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The return of the Lesbian Godmothers (When Charles dies...)

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Ann had been down in Halifax with Marian doing the food shop in Tesco, and they had been gone for above an hour and half – and Ann had to admit that, whereas she had missed her son and her wife during the day, it was nice to get out for a bit, without having to worry about Alfred.
To then come home, unloading the bags only to find her wife and son on the floor in the drawing room, crawling about – was a sight that warmed her heart. Well, to be fair – Anne was crawling – Alfred not equally so.
“Alfred, look at Mumma, love – like this!” Anne used her elbows and knees to move forwards and Alfred kicked his feet to try and imitate his mother, and she cheered him on,
“Good lad – and knees, like this – yes, look at Mumma.” Anne showed him again and he laughed loudly at her rocking back and forth trying to crawl.
“Yes, that’s it, Alfie – try and come to Mumma. Come here.” Anne patted the rug in front of her, trying to urge him to her and he was trying so hard – matching his mumma in stubbornness.
“You’ve almost got it, Alfred – you did it before – come on- you can do it!” Anne encouraged him and he looked concentrated – almost constipated as he tried to get to his Mumma.
“Do you need me to show you again, love?” Anne cooed at the baby, but Alfred had spotted his mummy and suddenly he got the gist of it and crawled over to her and Anne was losing it- she was cheering and praising him and then her eyes found her wife’s and she realised why her son had crawled and also slowly realised that she had witnessed that display.
“How long have you been there?” Anne wondered, her cheeks red and Ann laughed at her as she picked Alfred, who was standing against her legs, up into her arms – kissing his face fondly.
“Long enough to see my beautiful baby boy crawl and his equally handsome Mumma have a go at it.” Ann said with a smirk, kissing her wife obligingly,
“Well, I was trying to help him – and I thought that might be the most educative way of teaching him.” Anne defended herself, and Ann kissed her again,
“You are wonderful – and I love you.”
“Why, I love you too.” Anne smiled, kissing her forehead, before kissing Alfred’s cheek,
“I do need to grade some papers now though – I’ll be done before dinner or rather I will be done for today by then.”
“Have fun – we’ll miss you!” Ann called to her and Anne turned around,
“Fun? Hm hardly! I have a student who has written a paper on how Aristotle was the greatest thinker in history – I wanted to hurl when I saw it… he was an idiot. Didn’t know any better!? The sophists literally told him that women were created equal to men but noooo… the knob had to establish the modern patriarchal society.”
Ann laughed at her wife’s passionate re-telling,
“Well then, enjoy giving him an F then.”
“Oh – I will. Seriously – I’ve been over this with my students – today even. In any case, there is actually quite an interesting paper on the influence Sappho has had throughout history by Miss McClean, that I’ve been looking forward to grading – they have done a great job.”
“Good luck then, Dearest.” Ann pulled Anne by the collar to give her another kiss before she went off to her study to work.
Ann kissed Alfred’s head, inhaling his scent, hugging him tightly to her,
“Oh, I missed you so much today, love. Did you miss your mummy?” 
Alfred slapped her over the chest, giggling – spitting everywhere as he spluttered and Ann laughed,
“Of course you didn’t miss me – you missed my breasts… a bit rude!”
“MMMMMM.”  Alfred made humming sounds and demanded her attention – beginning to fuss and Ann smiled kissing his nose,
“Right then – let’s get you fed and then we might play with Argus for a bit – and then, my beautiful baby boy – it’s time for bed.”

Ann hadn’t really seen her wife since their encounter in the drawing room – she had locked herself in her study – working on grading a pile of papers and Ann though a little annoyed with her for not coming down for dinner nor helping with Alfred’s bath- and bedtime, she didn’t really begrudge her, her wife had taken Alfred with her to work, and Ann knew it must’ve been incredibly limiting and they did have deadlines at University. So, instead of having a skirmish with her wife about that Ann had let her be and gone to bed eventually, reading a good book after having a nice hot shower, her hair hanging in a braid over her shoulder. Closer to eleven, Anne sneaked into the room though Ann paid her no heed but continued reading her book. Anne slumped down on bed, taking Ann’s book from her hands and throwing it away,
“I was reading that!” Ann huffed displeased but Anne bit her lip looking anything but innocent,
“Not anymore.”
“Anne.” Ann sighed at her, leaning forwards to run her hands through her hair, kissing her forehead,
“Go fetch my book back.”
“What if I didn’t?” Anne smirked, taking her hand in hers, playing with her fingers – kissing the inside of her wrist and palm, Ann closed her eyes snorting amused,
“Well, you’d have to make up for it, dearest.”
“What could that be then?” Anne wondered, lowering Ann down against the pillows – leaning over her, hands next to either side of her head. Ann’s breath hitched a little as her skin became flushed,
“You could start by kissing me, pony.”
Anne got closer to her face, stopping an inch from her puckered lips, breathing onto her face,
“Where do you want me to kiss you, Adney?”
“Don’t tease me, Anne! – We don’t have a lot of time.” Ann whined, trying to capture her wife’s lips in a kiss, but Anne held her arms down over her head and moved her face just out of reach,
“Pony! Just kiss my lips, my face – whatever you want but please do it now!”
Anne kissed her gingerly, pulling away just when Ann tried to deepen their kiss and she groaned,
“You’re the worst!”
“Am I now?” Anne smirked, but she gave in and kissed her properly, trailing kisses down her throat, pulling her nightshirt over her head as she continued to kiss down her chest – gently kneading her breasts as she continued to kiss down her stomach – kissing her stretchmarks by her hipbones, stopping just above her queer. Looking up at her with a teasing twinkle as Ann was writhing against the covers,
“Pony! I need you – now!”
Anne gently rubbed her thighs edging down to give her wife what she craved and begged for – she placed a soft kiss on top of the golden wet curls first, making her wife moan from frustration, but Anne did relish in teasing her.
“Pony! Just…”
Anne flattened her tongue out and made a broad lick through her wife’s folds when a scream startled them both – Ann tried to cover herself with a duvet and Anne fell off the bed.
“For the love of God!” Marian was still screaming panicked – covering the eyes of baby Alfred who was crying loudly at this point – possibly frightened by all the screaming adults or maybe he was just hungry. Ann wanted to sink through the mattress and die as she without much success tried to cover herself up properly – breastmilk literally leaking all over the duvet at hearing Alfred’s crying.
“What’s all this fuss about?” Aunt Anne entered the bedroom, and Anne groaned, sitting up on bed – at least she was still dressed,
“Please get out!”
“Alfred was crying!” Marian defended herself, “And I had to walk in and see this – and he! Oh Lord! Anne!”
Ann covered her hot face with her hands – unable to look at anyone whilst Anne merely stood up – owning all her usual confidence, marching up to Marian to take her crying son from her.
“Get out, Marian – Aunt, we’ll talk about this never.”
“Alright, dear – come on Marian – leave them alone!” Aunt Anne ushered Marian out of their bedroom though she had seemed inclined on fighting with her sister about the horror she had just witnessed with the baby no less.
Anne went to bed with Alfred and sat down, running her hand over Ann’s back as she still sat with head in her hands – completely mortified by what had just transpired.
“Adney – it’s all fine.”
“It’s not.” Ann sobbed into her hands, she was embarrassed beyond what she was capable of handling, and Anne sat Alfred between her legs – leaning him against her stomach as she lifted Ann’s head from her hands, letting her lean into her shoulder. Anne kissed her over the hair, rubbing her arm,
“Marian was overreacting – Alfred has no idea what took place, and you know what – he wants his mummy.”
Alfred did want his mummy, he was fussing and wriggling quite bit – on the verge of crying again as he was hungry. But Ann was still sniffling into Anne’s shoulder, cheeks beet red,
“I can never come downstairs again.”
“Of course, you can – don’t mind Marian – she’s just dramatic.” Anne reassured, pressing her lips to her temple,
“Aunt Anne… oh. I won’t be able to look her in the eye!”
“She saw nothing but a little boob – which she has seen before. Breathe, Ann – it’s all fine and you know, Alfred does need you now, hm? – Will you be alright? I mean I can go downstairs and prepare a bottle if you’d rather not.” Anne gazed at her wife tenderly and Ann exhaled deeply, trying to calm down, sitting up a little and Anne dried her tears gingerly – kissing her over the eyes to cool them down – imagining that it did anyway before handing her Alfred who immediately brightened at the sight of his source for food – actually managing to make both of them laugh despite of it all. Ann turned her face up and kissed Anne whilst Alfred ate contently,
“We need to get a holiday soon I think.”
“Exactly my sentiment, Adney. My journal is becoming a bore.” Anne smirked and they watched their son eat before Anne tucked him into bed again – thinking they might resume what they’d been doing, only to find Ann snoring once she came back, and with a soft sigh Anne climbed into bed, cuddled into Ann and her last thought before falling asleep was ‘No kiss’.