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It's You

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The car ride to Chloe’s house is silent. At least, Beca thinks it is. Her thoughts are too loud to know for sure. Her heart is racing wildly. She is sure that if Chloe says anything, she wouldn’t hear her over the buzzing in her ears.

Everything feels surreal. Millions of questions are going through her brain, clouding every rational judgment possible. She is leaving the party with Chloe. Chloe, her boss, for whom she attended the party in the first place… and DJed. What if Chloe is drunk? What if she is drunk? She only had one beer. How many drinks did Chloe have? What if she is going to regret all of this the next morning? What if Chloe isn’t sober to remember any of this? What if Chloe isn’t sober enough to consent to it? Is she taking advantage of her? But they haven’t even done anything! What if she gets in trouble the next morning? What if sh-

Beca’s thoughts transform into a small squeal that leaves her mouth and a jump in her place when she feels a hand on her thigh. Chloe chances a concerned glance at her and tries her best to convey a smile through her worry.

“Everything’s okay?”

“Yeah,” Beca attempts to smile to reassure her that everything was, indeed, okay. Except, everything isn’t. Nervousness is an understatement in this case. She cannot tame her thoughts nor her heartbeats. However, the brunette chooses to keep out of her brain for the moment being and focuses on steadying her breathing. 

Chloe’s hand slowly and subtly inches upwards but stops midway. Beca's breath stops midway in her throat as well. And even though Chloe’s hand is still considerably far from her center, Beca cannot deny the wave of heat that courses through her. 


As soon as the big wooden door closes behind them, Beca finds herself pinned against it. Chloe’s lips soon attach themselves to Beca’s, as if they have missed her for the past decade. She soon catches on to the desire that Chloe is trying to convey through the short kiss and reciprocates it just the same way. Not too long after, Chloe breaks from the kiss but Beca finds herself chasing after her to reconnect their lips. This time, her hands move to their own accord and attach themselves to styled red curls that are bound to soon turn unruly. 

Chloe nips at Beca’s lower lip and the latter gladly grants her access. As soon as Chloe’s tongue enters her mouth, Beca’s tongue uselessly starts a battle of dominance that she is sure to lose. A small tug on one of the strands in her fingers elicits a low groan to rumble in the back of Chloe’s throat as she breaks apart from the brunette. She then takes her by the hand and silently leads her to what Beca assumes to be her bedroom, occasionally looking back as if to check that Beca is still very much real and behind her; both of which Beca, herself, is not sure are true. 

The same scene from minutes ago repeats itself and Beca finds herself pressed against yet another door with Chloe’s lips on her and her own hands tangled in red hair. Except, this time, Chloe’s hands are on her hips, trying to sneak their way under her black blouse. She feels fingers dig firmly in her hips and knowing how this simple act conveys all of Chloe’s desire makes her pull on the red strands between her fingers. A deep moan travels up from Chloe’s throat as she begins tugging on Beca’s blazer to take it down.

“Hey, we’re not too drunk, are we?” Beca voices one of her concerns once the first clothing item is discarded on a chair nearby.

“Fully sober,” Chloe breathes through pants, making sure to look Beca directly in the eyes before asking, “Is this okay?” 

Seeing the desire shading Chloe’s crystal blues only fuels her own and she replies, “totally, just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page.” Both women’s nods are reciprocated before they begin sharing another passionate kiss.

Beca is too far gone that she barely registers herself moving before she feels the back of her knees hitting the bed. Chloe ever so lightly presses down on her shoulder and the brunette is soon sat down, hands behind her to steady herself. She looks up and sees Chloe already pulling her sleeveless white v-neck over her head. Beca cannot help the “fuck” that escapes her lips as she admires the sight in front of her. As Chloe lowers herself so she’s sitting on her lap, the brunette recollects herself.

“You’re so beautiful, Chlo,” Beca looks at her with adoration, eyes roaming the newly uncovered flesh.

“Yeah?” Chloe smiles as she loops her arms loosely around Beca’s neck and tenderly kisses the spot where her jawline meets her earlobe. 

The brunette is not sure where to place her hands so she keeps them on the older woman’s lower back, pressing her palms against it and bringing her close to reach out and kiss her neck. 

One especially deep kiss soon turns into teeth nipping at Chloe’s soft spot and it is followed by a roll of her hips. At that, twin moans escape both of them and Chloe’s hands drop from Beca’s neck and start unbuttoning her blouse before pulling it off and throwing it on the floor to join her own. 

What happens next seems to be a blur. Beca finds herself laid on her back with Chloe hovering over her, lust written all over her features. She is showered with a series of kisses starting with a chaste peck on her lips and growing into a full-on make-out session with her lips, her jawline, her neck, her collarbone, and the swell of her breast. Beca feels Chloe’s hands reach behind her and she arches her back to aid the woman on top of her in the unclasping of her bra. Seconds later, the garment joins the other that preceded it on the floor pile. 

This time, it’s Chloe who loses control of the sound escaping her. It is a half-moan half-whimper that shows her admiration of the sight of pebbled nipples before her. She wastes no time in leaning down and taking one in her mouth, glancing briefly at Beca before she does so for any signs of doubt. Having found no other look besides need, Chloe proceeds to close her lips around the stiff flesh where she faintly grazes her teeth followed by a sweep of her tongue to soothe the ache.

“Chlo,” Beca arches her back, further pushing herself into Chloe’s mouth as she relishes in the closeness she feels. 

The redhead moves on to the other breast paying it as much attention as the first and Beca feels her stomach tightens as she cries out once again, “Please, Chlo.”

“Please what?” Chloe asks her as she moves back upwards and plants short kisses on her lips.

“Please,” is the only word Beca manages to breathe out in between kisses. She is growing hotter by the second and is pretty sure she will combust if Chloe doesn’t do something to soothe the ache between her legs. 

“Tell me what you want, Beca,” Chloe straightens herself to look her in the eyes and Beca can see how the once-so-brightly blue is now but a thin ring bordering blackness. 

She whimpers at the sight alone, at the thought of being so wanted, so desired. 

“I want you, please.”

Beca is aware she is heaving, her breathing significantly corrupted by Chloe’s lips on her body. The air has been knocked out of her but she is not complaining, not when she has Chloe’s smell and the heat radiating off their merged bodies to compensate. Who needs oxygen anyway?

She feels Chloe slide down again, continuing the trail of kisses that were interrupted earlier. She places one kiss exactly in the middle under her breasts, on her stomach, and Beca feels it flip with want. As Chloe continues to move downwards, the brunette cannot still her heart threatening to jump out of her ribcage. 

Once again, a concerned glance from Chloe is met by an immediate nod from Beca and a pleading look for the redhead to continue. She places a kiss just on top of Beca’s black jeans before unbuttoning them and pulling them off at an agonizing pace. She then kisses each of her hip bones, taking her complete time to worship Beca’s body.

As she places a particularly long kiss just above her underwear, Beca’s hips involuntarily roll upwards seeking the slightest bit of relief. Finding none, Beca whines in frustration. Chloe’s name rolls off her lips as a child who had just lost their favorite toy. The redhead has the audacity to chuckle at that. She soon however grants Beca her wish and frees her from the wet fabric. Unfortunately, Chloe still denies Beca any attention where she wants it most.

When she goes back up to kiss the brunette, Chloe finds her impatiently tugging at her own pair of striped shorts in a futile attempt to pull them down. Hence, she finds herself sitting up and pulling on them down before Beca reaches out and takes them the rest of the way.

Diving back in, Chloe finds herself lost in another passionate kiss, her tongue immediately making its way through Beca’s parted lips. She places her thigh between the brunette’s and pushes slightly against her. At the same time that she gasps at how wet Beca actually is, Beca moans at the contact.

“Fuck,” is uttered by the redhead as Beca begins to rock her hips against the woman above her, which makes the latter take pity on her and move her fingers between slick, wet folds, trying to soothe the ache.

“Holy sh-.” It’s cut off by Chloe attacking Beca’s swollen lips for the millionth time tonight as she moves her fingers seemingly in rhythm with her lips, pushing slightly but firmly against her wet folds.

Beca is on the verge of losing her mind. She grinds down on Chloe’s hand but her efforts go to waste. The redhead however moves away from her mouth and slides down the same path she took earlier to reach her center. She places a kiss on her clit and attaches her lips as she begins to suck lightly at the swollen bud of nerves. 

A high-pitched moan escapes Beca and Chloe finds herself aroused by the sound so much as to repeat her actions in hopes of hearing it again. When it works, Chloe continues her sucking, occasionally darting out her tongue to sweep against the wetness dripping from Beca, whose breathing is getting more labored by the second. 

“Fuck,” Beca screams again when she feels a pair of fingers entering her. Chloe soon sets up a rhythm that she knows will drive Beca to reach her high steadily yet strongly.

Not being able to hold herself any longer, Beca begins rocking herself against Chloe’s hand. Just then, Chloe takes a second to look at the scene unfolding before her. Beca’s eyes are shut tightly, her cheeks are a deep shade of red, her head is digging into the mattress, and her hands are trying to grab at the sheets to have something to hold on to. The sight multiplies Chloe’s arousal by thousands and she feels her fingers pick up the pace, determined to get Beca to her breaking point. When she feels her tighten around her fingers, Chloe coos in a hoarse voice, “That’s it, Becs. Come for me, baby.”

Beca barely registers the word, Chloe’s voice alone shooting her soul out of her body and showing her a white light behind her closed eyelids. Her orgasm is helped by Chloe’s gentle fingers slowing their rhythm to come to a full stop eventually and then slide out of her completely.

Beca whimpers at the loss. When she opens her eyes, Chloe’s face is right next to her. She looks at her in adoration and awe. Beca cranes her neck upwards, seeking shelter from her own thoughts about the recent events in Chloe’s lips. Both girls sit upright and this time it’s Beca’s turn to climb on top of Chloe’s lap, making sure she doesn’t break the kiss on her way. When she feels her lingering taste on Chloe’s lips, desire courses through her veins, and she brings her hands from Chloe’s sides to press against the back of her neck, drawing her closer even though it is not possible.

“That was awesome,” Chloe says with a smile after a few minutes of them kissing.

“I want to taste you too,” Beca is taken aback by her own blunt statement and the gust of courage that takes over her.

Chloe, on the other hand, lets out a throaty moan and slides them both to the edge of the bed. Beca hurries to get off Chloe’s lap and situates herself between her legs. She kisses her inner thigh first, close to her knee, and continues moving further up to Chloe’s achingly wet pussy. She places one last kiss dangerously close to Chloe’s center and stops, debating her next move.

“No teasing,” Chloe instructs her, as her fingers tangle in brown locks to keep Beca right where she is, “I want your mouth on me, Becs.”

With a husky grumble, Beca follows Chloe’s orders, somehow drawing pleasure from them. She brushes Chloe’s underwear to the side and tentatively licks Chloe’s folds once, and then twice. A tug on her hair is enough affirmation from Chloe for her to continue. She proceeds, licking Chloe with more firmness, increasing the pace and the strength with every lick to draw out Chloe’s moans. A few minutes later, Chloe’s loud groans fill the room and Beca knows she is close. She easily inserts two fingers inside her and sets a fast pace making the redhead cry out in pleasure. She sucks on her nerves to draw her closer to her orgasm.

“Fuck, Beca. I’m-” the rest of the sentence vanishes behind a sharp cry as Chloe’s hips buck off and she removes one hand from Beca’s hair to steady herself. Beca keeps both her mouth and fingers in the redhead to help her ride out the wave of pleasure.

As soon as Chloe’s body relaxes from its tensed state, Beca climbs up and sits on her lap. She loops her arms around her neck and leans in to place a gentle kiss against swollen red lips.

“So hot,” she whispers shyly as she moves away and places one kiss on the corner of her mouth.

“God, I’ve been wanting to do this since the minute I laid my eyes on you, Becs.” Chloe pulls her in for another kiss and Beca feels her heart explode in her eardrums. She feels the heat rush to her head and forgets every thought she’s ever had.

Chloe then pulls them both under the duvet and brings Beca closer to her. The younger woman lays her head on Chloe’s chest and places her hand loosely around her stomach. Minutes later, they find themselves falling into a deep slumber.