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theres more to say/than ii can 2ay aloud

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It all started at one of those dumb parties he was always invited to (the only ones he actually went to were FF’s; she loved throwing parties and would be horribly disappointed if he didn’t show up for at least a little while.). He and AA had been hanging out to the side, her insisting he needed some company.

Whenever Dave had come over to their place, Sollux just excused himself, not really wanting to deal with whom he heard was kind of a dick. That, and he had shit to do.

Now, AA had taken off for the girls’ room, and then who started to swagger towards him but the notorious Dave Strider himself. And then he introduced himself in the absolute most dorkiest, cheesiest manner, and Sollux couldn’t believe he actually thought he was cool. Or clever. Wow, what a douche.

So he snorted, saying, “shit, I didn’t realithe you were thuch a nerd, Mithter Thtrider.” He looked ready to protest, probably some long tangent on why he was the coolest of the cool, when AA had come back and Sollux dismissed himself by making his way to her, leaving Dave hanging.

If he had known it would start the most annoying pursuit in the history of time and space, he might have found a better way to get Dave to leave him the fuck alone.

Three months of this shit. Three. Strider was desperate, and Sollux couldn’t fathom why in the least. Either he was just fucking with him, or Sollux had become some sort of unattainable trophy or some shit. It only got more intense as the months went by, his constant dropping by the apartment and finding excuses to talk to him.

Sollux wondered if he was even aware of how lame he really was. He had to be.

Sollux had to cave when he saw the goddamned suit that douchebag had on. This was a new level of desperate. A gold fucking suit how fucking ridiculous. He knew it had been for him; Dave was more prone to wearing classier red and black outfits with his Converse or some shit for his weird irony thing. That stupid gold suit that should have just made him look like a joke (well, it did) happened to be weirdly attractive on him and when he’d first seen it, Sollux’s mouth went dry.

Okay, so maybe one of the reasons he’d been shooting Dave down and evading him was probably because he was finding himself more and more attracted to him. Maybe he kind of liked the fact that someone as self-proclaimed cool as Strider was, was actually trying to get his attention. Maybe he really liked it.

He might have even been afraid of falling for him, only to be dropped as soon as he stopped playing hard to get.

This aside, he still figured he’d sweep by him, maybe smirk at him a little.

He didn’t see Dave for another half hour, leaving the bathroom and heading straight for the front door.

Palms sweaty, he decided to follow, saying his farewells quickly, hoping to catch him before he left.


He’d already told himself, nothing more than some coffee tomorrow, okay? and he was going to stick to it. First, however, he had to make the invitation. 

Dave’s shitty truck was still there. He’d lucked out.

When he approached it, Dave had been turning the key, turn, turn, turn, turn. And then he ever-so-elegantly let his face fall to the wheel. Damn. 

At least seeing him so “un-ironically uncool” made Sollux a little less nervous.

“Having a problem there, Thtrider? Or ith thith jutht thome kind of your ironic bullshit, thitting all alone in your truck outhide a crathy party?”

He didn’t move, almost didn’t respond, and Sollux almost lost his resolve.

“Fuck off.”

The laugh Sollux gave was partly because, damn, that did suck, and partly because why are nerves even a thing that exists.

“Not like you to leave tho thoon. Thomething wrong?”

He was being a dick now; it was kind of obvious what was wrong. 

He may have been curious as to what stupid excuse Dave would give.

“In case y’all can’t tell, Captor, everythin’s fine and dandy here. Just got other venues to grace with my swag.” 

“Bullshit. What other friendth could you pothibly have, athide from thith bunch of fuck-upth?” 

Sollux wasn’t stupid; he’d picked up on that much. Dave was always seen attached to the hips of Rose, John, and Jade. When he was around people he didn’t know, he was much quieter, far less responsive and far more responsive and god, damn it, Sollux was always watching him how fucking creepy, he was shit, he--

“Fuck you, I’ve got a shit ton of friends.”

“Not like the oneth in there.” He was glad he’d said something; he wasn’t liking where that particular line of thought was going.

He knew he was right when Dave said nothing before asking him what he wanted.

He swallowed, continuing.

“’M not allowed to talk to an inthufferable prick thuch ath yourthelf?”

No answer.

“Bethideth, lookth to me like your truck’th not thtarting. How do you ekthpect to get to your many partieth, coolkid?”

No answer. Shit. Say fucking something, Strider. 

“Tho, what, after how many monthth of trying to flirt with me, not shutting up for the fucking life of you, you can’t think of any shit to thay when I finally dethide to take merthy on your thoul and actually talk to you?”

At this point, he’d almost clocked out of the conversation, thinking about the date to be had, the invitation to be given.

He could appear really cool right now. He hoped. Cooler than Dave, at least.

That was enough to push him forward, leaning close to where his lips almost touched the shell of Dave’s ear, and he offered his invitation. With one last remark on his suit, he left, heart pounding.

He was wondering if Dave would even go. If, now that he’d shown interest, Dave wouldn’t be.



It was a little shaky at first, but bantering with Dave was enjoyable until Dave wouldn’t shut up about how cool he was and fuck, this wasn’t what Sollux was hoping for. He was feeling disappointed, and it’d barely been ten minutes (even though the comment Dave had made about his ass had thrown him off a little. He had never found himself particularly attractive. It couldn’t be that Dave actually did?)

He was ready to leave.

Dave stopped him, and he couldn’t tell at first if it was his body or his heart or both that stopped.

His voice was quiet, and Sollux could barely focus on the words because he looked a lot more nervous and it couldn’t be that he, as in Sollux Captor, possibly made him nervous?

“It’s easy to get carried away when you’re ‘round.”

He hadn’t expected that, and was in fact still thinking about the implications (Dave had stopped explaining himself when he’d noticed that they had an audience, and then dragged him out of the Starbucks and to some park.)

He didn’t mind the change of scenery, but he was trying to figure this shit out. Did he mean he was just a piece of ass Dave wanted? No, that couldn’t be, because he wasn’t really all that sexy.

He was scared to bring it up, almost, but fuck, he only had this chance. He was done with the game he’d allowed to continue and he wanted answers and

“Tho, you were thaying?” Wow he actually just asked that.


“You were thaying thomething, Thtrider. Before we were interrupted by nothey-athh hipthter douchebagths.”  His heart was pounding. His head was starting to spin and Dave was closer, suddenly--

“It’s like I can’t getcha out of my head, no matter how hard I try. It’s fuckin’ creepy, I know. Some cooldouche who happens to know your roommates ogling you all the time, but I can’t fuckin’ help it.”

What? Wait, wait, what? What was he saying?  He kept saying shit like this, almost like he actually felt something for him, legitimately thought he was attractive, actually--

“Look, I said I know it’s creepy. But. When I said you had a nice ass, I meant it. Got a nice everythin’. Hard not to notice. Then I get distracted. And shit. Maybe this is a little fast? But I’ve been waitin’ for this for three months.”

Oh my god, what’s happening??

“Wait, holy shit--”

He couldn’t breathe.

Dave was kissing him and he almost shuddered at the touch of his thumb on his cheek and what the fuck was he supposed to do??

Kiss him back, maybe? Because, fuck, how long had he wanted this, even though he never admitted it, not even to himself?

His hand reached forward, grasping Dave’s shirt as he returned the kiss, eyes closed, oh my god they were kissing.

He couldn’t help but stare when they parted and holy shit Dave Strider kissed him. And he couldn’t help but stare at Dave, stare at his lips and the red colouring his cheeks and he was leaving, shit, shit, no--!

They were kissing again because Sollux had needed that, needed the kiss, needed to know he wasn’t just some trophy, needed to know that Dave Strider craved him as much as he had craved him these past three months.

“I’ve been looking forward to thith, too, athhole.” He couldn’t look at him, his eyes on Dave’s collarbone, which was barely noticeable through his stupid t-shirt.

“You’ve got the patience of a motherfuckin’ saint,” and Sollux could see his eyes and they were fucking captivating.

“Wanted to make sure I wathn’t jutht another lay for you, Thtrider.”

“Well, it fuckin’ worked.” 

The chuckle he gave was almost pure relief as he kissed Dave, over and over, because this boy talked too much, kissed too little.


“You love it. Shut up and keep kithing me. Think of it ath a reward for your patienthe.”

He was finally getting the picture, and did as he was told, and Sollux couldn’t be more pleased with this development.

Dave’s hands were on his hips and he looped his arms around his neck and pressed against him, humming into the kiss. 

Eventually, Dave pulled away just enough to speak, and Sollux could feel his breath on his lips. “So, doin’ anything tomorrow?”

“Maybe.” Kiss.

“Got time for some coolkid?”

“Maybe.” Another.

Dave huffed. Adorable. “I’ll thee what I can do, calm your titth. Now what did I thay about kithing me?”

A chuckle from Dave’s end and their lips were pressed together once more.

Sollux decided he could definitely get used to this.