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All in Your Head

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Toothless abruptly woke up from his nap.  Hiccup was talking to Astro-star-girl.  Mneh mneh mneh… he normally tuned out two-leg conversations. Mneh mneh dragons mn dragons? Better noise-listen now.

“…running a temperature.  Like, a ridiculously high one.  Let me…”

Hiccup was telling the starry-kiss kiss-girl about his dragon-hot temperature. Now he was talking about…Toothless?

“Hiccup” the dragon pressed his thoughts towards the boy-man.  “What are you talk-telling…”  he was fully alert now.  “Telling starry-one about us.”  His young Viking winced as he got more annoying. “Stop STOP  It’s SECRET  Danger-tell stop STOP


“Ever since I woke up, something- sometimes I- it’s like I’m tuning in or something and I can…get the gist of what Toothless is-“  Hiccup pressed his eyes closed and cringed.  The feeling he now recognized as Toothless’s voice was pushing at him, louder and louder, to shut up, not tell.  He attempted to continue, “Uh what Toothless is saeahhh”  He couldn’t concentrate, and Astrid was sitting there looking worried, and he really needed to tell her.  Standing up and whipping around to face his dragon, he shouted, “I have to!” 

Hiccup sat back down, breathing hard.  He took a deep breath and shot, “Sometimes I understand what Toothless is saying.”

When he glanced at Astrid, she was sitting on her rock, jaw dropped.  Great.  Even his girlfriend was freaked out.  How was he supposed to run a village if the person closest to him couldn’t even-


“Okay, so what are you going to do about it?” Astrid interrupted Hiccup’s inner monologue mid-stream.

Hiccup shrugged, then scratched the back of his neck.  “I hadn’t really…Gods I’m sorry Astrid.  I’ve been horrible, really touchy, I know.”

“Hey,” Astrid said softly, “If this was happening to me?  I’d be a lot more touchy.” She paused, positive Hiccup wouldn’t want to talk about what she was about to bring up.  “Have you uh- talked to your mother?”  Astrid was still leery to the whole boyfriend’s-mom-is-a dragon-lady thing.

“No.  Of course not!  What am I supposed to say?  ‘Hey Mom, guess what? I have some weird dragon infection! So do you have any secret remedies for that?’ Anyway, I’m usually gone most of the day, and I don’t think she’s noticed anything different about me.  She’s not exactly used to human behavior interpretation.”

Astrid smacked Hiccup on the side of the head.  He yelped, “What was that for?”

“For not talking to your mother, stupid.  She lived with dragons for twenty years, I think she might know something about it!”

“Fine, I will.” If Hiccup was totally honest with himself, he loved his mother, but he didn’t really know her. Hence he hadn’t asked her about his…problem. “Now I actually did mean to take you on a date, so let’s have something other than sandwiches.”  Hiccup unbuckled a basket from his saddle, and tossed Toothless a mackerel from it before coming back to Astrid, who glanced at her half eaten sandwich lying on the ground.