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Fly Little Robin, Fly

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Tim wasn’t sure what he was waiting for. 


All of the contingency plans were in place so that when he was gone everything would still be running smoothly. He didn’t really have lots of valuables (despite what people thought) so that wasn’t hard to solve. He’d finished solving all of his cases for once, telling Bruce that he needed to focus on some WE things for the next week in order to make sure he didn’t have any more. He downloaded a series of files and viruses and a document (all very heavily encrypted) to a flash drive, giving detailed instructions on how to take Ra’s down (because even if Tim was gone, Ra’s al Ghul will always be a thorn in the Bat’s asses). Cassie was already basically leader of the Titans so there wasn't much to do there. And the letters…


Tim didn’t know why he wrote the letters, especially the ones to Damian and Jason. It wasn’t like they would care anyway. He supposed it was a form of closure for himself. You’re so selfish Timothy, stop thinking about yourself and consider your parents for once




As much as Tim tried to tell himself otherwise he really couldn’t. The truth was, Tim was selfish.

Selfish when he wanted to keep Robin for himself.

but it wasn’t right for Dick to take it like that he should’ve-

Selfish for taking Jason’s role as Robin.

Bruce was killing himself and Jason apologized and reassured him that he didn’t mind Tim being Robin any more. He said he thought Tim had made a good Robin  

He just said it so Bruce would take him back again.

Selfish for spending time with Cass when she had to go back to Hong Kong.

Cass had reassured him though, signing that she wanted to spend time with him.

She probably just pities you.

Cass wouldn’t do that.

Wouldn’t she?

(Tim wasn’t so sure any more)

Selfish for taking too much of Damian’s space, the bloodson’s space, in the family.

he had a place in this fam-

You forced Bruce to take you in as Robin and you still think he wants you?

Selfish for wanting affection from a family.

Selfish for wanting a family


Tim  was tired of feeling selfish. 


Tired of feeling. 


So what was he waiting for? All he had to do was step off the edge. 


Instead, Tim sat down on the ledge, legs swinging over the edge of the abandoned building. He leaned back a little, his hands keeping him steady, and closed his eyes as he tilted his head up to the sky. The first few rays of dawn had just passed and the sun had just started peaking through the horizon. He inhaled the Gotham air. 


The rooftop he picked wasn’t random. It had been a reminder of sorts. The rooftops of Gotham, the first place Tim had truly fallen in love with Batman and Robin, and later Nightwing too. The specific rooftop he was on was the same one Tim had almost fallen off of one night when he was following the Dynamic Duo. He’d been standing too close to the ledge, trying to get a picture of Batman when he tripped and almost fell to his death, only to be saved by Robin. 


His Robin.




Tim stopped himself before he went any further down that train of thought. It was too depressing to think about how his hero had come to hate him...


Yeah not going there. 


Tim thought of the first time he was able to use his grappling hook. He had landed on this rooftop, Batman right next to him. The feeling of flying, as the wind pushed his hair back and exposed his domino clad face, the tightness of the rope as he swung from roof to roof. It was like magic. Robin’s magic.


He had basked in that joy of being Robin until it had been ripped away from him. By his brother . Tim knew he wouldn’t be Robin forever but it still hurt to have it ripped from him. 


At the time Tim thought he had been justified. 


Now he doesn’t know. 


Tim abruptly opened his eyes and stood up so half of his feet were on the building while the other half was dangling 50ft above the ground. Memories were flooding through his mind now as he stared at the rising sun.


Damian tampering with his line. Jason attacking him in Titan’s Tower. Working with Ra’s. Almost being raped so Ra’s could have his “successor”. All the shit the shareholders and board of directors gave him for “being too young to be running a company”.  Bringing back Bruce. Dick’s disappointed frown. Jason’s humorless laugh as he called him “Replacement”. Losing Bart and Kon and Cassie all in one year, only to get them back and have things go back to the way they were before as if nothing had happened. 


Tim was tired of it all.


He took another deep breath. 


This was it.


With a slight smile on his face, Timothy Jackson Drake Wayne tipped himself over the ledge of the old apartment building, and flew.