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They Told Me All of My Cages Were Mental (So I Got Wasted Like All My Potential)

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“Lena?” As soon as Kara says her name, she’s hears a glass break from the kitchen.

“Hey look, I made a metaphor,” Lena says with a bit of a slur.

“Are you here alone?” Kara immediately moves to go clean up the wine glass that Lena broke.

“Sam is running my company and Ruby is at a friends. What news from the front?” Lena is definitely drunk, but holding it together quite well.

“Nothing yet,” Kara says. She’s working on it, but she’s not really to tell Lena what she knows.

“You know you’re terrible at hiding things from me,” Lena says as Kara moves to throw away the broken glass. Lena looks up at Kara with a glint in her eye. It’s almost flirtatious.

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that,” Kara says. She’s really hoping Lena doesn’t pry and they can just move on to talk about literally anything else.

“What did you say?” Lena takes another swig of her wine and looks back up at Kara. She’s decided she wants to revisit that statement. Anything to distract her from the possibility of her poisoning children.

“I uh - nothing. I was just -“ Kara is truly at a loss for words. Did she really think Lena wouldn’t hear that? Now she just opened up another can of worms that she really shouldn’t have.

“What secrets are you keeping from me, Kara?” Lena starts to tease Kara and looks up at her with another flirty look in her eyes. Lena’s eyes follow her as she goes to sit down at the bar next to her.

“Nothing, Lena. I’m more worried about you. I won’t stop until we find something to prove you incident.”

“Oh baby, don’t worry about me. I’m not worth the trouble,” Lena says and takes her free hand to grip Kara’s upper thigh. Kara freezes for a moment and shudders when Lena squeezes the inside of her thigh and lets go.

“Lena.. you’re really drunk right now, how about we go lay down on the couch?” Kara needs to take a quick breath and recover for a moment. She didn’t expect Lena to be so forward.

“Mmm you’re too sweet, babe. Have I told you how much I love you?” Lena finishes off the rest of her wine and leans over into Kara’s space and her lips get a little too close to Kara’s.

“Okay, now let’s get to the couch, before you say something you’ll regret.” Kara moves to help Lena up. She grabs her by the waist and walks her over to the couch.

“I know I won’t regret that when I’m sober,” Lena is truly on a roll tonight, she’s not even sure if she trusts herself enough to believe she won’t regret it in the morning.

Kara lays Lena down on the couch and sits on the edge beside her. Lena’s hands move above her head in an attempt to find a comfortable sleeping position

“Come closer,” Lena says again and Kara’s eyes go wide. She’s not sure what move she’s expecting Lena to make, but she goes with it. She gets close enough so that her ear grazes Lena’s lips.

“Don’t think I have forgotten how bad you are at keeping secrets from me, Supergirl.”