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Say you'll be mine and I'll be satisfied//I'm still in love tonight, we're running out of time…

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Nancy can’t help worrying about the other girl. She had been sent to find her after all, a worried Margaret mentioning the girl was… fragile. She had come into the clearing exactly as Agatha’s mother made her plan, taking the birch to the woman’s back and body quickly, turning angry eyes on everyone else, the way Agatha had drained them leaving Nancy staring and smirking, she soon crossed the forest floor to the tree Agatha was tied to, hating the way the girl’s eyes closed at her touch, a tremble escaping her.

“Hey, it’s just Nance…”


Agatha falls into her arms when Nancy frees her and Nancy scoops her up gently, pressing against her almost on instinct. Agatha hums into her mouth, wrapping her legs around Nancy’s waist, fumbling fingers pushing Nancy’s chosen, almost skintight, trousers down, her breath catching when Nancy pushes into her, the wooden toy stealing her breath.

“Oh fuck…”

“Mmm, my pleasure.”

Nancy smirks, fucking into Agatha hard even as she cradles her against the birch tree, claiming the girl’s freedom and pleasure for herself, smiling when Agatha trembles against her and pulls her closer, whining for release in a way that has her upping her pace until Agatha comes undone under her, holding her tight as she comes down, kissing her shoulder and neck softly.

“I’m takin’ you home Love…”

“Yes. Please.”

Agatha murmurs the words, aware she is shaking as Nancy redresses, scoops up the birch rod and stares down at the corpse of Agatha’s mother.

“Stupid witch.”

She mutters, her mind already turning to how useful Agatha will be, and how to keep them both safe.