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The return of the Lesbian Godmothers (When Charles dies...)

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When they were all packed up, and ready to go, Anne put Alfred in the car seat, lifting it up by the handle as well as throwing their bag over her shoulder, taking Ann’s hand in hers.
“Ready?” Anne wondered, and Ann smiled – bags underneath her eyes but looking blissful in spite of it all. Anne kissed her chastely before they made their way out of the hospital to their car. The sun almost surprised them as they came out and Ann immediately glanced worriedly at Alfred, but Anne merely lowered the shield a little to prevent the warm sun from touching his face.
“He’s fine, love.” Anne told her nervous wife, raising her hand to kiss it before unlocking the door to the car. Anne put the car seat behind the passenger seat in the front, clicking it into its place. Ann opened the opposite door, sliding into the seat in the middle next to the baby – winching slightly earning her a worried look from Anne,
“You alright, Adney?”
“I’m fine – just sore.” Ann smiled softly, caressing the chubby cheek of their sleeping son.  Anne leaned over the baby to capture her wife’s lips softly and tenderly,
“I love you, Adney. With all my heart. You did so well.”
“Are you crying again, dearest?” Ann chuckled kindly, and Anne made to draw back, to dry her eyes but Ann leaned forwards, kissing the tears away beneath her right eye whilst drying the tears under her left with soft fingers.
“I love you too – endlessly.”
“Pony, I do, I love you so much. I cannot even begin to explain how much – but I do think we should get home before this little one needs feeding again.”
“Oh, right of course.” Anne laughed quietly at her folly, kissing Ann one last time before touching her son’s hand gently – closing the car door before getting into the driver’s seat. Anne was always a safe driver – didn’t take any risks or overestimate her own capabilities – no matter what anyone else thought she might do. She had seen too many people leave the earth due to reckless driving. But today – driving home their new-born – she was extra cautious. Driving down Shibden road, she was pleased that they had recently packed the road anew with sand and gravel – no bumps at all. Anne glanced into her rear-view mirror and saw her wife caressing their son’s leg, and Alfred held her index finger in his fist. It was such a sweet picture that Anne almost felt tears well up in her eyes again.
Driving into the courtyard of Shibden, it all suddenly felt so much more real.
“Can you…” Ann trailed off, her forehead wrinkling – she was exhausted, and Anne smiled at her humoured,
“Yes – I’ll carry him. Then we need to get you into bed, Adney.”
“No. Alfred needs and I – I… food.” Ann sighed, rubbing her eyes and Anne reached her hand back to touch her knee gently,
“Okay – but you tell me when you need to rest, right?”
“Yes – let’s go inside – I’m ravenous.” Ann smiled, running her fingers over Alfred’s cheek and Anne got out to take him, carrying him gently over the yard – still in his car seat – Ann leaned against her. They opened the door, and went into the drawing room,
“We’re home.”
Aunt Anne probably hadn’t moved so quickly in about twenty years – she all but pushed past Marian to have a look at the baby, earning her glower from Marian who bumped her hip on the sofa edge.
“Ah, isn’t he a dear!” Aunt Anne exclaimed, and Anne hunched down to pick him up, so her aunt could have a better look.
“This is Alfred.” Anne introduced her son to her aunt and sister who both gazed down at him affectionately,
“I forgot babies could be rather cute.” Marian commented, raising her eyes to look at Ann,
“How are you feeling?”
“Incredibly sore, but so happy.” Ann replied her, and they smiled at her,
“It’s good to have all of you home – and that everything went smoothly.” Aunt Anne told them both,
“Do you want to hold him?” Ann wondered, and Aunt Anne shone up,
Anne handed her aunt the baby carefully, and her sister caught glance of her purple hand, and snorted at her,
“Been in the wars?”
“Mm…” Anne smirked, eying her bruised hand and Ann took her eyes off their son in Aunt Anne’s arms as she looked at her wife,
“Dress it, Anne – seriously.”
“No, now.” Ann persisted, and Anne sighed but relented, kissing her temple before leaving to do that.
“Oh, aren’t you a beautiful baby!” Aunt Anne cooed at Alfred, bringing him with her slowly as she sat down on the sofa. Ann and Marian sat down on the opposite one.
“Why did Anne call the group chat?” Marian asked the blonde who laughed,
“In her defence she just pressed a recent call and all she saw was ‘Anne…’”
“I tell you, that I saw more of my sister than I ever wanted to see… oh, did you tell her about the girl’s night out?”
“No… but I think she knows those are the girls.” Ann shrugged her shoulders,
“Anne seemed rather sweet with him – you know I never imagined my sister having any children.” Marian continued and Ann grinned from ear to ear,
“She’s been fab – she’s great.” 
“Did our Anne panic?” Aunt Anne wondered – playing gently with Alfred’s hands, and Ann laughed, but Marian butted in first,
“You mean other than taking Argus with her first?”
“Oh, dear God – it was an honest mistake!” Anne said as she came inside the room, “I was stressed!”
“Anne almost fainted once.” Ann teased her and Anne’s neck and cheeks became pinkish,
“I did not!”
“Yes, you did!”
“I was just overwhelmed with sympathy pain for you.” Anne told her embarrassed, “It tore! And…”
“Thank you – we do not need to share those details.” Ann interjected, and Marian laughed at her sister,
“I would’ve liked to see that – the almost fainting not the other thing. Now, are you hungry, Ann? You must be starving – we heated up some left-overs for you.”
“Oh, now that you mention it – I’m famished.” Ann stood with Marian, but Marian pushed her down gently,
“Sit, I’ll get it for you.”
“Thank you, you are too kind.” Ann smiled politely and Anne smirked at her, making Ann raise her eyebrow,
“I’m just thinking back on how you were a few hours ago. Cursing worse than a sailor – threatening to murder me…” Anne said impish, and Ann laughed as well as Aunt Anne,
“You probably deserved those threats.” Aunt Anne told her, whilst Marian came in with a tray of food for Ann.
“No worries – but I do want to give that baby a cuddle now!”
“You can cuddle him later, Marian dear!” Aunt Anne waved her off,
“I want to greet my nephew now!” Marian protested, pouting, but Aunt Anne refused to give up the baby, fondling him closer to her chest,
“Well I might die any second so!”
“Oh Lord! Aunt you are 67, you are nowhere near death!” Marian told her aunt and Anne and Ann just laughed at them,
“There will be plenty of time for cuddles.” Ann told them softly and Aunt Anne smiled through a sigh,
“Fine, Marian – be careful!”
“I am always careful!” Marian replied annoyed, taking the baby gently from her aunt’s arms, sitting down next to her to cuddle him for a little.
“Hi! I’m your aunt Marian – you can always come to me when my sister’s a pain.”
“Oi!” Anne huffed, and Marian eyed her for a second, before gazing at her nephew again,
“I will always love you, and I’m going to be your fun aunt Marian.”
Anne laughed loudly,
“Yeah, right.”
“What? I could be!”
“Mm, not…”
Anne’s sentence was bit off by her wife, who gave her a dark look,
“I think Alfred will love his fun aunt.”
Marian smiled down at the baby triumphantly,
"I'm going to take you out for ice-cream, push you in the swing - shower you with love and..."
Alfred’s face contorted into a pout before he began crying – Marian turned to Ann alarmed,
“I don’t… I think I overwhelmed him!”
“No, I think he might be hungry again.” Ann reassured Marian, setting down the tray on the table before reaching out to take Alfred from her. He turned in her arms, his mouth searching around her chest and Ann smirked at her wife before turning to the others,
“I think I’ll go upstairs to feed him.”
“If you like – you do not need to feel uncomfortable on our account.” Marian said, and Aunt Anne clasped her hands together, nodding, enthusiastically,
“Yes – free the nipple and all that.”
Ann blushed slightly,
“No, it’s fine. I want to go upstairs – I’m quite drained from it all.”
“Give a shout if you need anything.” Marian offered and Ann thanked her before leaving for the upstairs with her fussing baby.

Anne came upstairs a little while after, finding her wife on their bed - Seeing Ann propped up against their pillows – hair flowing over her shoulders, baby suckling on her breast with the sun streaming in was breath-taking – she looked so idyllic and beautiful – mind, Anne knew that they would soon be smacked in the face by the brutal reality that came with having a baby with all late nights and no sleep et cetera, but for now – Anne would enjoy the peace and bliss.
“Hello.” Ann smirked at her from under heavy eyes, and Anne smiled a little flustered for reasons unknown to her,
“Look, it’s your Mumma!” Ann spoke to the eating baby in a hushed voice, and Anne’s chest overflowed with warmth, whether it was love or pride, or maybe both.
“He’s a hungry one.” Anne commented, as she came nearer, lying down by Ann’s side, to watch them closely,
“Mm… you know I thought Liz was joking when she said that breastfeeding hurts in the beginning.” Ann mumbled, and Anne frowned, kissing her over the eyebrow,
“I’m sorry.”
“No… it’s fine and it’s not your fault. Besides, I have nipple cream.” Ann told her matter of fact, but they glanced at each other and began laughing.
“Do you need help with that?” Anne smirked and Ann smacked her playfully with her free hand,
“Well, I have a reputation to live up to.” Anne winked at her, caressing the back of her son’s head.
Alfred’s suckling ceased and Ann was going to raise him to burp him, but Anne reached out and gently took the baby,
“Go put on that cream, I’ll burp him.” Anne urged her and Ann smiled, kissing Anne’s cheek as she went to their bathroom. Anne lay the baby over her shoulder, patting his back gently until she heard a burp and then… Anne grimaced – ah the spit-up – she’d forgot that was a thing babies did.
Anne wiped Alfred’s mouth, before putting him down in the cradle that stood in their room for the moment being – just for the first week or two. Gently singing the baby to sleep. Ann came back, kissing her tenderly,
“Thank you – you’re the greatest.”
“No worries – really – it’s my baby too, I’m expected to take care of him.” Anne smiled, kissing her wife again.
“Mm.” Ann smiled, caressing Alfred’s cheek, rocking the cradle a little.
“I just need to change my shirt – this one has spit-up on the back.”  Anne told her wife, who chuckled at Anne’s expression,
“Ah, you’d forgotten that part?”
“Mm.” Anne smiled, kissing her wife one last time before changing her shirt. Walking back in she saw Ann sitting against the pillows in bed, eating a digestive bar.
“Good – you’re eating!” Anne smiled and Ann laughed,
“Well, I’m still starving so. Breastfeeding do require fuel.”
“Do you want me to cook something for you?” Anne wondered then and Ann shook her head,
“This is my third bar since you left…”
“That’s fast.” Anne smirked, kissing the corner of her mouth and Ann puckered her lips in a semi-pout and Anne kissed her crumbles away.
“I’ve just given birth and fed our baby – twice!”
“I was teasing – it’s a good thing you’re eating.” Anne smiled, “Are you sure you wouldn’t want a more substantial meal though?”
“I just had some leftovers, and I want to sleep for a bit – and they were going to make dinner in a while.” Ann told her slightly hyper wife.
“Oh, okay.” Anne told her, seemingly bursting with energy – Ann reckoned it was because she was overtired though she would never admit it. Anne was very adamant on the fact that she hadn’t really done anything but hold Ann’s hand and so was fine. Ann knew better – Anne hadn’t just held her hand. But thought her wife rather sweet.
“I’ll get some work done, and catch up with my journaling then, if you want to rest.” Anne told her but Ann stopped her,
“No, come here – hold me.”
Anne did as she was told and nestling into her wife – she felt all the exhaustion hit her and she sighed content,
“You’re a mummy now! – Isn’t it weird that just yesterday you were at work – no idea that Alfred would be here in just a few hours.”
“Mm… it’s wonderous but let’s just rest our eyes and voices for one moment, dearest.” Ann told her as she nuzzled into her wife’s side, content and happy to finally be able to rest on her side comfortably again. Anne played with her hair, running her hands down her back until they both drifted off to sleep for a little while until their baby craved their attention and care again.