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Just Another Transmigration Shenanigans

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It had been a few days since he woke up in this Xianxia world. After the newbie system cheerfully welcomed him in this world, apparently, there were several following errors that happened during his transmigration process. So, he would occupy this body, for now.


He woke up in the body which was sick with fever for days. Everyone sighed in relief upon seeing him wake up.


After he was well enough to move about in the house, he couldn’t help but open every single door and drawer in the house.


There was something strange in this bamboo house. In his wardrobe, there was a section for different set of robes in white and dark blue grey. It took half of the wardrobe. They looked bigger too. So, those were not the original good’s. He looked down and he found several new boots which wouldn’t match with his Qing Jing Peak’s attire. So, those might belong to the other person.


In his dressing table, there were hair accessories that the original good wouldn’t use. They were too simple and practical. But they were there, mixed up with all his things. The system insisted that SQQ lived alone in his bamboo house.




There was a small room that was dedicated for medicine storages complete with the cot and everything. As if the original good was used to get injured guests regularly. It looked like a mini office for Mu Qingfang. He took a few of them and gave them to the protagonist when he called him over.


“B-but, shizun? Aren’t these the ones that you made yourself for Liu-shishu?”


Shen Yuan spluttered. How could the original good make his own medicines for Liu Qingge, of all people?!


Shen Yuan tried to just hand them but the protagonist didn’t budge. He kept saying that Liu-shishu would notice it. Thus he sent the boy to Qian Cao Peak. After patting himself on the back, he proceeded to go out of the building. He lost some points by acting OOC earlier, but he couldn’t just let the little bun be with all those bruises and injuries. His limbs were at stake.


Then, he inspected around the house perimeter. The surrounding landscape was really breathtaking.


There was some steam coming out of group rocks behind some shrubs. Then, he discovered a weird odourless incense burner. ‘Huh? What is this?’


His eyes flickered frantically as he stayed too long near the object. He immediately stopped as everything was spinning. Then he lost his balance. That thing messed up his qi.


[System advises Host to ask one of his disciple to fetch the Ku Xing Peak Lord, Lan Qinghuan and Ling You Peak Lord, Yu Qingxuan.]


Soon after that, three disciples approached him.


“Shizun? What happened?” They cried out.


Shen Yuan pointed toward the incense burner in front of them. One of the disciple gasped upon seeing the object. He immediately set up an isolation array around the incense burner.


“One of you, go to Ku Xing Peak and ask Lan-shidi to come. Don’t cause a ruckus. The other one, go to Ling You Peak and get Yu-shidi.”


Two of the disciples nodded and left on their spiritual swords.


He sighed as the last disciple helped him to stand up and led him further from the object. What was happening? He recalled that Shen Qingqiu was struggling with recurring qi-deviations. Everyone speculated that it was because of his unstable core and weak meridian. But it turned out that some spies were trying to kill him in his own peak.


Shen Qingqiu also got into a severe qi deviation after accepting Luo Binghe into his peak and was forced to be on bed rest for the next two weeks (he remained unconscious in the first week). But, somehow Luo Binghe got his faulty manual when Shen Qingqiu was unconscious. How did an unconscious man give someone a manual? Of course someone else might be the one that handed it to Ming Fan.


Shen Yuan grimaced, Shen Qingqiu really didn’t know about the faulty manual. 




They didn’t need to wait for too long as two peak lords arrived. Shen Yuan was pretty impressed by these dedicated shidis. Who would have thought that they would come as quickly as they could upon being summoned by the scummy Shen Qingqiu.


“Shen-shixiong?” they greeted him worriedly. 


One of them was wearing white and light blue robes and the other was wearing beige and brown robes. The first one was Lan Qinghuan and the second one was Yu Qingxuan according to the System. The Ling You Peak Lord, sniffed in the air for a moment. How rude! At least be as inconspicuous as the man at his side.


“Lan-shidi, Yu-shidi, this shixiong apologizes for calling you both so suddenly. But, there is an important matter.”


“Don’t worry, shixiong. We are glad to be of help.”


Then, Shen Yuan just told them his findings. They looked so furious upon hearing what happened. Shen Yuan was helped by them to sit on a nearby gazebo and got checked over first by Yu Qingxuan. They asked one disciple to fetch Mu Qingfang.




While Lan Qinghuan scouted around the perimeter of his bamboo house for another harmful treasures, Yu Qingxuan was tracking the culprits.


Yue Qingyuan somehow got wind of it and arrived with three other peak lords, Shang Qinghua, Qi Qingqi and Wei Qingwei.


They were alerted upon hearing about it and immediately sent him back to his abode.


“Please, rest assured Qingqiu-shidi. We will deal with it. Shang-shidi please accompany him to his house.” Yue Qingyuan said with a determined face.


As they were drinking tea in his living room, Mu Qingfang arrived to check up on him. After he finished examining him, Mu Qingfang gave him several medicines to drink. Only after drinking the medicines, his qi stabilized again.


Strangely, Mu Qingfang didn’t leave but remained with them.


It was shocking to find out that the other peak lords would readily help the scum villain without any second thoughts. According to the book, he didn’t have good relations with them.




A few hours later, they were informed that the culprits were found and Yue Qingyuan took them to Qiong Ding Peak for further questioning.


After some initial questioning they found out that these were some spies from the Liu clan’s enemies. Shen Yuan massaged his temple, but why would Liu Clan’s enemies target Shen Qingqiu of all people?


But they might be in cahoot with Cang Qiong Mountain Sect’s enemies as well.


And where was Liu Qingge, by the way?


Apparently, that wayward shidi of Shen Qingqiu was on a mission outside of their sect as usual.




The next day, Yue Qingyuan informed him that he needed Shen Qingqiu to deal with an urgent mission in a town not too far from their sect. Shen Yuan agreed and told him they would leave the next day.


Yue Qingyuan sighed in relief.




But, there was a more worrying matter. Shen Yuan couldn’t help it but notice that there was something strange with the original good’s body. Since he woke up in this body, he noticed that he kept throwing up every morning. And any strong smell made him nauseous. And he meant everything.


He didn’t understand but this body’s sense of smell was superb. Some of his male disciples had a really strong scents that made him gag. No wonder the original goods were so harsh on them. Damn hormones!


What was worse, he found out that the protagonist, indeed had a strong smell, despite him being younger than most of his male disciples. And his nose couldn’t handle it. Sorry, protagonist!


“Shizun! These disciples apologizes!” and the disciples fled upon noticing Shen Yuan grimaced.


It’s too late young men, this teacher already got his migraine and felt light-headed. He went to the nearest bathroom and emptied his stomach before they were about to depart for the mission.


“Shizun, maybe you shouldn’t go for this mission? We could ask a hall master or two to come with us.” Ming Fan fretted as he came out of the bathroom.


“No need. This master will be seen as incompetent.” Shen Yuan tried to reason. Anyway, the were no other Qing Jing Peak’s hall masters left for now. They were sent on missions for the next few days.


His disciples let out scandalized gasps. Never mind.


“But, shizun.” they whined.


“It’s fine. Just, don’t come too close to this master. Your scents are too strong for this master’s nose to handle.”


“All right, shizun.”


It didn’t take long for his disciples to put the stuffs in the carriage since several disciples that wore different uniforms were helping them. They were wearing white and dark blue grey robes and seemed to be physical cultivators. He wondered which peak they were from. They were wearing the simple version of the other set of robes that he found in his wardrobe.


Yue Qingyuan even came over to see them off.


“Zhangmen-shixiong.” Shen Yuan greeted him.


“Qingqiu-shidi, this shixiong just wants to see you off.” Yue Qingyuan smiled benevolently.


They chatted a bit while they were waiting for the disciples to finish scurrying about.


Shen Yuan then thanked these disciples who seemed to be already happy for helping out. Didn’t they have any classes to attend to?


Shen Yuan then was about to go inside the carriage. “What are you waiting for? Let’s go.”


“Shizun, there is one less horse.” Ning Yingying pointed out.


Shen Yuan massaged his temple.


“Who doesn’t get his horse yet?”


“It is this disciple, Shizun. This disciple could run at the back.” Luo Binghe trailed off.


Shen Yuan clicked his tongue. “And let others see that this master is bullying his youngest disciple. Hmm?”


Luo Binghe looked at the ground and sniffled.


“Luo Binghe you sit on the driver coach with Xie Xi. You both can take turn if the other is tired.”


“Yes, shizun.”


With that, they departed. Shen Yuan bid his farewell to Yue Qingyuan who nodded at him.




He pondered about this strange world.


The younger disciples, except Luo Binghe, didn’t smell as strongly though.


So, that’s why the original goods always kept Ning Yingying around. Her fresh minty scent neutralized other’s strong smell.


But, since she kept following the protagonist around, his scent also got stuck on her.


Shen Yuan grimaced.




Meanwhile, Yue Qingyuan who was left in Qing Jing Peak’s courtyard turned to face Lan Qinghuan and Xu Qinglian (Tian Zhen Peak Lord) who just arrived.


“Zhangmen-shixiong. Has Shen-shixiong already left?” they both greeted him.


“Lan-shidi, Xu-shimei, yes. He just left.”


“Is there something wrong, Zhangmen-shixiong?” Xu Qinglian asked worriedly.


“Ah, it’s just. Qingqiu-shidi smelled a bit different since he woke up from his fever.”


“Could it be that he is..” Xu Qinglian trailed off.


Yue Qingyuan nodded solemnly.


Lan Qinghuan spoke up. “This shidi noticed it briefly yesterday too. All right. This shidi will start now then.”


Yue Qingyuan looked at his martial siblings. “This shixiong couldn’t stay for too long since the Lius will arrive soon to question the culprits.”


“Zhangmen-shixiong can count on us.” Xu Qinglian assured.


“Thank you, Lan-shidi, Xu-shimei.”




When Shen Yuan and co. arrived in the Chen Manor, they were immediately ushered to meet Master Chen. That old coot was caught red handed gazing at him weirdly several times during their discussion. Was there anything weird about the original good? But, then his disciples started growling and begged him to let them deal with it. Shen Yuan nodded and left the room.


The young lady on his lap though, she seemed weird. She had two different scents that were overlapping with each other. Shen Yuan mentioned it to his disciples once they all piled out of the room a few moments later.




Shen Yuan got captured by the skinner demon along with Luo Binghe and Ning Yingying but he managed to kill it. He sighed in relief as they reported back to Master Chen that the skinner demon already killed his Die-Er and had been wearing her skin at least for a week. Ew.


There was a more important matter. Finally, he unlocked the OOC function. Good grief. Now he could hug the protagonist’s thigh! With all his might!


After that, they decided to check the market before leaving the city. When he was walking around the market, he kept stopping by the food carts. His little ducklings of disciples were so understanding as they followed him around and pointed out to different stalls. Good disciples!


Some peddlers convinced him to buy some herbs that would be great for his recurring nausea. They said something about early pregnancy etc but he didn’t pay it any mind. He was not some pregnant sister!


Then he smelled it, it indeed worked and he bought some. How strange.


Eventually, they returned back to the sect in the afternoon after buying a lot of stuffs.




Soon, he would need to go to Ling Xi Caves for the next event. To be honest, he was anxious. What if he failed like the original good did in PIDW?!




A few hours later, they were back in Qing Jing Peak. He sighed. It was good to be back home. It felt as if his Qing Jing Peak’s barrier was stronger than it was before when he left for the mission.


The fading musky scent was back to envelope the whole house.


When he left for the mission, there was nothing on the middle table in his bedroom. Now that he returned, there was a bag full of different varieties of sweets. Were these some offerings for the original good? Who knew that he had a massive case of sweet tooth! Next to the bag, there were several poetry books (all brand new) and an exquisite looking fan.


Then he opened his wardrobe and saw that one clean set of the blue grey one and boots were missing. There was indeed a pile of dirty laundry in a basket. As if the owner just came back from a long mission.


He then inspected the other part of the house and found out that the firewood was fully restocked. There was a pair of dirty boots next to the pond in the backyard.


Then, he went to the kitchen and saw several fresh ingredients (from common vegetables to rare beasts meat) for cooking.


Shen Yuan gulped. But, was there any other peak lord that was this close to the original good from the novel? Yue Qingyuan’s robes were mostly white and black. Mu Qingfang’s were olive green. Qi Qingqi’s were in purple shades. Liu Qingge’s? he forgot. Maybe it was white and grey. He hadn’t encountered him yet. The man was only mentioned in one paragraph and killed off at the end of that exact paragraph.


The other peak lords who had met him so far didn’t have robes in these colours. The Xian Zhen Peak Lord was a female and these robes belonged to a male. So, he could cross her name. There were only Liu Qingge, Zui Xian Peak Lord and one other Peak Lord left.


‘Oi, System? Is the original good living with someone else in his abode?’ Shen Yuan got concerned.


[System doesn’t understand Host’s question. According to the story, Original good lives alone in his abode. But, his martial siblings visit him from time to time.]


‘Huh? But here, there must be someone that comes frequently enough to have his stuffs stored in this house! They even have a proper place for their clothes in the original good’s wardrobe! Not to mention, that whoever he is, he could move freely in the original good’s house. As if he also owns the place!’


[The original good has his own room in Yue Qingyuan’s abode as well, complete with all his necessities.]


‘...I didn’t ask for that…’




He decided to take a nap in his pillows nest. Someone arranged the pillows and there was a blanket that had the same musky smell. He would think about it later. Thankfully he already locked the door.


He fell asleep seconds later. Feeling safe.



He woke up a few hours later and found out that it was already morning.


From his enhanced cultivator senses, he could feel that someone was approaching his bamboo house. He looked out from the window and spotted a cultivator descending from the sky.


Wait, that cultivator was wearing the exact set of robes that was missing from his wardrobe! He looked like a prince! Who might it be?! heck, his look might rival the protagonist himself!


The cultivator then took out something from one of his qiankun pouches. Shen Yuan gaped as he saw a beast carcass. Impressive. wasn’t that the -


[Inspecting Character…]


[Character : Liu Qingge, Bai Zhan Peak Lord, Cheng Luan Sword.]


[Loading additional information ….]


‘But but but, why is he here? Does it mean that he lives with Shen Qingqiu together? But the side rooms were dusty. where does he sleep at night? Oh well, since he is a cultivator, perhaps he doesn’t need to sleep at night. Maybe he sleeps in his house in Bai Zhan Peak? But he had half wardrobe dedicated for his clothes here. It's still strange, no matter what.‘


[Liu Qingge is not supposed to be a frequent visitor of original good. This world is indeed strange, Host. Did System choose the wrong world to transmigrate Host into?]


‘How should I know?’ Shen Yuan deadpanned.


Someone tried to open the door but Shen Yuan locked it the night before. Then, several rapt knocks followed.


‘Alright alright. I am coming.’


When Shen Yuan opened the door, he was face to face with Liu Qingge. He thought that Bai Zhan War God would be beefier. But no. Now, he understood why he was killed off so early in the story.


His beauty mark was distracting too. Liu Qingge raised his eyebrow at him. Did he expect something? A welcome hug?


[If Host wants to get some clues on what the original goods usually does when Liu Qingge arrives, host can spend---]


‘Enough. I don’t need a scammer.’


Shen Yuan noticed that Liu Qingge had the same musky scent that was enveloping the house. Was it from him?! No wonder he couldn’t find the source.


Liu Qingge sniffed in the air and immediately became confused. He then pulled Shen Yuan’s wrist so he stumbled into his chest where Liu Qingge sniffed on his neck for a few seconds. Liu Qingge steadied him by holding his waist.


“Qingqiu? Your scent changed a bit. A-Are you pregnant?” Liu Qingge stammered.


“P-Pregnant?! How is it even possible?!” Shen Yuan spluttered. How could he? He was a man for god’s sake!


“Uh, maybe it was from two months ago, during my rut.” Liu Qingge’s whole face was as red as a tomato now.




Liu Qingge nodded bashfully.


[Ehem. Congratulation! Congratulation! Congratulation! Additional Information has been acquired.]


‘You also didn’t know, did you?’ Shen Yuan screamed at System.


[Host has successfully met Liu Qingge, Shen Qingqiu’s fated mate and the father of Shen Qingqiu’s unborn child.]


[System apologizes to Host for the inconvenience it has caused for the past few days. After this, System needs to do several adjustments.]


‘Could it be?! Am I transmigrated into an A/B/O world?!’ Shen Yuan’s eyes rolled back.




Shen Yuan could hear that someone immediately caught him before he fell to the ground and endangered himself and the baby.


[Ejecting Host from the original good’s body.]


[...5% …33% …76%… 100% Complete Success.]


[Preparing Host to be transferred to the closest unoccupied body.]


[...50% In progress]