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Turning to the said woman, “What are you doing here?” Knowing exactly why the witch is here. To create havoc before her wedding. “You went digging into my past to find dirt. The best you got was the man who walked out on his family.”

Her father voice, “Felicity.”

“No. You and…” Felicity points her finger to Laurel Lance, “You, aren’t invited to my wedding.” Just as Laurel opens her mouth, “I vetoed Samantha’s niceties. You may have helped her through a hard time in her past. You’ve tried to make mine a living hell.” Samantha had a heavy hand getting her wishes of how the brides would celebrate. Felicity just asked for a few things. One was not having a woman who was or is actively trying to break up one of their weddings.

She focusses on her father, “Did she tell you about trying to distribute a porn video that starred me and my fiancé?” Noah glances at the woman who brought him to Starling. He doesn’t know the history of these two. “Yea, your underage daughter being trifled with just so she thinks she can claw her way back into his life.”

“Felicity, I didn’t know. She just said that you were out of your depth. A child-bride being forced to marry because of appearances.”

“Did she?”

“I did. You and Oliver aren’t meant to be together. He knocked you up. Being with you is out of duty and keeping his family’s name clean.”

A feral scream is heard.

A white blur is seen as it goes after the well-dressed brunette.





In a high-end boutique located in downtown Starling City. A bride-to-be is over another woman. Soon pulled from the puddle of white fluff and moving limbs. Noah Kuttler struggles to contain his feisty daughter.

“Get off me!” Felicity calls out as she’s pulled from on top of the brunette who is covering her face trying to keep from being punched.

“Felicity, calm down.”

Felicity slightly relaxing as her father holds her back until she realizes its her father holding her back, “Don’t touch me.” She pushes slightly to be free of his hold, “I don’t need you.”

“It doesn’t seem like that to me.” Noah exclaims then adding insult to injury as he proclaims, “You’re not being very ladylike.”

That gets the opposite effect he was going for as she snaps back, “You don’t get to dictate anything as you walked out on me when I needed you most.” Huffing, “Go! And take the trash with you.”


“Please don’t!” Noah walks to her as she backs up from him. She can see that her dress isn’t as perfect with a visible piece of teared fabric now hanging loose, “You’ve done enough damage here.” Stressing the word for emphasis, “Dad.”

“Baby girl.”

Felicity doesn’t want to cry. Not give her father the satisfaction. Especially not give the woman who came here to break up a happy moment in her life. Laurel Lance is a royal bitch. It wasn’t enough of trying to ruin her reputation the girl had to find a link to her self-worth. Her father left a gapping hole. It has never truly mended.

It is the boutique owner that moves to stand before Felicity and the intruders.

“Leave or the police will be called.”

“She’s my daughter.”

“She doesn’t want to interact here. I suggest you do it elsewhere.”

Noah nods as he can tell this scene is more than either he or his daughter can handle.

“I’ll go.” He calls out to his daughter telling her that he’d be in touch. Laurel has already left the establishment. What she wanted has happened.

Observing that the girl in a beautiful dress is frozen in her spot as she watches her father leave. A tear runs down the girl’s cheek.

“Felicity?” It is said two more times before the owner gets Felicity’s attention. “Come on, we need to see about fixing your dress.”

There is a nod but that only gets Felicity to crunch down and begins to cry. She hasn’t seen her father in about ten years. She doesn’t do much other than follow the simple instruction of the woman before her.

Right now. She is lost. Hurt. Angry. These was supposed to be her happy moments. Everything leading to being bound to the guy that makes her heart patter.

She can sense she is being lifted. Finally, focusing on her surroundings. She makes out her driver is in the fitting room with her. It seems he carried her to a secluded room. He is now backing out. Leaving her alone with the older lady. Now noticing the bobby pins where her dress tore.

“That must have been a lot to take in.”

“Huh?” Taking the glass of water.

“You fainted my dear.”


The woman taking the glass back mentions, “I have called Mrs. Queen. She is on her way.”

“Oh, no.” Felicity siting back down, “I’m so sorry. I am fine now.”

“Child, you will be. For now, you need all the care in the world. Now let me get this dress off you and make the mends needed. I promised you.” The woman eyes are warm as she holds Felicity’s stare, “You would look like a princess when we started. Now allow me to keep my promise.”

“Of course.”

Felicity is still distressed but having simple goals to follow she does her best to comply. The owner begins unzipping her dress. With a heavy sigh she lets the dress go. Hoping the woman who is helping her can perform miracles. Laurel really did enjoy grappling a hold on the material before fearing for her life as Felicity got at least one solid punch in.

Siting to the side in her street clothes beholding the other brides-to-be at the shop. It brings her back to when her excited mother swayed Felicity to get the frills that her mother said she deserved. For the first time Felicity wanted to please her mother so bad. Give her the thrills of the mother of the bride. Trying on many dresses until Donna Smoak showed the excitement as she gathered her daughter in a massive hug. Finding the dress.


That is all it takes. Her name being called out. 

“Oh honey.” Moira calls out as she takes in the seventeen-year-old into her arms. Not wanting to add to any drama she stays silent. Letting the teenager in her arms to find an equilibrium. Take the reigns of what is to be said. Hearing that it was her father that disrupted this beautiful time for his daughter. Moira is heartbroken for Felicity. 

“My dress is ruined.” Moira holding a now hiccupping girl. “I saw red and I had to…” A hiccup, “I had to take that smirk off her face. I didn’t think…”

“It’s okay. It is just a dress.”

“It’s a beautiful dress my mom spent a fortune on. She’ll be devasted that I…”

“Sweetheart.” Moira makes sure that Felicity is looking at her, “Your mom is such an understanding woman. She’ll look at whatever tatters the dress is in and only worry about the child she loves more than anything.”

“How do you feel?” Felicity gazes the woman holding her, “I wasn’t ladylike at all.”

Moira snorts a little. Of course, Felicity is worried about everyone except herself, “My feelings are irrelevant. Though I am so proud. I heard you swung high.”

Looking down at her hands.

“Her head felt like a stack of bricks.”

Moira says nothing to encourage the young lady. They’re lucky to be in a private boutique. Only a handful of eyes saw the display.

“I think I may have broken my hand on that concrete head of hers.”

“We should have it iced.” Now that she has Felicity talking. Moira can sense some relief. Knowing a talking Felicity is always better than an inaudible moody version she’s heard her son talk to her about on a few occasions. “Let’s check the total damage of the dress before we go. If it is salvageable. We’ll see what we can do.”


Leaving the boutique. Moira makes sure to keep the small talk about the little things that make Felicity jovial. With the wedding being tomorrow. The dress needs major reparations. It doesn’t look good.

Moira is by her future-daughter-in-law’s side. Telling her all will be alright.

Even with a ruined dress. Glad that the fight that was explained on the phone about Felicity wasn’t as bad as Moira thought it would be on the drive to comfort the girl. Being vague with Oliver why she needed to leave Alexander back in his care because throughout tradition the groom doesn’t see the wedding dress and she wants to make sure that still occurred. Her son would have been the one to run in a flash to make sure Felicity was okay. 



Observing the vehicle coming to a halt from the sitting room window Oliver shows glee to bring his son up into his arms and walk to meet the woman they both miss.

“Look who is back.” Oliver doesn’t even need to say anything as Alexander picked up on his mother’s presence. The little boy wiggling in his father’s arms. “Okay, okay I know. You prefer your momma to me, dada.”

The boy still trying to get to his mom. An excitement building.

“Hi baby.” Felicity eagerly takes her son into her arms. After the cryfest earlier she is just so glad to be home. She may be in the Queen manor but to Felicity. Home is wherever her soon-to-be-husband and son are. “I’ve missed you.” Kissing the child in her arms a few times before a cough is heard and she reaches out to kiss Oliver.

“About time.” He then gives her a good look, “Is everything alright?”

That is Moira’s cue to take her grandson and call out that brunch will be served in the dining room.

“I’m fine. Hungry though.”

“Your eyes are all blotchy.” Oliver than inquires, “Was my mother with you? She left Alexander with me saying she was needed.” It doesn’t take to long before he adds, “You wanted to go alone.” A disturbing concept goes through his mind, “Felicity did something happen?”

“Babe, I’m…”

“Don’t!” He doesn’t like this at all, “I call you babe on occasion. You only call me that when you’re trying to placate me.” He stresses his next few words, “What happened?”

“Nothing.” Oliver not believing her. Especially after he eyes her bruised hand. His facial reaction tells a story more than any words that can be said. As he waits for the truth. Aware that his stare into her soul is intensifying its better to just tell him the truth, “I punched Laurel in the face.”

“Um.” A sound of disbelief, “What?”

“She came to the boutique. Must have creeped her way in. Mentioning our wedding. The audacity to think she was even invited.”

Shaking his head to that thought alone, “Who would invite her?”

“Samantha originally did. I vetoed that down quickly.”

“I wouldn’t want her at the wedding. I can’t believe Sammie would even do that.” Oliver doesn’t look happy at all.

Felicity sighs as she really doesn’t want to discuss this, “There is more.”

“More?” Oliver has had it with his ex’s shenanigans, “Of course there is more. Do I even want to know what else that spiteful witch did?”

Felicity stays still as a tear threatens to fall. Her mind back at the boutique.

“Baby?” Oliver makes sure to wrap her in a tight hug. Sensing the small tremors of her breakdown beginning to take over. Safe in his arms. “I’ve got you.”

They’re in the middle of the foyer still. Moira making sure that no one disturbs them especially her daughter who is forcibly standing behind her mother. The scene as Felicity is uncontrollably crying in her fiancé’s arms.

“What’s going on mom?” Thea trying to be quiet as possible as the concern for her sister-to-be rises, “Isn’t she supposed to be happy?”

“Thea, come along. Leave them be. I need to tend to some calls.”


“Shh!” Moira already pushing her daughter away from the spectacle. “Leave them be.” Giving her daughter the don’t even think it look. Thea moving along knowing the price of breaking her mother’s wishes is high. That look isn’t used often but any child of Moira’s knows it well enough due to the dire punishment it holds.

Moira takes one last look at her overwhelmed son and hurting daughter. It is time to make sure no unwelcomed guests makes it into the Merlyn Gala. 

Unaware of anyone’s presence. Oliver still intending to hold his girl for as long as she needs him. Her sobbing subsides. Oliver doesn’t yet know what else Dinah Laurel Lance is responsible for. That woman is becoming the bane of his existence. Detecting that Felicity is pulling away he slowly disentangles his tight hold on her.

“Thank you.”

“You never need to say that to me. I’m always going to have your back.”

She pushes herself back into embrace. Allowing this moment to just be loved by the man that means the world to her. Being loved by him is her everything. Once upon a time the thought of being lost in someone was ludicrous. Now ending each day in Oliver’s arms is a dream come true.  

“You don’t need to say anything yet. We can go to the conservatory I know how much you like the view from there or just hang in our room, but you’ve been stuck there more…”

She can’t help but blurt out, “I love you.”

“I love you too. Come on, where to?”

“I’d like to clean up. Then maybe some ice cream and…”


“I guess we should talk about my meltdown.”

“We can if that is what you need. I can handle having your mom picked up. You don’t need to worry about…”

“Oh my gosh. My mom! How am I going to tell my mom?”

Oliver doesn’t know what happened at the dress shop. Whatever it is has his fiancé riled up. Not even in their worst fight has he seen her so distraught. A part of him wants to hunt down the culprit and put the fear in God into them.

“Honey calm down. You’ve had some rough few days. The stress and the baby.”

That has Felicity seemly place her hand over her abdomen a new worry taking effect. Seeing what he just said has added more strain on her plate which makes him want to smack his own head.

“Shit, sorry. You didn’t need me to point that out.”

That gets her to finally break the streak of sadness. Her boyfriend. Her wonderful boyfriend. Scratch that her fiancé of one more day. She nods as Oliver is bringing the injured hand to his lips.

Felicity smiles as he kisses her hand with a featherlight kiss. So gentle. Hating to break this quaint move of his she finally starts to tell him the story even as they’re standing in the middle of the foyer.

Keeping from gracing the witch with a name, “She didn’t slim her way into the boutique alone. She brought my father.”

“Your father?” Oliver knows enough about the man if not from Felicity. Then from her mother Donna.

“He says he will contest our wedding.” Felicity visible shakes as tears gather but they will not fall this time. No, she is done crying.

“Oh baby.” He wraps her in his arms, “We’ll get through this.”

“It’s supposed to be our day. Even my dress is ruined.”

“Honey you can be naked I’d marry you on the spot.”

That gets a reaction. He’s laughing as she whacks his arms, “Not happening.”

Oliver gives her a very sensual look as he perceives to look her up and down, “What? You’re so beautiful.”

It her next words that make him freeze, “Do you know how many of your guy pals will be attending?”

Leaving him to growl as the image of them gawking is not acceptable. Felicity is very attractive. It has never been lost on him on how heads turn to look. She may not believe him. Her head is usually in books or on some tech product to notice these gazing perverts.

Her eyes show mirth. He can be so adorable when some jealousy shows and after the debauchery of her getting high, she adds, “Not to say after the whole silver fox thing with your dad.”

Oliver gulping at the reflection of a few nights ago when his unsound of mind girlfriend wanted to playact. It gives him the heebie-jeebies thinking of it. Loves his parents. Even as his father made a hilarious comment he mentions, “He’s old. My dad probably got a kick out of it.”

“Sure!” Rolling her eyes, “I may have been out of my mind. I will forever hold the image of your parents laughing at how you tried to control me that night.”

“See. Even in our weird or sad times we’ll pull through. As for the dress. No matter what. Whatever you wear. I know you’ll be the most beautiful woman there.”

“I don’t think Sammie would appreciate that comment.”

“Tough shit. Isn’t she the one who would have gladly invited the she-devil to our conjoined wedding?”

“You’re right. Going to give her a piece of my mind.” Felicity sighing, “I’m hungry. I miss our son. I’m not ready to face my mom. I’m…”

“Going to relax. You’ll just need to handle Thea, but she’d gladly bring Alexander to you. Come on. The bedroom it is.” He pulls her with him up the stairs. He’ll handle her mother’s pickup from the airport. Though for now getting her comfy in their room and then having her fed is his top priority.



Comfortable in Felicity and Oliver’s room. Thea comes is with refreshments. Felicity rises from her spot. Trying to hide how she has been sulking in the corner.

“Mom said you can’t have anything with caffeine.”

Felicity gives Thea a sneer as she answers, “What is new? I haven’t touched the stuff since before Alexander’s birth. I miss coffee so much. I think I dream of it if what you brother says is anything to go by.”

“I don’t see the appeal. I’d rather drink coffee milk.” Thea deposits her nephew who is just gnawing on some teething rings. “He’s been a little cranky. I think he’s missed his momma.”

“That is nice to hear. A part of me worried with so much family around he’d forget me.”

“Doubt it. You’re like the milk factory. If he forgets anyone it would be Ollie.” Thea observing Felicity visibly tremble to those words Thea is quick to add, “Not that my brother would ever leave you. He loves you so very much.”

“I know. Sorry Thea, its just been a rough day.”

“Ollie said for me to not ask but…” Thea is pondering if she should continue. Her brother made it explicit not to ask Felicity about what happened at the shop. “If you need someone to talk to. I’m right here.”

“That is so sweet Thea. I’m fine. Your brother calmed me down and your parents really have been wonderful. I’m good.”

“I can’t wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow you officially become my sister. It is going to be the best day ever.”

Felicity can’t help herself as she brings Thea into a hug. Before Oliver came into her life. She had a few sporadic friends and just her mother to call family. Now she has a sister. More adults that are looking out for her. Not forgetting the brother that is Oliver’s best friend and the man’s future wife. Life isn’t as lonely.

“I’m so darn lucky to have you in my life. I don’t have a maid of honor. Sammie has a friend that will stand by her side. I’d like it if you’d accept my offer to be the one standing by my side.”


“You’d be responsible for my bouquet of flowers.”

Thea smiles, “Oh the honor. Promise not to smack Ollie with them.” Felicity laughs as Thea makes a swooshing sound as if she’s whacking her older brother. “Also promise to look out for you. Tomorrow is your day to be the princess.”

“I’ll officially be Mrs. Queen. I don’t think I’ll ever really get over that.”

“Oh, don’t worry. Give it a year. Two tops of living with Oliver to get over it.” Thea gives Felicity an innocent smile, “I mean I’m eleven. That’s eleven years of knowing him. I think I know how annoying he can be.”

“Sure, that is why you’re all over him when we visit.”

“What can I say. The tall doofus is… is the best brother a sister could have. He made the smartest decision bringing you home.” Thea pulls Felicity into her grasp, “Love you.”

Felicity tears up, “Oh my gosh. I am going to cry my eyes out today.” Grabbing a tissue. At least now the tears are of happiness and gosh she is so happy.



Donna Smoak wrapping her arms around her soon-to-be son-in-law asks in a concerned tone if her baby is okay. She thought Felicity would be here to welcome her back to Starling City.

“I asked her to stay back. She’s been a little under the weather with the bun in the oven.”

“Oh. She’s been getting the rest she needs?”

“Yes. Don’t worry. I’ve made sure she is eating right.”

“I know my boy. I do believe she gives you a hard time with that.”

Oliver blows air out as he earnestly tells Donna, “Sometimes I feel like I need to force-feed her. So stubborn.”

She makes a murmur of understanding.

“You look scrumptious. Did you do something… Oh yes, a haircut.” Her hand shoots up to graze his cheeks, “Hmm. It suits you my boy. Could you look any more divine?”

He has nothing to add to that other than to tell Donna how beautiful she is. Especially as the woman is getting stares from plenty of men they’ve passed to get to the awaiting car.

“How is my petite sweetie pie doing?”

“Growing. He’s already outsized his latest wardrobe.” Oliver handing over another piece of luggage to the man who is placing it in the trunk, “Is one of these full of baby clothes?” Seeing he is getting an obvious stare back, “Right. Hopefully it’s a few sizes bigger.”

“Of course, I’ve learned my lesson from last time. I do not want to have another Felicity’s sit-down talk about size charts.” Oliver nods to that. He shivers to the thought of one of those production and how things work talks by his girl.

The ride to the manor is full of stories about Alexander. Even the future of his education that Donna agreed with Moira and Robert on. Oliver points out that for now Felicity nor himself have made any final decisions. They are more occupied with their own schooling and the newest addition they’ll be bringing into the world.

Entering the manor. They are met by Moira. Both women connect and begin talking about things they last spoke about leaving Oliver to make sure the luggage is sent to his future-in-law’s suite.



Donna Smoak glances around the rest of her luggage making sure she took out what she needed. Being back in Starling it seems the city has grown on her. Thinking that maybe someday moving here would be nice. That is a thought for another day. Tonight, is about reconnecting and tomorrow is the big day.

A knock on the suite’s door. Donna shows delight at seeing her guest.

“I was wondering if you were avoiding me.”

“Hi mom.” Felicity holding a strategic smile to hopefully placid her mother’s concerns. Donna not falling for a trick of her daughter who has used this ruse to keep Donna from asking what is wrong.

“You have been avoiding me.” Instead of a hug Donna is inspecting her child, “What is wrong? Zeeskeit.”

“I’m fine mom. Really I am.” With her mother’s stare of not buying her bravado she moans, “I was hoping to just spend time with you without…” Felicity stumbles with words, “Without… I just…”

“Okay, now you have me beyond worried. Tell me.”

“I… I ruined my wedding dress. Not enough time for Maria to fix it.”

“The nice lady at the store?” Not understanding how Felicity could have ruined it. The only fathom possibility is a food stain, “Food and drinks. Did you spill something on it?”

Felicity shakes her head no. Not letting her mother drone on about another food option that could have soiled her dress, “No. I got into a fight.”

That wasn’t something Donna was expecting, “A fight?” There is a small pause as the older woman takes the information from her daughter. There was a time her spunky child would get into fight in middle school. Felicity wasn’t one to back down from a cause. Still… to ruin a dress that her precious child would walk towards her future husband. That doesn’t sound like Felicity at all. “Why would you get into a fight?”

“There is more.”

“More than my daughter fighting at a boutique. That is so not what I expected. Who attacked you?”

“Actually, I attacked her.” Her mother’s face shows shock, “Laurel’s smirky face just asked for my fist mom. She had no right. None whatsoever.” Felicity fumes as if she is brought back to the moment. The moment that wrecker wanted to get another dig on her.

The only satisfaction is the gawking look of that lawyer-wanna-be to the fluffy rug. One solid punch before the brunette sought cover from another incoming blow to the face.

“Felicity, no matter what she did. You allowed yourself to destroy a dress you loved. The way you lite up thinking how you’d be walking down an aisle to the man you love in the perfect dress. There is always going to be a laurel in your life. You can’t make foolish…”

“She brought my father there to contest my wedding. Her snideness just got to me. She…”

“She what?” Just as Donna is disappointed in her daughter for not having some self-control. An anger is bubbling forward. Donna’s face warps to a pure fury, “What did the wretch do? I’ll kill her.” Pulling her daughter into a fierce hug, “That girl wanted to destroy your reputation. You haven’t told me how. It doesn’t matter. But to include your father in this. She needs a beatdown.”

“I’m sorry mom.” Felicity doesn’t have it in her too cry anymore. She is as angry as her mother, “I think whopping her ass was all I could surmise about doing in the moment.” Even being exasperated a sadness takes place as she says, “The dress…”

“Is just a dress.”

“You spent a fortune. I should have refrained from my anger.”

“I think you saw red baby. You come from a long line of strong women. We don’t take anything lightly when crossed.” Holding her daughter tight, “I’ll deal with your father.” Kissing her daughter’s forehead, “We’ll also deal with the dress. There is got to be…”

“Moira is checking with Maria. There is this other dress. One that was altered but never worn. She had me try it, but I wanted you to see it. Get your blessing.”

“Of sweetie. You have my blessing. I can’t wait to see this dress.”

“Its actually so beautiful. I want to add Bubbe’s piece to it. Now that you are okay with me having another dress. I’ll call Maria. I think Moira wants us to do a final fitting later.”

“Moira sure has been a good shvigger to you.” Felicity nods.

Moira and even Robert have truly surprised Felicity. They have taken her as their own. In return she sees them as family. A family she is glad to be a part of.



“I’m getting married tomorrow.”

That gets both ladies to laugh. The day is arriving. Donna then tells her daughter, “Tonight you’ll sleep with me. No seeing the groom until you walk towards him tomorrow. Understood.”

“Ah! Mom!”

Donna takes no excuses. That tradition will stand. Her baby girl is going to do this right. A smile on her lips. Tomorrow she truly gains a son.