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Blushing Boys and Sugar Packets

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"I'm gonna grab some sugar," Mercedes said.

"Oh I'll get it for you!" Kurt offered.

Kurt walked over to the counter where two blazer-clad boys were talking.

"Excuse me," Kurt said as the gel-haired boy turned his head. "Could hand me a sugar, please?"

"Sure thing, sweetheart," Gel-hair replied while reaching for a packet of sugar.

However, he didn't actually touch any because he completely froze in his spot. He just stood there with his arm outstretched and head turned staring at Kurt.

"You OK there?" Kurt asked.

Gel-hair moved his mouth as if to try to say something but it came out as "Ah-blah-fwam-wa".

His friend, who was grinning, nudged his shoulder.

"What? Uh, um sorry about that. It's just that you're uh," Gel-hair ducks his head blushing and turns fully around to face Kurt. "You're really cute. Gorgeous actually."

"Oh. Um. Uh…" uttered an equally rosy-cheeked Kurt.

"Oh man. You're not gay aren't ya? Of course you're not. Now that you know that I'm gay, you're gonna beat me up mmph"

The gel-haired boy's rambling was cut off by Kurt's hand that was now covering his mouth.

"I'm not going to beat you up," Kurt said so softly that his voice was barely audible. "And I am…g-gay. I-it's just that nobody has ever told me that I'm gorgeous and I've never told anyone that I'm…you know."

Gel-hair's brow furrowed and tried to say something but it was muffled by Kurt's hand.

"Oh sorry. What were you trying to say?" Kurt asked as he removed his hand.

"How has no one in this entire world ever told you how beautiful you are? Oh and I'm sorry if I just outed you to everyone in our vicinity. I definitely didn't mean for that to happen."

Kurt looked around and then back at the cute boy in front of him smiling. Then he responded with a quiet voice. "Actually, I think it's fine. It feels good to have at least one person know about. Although, people have probably figured it out by now just because of how I dress and talk."

With a smirk Gel-hair said "I think you have impressive style and I like your voice. I'm Blaine by the way."He held out his hand.

"Kurt," the chestnut-haired boy said as he shook Blaine's hand.

"So uh. Where do you go to school, Kurt?" Blaine questioned.

"McKinley High. I'm a sophomore. How about you? Which school has such dapper navy and red blazers?"

"Dalton Academy. It's an all-boys private school in Westerville a couple hours away. I'm a freshman," Blaine responded.

"Seriously? I thought you were a senior. You look older than me. Oh, and I mean that in the best way possible 'cause you're really good looking."

Blaine chuckled. "I actually get that more than you'd think. The age thing not the good looking part. I think it might be the uniform. Broadens the shoulders and uplifts the wearer," Blaine joked and Kurt snickered.

When the boys' laughter died down, Kurt asked, "This might seem a little forward and I've never done this before, but could I have your number?"

"Yeah, sure. Here," Blaine said as he handed Kurt his phone.

After Kurt had punched in his number and returned the phone to Blaine, the gel-haired boy sent a text to Kurt. "There now you have mine. I have to go home soon so I'll text you later and see when we could meet up or something."

"K. Talk to you later."

After Blaine had walked away, Kurt jumped when he heard a voice behind him.

"How does it take you five minutes to get one packet of sugar?" Mercedes asked.

"Oh, um. Well I was talking to a really nice person," Kurt responded with small smile.

"Well next time I'm gonna get my own sugar because apparently you can't do it without getting distracted by cute boys in blazers," Mercedes teased.

Kurt blushed more so than before. "It wasn't like that. I couldn't tell that he was cute or anything like that. He was just really nice," he explained hoping she didn't hear him say that he is gay.

"I know. I'm just teasing you, honey. Now let's go sit down and drink our coffees."

Before Kurt sat down, he read the text from Blaine.

'I'd love to see you blush like that again. Blaine Anderson'