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fly me to the moon

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The loud notification sound startled Chloe. Jumping slightly from the loud noise that she wasn’t expecting.

She m thought she’d turned her phone to ‘do not disturb’ while she filmed her next YouTube video.

She paused mid-way through her sentence as her hand flew up to her chest in surprise.

Shaking her head slightly she stopped filming on her camera and reached down for her phone that lay on the coffee table underneath her tripod.

Picking up the device and looking at the notification that popped up once it recognised her face for unlocking.

A small smile tugging against her lips.

New match from BecaM69.

Curiosity filled the redhead’s mind as she swiped up on her phone to get into the phone and clicked on her Tinder app. Finding the notification to click on the matches’ profile.

She’d swiped right on several attractive women this morning and she was desperate to know who matched with her now.

Her thumb clicked on the woman’s username and her profile soon popped up.

It was the last person Chloe swiped right on that morning. Of course, she remembered something like that. She felt her heart practically do a somersault at the fact the woman on the screen matched with her.

It wasn’t until she heard her phone ping again and vibrate in her hands that her heart rate quickly began to increase. Thumping harshly against her chest.

New message from BecaM69.

Oh, fuck.” Chloe cursed as she looked at the little red dot on her messages icon on the app. Hovering her thumb over her screen as she took a moment to compose herself.

She didn’t want to get her hopes up too much, but surely the fact the other woman had quickly slid into her dms already must be a good sign. Right?

Taking a deep breath and briefly closing her eyes for a moment, she finally clicked on the screen and her messages popped up. There was a few other conversations on her profile from previous people messaging with her, but honestly most of them were a little weird and she’d ended up ghosting them.

She clicked on the shaded message from her latest match and her heart sunk a little when she read the first message this woman had sent to her:

BecaM69: i’m vegan too!

It wasn’t exactly a great first message. There could’ve been more effort put into an opening message, but at least it wasn’t just a simple ‘hey’.

That was one of Chloe’s serious pet peeves of online dating. People that simply message a greeting and do the whole ‘how are you?’ chit-chat that’s boring and always leads to the conversation dying after about a minute.

The redhead valued good conversation. Yet for some reason, most people on the stupid app lacked having exactly that.

Deciding not to be rude and finding that this woman intrigued her, apart from the fact she was extremely attractive in her selection of photos uploaded on her profile, Chloe decided to type out a response. Not wanting to leave the woman on ‘read’ already.

ChloeB69: really?! 👀 yaay

ChloeB69: that’s great

ChloeB69: what made you go vegan?

The thing is with Chloe, she can’t just send one message to someone with everything she needs to say. She has to send multiple. Like her response to BecaM69 right now. She could’ve typed those responses in one message. But instead, she opted for three. And sometimes she found that it irritated people when she did this in conversations. Not that she even cared in the slightest.

BecaM69: seeing it in your bio

A small smirked tugged against Chloe’s lips. Well, she knew one thing for sure already, despite only receiving two small messages from this woman, she certainly was a smooth talker. And it only helped to keep the redhead’s interest flowing.

ChloeB69: smooth

ChloeB69: i like it

Chloe found herself smiling at this small conversation. Already feeling like she could see herself dating this woman. Not that she knew anything about her. Literally nothing was in her bio apart from a flirty statement regarding her profile picture and what the redhead thought was a sarcastic, witty comment.

But that’s what the talking stage was for, to get to know BecaM69 and shamelessly flirt. She liked the way their usernames unintentionally matched. And she’d already decided that this was a sign of fate.

She found herself slowly starting to fall asleep on the sofa in her apartment several hours later. Still talking with that match on Tinder. Thankful the woman knew how to keep up a good conversation.

But she didn’t want to put a stop to the chat for the moment and go to bed. Chloe simply wanted to stay awake and constantly talk to the brunette.

So when BecaM69’s next message popped up on her screen, her heart sunk a little and she found herself to now be wide awake after reading the words.

BecaM69: uh, so hey, i’d totally stay up all night to talk to you, but sadly i have to go to work in the morning. we’ve got a pretty busy day and i don’t wanna be falling asleep on the job, y’know

BecaM69: but, i still would like to continue talking and flirting with you 😉 if that’s what you want

BecaM69: i’m here in your dms and i’m here to stay, red! buckle up x

That last message warmed Chloe’s heart. It seemed like they were both on the same page. Both wanting to continue with what they had going on.

The talking.

The flirting.

The redhead simply hoped it would continue and lead to a date. She was sick and tired of being single now. She felt like she’d never meet her person. She was into her 30s now and she wasn’t getting any younger.

All the older woman wanted was to settle down with the person she loved, get married and have a little family of her own. Yeah, it seemed way too early to be thinking of such a thing with someone she’d only been talking to for a few hours. But Chloe was optimistic. She had a good feeling growing in the pit of her stomach about this.

ChloeB69: oh, uh, yeah sure

ChloeB69: i’m kinda currently trying to fight off sleep right now myself

ChloeB69: because i don’t want to stop talking to you ☹️

ChloeB69: but yes, please go and sleep, don’t want to be the reason you’re tired at work x

At least the redhead didn’t need to worry about falling asleep mid-conversation with BecaM69 and risk leaving the woman on read. That’s the last thing she ever wanted to do with the brunette.

She was very much enjoying spending her time sending messages back and forth. Not wanting it to stop. Even if it would only be paused for a couple of hours for the pair to sleep.

Glancing up at the time on her phone as she saw it said ‘typing…’ under Beca’s name on the top of the screen. Chloe sighed as she saw it was currently almost 10pm. They’d started talking around 2pm. She thought it still seemed a little early to go to sleep in her opinion, but to be honest, she didn’t know what BecaM69’s job was and maybe it required her to be up at an early time.

Eyes flicking back down when her phone buzzed in her hands when the woman’s final reply showed up on her screen.

BecaM69: goodnight, sweetie! sweet dreams. sleep well xxx

ChloeB69: goodnight xxx

With one final reply, Chloe closed the app and locked her phone screen. Putting it away in her jeans pocket, she threw herself up off the sofa and folded up her blanket. Resting it on the back of the sofa.

She called for her dog Lady and proceeded to go and lock her apartment door. Flicking off the light in her lounge/kitchen area room and heading to her bedroom with Lady strutting behind her ready to settle down for the night.

Closing her door, Chloe opened her wardrobe and pulled out a clean pair of pyjamas. Quickly getting undressed and into her matching vest top and shorts set. And of course, they had planets and stars scattered all over them in a pattern.

About 90% of her clothes, as in t-shirts and pyjamas, were space themed. But she did also have a few pieces of clothing with her zodiac sign all over them.

Most people would have outgrown their childhood interests as soon as they hit their teenage years. In fact, most people go through thousands of changes of what they’re into growing up.

But not Chloe.

She’d always been obsessed with space and astrology ever since she was a little girl. The other little girls in her classes would be into playing with dolls and makeup, but not the redhead.

She was different.

Always had been and always would be. And she didn’t care what people thought. It was something that made her happy.

Getting herself settled down in bed, Chloe grabbed her phone off her nightstand and opened up her Twitter app. Composing a new tweet before she went to sleep for the night.

Letting out a yawn as her fingers tapped against the screen.

@chloejulietxx: manifesting all the good vibes for the start to a new week. may each and every one of you be blessed with all the good things the world has to offer. this is your reminder to drink water & go slay your day! you are loved. you are good enough. you are important. ily all so much! love & hugs, chlo xoxo


The next morning soon came and Chloe managed to have a lay in. She didn’t have anything planned for today, but she figured maybe she should probably finish off the video she’d been in the middle of filming yesterday before she got distracted by a certain person.

Rolling over in bed to the other side, the redhead stretched over and grabbed her phone once again off the nightstand.

Her usual morning routine consisted of checking the device first thing and scrolling through her notifications before she even stepped foot out of bed to get ready for the day.

Sinking back down into the beg and tugging the duvet back over her body, a small smile soon spread across her lips as her eyes spotted she’d received a new message two hours ago from BecaM69.

Clicking on the Tinder app she quickly opened up the message thread and read the message the other woman had left.

BecaM69: good morning, sweetie. i hope your day is as beautiful as you are! 🧡

Chloe felt her heart soar as her eyes scanned across the words on her screen. A warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. Thinking it was such a lovely message to wake up to and she hoped there would be more like this in the future. Or better still, she hoped maybe one day she’d be waking up next to the other woman.

But she didn’t want to get too carried away. She hadn’t even met the woman yet. For all she knew, the brunette could be a complete psychopath.

ChloeB69: all the better for receiving your message. i hope you have a great day at work! 😘

Tapping her thumbs against the screen, Chloe responded to her match before dragging herself out of bed and grabbing her necessities to go take a shower. Deciding that if she spent anymore time in bed, she wouldn’t want to get up. And she hated wasting a whole day being super lazy like that.

Unless she was with a significant other. Only then did she allow herself to have a day here and there to just spend the day cuddling in bed with that person. It was one of her favourite things.

The redhead was seriously struggling to get BecaM69 off her mind. She found that ever since they began talking yesterday that the brunette clouded her thoughts completely. Not that she minded. Not at all. But she did find herself dreaming about the other woman as she slept last night.

And the thought of that alone and the memory from her dream, made another smile tug against Chloe’s lips for the second time already that morning. She had a good feeling about all of this.

Maybe this woman was ‘the one’.

Replies with the brunette were rather limited throughout the day since the other woman mentioned she was at work, but Chloe didn’t mind. She wasn’t a clingy person in the talking stage. She knew that BecaM69 would always reply to her messages where possible.

And this meant that the redhead was able to actually spend her day wisely and kept herself busy. She restarted yesterday’s video since she got distracted in the middle of filming and then after that she invited her best friend, Aubrey, over for a girls night.

Just as she got up to go and answer her front door after the bell rung throughout her apartment, she heard the distinct sound of her phone pinging to signal a new message.

A smile tugged against her lips as she bent over a little to pick up the device from her coffee table and open the message. Seeing it was from the brunette woman made her heart soar.

BecaM69: could you be my soulmate?

Well, that was a very bold question considering they’d barely been talking for a whole 24 hours yet. Although, you’re supposed to just ‘know’ when you find the one. So maybe that’s what was happening here.

And Chloe would totally be ok with that if it was true. Typing out her reply, she continued heading into her hallway to let her best friend in after hearing a second door bell ring.

ChloeB69: maybe! do you believe in soulmates?

BecaM69: i believe we’re all here for a purpose. what’s your purpose?

ChloeB69: i think my purpose is being a good mother for my future daughter. and i love making others happy, so god hopefully has a big plan for me!

ChloeB69: what’s your purpose?

BecaM69: i’m the orgasm fairy

The door was just pulled open as Chloe read over BecaM69’s message. Her eyes widening at the third word across the screen. She completely froze on the spot. Not even looking up to greet her best friend.

Aubrey watched the redhead intently with a curious look in her eyes. Raising an eyebrow slightly at the younger woman. A smirk tugging against her lips as she reached a hand out to take Chloe’s phone away from her. Holding it quickly behind her back and laughing at her friend’s reaction.

Bree!” Chloe groaned in annoyance. Rolling her eyes at the look on the blonde’s face. She was totally busted. She knew that Aubrey would be able to guess she was ‘talking to someone’. The older woman seemed to be able to read her like a book. Much to her own dismay.

Can I have my phone back, please?” The redhead asked politely. Not wanting her best friend to be nosey and look at the conversation she was in the middle of having with BecaM69.

Biting down on her lip slightly in hope Aubrey wouldn’t look. She trusted the blonde not to read her private messages. But the smirk across the other woman’s lips made Chloe feel a little queasy.

I just wanted to pull you out of whatever trance you were in when you opened the door.” Aubrey laughed with the smirk still very evident across her lips.

Hesitating for a moment before handing the redhead back her phone. She wouldn’t ever look at Chloe’s private messages. She just wanted to get her best friend’s attention. Still curious to know who the younger woman was texting.


BecaM69: wanna hear a pickup line?

ChloeB69: yea sure

BecaM69: are you a hen because you are eggsactly what i’m looking for

ChloeB69: well i’d consider myself more an egg, cause i’m looking to get laid

BecaM69: what

To say Chloe was feeling bold was an understatement. She used to be this overly confident person all throughout her teenage, highschool years and then the same in college. But after facing the amount of rejection that she’d had over the years, the redhead had decided in the last couple of years to tone herself down.

Mainly when she was close to turning 30. Knowing she couldn’t continue to be childish. Because most people wouldn’t be into that. They’d want someone mature.

However, she now felt like she’d been talking non-stop with BecaM69 for about a week now, she felt like it was long enough to be able to be a bit bolder with her flirty comments.

Yet she didn’t expect the other woman to react in this way. And then nothing else came after the ‘what’.

This only sent Chloe into a state of overthinking everything. Every little interaction and flirty comment they’d ever exchanged. Not that they’d been talking for very long.

Luckily, before she could send herself into a bad spiral and let her mind run with negative thoughts, her phone buzzed once again and a new message from the brunette appeared against her screen. And as her eyes locked onto the words, she felt herself exhale in relief.

BecaM69: woah, someone just got brave 😉

BecaM69: i’d happily lay you every damn day, sweetie

BecaM69: with your consent, obvs x

A smirk tugged against Chloe’s lips. She’d want nothing more than to be absolutely railed by the brunette.

Shaking her head as she bit down on her lip to get the naughty thoughts off her mind. Not trusting herself with the fact she was alone right now and had been in a dry spell for what felt like forever. She didn’t want things to feel awkward if she was to masturbate over this woman and then meet her in person on a date in a few weeks.

That would be really weird.


Another week soon enough passed by. It had now been three weeks now since Chloe had started talking to the attractive brunette on Tinder.

She’d blocked literally everyone else that tried to message her on the app. All she was interested in was talking to BecaM69. She didn’t give a fuck about all the rest.

She’d read each message that she was sent and all she’d do was simply cringe every time a guy sent her a message asking if she wanted to have sex with them.

It made the redhead feel queasy.

As she was doing her weekly grocery run to grab a few more bits, her phone pinged in her back pocket and softly gave a small vibrate against her ass.

The only notifications she had turned on still to be honest was her chat conversation with the brunette woman. So a smile instantly grew across her face as she fished the device from her back pocket.

Typing in her passcode, Chloe brought up the conversation thread as she continued walking around Walmart with a basket resting against the crease in the middle of her arm.

BecaM69: hey! how are you?

ChloeB69: i’m great! you?

BecaM69: i’m exhausted personally, just had to get rid of every single chair in my house

ChloeB69: …why?

BecaM69: so that when you come over you have no choice but to sit on my face

BecaM69: what’s your number babe?

ChloeB69: it would be hard to tell you to take a seat and chill since you took all of the chairs out of your house

ChloeB69: 07********* 😘

The redhead had been waiting for the day the two of them would exchange their numbers or something. That way she could delete her Tinder profile and she’d stop getting unwanted messages from horny men.

She was hopeful that now the brunette asked for her number, that maybe next she’d be asked out on a date.

Secretly, Chloe wanted BecaM69 to be the one to ask her on a date. But she thought if that didn’t happen within the next week, the redhead would just take the plunge and do it herself.


A new message now popped up on Chloe’s phone. The tone chiming loudly from the device in her hands. Clicking on the unknown number that wasn’t saved in her contacts yet and smiling as she saw the message from the ‘stranger’.

Hey, hot stuff. It’s BM from that dreadful app 😉 so, I was thinking. How about you and me go on a date Friday night? I have the weekend off work for the first time in what feels like forever. And I’d love to use my time wisely to wine and dine you 😉 and maybe a few other things! Let me know if you’re free and we can arrange something 😘 xxx

Chloe full on squealed loudly in delight as she read the words written across her screen. Biting down harshly on her lip as she responded.