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The return of the Lesbian Godmothers (When Charles dies...)

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“I’m not sure this was a good idea.” Ann mumbled as they drove off, rain smattering loudly against the roof of the car. Anne glanced at her, placing her hand on her thigh for a moment’s comfort,
“He’s fine Adney – I mean I know Anne and Tib can seem a little…”
“Irresponsible?” Ann suggested, looking rather worried and Anne grimaced,
“Well yes, but they can take care of a baby – they are not complete morons.”
“Oh Lord – I mean I want to have some alone time with you – and oh do I want to sleep but I miss him.” Ann ran her hands over her face, and Anne traced her fingers against her cheek, not taking her eyes off the road,
“I miss him too – but it’s going to be all fine. He is probably having the time of his life with two of his many godmothers.”
“Urgh, oh – ah I guess you’re right. But maybe I should call them just in case…” Ann unlocked her phone, but Anne locked it for her,
“No – we weren’t supposed to do that. They’ll call if something happens.” 
“Fine. Where are we going?” Ann tried to redirect her focus on Anne instead and her wife smirked at her,
“We’re going to York, I have booked a table at this Italian restaurant and then I booked a room at the Black Swan inn – because that’s where we went on our first escape from all the madness at home.”
“How romantic.” Ann smiled, and though she was teasing her wife – she did mean it. She had missed being with just her wife – though of course she loved her child to death. But by God did they need some time of their own too.
Little did Ann know that it took every ounce of Anne’s self-control not to turn around and go back home – she missed her son, and she was growing increasingly less certain that it had been a wise choice letting Tib and Anne babysit him without anyone to supervise them.

Anne brought Ann to one of her favourite restaurants in York – Piccolino which lay just by the river running through town. Figuring that whereas they couldn’t actually go abroad at the moment – they might enjoy a little taste of Italy anyhow – in more senses than one.
Ann’s worried expression changed to excitement as she saw the place, it was situated really nicely, and made for a good view and most importantly the smell coming from there was incredible.
“Do you like it? Or would you rather we go somewhere else?” Anne wondered before they stepped inside and Ann kissed her cheek, smiling wide,
“It’s perfect – I’ve been craving good Italian food.”
“Mm, it’s nice having some time just you and I, right?” Anne glanced at her as they walked closely together, hand in hand to the door and Ann’s eyes observed her face, she suspected her wife was a little more anxious about leaving their son than she would let on,
“Yes, we needed it in any case.”
They stepped inside and was immediately ushered to the bar whilst they got their table ready for them. Anne ran a hand through her hair, feeling a little uneasy because her thoughts were constantly wandering off to Alfred and how he was doing with Tib and Anne looking after him. Wondering for the thousandth time that day if that had been her worst decision ever, setting aside the sabbatical she had taken to follow Vere to Hastings like a good lapdog only to find out she never intended anything other than being roommates. Forced to return with her tail between her legs and beg them to take her back sooner. No wait, Anne thought – this was worse, she was potentially damaging her son for life by letting them babysit him.
A light hand touched the small of her back, and Anne was startled out of her thoughts and was met with Ann’s bright eyes and smile,
“Would you like some wine?”
Anne’s forehead creased, almost confused for a second before she realised the woman behind the bar had asked,
“Yes, I’ll have the Merlot, what would you like Adney?”
“I’ll have that too.” Ann shrugged a shoulder, not really a big wine fantast other than on special occasions and for the more part she only drank the dessert wines such as the madeira wine.

The woman poured the wine and handed it to them, and they sat enjoying their peace talking about what improvements they might do to the grounds, Ann wanted to add something for Alfred – swings or alike and Anne suggested they might make an obstacle course for him close to the chaumiére.
“I do think, pony that we can postpone that. He cannot even walk yet let alone climb a tree.” Ann laughed at her wife’s big plans and Anne pouted,
“He is crawling, it’ll be no time before he…”
Both women turned their heads to the source of the call and Anne’s eyebrows raised as she eyed the group of women before her,
“Miss Reed, Miss McClean and your friends I presume? Good evening.”
“We just saw you and thought we’d say hi.” Miss Reed explained and Anne gave a nod,
“How kind.”
Ann gave her wife a stern look, nudging her with her foot and Anne turned her face to her trying to discern why she was displeased and realising that Ann thought her curt and uncivil, she turned back to the heap of people, who were all eying Ann with some wonder,
“Ah, so, this is my wife, Ann Lister. She works in the art department at campus.”
“Lovely to meet you!” Miss McClean smiled and was seconded by the rest of them,
“It was so sweet when Professor Lister brought your son with her.”
“Yeah, all though this guy was acting up, but I think we all learnt a good lesson that day on patriarchy and its lasting effects.” Miss Reed smiled and Ann listened intently, though she was side glancing her wife with a teasing look.
“I have no doubts this one put him in place. She can be quite fierce and intimidating when she wants though I know of course that she’s the softest sweetheart around.”
“Ann!” Anne glared at her wife, neck turning slightly pink as her students and their friends chuckled with her wife,
“Sorry, dearest, I didn’t mean to ruin your reputation.” Ann told her, caressing her cheek fondly much to the liking of the young women who all sighed happily, and Anne was growing increasingly more uncomfortable knowing her wife was going to push her boundaries for a laugh and also with the knowledge that these… well at least two of them were a little bit in love with her. Thankfully, just then the waitress came over to tell them that their table was ready, and they bid them a good night. But just as they were heading towards their table and the young women were disappearing off, they heard one of them say,
“Bloody hell, I could’ve had a chance if she hadn’t been married – her wife can’t be more than thirty!” 
Ann bit her lip to keep from laughing too loudly, leaning onto her wife’s arm as they were led to their table.
“Did you hear, pony? – No more than thirty!”
“You’re thirty-one, love – turning thirty-two. It’s not the greatest compliment.” Anne rolled her eyes at her as they sat down and Ann kicked her foot under the table lightly,
“Shush you! I’ll take it – I don’t get that many nowadays.”
“I compliment you!” Anne huffed offended, “All the time – and you reply, ‘Thank you, dearest – but I hardly think that’s true’.”
“I meant from other people.” Ann said only to taunt her wife a little and Anne became a little flustered,
“Why would you need other people to compliment you?”
“To remind you of what an absolute treasure I am.” Ann winked, and Anne sighed – laughing,
“You are such a tease! And come to think of it – other people should give you compliments because, well look at you – your mind is beautiful. You are so good, so kind-hearted…”
“Ma’am, I’m sorry but I just wanted to give you your menus.” The Waitress said tersely though trying to look overly polite and Anne sat back and accepted the menu as Ann did hers and she left.
“How long had she been standing there?” Ann wondered, laughter tickling her as she eyed her wife from over her menu and Anne smiled,
“I don’t think she left.”

The dinner as well as a late stroll through the streets of York, passing the church where they had got married two years prior had served as the perfect tonic to set their mood for when they finally arrived back to their room. They had barely closed the door when Anne pressed Ann up against the same, pressing her lips desperately to hers and Ann’s hands flew up to run through Anne’s long dark strands – savouring their kisses. Their tongues met in a dance they knew all too well but still gave them just as much excitement and thrill. Hands began to wander and fumble with getting their clothes off as quick as possible. Anne moved them to the bed, pushing Ann down gently on it, capturing her lips with hers again – relishing in the soft moans that escaped her wife. She trailed her kisses down her throat, and neck – well excited when Ann’s hands stopped her,
“What?!” Anne was confused why Ann had stopped her – drunk on passion and excitement but nevertheless stopped – obviously. Ann sat up, and Anne seated herself next to her,
“I need to pump.”
“Huh?” Anne’s eyebrows furrowed and Ann glanced at her – cheeks pink, be it from embarrassment or the alcohol they had been drinking.
“I need to pump – my breasts hurt and they’re beginning to leak. I’m sorry.”
“No… no – don’t be. Of course.” Anne reassured her wife, though she was a little stumped, but they could just resume their activities once she was done all though it might not be quite as desperate and passionate – which was fine, just a little disappointing. But nature has no law. Ann sat down in the chair, and when the sound of the pump echoed through the room, they could do naught but look at each other and laugh,
“I feel like a cow.”
“Well at least you don’t look like one.” Anne smirked and Ann rolled her eyes,
“This is off-putting, isn’t it?”
“No?” Anne seemed bewildered, “I mean I don’t get all excited from it, but I still want to have sex with you once you’re done.”
“Mm.” Ann mumbled, still feeling as though she might have ruined the mood with the interlude. Once she was finished though she took the bottle with the content and poured it out in the sink and Anne looked at her astonished, her eyes widening,
“Why are you wasting that!?” 
“This might be infused with alcohol and I’m not going to give my child his first drink.” Ann told her, shaking the bottle to assure its emptiness before washing it through with water.

As soon as she had finished, she came back to bed, and Anne ran the back of her hand against her cheek and down alongside her body,
“You’re gorgeous.” Anne mumbled, pressing a light kiss against her pink ones and Ann smiled, about to compliment her wife in return when she felt herself being gently pushed down on bed, Anne’s hands on both sides of her head, lowering herself down over her to kiss her hard.
“Lord, Anne.”  Ann moaned, running her hands through Anne’s long dark mane and Anne grinned against her lips, running her tongue along her bottom one before teasing her way inside to run it along her palette. Ann’s hands grabbed her shoulders to get her nearer, responding to her kisses hungrily – both of them working up quite the heat. Anne ran her fingers over Ann’s soft – warm skin and traced them alongside her inner-thighs before finding that pleasant wet warmth she longed to feel.
“Anne.”  Ann moaned against her mouth, making Anne grin wide, biting her lip teasingly, continuing to glide her fingers from her entrance up to her bundle of nerves where she slowly worked her middle- and ring finger in wide circles, softly touching and handling her – exciting her the more.
“Pony.”  Ann begged her writhing and Anne kissed her sweetly, teasing her and Ann bucked her hips to get Anne’s hand to work faster.
“What’s the matter, Adney?” Anne rasped in her ear and Ann glared at her exasperated, her passion high,
“Press it harder.” Ann mumbled, pulling Anne closer her by her shoulders, and Anne lay closer to her, their breasts pressed against each other and she succumbed and increased the pressure by making smaller circles. When her wife was nearing her ‘kiss’ Anne switched and moved her fingers back and forth instead and Ann whimpered loudly,
“Anne, I need… you! Please!”
“I’m not quite done with you yet.”  Anne smirked at her, pecking her pouting lips before sliding her body down, across Ann’s body having her in stitches by her mere breath to her queer.
“Oh Anne! Fuck.”  Ann gasped as Anne bent her head down making a broad lick through her folds, grinning all the while as her wife writhed with pleasure. Anne used her fingers to open her up more for her, changing the shape of her tongue to better the sensations and Ann had to bite down on her fist not to let too loud sounds escape her. She was evidently much excited, Anne was pleased to find, and it weren’t long before Ann shook and closed her first kiss. Anne kept on going throughout it though slowly, to let her enjoy the kiss for as long as possible and when Ann’s legs stilled, Anne sneaked up across her body to give her a good snog. Ann held her face between her hands, panting heavily though she smiled like an idiot as she kissed her wife sore – and her wife looked pretty pleased with herself, just like the cat who got its cream.

“Was it worth the wait?”  Anne teased, caressing her wife’s warm flushed cheeks,
“Mm.”  Ann gushed running her fingers from Anne’s cheeks through her hair, “But I believe you’ve waited long enough…”.
Anne let herself be turned on her back, for a change, as Ann climbed in-between her legs,
“Ann. What are you… ah.” Anne masked her gasp with her hand as Ann put her fingers to her, running them, a bit clumsily up to the top part of her queer, deliberately moving slow.
“Adney….” Anne grumbled trying to get her to move faster,
“Didn’t you like it slow, pony?” Ann smirked amused kissing her wife deliciously as Anne growled at her, lifting her hips to meet the palm of Ann’s hand, urging her again to which Ann relented – too weak not to give her wife what she wanted.
Ann teased and rubbed her whilst kissing her, tongue and all until Anne tensed up and sealed her kiss – falling back against the pillows, Ann still atop her.
“I love you.”  Anne panted into her mouth and Ann kissed her fondly,
“I love you too, pony!”
They lay there panting for a little while before they proceeded to experience a little death and another few kisses before finally getting in under the covers for some well-earned sleep.
However, Ann couldn’t for the world fall asleep. Her heart was beating hard in her chest, and she felt some pressure over it – Anne had fallen asleep above an hour ago. The wind did rattle the windows something terrible and frightening shadows travelled over the floors. Ann was working herself up over thoughts about how Alfred was doing without her – he did fuss during the night sometimes and might he not feel abandoned by them? What if he thought his mummies had packed up and left him, never to return! Could babies think that? – Ann’s chest clenched with anxiety and eventually she shook Anne’s shoulder,
Anne didn’t answer so Ann shook her with more vigour, staring at her wife’s chest but no it moved steadily – so why wouldn’t she wake? She was always so easily disturbed.
“Anne!” Ann was beginning to panic, and Anne startled, eyes still closed though,
“I can’t sleep.”  
“Hm?”  Anne mumbled, raising her hand above her eyes to try and get them to open,
“I’m worried – what if Alfred’s missing us? What if he thinks we’ve left him? What if he won’t eat and he’s really hungry! Anne!” Ann nudged her and Anne patted the pillow,
“Come lie here, Ann. Everything’s fine – or they would’ve called us. It’s only natural to feel worried the first night away.”
Ann did as she was told and Anne snuggled into her, wrapping her arms around her, kissing her neck sweetly.
“It’s going to sound insane but I can almost hear him fuss – so I can’t sleep.”
“It’s just the wind and the rain.” Anne told her calmly, running her hand over Ann’s stomach and hip soothingly.
“Do they even know how to take care of a baby? – How could we leave him all alone! We should go back now…” Ann whimpered, and Anne held her tighter, kissing her by the ear,
“Sh sh sh sh, Ann, they might not be supernannies but they can take care of a baby, or they would’ve called – don’t work yourself up – he’s fine, love.”
“What if…” Ann wasn’t allowed to finish that sentence as Anne shushed her, running her hand over her arm,
“Adney, love – don’t worry. I’m right here, our phones have no missed calls – now let’s get some sleep whilst we can – I haven’t slept for nine months.” Anne kissed her again before nestling into her and slowly falling back asleep but Ann though she did try couldn’t fall asleep, despite being calmed by Anne’s words – because she still worried about her beating heart and her flushed cheeks.
When another thirty minutes or so had passed without it disappearing, Ann turned in Anne’s embrace, anxiety eating away at her,
No reply.
“What? Mm I’m awake.”  Anne startled but then relaxed with Ann in her arms again, 
“I still can’t fall asleep.” 
“What’s the matter? Is it about Alfred?” Anne yawned as she spoke, too tired to function properly – tracing lazy patterns across Ann’s arm and abdomen,
“My heart hasn’t stopped beating hard since… we, and I feel so weirdly flushed and the sounds from outside…” Ann were close to tears and Anne kissed her cheek,
“Mm. It’s perfectly natural – sometimes it takes a while for your pulse to go back to normal again.”
“But it feels weird.”
“Yes, but it isn’t dangerous.” Anne assured her and Ann chewed her lip nervously,
“You sure?”
“Positive. It’s happened to me too. And I’m perfectly well and alive.” Anne mumbled into her neck and Ann turned around in her embrace, 
Anne was already fast asleep again, resting against Ann and Ann shut her mouth and eyes, trying her hardest to focus on her wife’s calm breathing and sounds. But when the time neared four, she couldn’t help but wake her up again and Anne groaned a little,
“Ann, for the… can’t you just let me sleep, when for once Alfred isn’t keeping us up!”
“Well, I figured if I can’t sleep then you can’t either.”
Ann kissed her softly and Anne sighed into her lips, raising her hand to run it lazily over Ann’s cheek, raising her lips to press them against her nose, trying to reel her irritation in,
“Why can’t you sleep?”
“I just can’t.” Ann shrugged her shoulders, “I guess my mind is in a whirlwind. It feels odd not to have Alfred around.”
“Mm…” Anne was trying her hardest to keep her dark eyes open – but it was difficult, she was so tired – months of restless and sleepless nights had worn her down – she ran her nails over Ann’s naked back as the blonde sat up next to her, hoping to bring her comfort somehow.
“About what? Alfred?”
“Everything and nothing. I’m just… are you tired of me?”
“I’m tired love… but I’m not fed up with you.” Anne murmured, still running her nails up and down her back and Ann shivered pleasurably from it, closing her eyes for a second – it was rather nice.
“I thought… and then the wind is so loud and the rain – I just can’t seem to find any rest.” Ann mumbled starting to feel rather guilty for waking her wife up – three times no less. Especially when they had gone away for the night partially to be able to sleep.
“Mm. Sometimes it helps to just talk about what fills the mind – or write it down.” Anne told her gently, and Ann glanced down at her,
“I feel stupid, and uncaring for having left him – he’s only a babe and I… am I a terrible mother for leaving him?”
“Ann… you’re not stupid nor unfeeling or… you’re so much more intelligent than you give yourself credit for. I could never live with someone who was stupid. Mind you, Marian still lives with us, but she came with the house.” Anne told her and was earned a playful push from her wife who half-smirked,
“Marian is a saint for putting up with you! And us. She also helps, without her we would’ve been two walking zombies by now.”
“Point is – you’re not a terrible mother, I’m not a terrible mother for leaving him for one night. We will be better parents to Alfred when we come home because we will be rested.”
Anne told her, and Ann gave in and nodded,
“I guess you’re right.”
“Of course, I am. I am always right.” Anne grinned and Ann rolled her eyes at her, raising her hand to her lips.  
“Mm – I think that’s up for debate.” Ann mumbled straddling Anne but only to lie down on top of her warm wife beginning to grow quite cold again from sitting up in the chilly room. Anne pulled the duvet over them both before wrapping her arms around her wife, feeling that if she wanted to, she might have some success but… Ann had nestled into the nape of her neck – placing lazy kisses there and her breathing had turned slower and heavier. Knowing her wife’s troubles with sleeping sometimes she didn’t want to rustle her awake to make love. They could do that once morning came before going back home.
“Ann?” Anne whispered but there was no answer but for a soft snore which almost made Anne laugh. She ran her hands over her wife’s back, kissing the top of her head, holding her to her feeling perfectly warm and toasty – though knowing full well that she would be sore in the morning and so would Ann – but it was worth it. Anne sighed content, closing her stinging eyes to let her dreams take her away again when a crystal-clear picture of her baby boy appeared before her inner-eye and she was overcome with anxieties and doubts – on the cusp of throwing Ann off her to be able to run to the car and drive back home to check if he was alright. Anne fumbled after her phone on the nightstand – no notifications at all – shouldn’t they’ve sent them a photo? Or at least a text saying he was doing fine? What had gone wrong? Did they try to hide something from them? Had they hurt him? Anne painted all kinds of horrifying pictures and guilt weighed her down – she shouldn’t have left him in the care of Tib and Anne.
They had a lie in the following morning, relishing in spending it in each other’s arms – well at least Ann did – Anne was tired, she hadn’t slept well after Ann had fallen asleep and she was still worried sick about Alfred once morning came though she wouldn’t let that on, worried she might upset her wife who might then become even more anxious.
Anne had with no difficulty persuaded Ann that they might have lunch when they got back and so they hurried through a late breakfast, neither one of them acknowledging to the other how desperate they were to get home. All though Ann might’ve guessed Anne’s worry – she had never seen her wife fumble so much – dropping everything from cups to cutlery. Which Ann normally would’ve found rather amusing but seeing as she was worried herself she didn’t laugh or taunt her with it… at the moment.
The car ride back to Halifax and to Shibden was rather quiet – they did try and keep up some normal conversation, but they were too distracted both of them to say anything intelligible or worthy of reply. Ann didn’t even remark on the fact that Anne was speeding quite a bit.
When they finally came home the car stopping might as well have been the firing of a gun on a racetrack – they threw themselves out of the car, not bothering to take their bags with them but sprinting over the courtyard to the house. Anne had to stop herself from literally kicking down the door as she struggled for a second to open the old front-door.

Anne and Ann stumbled in – the blonde was looking rather anxious as she tumbled into the drawing room, but Anne was looking worse as she literally fell into the room, looking up at them from the floor,
“Is he alive?!”
Tib rolled her eyes at her old friend, offering her a hand off the floor, which she for once took,
“Seriously, you have so little faith in us, Lister!”
“It all went perfectly well.” Anne B agreed, cooing a little to Alfred on her knee at the same time but he was fussing, reaching his hands out for his mummy – and Ann took him – showering his face with kisses,
“I’m never leaving you again – I missed you so much!”
“If everything went smoothly – then why is Maria here? – Hello.”  Anne turned to Maria who sat reading in the chair, and she looked up at her from over her glasses,
“I was just passing.” 
“Passing through Shibden on your usual evening walk?” Anne wondered amused, and Maria chuckled,
“Um, no, of course not! I was on my way to visit some family- thought I’d pop in – surprised to find none of you home but these two here.”
“Hmm…” Anne didn’t seem thoroughly convinced but Maria rolled her eyes at her,
“Do you for a second believe that these two would fuck things up so badly that they would call me in desperation and that I would drop everything to fly here privately to help?”
Anne’s expression softened as she laughed, walking over to her wife and son,
“No, that’s ridiculous!” She acknowledged, before kissing Alfred, and giving him a good cuddle, happy to be home again.
“Right, so I’m off.” Tib stood, taking her bag, giving Alfred a squeeze before patting Ann on the shoulder,
“Great breastmilk.”
“You tried my wife’s breastmilk?” Anne gaped and almost looked angry, and Anne shrugged a shoulder,
“We both did – it was excellent.”
Ann flushed, glancing at Maria who shrugged her shoulders, but Anne butted in first,
“Has everyone tried my wife’s breastmilk?! That’s like…”
“You think my breastmilk is gross?” Ann’s expression turned from embarrassment to that of annoyance and Anne’s eyebrows raised slightly, and her mouth opened as she thought carefully about what to say,
“Well, no? But when they drink it? – yes. Or I mean that they drank it, is gross – but the milk isn’t disgusting.”
“Nice save, Lister – good luck.” Tib grinned before taking her leave and Anne hurried with her – happy for the escape and the promised drink. Anne stared after them until they closed the door shut behind them and then she turned to Maria, pointing to the closed door,
“They fucked up that bad, huh?”
“Oh God – yes!” Maria made a gesture with her hands and Anne exhaled, running a hand through her hair,
“Well… at least I didn’t worry for nothing then.”
“Come here – mummy’s never leaving you again!” Ann took Alfred back from Anne, kissing him over the head, though he looked happy as anyone,
“Oh Lord.” Ann gasped, and her wife was just about to add that he probably didn’t really understand what he was saying but seeing her wife so happy, she refrained from it – merely smiling with her and praising their son who laughed gaily at the attention.
“If you ever need a babysitter… for the love of God – call me, I might just be available.” Maria told them as they fussed over their baby.
“Oh believe you me – we will!”