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Leave one dragon alive...

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Daenerys…, Dany, her memory was all that Jon had left in the hell that was his life, he thought that with the wildings in the north of the wall he could continue… continue on, but he couldn't.

She had been his life, his love, his everything ... and when he discovered it was when he stabbed her in the heart, without a doubt Jon would have preferred that they had killed him instead of leaving him alive, every day when he woke up he saw her face, her beautiful face that had truly loved him and with all her heart, and what he had given her in return, nothing, he had taken everything from her.

He hated himself for what he did and in his heart he tried to convince himself that he had done the right thing, but he knew he was not, he was not by her side when she needed him most, alone, without anyone, whatever person with her power and in her situation could have done the same as her.

She was the same woman she fell in love with when they spoke in the iron throne room, telling him stories of her about her childhood, but those he considered his family and friends had blinded him with words like " mad queen ”.

Jon knew it was not like that, she was still there inside her, he only had to have reciprocated her love and she would have returned, she had a chance to return, but he had ended that possibility by betraying her and killing her.

Every night he woke up screaming, as he relived that horrible scene in the throne room and it always ended the same way, no matter how much Jon wanted it to be otherwise, he tried to continue with his life thinking that he could forget, but as the months passed he realized that it was impossible, many wild women tried to approach him and warm his bed at night, but Jon rejected them all, he could not be with another woman again, ever.

Tormund, his dear friend, tried to make him stay with them, but he could not convince him, Jon only convinced him to stay with Ghost and take care of him, wherever Jon went, he had to go alone, because he planned to go as far north as possible, in search of the sweet embrace of death, he would walk until the cold killed him and thus be able to meet Dany again in the afterlife.

He set out on foot the next morning, and for weeks he continued traveling until his supplies ran out, by then he had already left behind forests, hills and mountains and, before him lay the frozen wastes of the very end of the world, thinking about the life he could have had with Dany, it would have been a very good life, he would have loved her more than his own life and she would have reciprocated and perhaps they could have been parents, at death's door, Jon continued to pursue broken dreams.

Despite the lack of food, he continued on, the cold penetrated him to the bones, but even so it was not enough to kill him, as he walked with the only company of his thoughts, he began to think about the causes of the hell in which he was found.

Sansa ... his sister, and Tyrion the bastard dwarf, they had caused everything, Sansa, who he considered his sister, revealed the secret that his father, Ned Stark kept for much of his life, however she only kept it in secret for a few hours, even though she swore by her Stark honor to keep it and she broke the oath she had made in the godswood of her home in front of a heart tree, SHE WAS NOT A STARK, she was nothing more than a bitter bitch, envious and spiteful, who only wanted to rule the fucking north and who didn't care at all, she still saw him as the bastard her mother taught her to despise.

And Tyrion, the rich and whoremongering dwarf, had spent his whole life among the luxuries of Lannister, the traitor, he should have imagined it, he himself betrayed his own family, as he was not going to betray Daenerys, at the slightest opportunity he didn´t not hesitate to try put him on the throne even though he said to exhaustion that he did not want it, he was scandalized when Dany burned the city… And what was expected, is that they did not teach him the history of Westeros as a child?, many Targaryen kings had burned cities to the ground and history had seen them as great kings like Aegon the conqueror or Jaehaerys the old king.

However, he already thought that she was mad like her father, damn fool, then he convinced him that the only way was to kill her, it was the only way, the only way for Tyrion to save himself from the death.

Jon knew that people showed themselves as they were when they were at death's door, and Tyrion had shown himself to be nothing more than a creeping, disgusting worm capable of trampling on anyone and using any questionable way to save his useless dwarf life.

He used the argument of his sisters, those who at that time still thought they loved him, to convince him ... and he did so and hated himself more than anything for having allowed himself to be convinced, but, he often wondered, that the gods Whoever they are, why they always saved the dwarf from dying, maybe it was because they were amused, the drunken and whoremongering dwarf, who gives horrorous advice to his allies who trust him, Jon supposed that the gods would be amused by Tyrion and his stupid jokes about dicks and balls, otherwise why would they always save him from death?

Arya, his beloved sister, did not betray him like her sister the new Cersei, no, she just looked him in the eyes and told him that she only saw Dany as a shield to use against the white walkers and that once used, that they should get rid of her because she was a murderer and she recognized a murderer, said it the same one who killed all the Frey relatives, who prepared cakes with their corpses and then fed them to their father, yes ... and it was Dany the sadistic, cruel and mad.

Bran, with all his powers over the visions, could not or did not want to do anything to warn them, he only went to the capital to proclaim himself king, but could he not be lord of anything? He did not live in the past?

And Sam, that fat man, unable to fend for himself, just saw him after several years, told him who Jon really was and tried to put Dany against him arguing that he was the rightful king and that she had killed his Father and brother, but hadn't they both revealed themselves against the Tyrells? Weren't they traitors? He didn't give them the choice to kneel and continue living? Besides, isn't he supposed to have made an oath to the Night's Watch? So what was he doing as Grand Master in the Red keep?

Everyone who believed his friends and family had betrayed him or taken him away from her, and now all of them were in the south, enjoying their good life while he sought death on the roof of the world, he was the one who stained the hands with the blood of his love, supposedly, so that everyone could live and yet he had been the big loser in all that.

He hated them, surely they did not remember him, happy with their kingdoms, their crowns and their positions of great power, but he did remember them, he remembered their faces, in his mind they laughed at him and that infuriated him and set him on fire, the flames of his hatred, it was hatred that kept him warm in the frozen white deserts.

And thinking about all that Jon found himself inadvertently in front of a fortress, a dark and silent fortress made of stone, iron and ice, that had been there for countless ages, it was always surrounded by clouds and the sunlight had not been able to reach that place.

Just looking at it gave chills, who would build it? Jon wondered, where would they get the iron to make it, where would they forge it?

Cautiously Jon approached the silent place, there were no entrance doors, just a tunnel that led to the dark and cold interior, in front of the door, outside, Jon, saw a strange ice altar, surrounded by ice tips that were coming off the ground, then he realized.

Was this the abode of the white walkers? Jon thought, this is where they must have slept for millenniums until they woke up a few years ago, when their journey began, the night king had died and with him all his servants, so the fortress would be empty, or so he hoped.

After all, hunger and cold threatened to make him fall to his knees and die, and Jon would have wanted it that way, but there was something in that fortress, something that called him, a female voice, maybe it was a hallucination but Jon he thought he heard Dany's voice, his only love, calling out to him.

Inside the fortress total darkness reigned, the entrance tunnel extended for many meters until it reached a room, high and spacious, there was very little light but Jon could recognize some creepy and strange ice statues that covered the walls, the only looking at them froze his blood, the silence was absolute, nothing was heard except the sound of his breathing.

Among the statues on the walls, Jon could make out what looked like small rooms, had no doors, and were completely filled with the ice that made up the wall, but Jon let out a scream of pure terror when he could distinguish a humanoid figure inside the wall of ice from one of the rooms, they were alive, the white walkers still lived and in the future they would return.

Jon started to run from there terrified by the horrors that he had just seen, but a last look at the room made him stop, at the bottom, there were some ice stairs, which went up to a pedestal, where there was a sinister sword.

Something made him stop and want to see that mysterious blade up close, hesitantly he approached, the ice statues on the walls seemed to indicate the way and they looked at him with their frosty eyes, he finally reached the sword, which rested on the pedestal.

It was a very old sword, forgotten by time, it was made of steel, but there were some parts made of ice, and the whole blade was covered with symbols and runes of the white walkers and the children of the forest, it was long, longer than Longclaw on his waist.

The little light in the room came from a small window in the ceiling from which came a shaft of dim, cold and distant light that illuminated the resting place of the sword, something inside Jon told him that he should take the sword , and another part told him that he should get out of there.

Suddenly and without warning, the people who had turned their backs on Dany and who had moved away from her came to his head, there they were all, laughing at him for having done what they had told him to do, kill the love of his life, how they laughed as they reigned and enjoyed the lives they had because of him, because of what he had done.

He had believed that they also wanted the best for the people, that is why they told him to kill his Dany, but it was a lie, they only wanted to live and be able and to enjoy it, and he obeyed them, he always made decisions for the good of all, never for his own, duty… , what was duty compared to Dany's love?

With this new power he could return and take revenge on them, nothing and no one could prevent him, the gods, whoever they were, turned their backs on him and benefited those who were to their liking, they had used and betrayed him, well, the gods would have to be Watching how he returned for the lives of the people who they had benefited, now he would enjoy taking their lives with that sword, whom he considered his friends and family.

He listened to them, he obeyed them, he died inside by listening to them and killing her and they betrayed him, well, he would never again obey or listen to anyone, he was fed up, for once in his life he would make his own decision.

With one swift movement, he reached up, grasped the hilt, and took the sword.

Instantly, his eyes turned blue like frost, his hair turned bone white and the runes of the sword lit up in a blue tone as the sky, Jon felt how the cold penetrated his being, offering him power, a unimaginable power, a power with which he could bring justice to those who had taken everything from him, the justice they deserved, the power to take revenge was his, and he willingly accepted it, gave himself to it.

His body changed, but not like that of a white walker, he kept his flesh and blood, however the cold emanated from his and his skin turned pale.

A crack called the attention of his now overdeveloped instincts he turned his gaze to the walls and a white walker had just awakened from his frozen sleep, three others broke the ice and joined him, all had spikes on their heads and looked like the night king, when they saw the blue eyes and the sword that Jon was wielding, they went to the foot of the stairs and knelt before him.

Jon could feel how the entire fortress was at his command, as if he wanted to, he could wake up all the white walkers who slept here, he even felt like he could control the winter storm that raged outside the fortress, but he couldn't stop thinking about Dany , the people in Essos loved her, they saw her as their mother, they accepted her and she cared for them and loved them.

However, the people of Westeros didn't even give her a chance, they hated her for who she was, that was the people of Westeros, they were just hatred, betrayal, thirst for power, resentment ... and Jon knew he was right, he had experienced it with his own family, the world would be a better place without Westeros and its people, they were too corrupted, the wildings were the only ones who had neither hated nor rejected her, Tormund even toasted her at the feast after the battle.

With superhuman speed he turned around and on the pedestal where the sword rested and using all the power at his disposal, he made the ice grow, made it grow up and molded it at his will until he took the shape of the only person that had truly loved him, he would always love her, so he maked sure she would live forever.

He gave the ice the form in which he remembered Dany, beautiful, loving, kind… good, the statue of Daenerys Targaryen would rule here, on the top of the stairs above the other statues, where no one could come back to harm her, here she would be, in this room forgotten by time with its beauty intact for all eternity, until the very end of days.

Jon ran a hand down her icy face and looked into her eyes as a tear rolled down his cheek until it froze, she loved him and he would always love her.

Then he turned around, looked at the white walkers who were still kneeling, now was the time, the time to save Westeros, he would do it for Dany, as a token of his eternal love for her, he would free Westeros of evil men and women as she had wanted, he would fulfill her wish, it was time.

With a dead voice and from beyond the grave he said:

"The entire Westeros must be purged."