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Worlds Apart

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“He said 5 minutes.”

Jimin was setting up the laptop for their video call with Jin, he was pleased that he’d managed to make time for them, given his busy schedule. Yoongi joined him in their lounge while they waited for the call after he'd been making a few alterations to the music for the advert in his home studio.

"More like 15 minutes then, as it's Jin."

"That's why I'm about to make coffee, I know that I have time." Jimin smiles before walking across the room to the kitchen.

Yoongi huffed a little laugh, "Do you know when he is due back?"

"He said something about next week but the reception hasn't been great so I'm not really sure." he says, raising his voice above the sound of the coffee machine.

"Hopefully he'll call from the hotel suite so the WiFi is better. I spoke to Joon earlier, he said he'll wait to hear from us with a plan of action once we've spoken to Jin."

"What about Hobi?" Jimin asks as he places two mugs of coffee down and sits on his boyfriend's lap, curling an arm around his neck so he can play with his hair.

"I'll catch up with Hobi in the week, we are due to meet up to discuss the centre anyway." His hand settles on Jimin’s waist as he pulls him close.

Jimin turns his upper body so he can place a delicate kiss on Yoongi's lips, the soft whimper that passes between them unintentionally when his boyfriend's fingers flex on his hip and his tongue glides along his lower lip. He reaches his hand up to cup Yoongi's jaw, his thumb stroking back and forth as their mouths move together.

"PUT HIM DOWN!" Came Jin's voice from the laptop.

Jimin pouts against Yoongi's lips before turning around to scowl at Jin whose laughter travels through the speakers.

"We can finish this afterwards." Yoongi whispers into his boyfriend's ear, his words making Jimin smile as they turn their attention to their friend.

"We were entertaining ourselves because we were left waiting." Jimin says.

"It's a good thing that I called when I did or I'd have got a face full of bare asses."

"Yes, you would have and you would have had no one to blame but yourself and your time keeping."

Yoongi laughed at Jimin’s response to Jin, knowing that he wasn't far off being ridden on the sofa.

"So, what's been going on with Tae? I only know bits from you and Joon."

"The guy he brought to the charity event is someone he's been seeing, which I told you. Yoon and I went to the diner where he works to see if we could find out some more information on him."

"The guy isn't an escort and Tae likes him, you and Joon told me that much. Joon and Hobi met him at Aura and said he told them that he likes him a lot. It’s great to finally have the time to talk properly, I don't really know a great deal, just brief snippets that I've got from you guys. Do you know how the date went?"

Jimin pulls a face that quite clearly says how unimpressed he is at the mention of the date, "we don't know, I spoke to him yesterday and Tae was getting ready. I don't know where he was taking him, I dread to think."

"What happened when you went to his work? What sort of diner is it?"

"It's in the part of the city that we don't go to, Jin." Yoongi says before Jimin speaks.

"He was really flirty with our server, we felt that something was going on there and then we overheard them talking. They were talking about what they can get out of Tae, apparently Jungkook has already driven the ferrari? He said he could get him to do anything once he's got him naked. We didn't stick around after that."

Yoongi pitches in again, "he was showing off dick pics too, I just hope they weren't really from Tae."

Jin opened his mouth to speak but closed it again, he poured some sparkling water into a glass and sipped it before trying again.

"Tae doesn't know any of this?"

Yoongi and Jimin shook their heads before Yoongi spoke, "No, we wanted to speak to you and decide as a group how to proceed. If Tae likes this guy, we need to get this right but we think he's already got his hooks into him. Jungkook is obviously a gold digger but we think there's more to it. We can't find anything on him, he doesn't have family here and there's nothing. To be honest, I'm beginning to think the guy is a hustler."

"Nothing on him at all? Have you had Remy look into it?"

Jimin nods his head, "Yep! Remy couldn't find anything and you know how good he is."

"Wow, okay. So Jungkook might not even be his name, then?"

"Well, that was my thinking. I can't think of another explanation." Yoongi says.

"The way he spoke about Tae infuriated us. You know what Tae is like, he's got a heart of gold and to think that this guy is taking him for a ride makes me angry. Tae has been fine for years with the escorts, I know I give him shit for it and want him to meet someone but given the present situation, I'd rather he stuck to escorts. Jungkook knows what he's doing, he saw the cash Tae threw at him in the subway and saw a meal ticket. He's got Tae exactly where he wants him."

"It's quite clear that we need to speak to Tae about all of this, he needs to know now before it gets any more serious. We can't let Tae get hurt and the only person set to gain from all of this is Jungkook. He'll just take what he can get then move on to someone else, that's what people like him do and we are the ones who will have to pick Tae back up." Jin finished his glass of water and checked the time.

"When are you back? We could all get together then arrange to speak with Tae."

"The show finishes tomorrow night and I have some PR stuff to do the day after. If everything goes to plan, I should fly out in a few days."

"You'll be back by the end of the week, then?" Yoongi asks.

"Yes, absolutely. We could have lunch as soon as I'm back then arrange a dinner with Tae."

"I'll book Blueside once I know." Jimin offers.

"For lunch or dinner?" Jin pops a grape in his mouth from a fruit bowl.

"I think that Blueside will be good for dinner, we can have that large table in the back. I'll book L'Escala for lunch, I saw the manager last week and she said she hasn't seen us in a while."

"It was Hobi’s birthday, the last time I was at L'Escala. They did the best salmon ravioli, the sauce was divine, I wonder if they still do it?" Jin appeared deep in thought, that had been a really nice meal and he'd been between jobs so made sure he cleared his plate that day.

"Yoon and I went there last month?" He said, turning to look at his boyfriend.

"It was the month before, when I picked you up from that client's house. You needed a drink after that and we ended up at L'Escala."

Jimin's facial expression changed as he remembered the client that had quite literally changed her mind with every suggestion he'd had. After several consultations before that appointment, he'd taken along an electric blue jumpsuit with faux fur around the wrists and ankles. The client decided against the fur, so Jimin suggested ruffles which she'd liked but then she didn't like the blue so he'd run through a colour scheme and she'd agreed on a powder blue. In the end and by the time Yoongi picked him up, the outfit was a sleeveless black, high necked bodysuit with a red kilt and Jimin was pulling his hair out.

"I definitely needed a drink and I'm sure we got through a bottle of champagne and more, that night. Thank God we ate too or I'd have been ill."

Yoongi laughs at the memory and how frazzled his boyfriend had been when he got into the car, "I'm sure it was three bottles."

"I'm going to have to love you and leave you, my body and face are needed." Jin smiled at the couple.

"My body and face are needed too." Jimin wiggles his eyebrows at Yoongi who nods in agreement.

Jin rolls his eyes and shakes his head, "I'm definitely going, I saw more than enough earlier."

"Let us know when you are due to fly in and we'll have a car meet you at the airport and book lunch." Yoongi says as they both wave and Jin nods.

Jimin closes the laptop and turns to straddle his boyfriend, "I think the emails can wait for a couple of hours, since you need my body."

Yoongi smoothes his hands up his boyfriend's thighs, pausing to squeeze his plump ass before running up his back and pulling him forwards, "Everything can wait, I definitely need your body."

Jimin connects their lips, taking his boyfriend’s lower lip between his own and gently sucking on it. The breath that leaves Yoongi is tinted with a whimper and Jimin smiles, he knows what gets his man going, they’ve been together long enough now. He thinks he’s the luckiest man alive, he gets to call his best friend his boyfriend and even though it hasn’t always been easy, they are solid. When Yoongi went through therapy after burying his head in whiskey, Jimin had been there throughout, without giving it a second thought. It was when they’d laid everything bare one night with Yoongi opening up about the things troubling him and what he’d discussed during his therapy session, that they’d also admitted their love for eachother. Jimin suspected he had feelings that crossed the line of friendship but didn’t dare admit it, especially with Yoongi going through such a difficult time. He remembers how his eyes had opened wide when Yoongi told him that he needed to be honest about something then continued to tell him how he’d probably loved him for years but hadn’t wanted to ruin a great friendship. It was one of few occasions where Jimin was lost for words as Yoongi explained that the therapist presumed he was already in a relationship with Jimin just from the way he spoke about him. The kiss that followed that conversation sealed it, both of them finally pushing the boundaries of friendship and realising they were meant to be together.

Now, as the buttons on Jimin’s shirt were unfastened one by one, Yoongi’s fingers working quickly but carefully, they were both almost thankful that he’d hit rock bottom because essentially it had given them the courage to admit their feelings for eachother. Yoongi’s breath catches in his throat as he smooths his hands up Jimin’s chest to his shoulders so he can push the shirt off, he wouldn’t be without the man on his lap and is convinced that it was his love and support that enabled him to move forwards and be who he is today.

Jimin lets the shirt slip away from his body before he moves in to swipe his tongue along his boyfriend’s lower lip. He will never tire of the way Yoongi looks at him, he always looks as though he’s seeing him for the first time and even after all these years that hasn’t ever changed. He thought that perhaps the look would change over the years and with living together but it hadn't.

Yoongi runs his hands up the muscular back of his boyfriend, stopping at his shoulders. He very much appreciated the work that Jimin put into having the body he does. He wasn't a gym bunny per se, they now had a home gym, but he took great care of himself and it showed. In high school, he took dance classes in his spare time and even though he doesn't dance anymore, the way his body moves sends Yoongi's head into a spin, particularly when he's riding him. He fancies his boyfriend as much now as he ever has and he seems to get more attractive every day, something he didn't think was possible and if he's honest, doesn't really understand.

"Are you taking me to bed or am I taking you right here?" Jimin speaks through a heavy breath as he trails his lips up Yoongi's neck.

"I think you know the answer." Is the equally breathy response.

Jimin gives a little smile, "I'd better get some lube and you'd better get these clothes off."

He winks and grins as he backs off of Yoongi's lap, crossing the room to get the bottle of lube they keep at the back of a cupboard for occasions just like this one. As he turns, he sees his boyfriend removing his sweats and underwear, his body is perfect, lean but strong. Jimin discards his own bottoms and finishes crossing the room naked, the hungry look on Yoongi's face is enough to turn him on, on its own. He hands his man the bottle with an outstretched hand which Yoongi takes, licking his lips as his lap is filled by his boyfriend once more.

Jimin parts his legs as wide as he can while Yoongi slathers his fingers in the clear gel and reaches around him to dip a fingertip into his waiting hole. Jimin takes the shell of his ear between his teeth and circles his hips in small movements. Yoongi enters a second finger, they'd already had sex early hours of the morning so he knew it wouldn't take much to prepare him.

"I love your magic fingers." Jimin whispers in his boyfriend's ear as a third finger is added.

It isn't much longer before Jimin is up on his knees, slowly lowering himself down until his backside meets Yoongi's body. His forearms rest on his boyfriend's shoulders and his fingers get lost in his hair as he starts to roll his hips, pulling on his hair to get his head back so he can nibble on his lips. The way Jimin gyrates his pelvis, fluctuating between small circles and a figure of eight drives Yoongi crazy. His lower half always moves independently and it's the hottest thing, Yoongi's mind can't cope with the tongue exploring his mouth and the tight warmth caressing his cock. His hands grip his boyfriend's hips, he starts grinding upwards to meet his movements. Their chests heave as they grind their way to orgasm, shallow breaths and throaty sounds fill the room, falling over the edge one after the other.


"Are you sure? It won't be a lengthy call."

On the way back to the apartment from the yacht, Taehyung received a call that required his attention. It was a foreign notion to have to ask someone if he could disappear into his office for a while but there was a lot that he would have to get used to now that they were in a relationship. He felt out of practice and didn’t like to wing it, he preferred to know what it is that he is doing and be clear about what is expected of him which is something that he has struggled with since he met Jungkook because each moment appeared to present a new challenge.

“It’s obviously something that needs your attention so of course I am sure. I can make a start on lunch and I should check in with Ash anyway.”

Jungkook needed to speak with his best friend after the whirlwind of the last twenty or so hours. It hadn’t even been a whole day yet and so much has happened that he just needs to speak to Ash, even if he can already predict most of what he’s going to say.

Before Taehyung goes to his office, he takes the step towards Jungkook, their hands still connected as they have been since leaving the ferrari. He presses his plump lips to Jungkook’s cheek, “Help yourself to anything in the kitchen, I won’t be long.”

He nods at Taehyung’s words, stands and watches him leave into the hallway then shakes his head as he realises he probably looks like a bit of an idiot with the grin he has on his face. Jungkook doesn't know how long he has so he heads for the kitchen, plugging his earphones into his phone and dialling Ash as he empties one of the bags containing the ingredients for lunch. He counts the number of rings because he knows that Ash likes his ring tone so will probably answer at the last minute when the voicemail kicks in.

"Kookie Monster… please tell me that you are no longer a virgin."

Jungkook frowns, "umm… if you hadn't started that with 'Kookie Monster' I would question who you were talking to."

"A KTH virgin… Well?"

"ASH! Are you asking if we had sex?" He said in a hushed tone, bringing the microphone level with his mouth as he spoke.

"Yes! Yes I am! I wanna know if he's as sub as you thought."

"Will 'yes' do for now? I'm in his kitchen and I didn't phone you to talk about that."

"Yes… yes to what? Have you fucked him?"


Jungkook could hear the muffled squeal down the phone, "oh my god! Yes! Can I have details when you get home later?"

"Yes, now can I please speak to you about why I phoned?"

"Yeah, yeah. So how was Chicago?"

"It was so good and I met the cast. We were in a box…"


"...yeah. the restaurant beforehand was ridiculous, we arrived in a limo and then there were the box seats and bag of merchandise."


"Is that all you're gonna say?"

"What can I say? You'd have been constantly rolling your eyes and pulling a face at it all. It's your worst nightmare and you probably acted like a defensive dickhead at times."

"I can always rely on you, my subconscious has even started sounding like you."

"Does it help?"

Jungkook rummaged through the cupboards looking for scales, "Does what, help?"

"Your subconscious sounding like me, does it help?"

"Helps annoy me."

"Keep telling yourself that, kookie monster. Did you fuck in the limo?"

He found some scales and started weighing out flour, having found the bowls and measuring spoons while pulling faces at his friend’s comments, "No, we didn't."

"You definitely should have. Why are you phoning me anyway? What's happened? Are you still at castle KTH?"

"I'm phoning you because this morning, while we were on his yacht, my boyfriend asked me to go to London with him, in a couple of weeks."

Jungkook was positive that the silence that followed, was actually audible and he could picture Ash's face.

"You need to give me a fucking minute to digest that! Fucking hell! Holy spaghetti and meatballs…"

"Can it be a quick minute? Digest at lightening speed please."

"Now you're his boyfriend, can I please drive the Ferrari?"

"Ash! Please! I'm in the middle of making dough and he could come in at any minute!"

"You're making dough? Why? Your boyfriend is fucking minted! Why are you making dough?"

Jungkook pauses from measuring out the yeast, "You know the answer to that so can you stop being a dick?"

"All that needs to stop by the way. You being a dick needs to stop, especially now. So, when do you leave for London?"

"I'm not."


"I can't. I've got fees coming up and I need to save for a suit, plus my favourite boots won't get me through another wet season."

"I feel like I'm talking to someone whose boyfriend isn't rich as fuck. More than ever you need to let the past go. You put all that to bed when you walked away. I repeat, KTH is not Ryan."

"I know that but I've worked hard to get away from all of it."

"Yeah and now money is back in your life and you can't let what happened poison what you have now."

"It's not poisoning it, I'm just not ready to open up completely."

"It's just his legs you want open, completely." The sound of laughter drifted through the phone.

Jungkook is despairing as he collects some warm water in a jug, "You think I should go, don't you?"

"Duh! Are you shitting me? That has to be the most stupid question you've ever asked, which is quite an achievement because you can be really stupid."

Jungkook needs a new best friend, he's known this for a while but every now and again it appears to be more obvious, "I don't even know how to respond to that."

"You respond by accepting the invitation! How much do you need to take with you? Are you paying for flights? Food?"

"No, he says it's all covered, something about a Japanese company paying for the trip so it's not even Purple Aura that pays for it."

"Please understand how fucking dumb you sound. You have the opportunity to go to London, which is one of your dreams, without paying anything at all and you haven't said yes?"

Jungkook sighs as he weighs out some salt and neatly arranges the ingredients out on the worktop, "It feels like such a big deal, Ash. You know I hate feeling like I'm being kept and that's how this feels. I'm literally turning my back on my life to go to London. It makes me feel sick."

"You overthink all this. Forget the money for a second, you obviously like KTH a lot or you wouldn't be in a relationship with him. If you 'could' afford to pay for yourself and go with him, would you?"

"Yes, of course I would. I mean, obviously there would be school and work to sort out but… yes, I would go."

"So…. Go! If KTH was actually paying for it I'd suggest you asked him if you could pay him back for the flight or contribute to something but as he isn't paying for it, I say, go! BUT you need to work out money and make sure you have something with you, maybe pay for a meal out for you both or buy him something small. Does he have magnets on his fridge?"

"Are you taking the piss out of my magnet?"

"Me? No!"

"He bought me another magnet from the show, anyway."

"Oh my god, that's funny. Only you could have a super rich boyfriend and have him buy you fridge magnets."

"Fuck off. I like fridge magnets."

"Stop it…" the sound of laughter filters through the phone "... Just go to London and stop being a dickhead. We can look at your finances and you have a week at least to get in extra shifts and busk more. You are top of your class and can practice in London so speak to Ms Yoo, I'm sure she wouldn't want you to miss out on this opportunity. Your past with money is shit but this, this is far from shit!"

Jungkook hears a sound coming from behind him and turns to see Taehyung walking into the kitchen, "We can talk about this when I get home later, I have to go."

"I will only talk to you if we are sorting out everything for your trip."

"Yeah, yeah… whatever."

"No fucking on the worktop until you've cleaned up… flour gets everywhere and sticks!"

"Oh my god… bye!" Jungkook ends the call and removes the earphone from his ear, smiling as Taehyung reaches him and kisses his cheek.

"Is your friend okay?"

"Aside from being mentally disturbed, yes, he's fine, thank you. Did you sort out whatever it was the you needed to sort out?"

Jungkook’s hands are by his side, a few traces of flour was evident from where he'd been opening the bag of flour as Taehyung appeared.

"Not really, I need to speak with Jin but he's in Saudi at the moment. What are you making? Did you want some help?" Taehyung lightly held Jungkook’s waist, looking over his shoulder at the ingredients on the worktop.

"I'm making pizza dough."

"You are? I could have booked a table at the Italian nearby if you'd have said you wanted pizza. They do really good pizza, the head chef is someone I have known for years."

Jungkook takes a deep breath, kisses Taehyung’s cheek and turns around to continue opening the bag of flour, "Mine obviously won't be as good but I did say I was going to cook."

"If your pizza is as good as Emiliano's then I would suggest you are both in the wrong line of work..." Taehyung moved away, to the fridge where he took out a bottle of iced tea, "...would you like a drink?"

Jungkook's tone had a chill just as cold as the air in the fridge, "No thank you. I need to get this done so you can judge how much better your friend's pizza is."

Taehyung opens the bottle, pouring it into a tall glass with ice in it, "Can I help?"

"I wouldn't want to put you out."

"I've never made pizza, you could show me, if I'm not in the way?"

Jungkook feels himself soften a little when there is a chest pressed to his back and arms around his waist, "You can pour the water in."

Taehyung presses closer and reaches a hand out to take hold of the jug, "You would like the water in this bowl?"

Jungkook can't say that he's ever cooked like this before, "Yes, please. Pour it slowly, I need to mix the ingredients as you pour."

"Okay." His breath tickles the side of Jungkook’s face as he speaks.

Taehyung pours slowly, one hand settled on Jungkook’s stomach and the other holding the jug. Once it's all in, he watches as Jungkook uses both hands to gather the ingredients, he places the jug down and is impressed at the way his boyfriend's fingers work. He turns his head to the right, moist lips meeting the soft skin of Jungkook’s neck, he makes contact two or three times, the smell of the dough filtering through his nostrils. He smiles against his neck as Jungkook tilts his head slightly.

"Tae, I'm trying to make dough." he says, eyes trying to remain focused as his hands gather the dough into the middle of the bowl, ready to cover it.

"I'm not stopping you." The words spoken against skin, breath fanning over his neck.

"You are." a deep breath taken as Taehyung’s lips and tongue move up to just behind his ear, accessible thanks to the hairband holding the majority of his inky strands.

"You should concentrate harder." words spoken quietly as his fingers flex on Jungkook’s stomach.

Jungkook turns his face to the left and seizes his lips with his own, it is an awkward angle to say the least but there's not much he can do about it with his hands in the bowl and his body pressed against the counter.

"I need to get this into the proving drawer." he says when he pulls back.

"The what?" Taehyung asks with a curious expression.

"The proving drawer. It's the drawer near the oven that is empty."

"To be honest, I couldn't tell you what is in most of the drawers and cupboards so the fact that one is empty, really doesn't help."

Jungkook huffs and laughs in the same breath, "Okay, well, I need to put the dough in the drawer so it can prove for an hour or so. It doesn't need long because I prefer the crust to be thin."

Taehyung pressed his lips to the edge of his jaw and stepped back. Jungkook scrunched his face up out of view, he'd liked having Taehyung so close.

"What happens now?" He asks as Jungkook carries the bowl across the kitchen and opens a drawer that Taehyung is convinced he didn't even know was there.

"Everything else can be done before we want to eat. It doesn't take long to make the tomato sauce and throw some toppings on. I should wash the dishes though."

"See, that cupboard over there houses the dishwasher, that much I do know." He smiles and walks over to where he'd pointed to.

"There is only a few bowls and a jug, I will hand wash them, it'll save electricity and…" he stops what he's saying, it sounds ridiculous given where he is and who he is speaking to.

Taehyung opens the dishwasher and holds out a hand for Jungkook to pass him the bowl he is holding, "the dishwasher will be finished by the time the dough is ready."

Jungkook doesn't argue, he knows it's pointless and he feels a bit stupid for thinking that Taehyung would even care about a dishwasher cycle. He does wipe down the worktop as he hears the dishwasher begin it's wash cycle and checks he has all the ingredients needed for later. He found a few king prawns in the fridge and asks Taehyung if he can use those for a seafood pizza, to which he's told that he can use anything he finds because Tae doesn't know what Mrs Phan, his housekeeper buys most of the time anyway. A roll of his eyes and a sigh later, he's being led through to the living area to decide on a movie for after their late lunch / dinner. They both sit on the couch and run through the extensive list of movies, deciding against a horror because Taehyung admits he scares easily, he's not a fan of zombies and makes Jungkook laugh when he also admits that he couldn't play a zombie apocalypse video game like he does. Jungkook suggests Iron Man but Taehyung says he prefers Thor, proceeding to relay the story of the meal he had with Chris and Liam Hemsworth once, when their agent hired Jimin to do their suits for a movie premiere.

"Do you mind if I shower before I finish the pizzas?"

"Please treat this as if it is your home, Jungkook. I'd rather you didn't feel like a guest."

"Okay, thank you." He leans over to kiss Taehyung before he stands to leave the room, his hand captured, stopping him from going any further.



"Will you stay tonight? I will take you home tomorrow."

"Oh… yes, okay. Maybe we could watch the second Avengers too, then?"

Taehyung let's go of his hand, "That sounds like a plan. Use whichever bathroom you wish."

Jungkook nods and smiles, they'd opted for 'The Avengers' as a happy medium. He bends down and kisses Taehyung before taking himself off to the guest room. He needs a shower, to freshen up and should move his things into Taehyung’s bedroom because he knows that's where he will end up tonight.