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Who Told You That!?

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Dean's POV

So this is really happening. The world is back to normal. Well.. as normal as the world can get. Chuck lost and is now human. Jack is now god I guess and he just gave us one hell of a speech about him being everywhere.

I'm not even sure what that means.

What I do know is that it means he's not coming back and we'll probably never see him again. I may have not been the biggest fan of the kid when he first popped out, but now...he's family.

We lost everyone and now it feels like we are losing him too. I know we aren't and he'll always be around in one way or another, but I can't help this sinking feeling in my chest that I'll never see the naïve kid again.

Jack said goodbye, walked off and just disappeared before our eyes. After that me and Sammy drove back to the bunker. It was quiet. We haven't had quite like this sense.....well..never. It's a little unsettling.

I walked into the bunker with Sam right behind me, heading straight for the kitchen to grab a beer, but before I could I heard a familiar gruff voice call out.

"Hello" I turn around quickly and saw the one person I thought was gone forever.

"Cas?" My voice was pure disbelief as I took in the appearance of the Angel in his signature trench coat and tie. He looks like nothing happened. No black goo, no cuts, not even a single bruise or tare of the shirt. He gives me a smile and small nod of the head, that's all I need before I practically pounce of the poor man. I take him in my arms tightening my arms around him, which would definitely restrict his breathing if he were human.

"Cas? But how? Not that it's not amazing to see you, it's" Sam asks as he rushes over to give Cas a hug too. I let go and move over so they can have a moment, but I don't move very far.

"Jack. He let me come back so I can see you guys one last time" me and Sams expressions fade from happy and relieved to sad in the blink of an eye.

"Your leaving too" it wasn't a question. After I said it I immediately regretted it. Cas could obviously hear how upset I was, but I'm not sure he knows exactly why. But before he goes I'm going to make damn sure he does.

"Yes. Jack does not want Angels on earth anymore" he says in a remorseful tone, but as he said it he was looking at the floor. I stare at him for a few seconds before my attention was caught by a deep cough.

"I think I'm going to get some food. I'll be back in about 40 minutes" Sam says a little awkwardly before he says a quick 'glade your okay' to Cas and basically runs out the door.

Me and Cas stand there for a second neither one of us really knowing how to start. Cas opened his mouth to speak, but before he could I cut him off.

"Why?" I said feeling the anger that was hidden away ever sense I saw him get dragged off by that black sludge rise to the surface. "Why would you wait until...why didn't you tell me before?" I ask finally voicing the only question that has been going through my head.

Cas doesn't say anything at first. He just stands there shifting his weight from one foot to the other. "I..I couldn't" he replies still not looking at me.

"What do you mean you couldn't!? What was stopping you!?" I was to angry to keep my voice down. I was almost yelling at this point and I didn't care. If I had known things could have been different!

"You don't feel the same" Cas rushed out with a deep scowl on his face. It was the same scowl he gave me when I was going to say yes to Michael. I've always hated that scowl. It always meant one of two things. Dean fucked up or Cas was blaming himself for something.

"And who the fuck told you that!?" I yelled out before I could stop myself. Cas picked up his head and looked at me for the first time sense I walked in. His eyebrows were pinched together in his classic 'I don't understand' look. At this point, after all these years, I'm tired of pretending. I let out a sigh while rubbing my hand down my face.

Well, no time like the present.

I look at Cas for a moment before I start to walk closer to him. When I'm only a step away from him I look directly in his ocean blue eyes and lift my hand, placing it against his left check. My eyes travel down his face until I'm looking at his pink lips. I swallow the lump in my throat and lean in. To say Cas was surprised is an understatement. To be honest I was surprised too.

I've spent so long hiding the fact I had feelings for him that this almost feels like a dream. Sure I flirted with him over the years, but actually kissing him now, I can't help but wonder. What the fuck was hold ME back!?

The kiss isn't anything intense or hot. It's sweet and passionate, just lips pressed together. No tongue, no teeth, none of that. It's really unusual for me, but this isn't anything like all the hookups I've had in the past. It's not even like what I had with Lisa.

This is Cas

After a moment I pull away, but I didn't get very far as Cas grabbed the front of my flannel shirt, pulling hard and crashing our lips together. That hand kept pulling, trying to get us as close as possible while the other reached up and went to the back of my head. I instinctively put both my hands on his hips with a tight grip.

This kiss was nothing like the last. It was everything the first wasn't. It was hot, rough and filled with pure want. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue across his bottom lip, asking for entrance. He gave it right away. He opened his mouth and let my tongue in so I could devour him the way I've wanted to do for so long. I ran it over his tongue and he didn't even try to put up a fight for dominance, just letting me glide over his lips, teeth and tongue.

When we finally pulled away we were both panting in each other's face like dogs. "Learn that from the pizza man?" I ask clearly referring to the time he had watched porn in front of me and Sam. He didn't say anything. Only pulled a little harder on my shirt.

I didn't know exactly how to take that. Normally I would take it as he wants to have sex but this is Cas. An Angel. So I'm not entirely sure if that's what he means. Though I soon find out that's EXACTLY what he means because the next second we were in my room and I felt a little sick.

"Cas how many times have I asked you not to do that!?" I say as I step back and clutch my stomach. I absolutely hate it when he flys us places. Yes, it may be faster, but it's not worth the dizzy feeling damn it!

"My apologies. Are you alright?" He says while putting a hand on my shoulder. I take a deep breath and the give him a nod. The feeling always passes, but it still sucks. I straighten out my back again and look back at Cas. I don't waste any more time as I quickly grab him by the waist, pull him to me and kiss him again. The kiss slowly becomes more and more heated as our hands travel each other's body's. His hand moved from the back of my head to my neck, shoulders, upper back and back up again while mine went from his waist to the small of his back, slowly descending down until I had grabbed a handful of his nice squishy ass.

It was plump, round and absolutely perfect. I kneaded it in my hands, deepening the kiss and pulling him even closer.

That was, until he pulled away.

"Dean? Does this feel the same?" Cas' voice was even deeper and more gruff because of the intense make out session and damn did that turn me on! I almost full on laughed at the question because of how obvious it was, but I guess to an Angel nothings really obvious.

"Yes, Cas. I feel the same" I say with a fond smile. I can't even describe the look of absolute happiness that washed over Cas' face when he heard that. I don't think I've ever seen him smile so bright. He look over his right shoulder towards my bed and then back at me with a look I've never seen on the Angel before. Lust.

I lick my lips that have suddenly become dry as I realize what he wants. Cas let's go of me and grabs my right hand, slowly pulling me over to the bed while still keeping eye contact with me. I throw all caution to the wind as I let go of Cas' hand, reach forward and grab his trench coat, dragging it easily off his shoulders. It hits the floor with a soft sound and I immediately go to take off my flannel as he works on his tie.

We get to work taking off the rest of our clothes, sharing a sweet kiss every couple seconds. When we are down to our underwear and our clothes are scattered all across the floor I put my hands on his bare chest, pushing him back until he's laying down in the middle of the bed. It's not a large bed, but it's just big enough for us to lay down side by side. As soon as I'm on the bed with him Cas puts his hands on either side of my face and pulls me into another heated kiss.

I'm the one to break it as I slowly start to kiss down his jaw and neck til I get to the point where his neck connects to his shoulders. I suck on the sensitive skin there as I move my right hand down his chest and stomach until I get to my destination.

Cas let's out a gasp as I move my palm over his tented blue boxers. It was a nice feeling knowing I am the reason he has a boner. I mean he makes me feel like this all the time so might as well return the favor. I continued to run my palm over his dick with just enough pressure to feel nice, but not nearly enough to cum.

Cas let's out a small groan as I suck a little harder on his neck. I know the hickey will heal in the matter of seconds, but I can't help this feeling in me thats telling me I need to show everyone he belongs to me. I pull away from his neck and admire my work, seeing his pale skin contrast perfectly with the big reddish purple bruise. I even let out a deep groan at the sight of it. I want to leave more.

I quickly hook two fingers into the waistband of Cas' underwear and pull them down, throwing them somewhere behind me. Once his boxers are off I latch back onto his neck, this time right underneath his jaw, sucking even harder then I did before. Cas let's out another groan and if he keeps that up I'm not going to be so gentle. I grab his dick in a lose grip giving him only one slow stroke before I pull away from him entirely and get off the bed.

I could hear his panting breaths and know he's watching me as I walk over to my duffle bag. I had bought lube a while ago, but forgot to put it in my night stand. When I turn around and look at Cas again I see him touching himself.  Though it's not in the way someone should try an seduce someone else, it's more like a teenager getting morning wood for the first time and not knowing what to do. It was actually kind of funny. The size of his cock was pretty decent, mostly likely an inch or two over average and uncut.

I walk back over to him, climb on the bed, drop the lube, grab both his hands and pin them above his head. My grip wasn't tight, but it wasn't lose either, even though I knew Cas could easily push me off I don't want him to feel like I'm going to hurt him. I'll never hurt him.

Never again.

"Don't touch yourself. That's my job" I whisper as I lower myself on top of him so our dicks were touching. Even with the thin fabric of my briefs between us, it felt good. Cas let out what sound to be in between a groan and a growl, either way I thought it was sexy. I leaned down to connect our lips once again as I moved myself in between his thighs.

I let go of his wrists, running my hands down his body until I reach his thighs. I move back just an inch or two so I can slip my hands behind his knees and push them up a bit. When I did that I got the perfect view of his tight puckered hole. It was small and dusty pink, almost the same color as his lips.

Cas moved his hips causing me to look up at him. His checks were flushed and he wasn't making eye contact with me again which meant he was embarrassed. I've never seen an Angel get embarrassed before. It's...cute.

I smirked and placed a small kiss on the inside of his thigh before I sucked on it, leaving a hickey there. "Dean" Cas gasps out as he throws his head back on the pillow. The little confirmation that he was enjoying this made me suck even harder. After about a minute I pulled away loving the bright red and purple spot I left then grabbed the lube. I opened the cap and squeezed a dollop of the jelly on two fingers then rubbed them over his hole. As soon as I touched him, his hole fluttered and Cas bucked his hips up in a desperate attempt to get some friction on his neglected cock.

I place my left hand on his hip and pin him to the bed. I don't need him moving around while I work him open. I continue to rub slow circles on his tight hole before I slowly start to push one in. Cas let's out another gasp and grabs the sheets, balling them in his hands. "Cas, relax. This won't work if you don't relax" I haven't moved any farther in, except the tip of my finger. I don't want to hurt him, so I wait until his mussels relax before I push in anymore.

Cas takes a deep breath and relaxes his body, letting me push my finger up to the knuckle. After a second I slowly start moving it in and out of his virgin hole. Cas lets out a quiet moan, bucking his hips down on my finger. I let a smirk crawl it's way on my face before I start pushing my middle finger along side the other.

Once I have two fingers in I give him a second to get used to the feeling of being stretched before I gently pull them back out. Cas is so unbelievably tight I just know he going to feel so fucking good around my cock.

I try angling my fingers differently on every push in until I find his sweet spot. I knew I found it when his hips jerked up and a loud moan left his lips. Now on every push I make sure to hit that spot perfectly. I twist and scissor my fingers to work him out a little more then add a third finger.

I want to make sure this is pleasurable for him too. I want to make sure he feels as little pain as possible.

I continue to work him open with three fingers until I think he can finally take my cock without hurting too much. No matter how much I prep him, the first time taking it will always hurt.

I pull my fingers out and quickly grab the lube again. I put a little more on my hand then give myself a few strokes, making sure my dick is well coated.

I throw the tube somewhere else and wipe my lube covered hand on my sheets. I'll just wash them later. Then I grab Cas' legs and bring them up until they are resting on my shoulders. Then I start to think about everything we've been through. There's no fixing our friendship if we do this. Not that I want to be just friends, but Cas may feel weird after. "You sure about this?"

"Dean. More sure then I've been about anything in my entire life" he says giving me a face that was between 'your stupid for asking' and 'I want you'. So with a deep breath I started to push the tip in.

I needed to go really slow because if I had pushed all my nine inches in his virgin ass he wouldn't be able to sit for a week. Though I kinda like the idea of fucking him till he can't walk. Though that's not really possible sense he's an Angel and can just heal himself.

"Ahh. Dean!" Cas moans out as his face contorts in a mix of pleasure and pain. Cas is so fucking warm and tight, it feels like all the stretching I did didn't do anything. I want to shove the rest of my dick in side him so bad, but I know I have to restrain myself.

"Fuck, your tight" I didn't even realize I said that out loud until Cas pushed his hips back into me, making the last inch slip inside. Once I had fully bottomed out I stayed still so he could get used to me. Cas gave a small nod telling me it was okay to move, so I slowly pulled out and just as slowly pushed back in.

"Ahh!" Cas moaned loudly as I started to thrust into him faster. I kept getting faster and faster until I was pounding him into the bed. The headboard was hitting the wall with every thrust in and the old springs in the bed were squeaking because of the pace.

"Fuck!" I yelled out and grabbed the headboard because Cas suddenly tightened his hole even more. I didn't even know that could be possible.

"Dean!" Cas screamed as his pale cock erupted with strings and strings of milky white cum. Some of his cum even landed on me because our body's were so close together. Which I found kinda hot.

What can I say, I'm a freak.

His ass getting tighter and the erotic sight of Cas cumming on himself was just enough to push me over the edge. I slammed my cock so deep inside Cas I'm pretty sure I'm in his guts and grunted loudly as I leaked into him.

I bent over even more so our chests were touching and crashed our lips together. The kiss was lazy, but nice. I pulled away, giving a few kisses to his jaw before I sat up. Leaning back on my knees I gently pulled my deflating dick out of Cas. I made sure to be extra careful because I heard taking it out after can be very painful because of how sore they are.

When the head of my dick popped out I just sat there and watched as my cum slowly leaked out of Cas' puffy, stretched hole.  It was the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life...And that's saying a lot.

"Dean, why are you staring?" Cas asks a little breathlessly. I wouldn't say panting, but it wasn't exactly normal either.

"Because you're hot" I say with my signature sexy smirk. I take one last look at his pink hole, that isn't so tight anymore, then get up and grab one of my old t-shirts. Normally I would get a wet towel to clean up, but right now all I want is to lay in bed with Cas in my arms.

I crawl back on the bed and gently wipe off the cum leaking out of Cas. When I think he's clean enough I throw the shirt over my shoulder and lay on Cas' right side, pulling him in my arms.

I know he's most likely going to be gone by morning, doing whatever heaven is up to now, so I'm going to cherish the little time I have with him tonight.