood of interacting with anyone so I just sat there quietly and focused my attention on the beautiful view out of the window. There was an old tree with light purple flowers and a bench in front of it. Birds were chirping happily and I couldn't help but think that how even those birds had a better life than mine.


Author's POV

Jimin was minding his own business, sitting quietly in the class when a boy walked up to his seat and started gawking at him along with some other boys. Jimin was drop-dead gorgeous, there was no denying it, and that brought him a lot of unwanted attention.

"Hey, pretty boy! It looks like you don't know anyone here and probably don't even have any friends. We can be your friends if you want," one of the boys said walking close to Jimin, and Jimin didn't like his tone so he just stayed quiet and kept looking out of the window without even sparing a single glance at the boy.

"I think good-looking people don't have a very good listening ability," the boy uttered with gritted teeth, not liking the fact that Jimin was ignoring him in front of his friends. It was an insult to him.

Jimin wanted to fight back but he really didn't want to create any kind of drama on the very first day. He was also tired of people calling him pretty and flirting with him like he was some girl. They always tried to push his limits to get his attention.

"I'm talking to you doll face."

"I think people like you don't have a good seeing ability that's why you can't see that I don't want to talk to you," Jimin replied looking at the boy for a split second and then diverted his attention back to the window.

"Look at yourself, baby boy. You're too delicate to have that kind of attitude," the boy stated and held Jimin's dainty wrist in his hand before pulling him up from his seat forcefully.

"Hyunjin, stop it. Have some self-respect and leave him. Come here I want to talk to you about something important."

Jimin looked at the boy who stopped the group from going any further. He had black long and curly hair. His doe eyes gave him an innocent look but his appearance oozed authority. He was handsome enough to make anyone take a second glance at his face.

"Okay, Jungkook. I'm coming," Hyunjin replied to him and then looked back at Jimin with a smirk on his face. "See you again, beautiful."

Jimin pulled his wrist back from Hyunjin's grip and settled down on his seat with a frown on his pretty face. Jungkook didn't notice him properly as his view was blocked by the other boys, and walked out of the class followed by Hyunjin.

"No matter how much I try to stay away from these people, they have to ruin everything. I can't even spend a day peacefully." Jimin let out a frustrated sigh and looked at Jungkook and Hyunjin walking out of the class.

Jimin knew that he could fight back but not when it was something physical, so he was relieved that the boy Jungkook appeared at the right moment otherwise he had no idea what he would have done in such a situation. He quietly placed his head down at the desk and closed his eyes hoping for the rest of the day to go well.


"What do you want to talk about?" Hyunjin asked as soon as he came out of the classroom with Jungkook.

"Namjoon hyung called me. He told me to deliver some papers to Mr. Zac so you have to go with me today," Jungkook replied in his usual cold tone.

"So your hyung is finally letting you be a part of his business," Hyunjin stated sarcastically while emphasizing the word business. Jungkook's family was involved in a lot of illegal things and only a few people including Hyunjin knew about it.

"Hyung cares about me too much, that's why he doesn't want me to be a part of it. He is doing this for my own safety. I'm still a twelve-year-old boy in his eyes. I'm glad that my brother loves me unlike your family," Jungkook replied defending his hyung. "I don't want you to talk about my hyung again."

And whatever Jungkook said was true. After the death of their father, Namjoon always treated Jungkook as his own child although Jungkook was his younger brother. He couldn't risk Jungkook's life so he always tried to keep him away from everything. But now that Jungkook was mature, he wanted to help Namjoon in the work their father worked so hard to establish.

Their father was a role model for Jungkook and that's why he always wanted to be a powerful man like his dad. Jungkook was somewhat similar to him. Cold, ruthless, and merciless. According to him, kindness is weakness and a weak person can never get what he wants. The world never presents you anything on a fancy plate. You have to fight for it.

Jeon Junghoon was a respectable man who had four companies of his own. He was one of the wealthiest people in Korea. He was the type of person who always wanted to be feared instead of being liked and respected, so he had strong roots in the mafia.

Jungkook was exactly the same. He wanted to be powerful like his dad, so he really wanted to work along with his hyung and learn everything about the dark world. But unfortunately, he was still Namjoon's baby brother so Namjoon always tried to keep him away from their work. Now that Jungkook was young and mature, Namjoon had started valuing his passion and love for following in the footsteps of their father. He finally allowed Jungkook to deal with every matter along with him, but still using guns or killing someone was off-limits. Only under these rules, Jungkook was permitted to do the thing he was always interested in.

"Okay, Jungkook. I'll come to your house at five but right now I have some other important things to deal with," Hyunjin uttered while smirking at a sexy girl standing behind Jungkook.

Jungkook's eyes followed Hyunjin's gaze and he chuckled bitterly. "Seriously, Hyunjin? That's all you think about the whole day? Sex?"

"It is the best thing you can do in life. Why would I think about anything else then?" Hyunjin cockily replied and winked at the girl.

"People like you become rapists when they get a chance to." Jungkook scoffed loudly, not caring about the other students standing in the hallway.

Hyunjin's eyes widened in shock at the rude comment. "I can't believe you said that about me. I just..." And before he could say anything further, Jungkook left quietly.

When Jungkook came back to the class, Mr. Sunghoo had already started his lecture. He wasn't really in the mood of studying so he just took out his phone from his pocket and busied himself with checking the texts and notifications.

"If Namjoon hyung had listened to me in the morning, I wouldn't be sitting in this boring and shitty class right now," Jungkook groaned and leaned back in the seat, not giving any shit to what the teacher was trying to explain to the class.


After the lecture, Jungkook and Hyunjin were sitting in the canteen with their other two friends Felix and Hyunwoo when Jimin came holding some papers in his hand and sat at the next table with his back facing them.

"Where were you in the second lecture, Hyunjin?" Felix asked taking a sip from his drink.

"I was just busy somewhere," Hyunjin replied absent-mindedly as his attention was now diverted towards Jimin.

"He was busy fucking a girl," Jungkook scoffed while taking a sip of his banana milkshake.

"Look who is taunting me. The boy who is with a new girl every night," Hyunjin retorted. He felt annoyed at being interrogated.

"Oh, I just remembered. I didn't know you were gay, Hyunjin. I saw you flirting with a boy in the class today," Jungkook uttered in a mocking tone with his eyebrow slightly raised.

"Did you look at him? Did you even see the boy I was flirting with?" Hyunjin questioned being a little more interested in the conversation now. The pretty boy in the class was his new interest.

"No, I'm not homo. I don't claim to be interested in girls and then flirt with random good-looking boys." Jungkook rolled his eyes and motioned Hyunwoo to bring another glass of milkshake for him.

"Well, he is not just some random good-looking boy. Don't blame me or question my sexuality. He is just so pretty," Hyunjin replied looking at Jimin's back while Jimin was busy eating a pancake. "You know I'm weak for beautiful things," he added.

"You're just weak for anything that has two legs," Jungkook stated being clearly annoyed.

"Well, I've seen many good-looking boys but none of them really appealed to me. I think that boy in our class is the prettiest boy I've ever seen in my entire life. I also saw Jack checking out his ass today although he is the straightest man we know," Hyunjin mentioned standing up from his seat. "Look he is sitting right behind you."

Jungkook was curious as no matter how flirty Hyunjin was, he never praised anyone that much. Jungkook was about to get up from his seat when Jimin stood up, lifting his bag on his shoulder. Jungkook turned around and accidentally bumped into Jimin as Jimin was paying more attention to putting the things in his bag than looking in front of him while walking. He stopped and looked up at Jungkook with a straight face.

It was the first time when Jeon Jungkook ever noticed someone with that much interest and especially a boy, which was something new to him. He looked at Jimin's face. The boy had beautiful brown and hooded eyes, a cute little nose, naturally pink and plumped lips, a sharp jawline with long black and curly hair. He was indeed the prettiest boy Jungkook had ever seen.

Beautiful things had always attracted Jeon Jungkook. And the boy standing in front of him was a true definition of beauty and elegance. Jungkook just forgot to blink for a few seconds.

"Excuse me," Jimin uttered while walking past him and making his way out of the canteen. His soft angelic voice didn't go unnoticed by Jungkook. He was really charmed. And it was the first time when something mesmerized Jungkook to an extent that he even forgot to say anything, and the most surprising thing was that it was a boy.

"Hello! Earth to Jungkook," Hyunjin said while waving his hand in front of Jungkook's face. Jungkook looked at him and let out a deep breath before settling down on his seat again.

"Well, I guess now you'll stop questioning my sexuality. He is just too pretty to be a boy," Hyunjin joked while raising his eyebrow at Jungkook.

Jungkook huffed. "Just shut up and let's go back to the class. Thank God it's the last lecture. I really want to bunk but Namjoon hyung must be getting the report of everything I'm doing here." He stated frustratingly but his mind was still occupied with the thoughts of that one boy.