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HIStory: Even the Score

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“I’ll take number 2,4, hmmm, no, change number 4 with number 3, then number 6, 7, 9 and 11,” Desmond Ng told his right hand man when he was given the catalogue. 2 days ago Kuo Gang had contacted him right after getting out of prison, and said that their operation was a go. The catalogue came in a few hours after that, with possible candidates for their first auction with high profile business moguls of Taiwan. Once they can get some capital to fund their ‘Crystal Skeleton’ venture, he’ll cut all loose ends and focus on getting more bones for the drugs. 


Desmond called Kuo Gang to confirm his choices. 


“Boss, I have 6 candidates that I think would sell well. If everything goes well, we’ll get at least 10 million US dollars to start manufacturing ‘Crystals. More than enough to cover costs. Don’t worry, the merchandise agreed to the conditions,”

“So, I managed to crack the encrypted e-mail Kuo Gang sent his sex-trade buddy, Desmond Ng. Looks like they're looking for capital to start the Crystal Skeleton business running. As Jack reported they are looking for working professionals to entice high profile bidders. My guess is they will sell these professionals at an underground auction,” Zhao Zi briefed the team. 


“From the e-mail, we also found out that Desmond’s manager of the auction was given the choice to find 11 working professionals with money problems. This way, everything will be considered ‘consensual’ and if they get caught, it will likely be chalked off to a ‘speed dating’ event. For the actual auction only a few of those for the final merchandise will be selected, however,” Hao Ting added. 


“We need to infiltrate this auction, for reason number 1, we need to know the base of operations for their ‘Crystal Skeleton’ gig. Second, we need to get some evidence of ‘Crystal Skeleton’ so that Unit 2 will not be in charge of the operations. Number 3, we need to have photo proof of Kuo Gang and Rick Lam in this together so that and combined with reason 2, Unit 3 can take over as it will fall into the controlled substance and organized crime jurisdiction,” Jack informed the team. 


Meng Shao Fei immediately stood to protest.


“Wait, why don’t you guys want Unit 2 to be in charge? Kuo Gang was their case. This is a sex-related crime,” Shao Fei looked at Jack and Zhao Zi, only to have them look at Tang Yi. Tang Yi decided it was now or never.


“We have reason to believe that Captain Ma might be involved,” Tang Yi reasoned out. 


“What? That’s insane! Based on what evidence?!” Shao Fei shouted. “Not every captain is corrupted Tang Yi,” Shao Fei bit out. 


“Look, I’ll talk to you about it later, but do you agree to be subjective about this?” Tang Yi asked. Shao Fei pouted but nodded in agreement. 


“Okay, good. Then, if no one disproves of anything, congratulations everyone, you all have crippling debt as of now,” Zhao Zi instructed. Hao Ting nodded his head and pressed a few keys. Yu Hao immediately stood up.


“You’re going to volunteer us in the auction?!”


Zhao Zi nodded and proceeded to go through what Jack had planned with Tang Yi and Andy. They would make new identities for the students to be semi-professionals, which will be so passable that Desmond Ng won’t be looking at their credentials twice. Then, he and Hao Ting will fabricate fake debts for each of them so that it will look like they all have money problems. Once Desmond finds out about them, Zhao Zi would register all of them as interested parties. Hopeful, over the final selection process, many of them will get chosen.


“They won’t make us have sex with the client, will they?” Xi Gu asked, a bit afraid. He was game to do anything to help bury Rick Lam, but asking him to do more is out of the question. And he doesn’t want Hao Ting to do any of the hanky panky stuff either. 


“It won’t get to that. For the information that we need, we would only need to operate until the auction actually happened. The reasoning for it is IF there are drugs involved, it would likely come out during bidding to impair judgement and make people spend more than necessary,” Shao Fei assured Xi Gu.


“And boss meetings usually happen before or during the auction, so we’ll have plenty of time to get out there before anything happens,” Tang Yi added.


“And you might not get chosen as final merchandise so don’t worry okay?” Hao Ting declared. The rest of the team looked at each other when Xiang Hao Ting was assuring his boyfriend, thinking..


There is no fucking way Yu iI Gu will not be chosen.


I have a boyfriend and I still think he’s cute.


RIP Hao Ting.


I’ll look after him. Don’t worry buddy. 


Tang Yi, we have to keep an eye on Xi Gu once he makes final merchandise.


Okay babe.


“Wait! There’s only 10 of us, who will be number 11?” Sheng Zhe asked. Jack and Tang Yi looked at each other and smiled.


“We have that covered,”


Shao Fei gave Tang Yi a look, silently asking his lover to discuss his suspicions. But the talk never came. 


The night after Desmond emailed Kuo Gang about the selected merchandise, Zhao Zi intercepted the email and looked at the final merchandise list. Feeling slightly miffed that he didn’t get the cut, he proceeded to tell the team who got chosen.


“Desmond Ng has selected who he thinks is suitable for the final auction. There are only 6 of you, and when I say you, it’s because I wasn’t chosen,” Zhao Zi grumbled. He then proceeded to project the 6 chosen ones.


“Number 2, Yu Xi Gu, a business manager for Tian Meng Group, with a gambling addiction,”


Hao Ting sucked his breath and persuaded himself that he could still be in the final merchandise to protect his Xi Gu. He didn’t know the order in which Zhao Zi submitted their application, so chances are he could be any of those numbers. 


“Number 3, Professor Shi Yi Jie, who has been demoted thanks to the incident last time, and is in need of money for his sex hobbies,” 


“Which is all made believe,” Yi Jie added. “My sex drive is normal,”


“Professor, we didn’t have to ‘dream up’ your online shopping cart filled with sex toys,” Hao Ting deadpanned. Yi Jie still stood corrected.


“Number 6, Xia Yu Hao, an inspiring chef who needs money to open his own business,”


“Number 7, Fang Lian Dian, a UFC champion who lost all his money in an underground battle,” Zhao Zi hissed as he glared at his grinning husband. 


“Why use a fake name?” Xi Zuan asked.


“It’s my real name. Jack is too well known in the gang world,” Jack answered. The team sans Shao Fei, Tang Yi and Zhao Zi shivered on the implication that Jack is known. 


“Number 9, Meng Shao Fei, a seasoned detective with a penchant for credit cards,”


“Wait, I don’t feel good,” Hao Ting perked up. Only one more number left, and seeing the competitor he has to face to be in the operation does not look good. He had looked at the submitted photos, so his top contender was either Xi Zuan OR Tang Yi. In terms of looks of course. 


“Number 11, Andy, bar owner who owes the local gang protection money,” Zhao Zi finished up. He gave the rejected ones a few minutes before all hell broke through.


“Of course they would choose me,” Andy quipped. “I look amazing,”


“I’m NOT chosen! I wore makeup for that photoshoot! Fuck this!” Hao Ting hollered. “I’m not letting Xi Gu go alone!”


“Why did they reject me?!” Tang Yi insisted. “My picture looks sexy enough that they would choose me,”


“You? I wore eyeshadow okay?! And they still chose Jack!” Zhao Zi exclaimed. “Hell, they even chose Shao Fei over me!”


“Zhao Zi…,” Shao Fei sighed. Jack hugged his husband close to placate him, whispering things like ‘Zhao Zi is the cutest’ and ‘we need you in the comms’


“My question is why Shi Yi Jie?” Yu Hao grumbled, part relieved that Xi Zuan was not chosen. 


“Eff you Xia Yu Hao, I look handsome okay?” Shi Yi Jie shot back. 


“Something is definitely wrong with the final decisions, I demand to look at the pictures,” Tang Yi insisted. Zhao Zi smacked his lips.


“Err...we don’t need to do that,” Shao Fei rebuffed. He shifted his eyes when Tang Yi narrowed his gaze towards his boyfriend.


“Show us the pictures, Zhao Zi,” Tang Yi demanded. 


“Fine! Here’s Number 1,” Zhao Zi flashed Hao Ting’s shot. The team chuckled with a few catcalls.

“Looking good Xiang. SO that’s what you could look like if you showered,” Yu Hao teased his friend. Hao Ting flipped Yu Hao off but was distracted when Xi Gu looked transfixed at his picture. 


Huh. maybe he should dress like this more often. 


“Here’s Xi Gu,”


As soon as the picture blazed on the screen, everyone was stunned silent. Even Andy was shocked. How did his innocent Yu Xi Gu with the bowl hair cut looked so… soo…


“You’re so handsome!” Andy gushed and hugged Xi Gu. “Let me pay for you to look like that ALL the time, Yu Xi!” 


“Shit, I’ll tap that,”


“Told ya he would get chosen, pay up Xi Zuan,”


Hao Ting immediately separated Andy from his boyfriend and stood in between.


“Hands off!! And all of you don’t look at my boyfriend!” Hao Ting tried to block the screen only to have Yu Hao kick him away.


“Get lost! We want to see Xi Gu’s sexy face,” but as he was about to enjoy the sight further, Zhao Zi had changed it.


“Here’s Shi Yi Jie, number 3,” Zhao Zi put up Yi Jie’s picture.

“He totally looks like a pervert,” Tang Yi scoffed. “Who uses that kind of lighting,”


“Say what you want, but I got chosen didn’t I?” Yi Jie goaded Tang Yi. The ex-mobster growled and was about to retort back when Shao Fei gave him a look.


“Number 4, Sheng Zhe,”

“Awww…, he looks adorable,” Xi Zuan cooed, receiving a pillow to his face. Yi Jie gulped upon seeing the innocent smile Sheng Zhe had on. Thank the lucky stars he was not chosen. 


“Number 5,”



“ Xi Zuan-ge, you look like a real doctor,” Xi Gu whistled out. He was star struck when seeing his senior looking so professional. Tang Yi really had gone above and beyond by supplying them with the warddrobe for the photoshoot. Everyone just looked so different from their current self. 


“Thank you Xi Gu, but you looked sexier,” Xi Zuan teased Xi Gu. The young man blushed red and hid his face behind Hao Ting. 


“Xi Zuan may look like a doctor, but Yu Hao looks like a model. Number 6,” Zhao Zi commented. 



Shao Fei whistled when he saw his student. He could totally pass as an aspiring chef. Even if the client asked him to cook he would still pass. Tang Yi really had excellent taste in clothes. Tang Yi growled when Shao Fei smiled, thinking of him.


“Shao Fei,” Tang Yi warned. He was half regretting asking to see the pictures. Shao Fei kissed his lips and whispered to him why he was smiling in the first place. Tang Yi smiled back and made him sit on his lap.


“My personal favourite, Number 7,” Zhao Zi sighed. 


“Shit, he looks like a law-abiding citizen,” Shao Fei squawked.


“Is that his wedding photoshoot?” Yi Jie quipped. Jack nodded at his student.


“I don’t know why I didn’t get chosen” Zhao Zi complained and flashed his photo up on the screen.


“Master! You did wear eye shadow!” Hao Ting guffawed. Zhao Zi threw the pointer at Hao Ting, making the man apologize immediately.


“He looks hot, then again, my Zhao Zi looks good in anything,” Jack commented. 




“Ahem! Number 9,”

“Shao Fei-ge,” Yu Hao gasped. Meng Shao Fei looked like a movie star! Tang Yi gave the evil eye to everyone, clearly stating that they should ONLY look and say nothing. 


“Why did you wear this? It’s see through!” Tang Yi griped. Shao Fei laughed and whispered something into Tang Yi’s ears. Causing the man to smirk in response.


“And I don’t know why, but here’s Tang Yi,”


The team took one second before bursting into laughter.


“Tang YI! TANG YI!!” Yi Jie howled, patting Tang Yi on his back. Xi Gu snickered and tried to stem in his laughter. Yu Hao and Hao Ting hugged each other and pointed at Tang Yi’s face. 


Tang Yi gripped Shao Fei’s waist hard. “Meng Shao Fei…,”


“NOW we can talk about your suspicion of Captain Ma. We’re even,” Shao Fei huffed, turning his head in the other direction. Tang Yi sighed and conceded, kissing Shao Fei’s nape. 


“I think the first picture was better,” Zhao Zi showed them the original picture.


The gang wolf whistled. Even Shi Yi Jie.

“If I didn’t know him as a bitch  I would totally buy him,”


“Excuse me, please stop looking,” Shao Fei warned them. The rest then evaded their eyes, giving weak excuses like their partner was better looking. Shao Fei knew that his boyfriend looked good, so their excuses were bullshit. 


“And finally, Number 11,”


“Be awed, my greatness,” Andy boasted. And rightfully so too.


“Wow,” Xi Gu blurted out. “You look so beautiful boss,”


“Why thank you my Yu Xi. Now, are you ready to leave Hao Ting for me?” Andy cooed. Hao Ting shot up to keep Andy away from his boyfriend by saying that Andy wasn’t all that great, which resulted in a mini fight over who was the best.


Tang Yi chose to drag Shao Fei upstairs to their room to finally discuss their dispute. Shao Fei didn’t believe that Captain Ma was involved, and Tang Yi was angry that Shao Fei sabotaged his chances of being in the operation. 


As soon as Tang Yi closed the door behind them and turned to look at Shao Fei, his lover had stripped himself of his clothes, standing in nothing but his boxers. He hooked one thumb into his waistband, slipping it low to showcase one hip bone.


“Now, Tang Yi...where were we? kept a secret of your suspicions on Captain Ma’s involvement. But you see,” Shao Fei dropped his boxers, making Tang Yi swallow his saliva as Shao Fei bared his all for Tang Yi’s viewing pleasure.


“I still can’t get your picture in those ripped jeans out of my mind…,” Shao Fei husked over Tang Yi’s lips, licking it before he was pulled by Tang Yi to passionately make out against the door. Shao Fei locked the door as one hand tugged on Tang Yi’s shirt, loosened the piece of clothing to slip that hand inside, so he could tweak a nipple. Tang Yi growled into the kiss and gripped Shao Fei’s buttocks.


The detective groaned a low breath, then panted as Tang Yi massaged his cheeks. He chuckled when Tang Yi rutted against him, making his cock harden instantly. Shao Fei stretched his neck to whisper into Tang Yi’s ears.


“Your picture is still in here,” Shao Fei tilted his head. “ about you fuck it out of my mind?”