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Of Poems and Maps

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Thank You!

Maybe I disappointed you in the end. Maybe I made you cry, or laugh in public. But if you got this far, all I had to say is THANK YOU! You are a part of my story now, my life story, for this story changed my life forever. I made myself believe that I can accomplish things outside of the professional environment, that I can write almost 300k words in a foreign language, that I I can take criticism. All of that with your help, reader.

If you read in silence, thank you!

If you commented on the story, thank you!

If you put me or this fic on your favorite or following list, thank you!

If you read this far and didn't have your question answered, maybe stick around for a little longer, because I'm still invested in the universe of Of Poems and Maps and have a bunch of news stories plotted out. Some of the things I left unanswered or overlooked will be the plot of those stories. I don't think I will start a new story this long anytime soon, but we will see.

For the next months I will be editing this story to minimize the amount of grammatical errors and problems with clarity, I will also remove all the A/N's. So, for those who don't know yet, there's a Spotify playlist that I created to listen while I write. It's named exactly as the fic, so look it up! Also, I crossposted on FanFiction.Net, if that is your preferred platform, you can find me there.

Once again, thank you! I will see you around,