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The Secret

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What Really Happened?
Malia’s POV
When I woke up I realized I was lying against the tree about one foot away from the stream. I was sure of only two things. 1: My anger got the best of me and I nearly murdered Diana. 2: I heard a growl. Not just any growl, but the growl of an Alpha Werewolf. Scott.
“How’re you feeling?” I heard from beside me.
Usually I would attack if I was caught off guard or am not aware of one’s presence. But this was different. I felt at peaceful.
“Why are you here?” I asked, ignoring the question asked.
“Do you always do this? Ignore every question anyone asks you?”
I looked towards the stream.
“You know. It doesn’t hurt to let someone in sometime. We’re strangers to each other but isn’t that better than having someone you know? I mean, I have no reason nor right to judge you. So, you have nothing to worry about.”
“I almost killed you! You shouldn’t even be around me! Why are you even here!?*Sigh* How did you even find me Diana?” my gaze never left the stream.
“Tracking spell.” She shrugged as if it was an everyday thing. “I’m a witch, spells are kind of what I do. But, you already know that.”
It was silent.
“My dad told me. He told me about how he was terrified a hunter would come after me and kill me. He told me how he tracked you down and found you in some other state and practically begged you to come with him here. To protect me.”
A pregnant pause later I replied “So?”
“So…why’d you do it? I mean why come to an entirely different state to protect me and then try to kill me?” Again I was silent
“I-I can see you’re struggling. What happened last night, I know you didn’t mean to do. I could see it in your eyes. You were fighting yourself.”
“You don’t have to be alone you know? I know how it feels to be different from everyone else. To constantly fight yourself about what’s right and wrong. To hide who you truly are from everyone around you.”
I turned my head at neck break speed to face her “And how the hell would you know that!? Huh? You’re a damn Witch! Your mother and father were Witches! You have an entire ‘Circle’ of friends who are Witches! Every day is a struggle! Being stuck the way you are knowing no one will ever accept you!” I stopped myself before I could say anything else.
I barely talked to any of my friends about how any of this makes me feel. The only thing I ever really complained about was math.
“What do you want from me Diana? I’m already risking my life every day to make sure you’re safe! What else do you want!?” I didn’t realize I was yelling.
Diana didn’t waste even one second before replying “A chance to know each other and maybe to even figure out why the hell we look exactly alike! I mean, technically you are my body guard that just so happens to have my image. Why not get to know each other? Maybe even be friends”
I was now looking at her with wide eyes “I nearly killed you last night. Why would you even consider being my friend?” I asked
“Giving people a chance is kind of what I do. It’s what I’m known for, at least to humans that is.” She replied
I didn’t respond.
“Hello. My name is Diana Meade. I enjoy long walks and studying my book of shadows.” She sticks out her hand.
I just stare it.
Realizing I wasn’t going to return the gesture, she started to move her hand back to her side. But before she could, I quickly grasped it with a firm, but harmless, grip.
“Hi, I’m Malia. I enjoy long runs through the forest, wrestling and I have no idea what the hell a book of shadows is.” She must’ve found this funny because next thing I know she’s laughing.
I’m not sure if she was laughing at what I said or laughing about me. But I didn’t like it.
I guess she could see it on my face because she quickly stopped. “Oh, no. No. I wasn’t laughing at you. I swear! I just forget sometimes that not everyone knows what a book of shadows is! It was completely my fault!” she swore.
“A book of shadows is a spell book. Everyone in a circle has one, it’s passed down through families! I’m not sure if my book is from my father or my mother.”
Again I was confused.
*sigh* my dad doesn’t know I have the Book of Shadows. He knows that I know I’m a witch. But he doesn’t’ know which of us actually has our Book of Shadows.”
“Ok. Enough about books! Now tell me. What’s a circle? You said everyone in a circle has one. But what do you mean? Can anyone be a part of it?” I asked.
I was genuinely curious.
“Not just anyone can be a part of a circle. A circle only consists of witches, usually between 6 and 7 members. The previous circle before us had about 6 members, but technically my circle had 7. When one of my fellow members, Nick, passed away we learned that his older brother, Jake was a part of the circle.”
“Who said that?” I asked
“Who said what? That Jake was a member?” she asked
“No. I mean, who said that a circle can only be Witches? Who says you can’t have anything else?”
“You mean like hunters? Or Humans? That’s way too dangerous Malia!” She explained
I don’t know why but I felt as though I could trust her. I don’t know if it’s from guilt over nearly killing her or if it’s something else.
Before replying I focused my hearing on my surroundings. After blocking out the stream, the only sounds that could be heard was of nearby animals within a 3 mile range and the soft beating of Diana’s heart.
I didn’t realize how far I ran. I didn’t realize how deep into the forest we were. But Diana isn’t afraid. After strangling her until she was changing colors, she still isn’t afraid of me. She trusts that I won’t hurt her again.
This gave me the strength to say what I usually wouldn’t tell anyone else. “Diana, there are more supernatural creatures out there that you most likely never even believed to exist. You said a circle was a group of Witches with about 6-7 members. But it doesn’t have to be! When you hear the word pack, you think of a pack of wolves and in the supernatural world you hear werewolves! But it’s so much more!”
“A pack can have Werewolves, Banshees, Humans, Werecoyotes, Emissaries, Kitsunes, Hunters and so much more!” I practically yelled “There is no rule book, at least not that I know of, that says a pack can only be of one supernatural creature. That a circle is only of Witches and Covens are only of vampires! A pack is so much more. And I’m sure a circle is just the same!”
A brief moment of silence later Diana responded with “You were in a pack weren’t you? That creatures you just named, they were of your pack.” She didn’t ask. She stated.
It didn’t take me long before responding “No. They were a pack but not mine. A pack is like a family. Family doesn’t force you to be someone you’re not and do things you don’t want to do. They don’t keep secrets from each other, especially a secret that involves another pack member. They’re supposed to accept you for who you are. To deal with your flaws and realize it’s not a flaw. It’s who you are.”
I continued before she could respond “I had a pack. Along time ago. It was a small pack. Four of us all together. Two were murdered. Then that’s when the pack fell apart. With only two left, neither willing to open up, I knew we could never be the same again. I’m not even sure if we could even be considered pack anymore. I mean he is trying to kill me.”
“But the other pack, the larger pack. They are a pack, I’m just not a part of it. I never was. I was never truly accept as a pack member.” I didn’t realize how much any of this actually meant to me until I felt Diana wiping a tear off my cheek.
“Sorry. Uh. I uh, usually don’t do that. Cry especially.” I apologized.
“You have no reason to say sorry. If not crying is your way of being strong, that’s ok. But it’s also ok to break free sometimes.” She said
After about two minutes of silence, Diana asked “Malia. You said that your pack member, I mean old pack member, you said he’s trying to kill you. Why is that?”
It was a meaningful but meaningless question.
Looking into her eyes, because of my lack of socialism, I couldn’t tell what she was feeling. But her scent screams worry and concerned. I’m not sure if she’s worried about my safety or hers.
“Because I’m the one that killed the other two pack members. I killed my mother and little sister when I was 9 years old. My father is hunting me down.”
Diana’s eyes were wider than I think humanly possible. But she didn’t run, nor did she scream. She just sat their staring into my eyes as if searching for any signs of a bluff.