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Just Desserts

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Adam wasn’t sure when their relationship had come to this. How he’d gotten so lucky, to be able to watch Langa finger himself laying on his back to prep because he was just so desperate to have Adam inside him. He wasn’t about to complain when they were naked in bed and Langa was suddenly straddling his hips, making the cutest noises as he shifted back and let Adam’s cock penetrate him deep and slow.

The politician reclined comfortably with an arm folded behind his head, taking a long drag of his cigarette, his eyes travelling slowly down Langa’s flushed body. His skin glistened with a light sheen of sweat, already breathing heavy as his hips moved down until he was comfortably seated. Langa took a shuddering breath, eyes falling shut while adjusting to the girth filling him up. He slowly rolled his hips, licking over his lips as his stomach stirred and his dick twitched, loving how full he was.

Langa sat back to rest his palms on Adam’s knees, groaning at the shift inside him. Strong thighs supported him as he bounced, lifting himself up and sitting back down, impaling himself on Adams thick cock. Every slide against his insides drawing a whine from swollen pink lips, bitten raw as he tried to hold his sounds back. Langa tried to keep his composure but he couldn’t help himself, his pace growing more erratic at the new angle, hitting him in spots that made him gasp regardless of his efforts to muffle himself.

Adam took a slow drag of his cigarette, blowing the smoke into the air between them and smirking as Langa’s composure melted away, watching with deep red eyes as Langa chased his own pleasure by using Adam.

He’d been tired after a long day's work, but Langa had insisted that he needn’t lift even a finger tonight.

And so he didn’t.

Adam watched as Langa’s body stretched beautifully before him, his swollen arousal bouncing against his stomach as he circled his hips to find just the right spot that made him cry out. A pearl of precum beading at the head as Langa settled onto a spot that made his mind go blank.
His jaw dropped open in a silent moan as his hips moved in erratic motions, rhythm be damned, to hit that spot again and again. His thighs shook at the strain, toes curling, nails digging into Adams legs as he swore under his breath.

Langa threw his head back, reaching a hand up to push his hair sticking uncomfortably to his forehead out of his face. He squirmed in Adams lap, chasing his orgasm as the pleasure built up, letting out cries of pleasure that echoed and filled the room.

Adam smirked as he bucked up, unable to control himself as he watched Langa come undone. The way the man's eyes shot open at the feeling made Adams cock twitch, thoroughly enjoying Langa losing himself to ecstasy.

Langa threw himself forward, bracing himself above Adam, grabbing tight fistfuls of silk sheets to ground himself. His eyes screwed shut as he pushed back to drive Adams cock deeper and harder.

Adam chuckled and stared up through hooded eyes, his breath hot and heavy in the others ear as he leaned forward.
“Good boy.” He whispered.
Langa whined loudly in reply, his entire body trembling as he moved, the bed creaking under his efforts.

Langa swallowed thickly, drooling as his eyes nearly rolled back in pleasure at how deep Adam reached inside him.The perfect amount of friction against his untouched arousal now rubbing between them. It was just enough to make Langa finally lose it.

His hips stuttered as he rode out the waves of pleasure that overtook him, trembling as he released between them, grinding himself down to rut against Adams stomach.
His eyes glazed over as his body relaxed, nuzzling into Adams hand as he reached up to run his fingers through damp bangs, pushing them out of his face again. Silence hung between them aside from Langas labored breathing, and Adam continued to comb his fingers through the boy's soft locks while Langa hummed pleasantly in his afterglow.

Though the peace was short lived as Adams grip slowly tightened and he pulled Langa down to hiss into his ear.

“Now clean up your mess, dog.”

Langa whined at the hair pull, having been enjoying the blissful feeling of Adam still thick and full inside of him, keeping him stretched out. He could have stayed like that for hours.

He turned himself around, swinging a leg over so he was straddling Adam’s chest and facing away from him. He leaned down to lick the cum off his abdomen, tongue tracing along the dips of his abs. His fingers traced through coarse hair, trailing down to cup Adams balls as his lips pressed to the base of his cock.

Langa hummed as he breathed in, eyes shut dreamily while his tongue traced the thick veins along the shaft. His hands stroked the exposed skin he couldn’t reach with his tongue.
Slowly he licked from base to tip, loving the weight of it heavy and warm as he popped the head between his lips, stretching his mouth open as he took Adam deeper. He moaned, drooling as he tried to swallow around the swollen tip.

Adam exhaled another puff of smoke before reaching to crush out the butt on a tray next to the bed. His hands slid up the creamy whites of Langa’s thighs, riddled with fading bruises and bite marks. He smirked at that, pressing his thumb into a slightly fresher bruise.
Langa moaned at that, the sound coming from deep in his throat as he bobbed his head to suck Adam off.

The politician's hands travelled further up to cup just below Langa’s ass, enjoying the dip of where cheeks met thigh. His hands rested perfectly in that spot before grabbing two juicy handfuls, massaging the round flesh in his hands. Langa pushed his hips back, pulling his mouth from the other's cock to breathe out a whine.

“Did I tell you to stop?” Adam growled, giving a warning squeeze and Langa, suddenly filled with newfound vigor, took Adam back into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the tip before swallowing him deeper, his thumb squeezed between his fingers to hold back his gag reflex. The thought of choking on Adams cock made his own dick twitch with renewed interest.

Adam smirked and decided to reward his little pet. He spread the others cheeks open, thumbs teasing at the rim of his swollen hole, still dripping wet with lube from preparation. He used two fingers to circle the rim of Langas hole. He massaged around him slowly, noticing how Langas hips twitched and slowly pushed back in anticipation, waiting and silently begging for it.

Adam entertained the thought, decided he was in a pretty good mood and that Langa was already being so well behaved for him.

He let his fingers slip inside, licking his lips as Langa swallowed long, thick fingers with ease. He moved them in and out as slowly as he could without getting bored, all the while enjoying the obscene noises Langa was making as he sucked him off sloppy and desperate. Adam knew what Langa was doing and even if he was usually the one setting the pace, he decided to play along, just this once.

Adam twisted his fingers, pressing them straight to the third knuckle, until he found the spot that would drive Langa crazy. And when he did, he didn’t stop.

Langa’s thighs spread subconsciously and he moaned loud around the cock in his mouth, whimpering at the abuse of his prostate. His entire body trembled like a newborn pup, overstimulated and on the verge of tears. It was both too much and not enough at the same time.

Langas moans vibrated down Adam’s cock and he groaned, bucking his hips up as he felt himself teetering on the edge, driving his cock deeper down langas throat as he finally came. Langas jaw dropped open, accepting the intrusion as his tongue hung out, letting himself be used from both ends.

Langa came again, unable to hold back. Spilling pathetically over Adam’s chest with an embarrassed sob that wracked his entire body.

He knew he’d made more of a mess and would be forced to clean up, but he didn’t mind it because after all, this was his reward for winning the Beef.