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The return of the Lesbian Godmothers (When Charles dies...)

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Ann was sat with the examinations of her student’s arts projects and she was running out of time – she only had four hours left until she had to report their results into the system of the university. Marian eyed her with worry, as she hummed and sighed quite a bit and loudly, twirling her pen between her fingers.
“You alright over there?”
“Well, I’m under stress and press… the only thing I’m not under right now is Anne, which is a damn shame to be honest.”
“Seeing as you’re stressed, and all that I’m going to pretend that that wasn’t too much information.”
“Mm, you’ve seen worse – you saw my sketches, didn’t you?” Ann murmured, skimming through the next folder and Marian did a double take,
“What? You mean those from your class?”
“Mm, well yes – but they weren’t really from my class.”
“Do not tell me that it was my sister. Don’t Ann! No! URGH.” Marian shuddered, closing her eyes shut as if the images would be gone if she did. Ann looked at her for a second, smirking,
“To my defence they weren’t meant for anyone’s eyes.”
“Oh Lord. Oh no. Oh, you’ve disturbed my equilibrium. Ann… no! Why would you paint her like that – if that isn’t the queerest thing you’ve done!”
Marian was staring at the blonde, who merely continued looking over the sketches and paintings of her students but she was smiling small, licking her finger to turn a page – not turning around in her chair when she answered her,
“It isn’t.”
“What’s that then?”
“Your sister.” 
“Urgh no! Ann!  For God’s sake. NO! I’m putting my foot down. Urgh, I need to move out.”
“Hm it’s true though.” Ann mumbled amused, moving over to a new folder and Marian might have said something else but just then Anne entered the room, dressed to impress – Looking dapper and bright, about to head out for dinner with the trustees for Yorkshire’s universities history departments. Anne said nothing as she entered, and Ann didn’t even turn her head to look at her at first – too engrossed in the art before her. She did look up slightly though when Anne ran her fingers over her shoulders before bending her head down to kiss her wife deliciously. Ann rested her hand over the one that sat on her shoulder, giving it a quick kiss before continuing with her work but Anne didn’t leave her side.
“I have a question about my clothes.” Anne began, a little self-conscious and Ann dropped the folder and turned in her chair to properly admire her wife. Ann ran a hand down her arm, smiling as she saw the cufflinks Anne was wearing – the ones she had given her for their anniversary that year. Ann kissed her fingers,
“What about them? Because you do look handsome, pony.”
“I just, is it too much? Too little? – I…” Anne bit down on her lip, opening her arms and Ann smirked,
“Give me a twirl, dearest.”
Anne blew air out of her nose, about to protest when Ann gave her a stern look and Anne obligingly turned for her wife.
“Oh, no you’re right. They might be distracted by how good you look in that, pony.” Ann grinned and Anne rolled her eyes at her and Ann grabbed her hand,
“Seriously, dearest – you are beautiful, and that suit is perfectly handsome on you.”
“I would prefer it off though.” Ann added cheekily and Marian banged her head against her book,
“I’m still in here! Oh, please don’t. Why am I always around for these things!?”
Anne merely smiled sheepishly, kissing her wife again, and when she tried to pull back, Ann pressed her hand to her neck to keep her in place – running a hand through her dark mane.
“I thought you were in a hurry to get these results done?” Anne murmured against her lips, smiling amused and Ann pecked her lips chastely before releasing her from her grip,
“Urgh, yes, good, uh, alright... Have fun – but not too much fun. If there’s lipstick on your collar, I will kick your arse.”
“In your state?” Anne teased and Ann glared at her, perfectly serious,
“I will disinherit you, me and your unborn child will overthrow you – and then we’ll leave you with only the shed.”
“It’s a chaumiére.”
“Sex hut.” Marian snorted loudly and annoyed, raising her teacup to her lips,
Anne’ sentence died as she gulped at Ann’s penetrating stare,
“Right… no, of course I won’t. I love you, Adney.”
“Don’t be too late?” Ann glanced at her a bit doe-eyed, and Anne kissed her irresistible pink lips, leaning her forehead against hers for a second,  
“I promise.”
Anne then pressed a kiss to her forehead before heading towards the door,
“Oh, and I love you, Anne.” Ann gave her a shout and Anne ran back kissing her one last time happily,
“God, I don’t want to go – I don’t want to leave you!”
“It’s for a few hours for the love of…” Marian groaned, and their heads turned to her for a moment,
Anne turned back to her wife, kissing her on the forehead tenderly,
“I’ll be back before twelve. Or around twelve. I will endeavour to be here at midnight.”
“Learnt not to lie to your wife?” Marian questioned, huffing at the same time, giving her sister an annoyed look, and Anne sighed,
“None of your business, Marian!”
“Anne.” Ann lectured her and Anne forced a smile,
“My wife is my life, and I’ve promised to keep her happy thus no lies.”
“Good, here’s a treat.” Ann laughed kissing Anne before pushing at her, “Now go or you’ll be late.”
“I’ll miss you!” Anne shouted, but Marian pushed her out, closed the door in her face and locked it before turning to Ann who just stared at her a bit stunned,
“I’m sorry but she would’ve never left if I hadn’t done that.”
“I guess that’s true.” Ann agreed, and Marian sat down again to return to her book and Ann slumped down in her seat going over the last few folders.

Ann wasn’t quite sure why but an hour into it, tears began burning behind her eyes and she sniffled trying to keep the tears at bay, and Marian turned in her seat, immediately alerted,
“What’s the matter, Ann?”
“Nothing.” Ann wiped her nose with the back of her hand, turning away but Marian stood up and put a hand on her shoulder,
“Is it something the matter with… are you in pain?”
“No.” Ann forced through her tight throat, gripping her pen tighter in her hand.
“Then what’s happened? Ann, you can tell me, I might’ve been annoyed with Anne before but I’m not with you. Or if you’d rather tell Aunt Anne, I’ll get her.”
“It’s just… It’s ridiculous really…” Ann snivelled, and Marian frowned, her eyebrows raised in confusion,
“Tell me?”
“I miss her.” Ann mumbled, and Marian glanced down at her,
“Who? Your sister?”
“Anne…” Ann said sheepishly and though it was comical she began sobbing nevertheless and Marian was a little at loss of what to do with her, she wasn’t good with people crying – she did a fair bit of it herself but helping others? – She thought herself as pretty lousy at that.
“Oh Ann… she’s only been gone an hour.”
“I know, I know… but I miss her!” Ann laughed and sobbed all the same, and Marian wrapped her arms around her, thinking it might bring her some comfort,
“I mean I can relate to crying over my sister but maybe not because I miss her.”
“She’s so… oh, I love her. I want her to come home now.”
“Do you want me to call her?” Marian wondered and Ann sobered up, straightening in her chair,
“What? No! Marian, that’s desperate.”
“Okay…” Marian held her hands up and after seeing that Ann was alright ventured back to her seat, thinking to herself that Ann’s emotions was a right down rollercoaster at present.

Later that night Ann lay in bed, hardly able to sleep – glancing at her phone non-stop to see if there was a message from her wife but nothing. And she was nearing one in the morning. Ann was beginning to worry quite a bit but remained in bed – trying to sleep. Anne would come back all in one piece as usual – she was always late from these things. Closer to half one there was a soft creak as the door opened and Anne sneaked in, already dressed for bed – having visited the bathroom before trying to creep into the bedroom.
“Are you awake?” Anne whispered softly, and Ann groaned in reply, sleep-drunken but awake, and Anne winched,
“Do you want… Can I sleep with you? – I reek a bit.”
Ann rolled on her back and opened her arms – lifting up the blanket,
Anne ran over the floorboards, climbing into the bed and Ann grabbed her face between her hands and pecked her lips before kissing her forehead lazily,
“I missed you.” 
“You did now, did you?” Anne smirked against her lips and Ann pecked them again, 
“Mm, not too much though.” 
“Marian already told me.”
“Urgh, it was a minor break-down and that’s the hormones’ fault.” Ann groaned but then she giggled, kissing her wife again fondly, so happy to have her next to her again.
“I missed you too, Adney – all night. I wish you could’ve come with me.” Anne told her and Ann turned around in her embrace and Anne snuggled into her, wrapping her arm across her abdomen protectively, caressing the bump gently, kissing Ann’s exposed shoulders,
“I love you and the little one.”
“You better love this baby after all the throwing up I’ve done.” Ann smirked and Anne kissed her neck,
“No need to worry, I would die for both of you.”
“Yeah, thanks but don’t do anything stupid!” Ann mumbled, and Anne nuzzled her nose into her hair, inhaling her scent,
“God, I love you – You’re my wife!”
“I am.” Ann snorted, eyes closed – half-asleep,
“You married me.”
“I did.”
“In-front of people.”
“I know I was there.” Ann murmured amused, and Anne hummed into her hair, wrapping herself snugger around Ann, touching her bump,
“We’re having a baby… that’s insane.” Anne told her whilst Ann pushed her back to Anne, wanting her as near as possible,
“I know. There’s going to be a little mini-you roaming around Halifax – poor people really.”
Anne snorted, chuckling quietly,
“Suits them after the hell they tried to give me and then us.” 
“I don’t get it, why don’t the people in town like you?” Ann wondered, tiredly, she couldn’t fathom that not everyone was as in love and in awe with her wife as she was. Anne ran her hand over the bump absentmindedly,
“Because I can do things they can’t.”
Ann turned a little in Anne’s embrace, opening her eyes slightly,
“Mind my own business, for one.” Anne huffed and Ann laughed, turning completely to give her a kiss.
“This is why I love you. So much sass.”
“What did you say about my arse?”
“I was talking about your sass, but I guess one hears what one wants.”
“My arse is golden.”
“Mm, It’s pretty nice actually. I prefer your arms though, and God your thighs and mmm, your tits.”
Ann placed her head against her wife’s breasts and Anne rolled her eyes, running a hand through Ann’s golden curls,
“What’s with you and my tits?”
“They are nice. I like them – they are soft and lovely.” Ann kissed them and Anne laughed,
“Are you too tired or?” 
“I thought you’d never ask.” Ann sat up in bed, throwing the shirt she had worn over her head, seating herself over her wife’s abdomen – completely nude. Anne ran her hands over her thighs, and Ann bent her head down to kiss her deliciously slow and Anne moaned against her lips, running her tongue over her lips before being granted entrance into her soft mouth. Ann grinded a little into Anne’s lap and Anne was happy to help her, lowering a hand to rub against her wife’s bundle of nerves softly making Ann squirm and moan under her touch.
“Oh, I love you, Anne.” Ann whispered hotly in her ear, as Anne stroke her over the top of her queer – feeling her wetness against her hand.
“Not as much as I do you.” Anne mumbled, aroused by her wife grinding into her, raising the other hand to caress her breast and run her thumb against her hardened nipple. Ann bit her lip hard growling and Anne smirked at her pulling her down to kiss her. Ann responded desperately to her kisses, her mouth by Anne’s ear,
“I want you inside me.”
“Are you sure? – In your…”
“Dr Lister you don’t believe that old myth, right?” Ann teased her and Anne kissed her hard before adhering to her wife’s wish, watching her come undone above her. It was an odd thing to have Ann on top, but Anne didn’t mind the view. Ann shook a little, and Anne brought her down to rest against her breasts – Ann panted loudly but glancing up at Anne giggling at the same time.
“How are you so great?”
“I don’t know you tell me.” Anne smiled down at her, and Ann raised Anne’s hand and kissed her fingers, entwining them with hers, making Anne laugh at her.
“You feel alright?” Anne wondered then, “I don’t think you should lie like that for too long.”
“Urgh, no.” Ann sighed, pushing herself up from Anne as she indeed was little uncomfortable lying on her stomach – and to be frank a little worried about the baby.
“You’re gorgeous.”  Anne smiled, running her hand along Ann’s curves and Ann rolled her eyes,
“I’m swollen just about everywhere.”
“You’re pregnant. It’s all baby and water.” Anne told her, caressing her bump, feeling a tiny foot under her hand and her eyes widened as she locked eyes with Ann,
“Did the baby just kick?! Did it?”
“Yeah. Well, you woke it up.” Ann smirked, and Anne’s lips crashed unto hers, and Ann laughed at her merrily – she had been able to feel that for a while.
“Are you crying, dearest?” Ann wondered, trying to sneak Anne’s face from under her neck,
“No…” Anne said strained, and Ann forced her face up, and kissed her tears away,
“You’re just adorable, aren’t you?” 
“Seriously Ann – that’s our baby! – We’re going to have a baby! It’s… I never thought I wanted one but – Ann!” Anne told her, her usually steady voice shaking.
“Yes, it’s incredible. I can’t wait to see what it looks like. What do you think we’ll have?” Ann caressed her wife over the back as she lay snuggled into her side, Anne pondered this,
“I have a feeling it’s a boy, but you never know – but my mother and her mother and hers all had boys the first time around – and seeing as it is my egg – I’m guessing boy. But I’ll be just as happy if it’s a girl. If it’s a goat though I might be a little sceptical at first.”
Ann laughed at her wife, clutching the side of her stomach as a stitch was coming on,
“Anne! What the actual fuck? How drunk are you?”
“What? Point is, I’ll love this little one no matter what.” Anne grinned, leaning down to kiss the baby bump,
“Hello… ‘tis your mother – the cool one.”
“What!” Ann gasped, “I’m the cool one – you’re the jump out of… oh wait I guess you’re the cool one. I’m the responsible and fun mum.”
“Don’t listen to her, she gets cranky this time of night.”  Anne looked at the bump, and Ann laughed at her.
“I thought you said it was ridiculous talking to unborn babies.” Ann mused, playing with strands of Anne’s hair,
“Well they were being ridiculous about it – wanting other people to talk to it – that’s weird. I’m not going to press my face up against a woman I hardly like and talk to her crotch.” Anne said seriously having Ann in almost tears from laughter,
“You are just ridiculous, Anne.”
“Don’t listen to mummy – she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. This way you’ll know my voice when you decide mummy’s womb is too uncomfortable for you (ungrateful twat) and pop your head and shoulders out.”
Ann was crying from laughter, hurting badly from it and Anne just looked at her with a small smile playing her lips.
“It’s going to kick my bladder all night Anne!” Ann complained through her laughter, and Anne frowned and turned her eyes to the bump again.
“Stop kicking your mummy young Sir or Madam! No – stop it! Don’t make me come in there!”
Ann wheezed, she could hardly breathe from laughing too hard, and Anne smirked at her,
“Baby has a noise complaint – I think it’s your laughter keeping baby up.”
“Then stop being ridiculous, pony!” Ann told her, and Anne sneaked her way up her body, kissing her softly muffling her laughter,
“You’re so beautiful.” Anne murmured against her lips caressing her cheek, brushing a few hairs from her face. Ann exhaled deeply, calming her laughter and composing herself whilst Anne kissed her face sweetly.
“Oh.” Ann frowned, “I did mean it though – this baby will be up till dawn now – and so will I.”
Anne glanced down at her bump, running her hand over it – feeling small kicks underneath her palm.
“Do you feel them more on the inside than on the outside? Anne inquired, fascinated by the body and it’s changes,
“Mm.”  Ann mumbled, running her own hand over the bump – tiny bit uncomfortable. Anne kissed her before lying down by her bump again, running her hand over it in soothing movements,
“Don’t laugh Ann but I’m going to sing to it.” Anne told her seriously and Ann bit her lip to keep from laughter.
“And you thought they were being silly?”
“For making random people do it. We’re alone in our bedroom in the dark of night. Besides, as a Doctor…”
“Of Classics!” Ann spouted amused, and Anne rolled her eyes,
“I have a PhD in female anatomy as well, I’ll have you know – And am well aware how pregnancy works. Babies do hear our voices in there – that’s how they recognise their mother’s voice et cetera. So… I’m going to try and sing it to sleep – apparently that works according to Maria who swears by it.” Anne told her smiling, feeling rather silly but still adamant on making her wife comfortable and allow her some sleep. Ann shifted, but nodded,
“Alright then – I won’t laugh.” 
“Here goes nothing urgh… ‘Stars shining bright above you, night breezes seem to whisper I love you, birds singing in the Sycamore tree, dream a little dream of me…’” Anne sang beautifully Ann thought – feeling her own eyes droop and the baby did settle after a little while to Anne’s soft singing.
“It worked.”  Ann mumbled surprised, and Anne smiled wide, coming up to kiss her,
“I told you so. I am always right.”
Anne kissed her forehead, and Ann mumbled and nuzzled into her – making herself comfortable.
“What time is it?”
“Eh, about twenty to three.” Anne replied her, trying to see the hands on the watch in the dark.
“I never took care of you.” Ann mumbled, running her hand down Anne’s body but Anne stopped her hand, kissing it,
“You don’t have to – not tonight. You’re tired.”
“But you gave me – and I know you want…” Ann began but Anne shushed her,
“Not tonight – I’ll live, I promise. You’re pregnant – you deserve to be spoiled.”
“Oh” Ann groaned, twisting and turning for a bit and Anne gazed down at her, forehead wrinkled and looking rather worried for her,
“I could just kill for peanut-butter ice-cream with chocolate right about now.” Ann mumbled into her neck, and Anne raised her eyebrows,
“Well, that’s oddly specific.”
“Mm – but it’s the absolute best, isn’t it?”
“You don’t even like peanut-butter?” Anne questioned, “You hate it when I eat it! Once you forced me to brush my teeth before I kissed you after having it.”
“Mm, baby wants it so bad.” Ann groaned, so tired but fully awake, “It’s all I can think about.”
Ann’s stomach growled, and Anne bit her lip not to laugh – uncertain if the hormones in her wife could take being laughed at, at the moment.
“Do you want me to get you some?”  Anne wondered, and Ann glanced at her,
“But we don’t have any?”
“I’ll go out and get you some at the petrol station.”  Anne offered, and Ann’s eyes filled with tears,
“I don’t deserve you.”
“Shush, shush, shush, Ann – love, don’t cry. You deserve everything in the world – and I vowed to cherish you so…” Anne kissed her over the hair before rolling out of bed,
“I’ll be back soon.”
Anne threw on a pair of black trousers and a green jumper that lay across the chair before running downstairs, picking up her car keys before realising she’d been drinking a fair bit tonight. She dropped them sighing, but nevertheless made to run down to Halifax when Marian appeared behind her,
“What are you doing at this time of night? – If you’re leaving Ann, I’m killing you. Aunt will help me hide your body. No one will find it. Ever.”  
“I…uh, mm, she needs ice-cream.” Anne explained and Marian snorted amused,
“Oh, I guess you’re rather sweet for once then.”
“Yes, Um, I might be a little longer – I forgot I’d been drinking so I’ll need to run.”
“Fuck that. I’ll drive you.”  Marian offered, “So long as I needn’t leave the car because I can’t be arsed to change from my pyjamas.”
“Thank you, Marian.” Anne smiled, and Marian waved her hand,
“Don’t mention it. It’s for Ann, right? And for you, idiot. You’re my sister and I love you.”
“I love you too, but if we’re about to get sentimental – you’re dead wrong.”
“No. We’re about to do some… teamwork.” Marian got into the driver’s seat, and Anne jumped in on the other side. Marian turned the key and the car started and from the radio blasted, ‘We are family’ and they looked at each other and without a single word they raised their hands, and they high fived,
“Lister sisters.”
“That was freaky.”  Marian said as they drove down the road,
“Yup – sometimes it scares me how much we think alike.”
“Mm. Ditto.”

Marian drove them quickly – which was surprising, but they were on a mission and when they did collaborate for once – they always did well. Which should inspire them to be on each other’s side more often but much to the vexation of Ann and Aunt Anne – alas no!
Anne threw herself out of the car, running into the Petrol station service shop.
Her eyes immediately found the fridge and after a quick sweep of the Haagen-Daz’s, she turned to the Ben & Jerry shelves – finding one with ‘Peanut butter cups’ which was peanut butter and chocolate – exactly what Ann wanted. Anne took it out, picked up another bar of Ann’s favourite galaxy chocolate bar just to be on the safe side before approaching the counter to pay.
“That’ll be £6.” The cashier told her, and Anne nodded, reaching down into her pocket to take her wallet up only to realise she’d forgot it. Anne felt in her other pocket before staring at the cashier,
“Oh, I must’ve forgotten my wallet – Um, I’ll just pop into the car to get it.”
“We close in a minute, ma’am.”
“Yes, but I…”
“Fear not sister dear...”
Anne turned around to see Marian standing in the door in her pyjamas with a tenner in her hand, and to be fair, looking more chivalrous than she had ever seen her sister – she might’ve never been happier to see her,
“I’ll pay!”
The cashier sighed as if he thought it annoying that Anne could buy the items. But nevertheless, took the note from Marian and handed back the change and they left the shop and got into the car. 
“Lister sisters.” They high-fived each other and then went quiet,
“Let’s never tell anyone we did that.” Anne glanced at her sister who drove, and Marian shook her head,
“My sentiment exactly.”
They got back in record time and Anne glanced at Marian for a second,
“I owe you one.” 
“Just don’t be a twat all the time and we’re even.” Marian told her and Anne stopped with her hand on the handle,
“Oh right, I should give you your £6.”
“Never mind. It’s on me. Besides, you’ve paid for me lots of times. What are sisters for if not exploiting them for money?”
“True.” Anne told her before throwing herself out the car, running inside grabbing a spoon in the kitchen before running upstairs to her wife. 
“I’m here!”
“You really, did it?” Ann’s eyes filled with tears as Anne handed her the ice-cream and spoon.
“Of course I did – no trouble at all. I’ll do anything for you and especially now.”
“I don’t deserve you.” Ann wept, staring at her ice-cream and Anne threw off her clothes that sat over her pyjamas before laying down on bed again caressing Ann’s cheek,
“Of course you do. I think it’s me who don’t deserve you most of the time.”
“I’m fat…”
“Ann, you’re pregnant – 27 weeks and you are still tiny. It’s just a bump – a baby bump poking out. You’re not fat and even if you became fat – who the fuck cares? There’ll be more of you to love and I love you no matter what. Fat is an adjective, by the way – it does not equal ugly. Fuck society for that equation.” Anne told her seriously, kissing her tears away and Ann inhaled, a little shaky, still crying a little.
“It’s just the hormones, love. It’s alright – I’m here. Eat your ice-cream.” Anne put her head on her shoulder and Ann whimpered,
“I feel disgusting.”
“What?!” Anne raised her head, sneaking her arm around Ann’s shoulder, sitting up so she could rest against her instead, running her free hand over her bump,
“I’m disgusting.”
“No. Adney, why would you say that?” Anne wondered, and Ann sniffled,
“Because I feel huge and insanely bloated and I’m eating ice-cream in the middle of the night, that you were forced to go get for me.”
Anne held her closer, kissing her temple,
“Adney, retaining water is common and, it’s fine. And baby wants that ice-cream – that’s why you get cravings. It’s perfectly natural. I’m a doctor, trust me. I’ve seen worse. Here.” Anne took the ice-cream from Ann, scooping up a fair amount on the spoon before eating it,
“Of classics.” Ann mumbled, whilst Anne ate, and the brunette smirked before digging in for another mouthful but holding it out for Ann who were still teary but nevertheless accepted it.
“It’s delicious, hm?” Anne smiled, taking another spoonful herself, drying her wife’s tears away before giving her another spoonful,
“You think I’m pathetic?” Ann wondered and Anne laughed kindly, 
“No. You’re pregnant. This is normal. High levels of hormones do make you emotional and baby craves things - it’s perfectly natural.  I think you’re fun and gorgeous. I mean how often am I allowed to eat ice-cream in bed with my naked wife in the middle of the night?”
Ann pulled the covers higher – self-conscious but Anne kissed her sweetly on the corner of her mouth, licking some chocolate away making Ann laugh at her,
“Oink.” Anne snorted with a smirk, kissing her forehead -stealing another spoonful of ice-cream only to make Ann feel better about eating it.
“Will you come with me to the check-up next week?” Ann wondered, and Anne kissed her nose, 
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I told you – this baby is ours and you shouldn’t have to do anything alone. I talked to them at work and they said I could reschedule my lecture that afternoon so I can hold your hand whilst you have your bloodwork done and all that.”
“I love you, Anne. You’re the absolute best wife in the world.”
“Ah… second best.”  
“What?” Ann looked at her, and Anne smirked,
“Mm, you see I happen to have the best wife in the world.”
Ann laughed and shook her head at her, and Anne kissed her cheek again, running a hand over the growing bump,
“Can’t wait to see little one again.”
“Me neither.”
“Oh, and before I forget – I got galaxy for you as well. It’s downstairs, if you crave something sweet to take with you to work in the morning.”
“You’re just the sweetest aren’t you, dearest?” Ann smiled, kissing her wife fondly on the lips and Anne grinned wide, noticing Ann’s eyes drooping, and therefore took the ice-cream from her placing it on the nightstand – it could melt for all she cared, and Ann then fell asleep in her arms snoring softly. And though some nights that might disturb and annoy Anne – that sound was also so deeply connected with her wife – so she only smiled to herself and let herself be lulled to sleep by her wife’s snores.