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Bedroom Talk

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“You must be in really good shape” Her fingers gripped at Vinny’s arm smudging the acrylic paint that had already started to melt off during the show. His eyes were wide as he studied the coy expression looking up at him. “Hand crafted by hot pockets if you’d believe it” He replied shrugging his shoulders, leaning against the bus with a serious smile. Ricky waved at him with a shake of the head - they had to get going and there was not enough time for them to watch Vinny crash and burn while attempting to flirt. “Turn around” The girl instructed firmly not giving him much room to argue with the demand. Vin turned surprised by the scribbling sensation on his back and something being tucked into the pocket of his jeans. He felt her fingers twitch as she pushed the paper deeper into the fabric curling against his ass in a way that made his back straighten and his skin burn with warmth.

The girl rested a hand on his shoulder as she moved around him to walk away. “Give me a call sometime” - were her parting words accompanied by a wink and a backwards step off into the dusk. Vinny stood shell shocked for a moment before Ricky yelling at him jolted him back to reality. “Vincenzo Mauro - this is the final call for Vincenzo Mauro” Not wanting to deal with everyone yelling at him Vinny made a move, following Rick back onto the bus in a dazed expression. Everyone turned to look at his shell shocked expression as he stood in the centre of the longue. “I think I was just sexually harassed.” Vin announced with raised eyebrows. “Are you sure you don’t mean you were getting shot down?” Ryan asked with a low laugh as his eyes focused on the screen of his phone.

Vinny produced the small scrap of paper that had been stuffed into his back pocket holding it up in the light as if it was an ancient artifact deserving of their undivided attention. It was certainly not the first time a girl had given him their number but no one had been quite so forward that he could remember. “Maybe she heard you were an animal in the sack?” Ricky responded with an unimpressed expression pouring himself a glass of juice. “Well you know what they say good new travels fast” Vinny smiled looking as innocent as possible which only irritated everyone more. A few wrappers and scrunched up pieces of paper made their way in Vinny’s direction but he didn’t move from his spot as the centre of attention. He carefully placed the folded piece of paper in his wallet for safe keeping.

It was highly, highly unlikely he would ever call her but having the option was something he wasn’t something he was going to throw away. “It said you had rhythm, not that you’re inevitably a good lay, don’t get too big headed about it.” Ricky rolled his eyes bored of hearing about the same dumb article they had all been discussing for the past day and kicking himself for bringing it up again. He wished he’d throw it out before Vin had found it because all of the sly smiles had him about ready to throw the younger man through a window to the mercy of the highway. “And a guarantee of pleasure, I’ll have you know. Do I need to read it to you all again?” Vinny corrected - certain that he was right. (And more than ready to over inflate his own ego over sweeping generalisations made by someone he had never met.)

The article had led to debates and sharing of more information that anyone had ever wanted to know about each other. Though Ricky had done his best to stay out of it, still unsettled by the way Vin had kept his eyes firmly on him knowing it made him uncomfortable. It had just become another way to push his buttons. “Sex is not a video game Vinny, it’s not something you can win.” Chris tutted from the sofa, shaking his head at the younger man like a disapproving adult talking to a child that had drawn on the walls in crayon. “And if you think you can… I think that says a lot about how good you are.” He was the voice of reason popping the metaphorical balloon Vinny was holding onto. “And just so you know, I got her number too”