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Disguise Our Bondage

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The choice to enter into a collard relationship is a serious one. The parameters of each pairing is dependant upon the parties involved, but each person should be given equal say so that they are entering into a contract that they are comfortable and happy with. No one person is better than the other in this situation.

Above all, it is important to remember that collaring makes you a pair, two parts of a whole. As such, each person needs to feel comfortable with the situation and should want what the other has to offer. As such, the Dom does not take any sub they want, nor does the submissive pick any Dominant. They choose each other.
Dominant and Submissive Relations- Chapter Three: Pairing and Collaring

Sundays were the only days at Dalton that were entirely for the student's rest and relaxation. Every other day of the week the boys had to stay in their uniforms and follow all the routines that are carefully laid out for them. Saturday is technically part of the weekend on the Dalton calendar, but they still have at least one hour of private therapy sessions to deal with, even if they don't have to be in uniform. Sundays, however, are different. Every minute of the day is entirely up to them. To sleep however late they want, to do the homework they want to catch up on or lounge around the television in the commons watching sports.

Sundays belong to them. Except on Friends and Family Day.

”What's Friends and Family Day?” Kurt asked as they walked from the library towards dinner.

Blaine readjusted his bag on his shoulder and walked a little faster to keep up with Kurt's longer steps. “Well we're allowed to e-mail and call our families pretty much anytime we like, but people are only allowed to visit during Friends and Family Day. To make sure we're focused on our therapy, and not distracted. ”

Saying it like that made it seem like the were in exile while at the school. Which simply isn't true. They have contact with the outside world. Sure, the school computer technicians monitor their activity to make sure they aren't contacting any Doms, but they weren't invasive about that. As long as the students did their work, they were allowed to e-mail or look at anything they liked.

Except, it was important that they be kept a bit separate from others for majority of the year. Most of the students here are too broken to even be in the presence of a Dom, even an incompatible one, without breaking down. And even if your family is primarily subs, that doesn't meant there isn't a whole host of pressures attached to seeing them. So limiting their meeting times is a good idea. As such, its only once a semester, during Friends and Family Day, that anyone can come to see the students. One day for everyone to see their loved ones again after months of trying to learn to be normal again.

Kurt didn't hear any of Blaine's inner thoughts, though, and he didn't ask for more commentary. The taller boy just rolled his eyes, as if the rules were simply silly, and changed the subject, asking if Blaine had done their Chemistry homework yet.

Except that conversation had been the other day. Right now, Blaine needed to focus less on how smoothly Kurt walked through regal halls of Dalton Academy, and instead on the fact that his mother and father would be here in less than an hour. Which was nerve wrecking unto itself. Blaine hadn't seen his parents since coming to Dalton three months ago. Back when his face had more brown and blue skin, than tan; when he clutched to his mother's arm like he was six, rather than sixteen.

He wasn't that person anymore though. Blaine refused to be. All the Dalton teachers and therapists told him that he was capable and could be in control. Well, then he was going to be in control today. He wouldn't let any of the looks his family would give him make him feel like anything less.

So it was with a head held high that Blaine walked into the Dalton gymnasium. It wasn't a room he came into very often, as he wasn't required to take a physical education class, but it was hard to miss, as it was easily the largest location on the grounds. Today they had filled it with tables and chairs, cheaper than the rest of the school's décor but still nice. Along one wall, was a couple of tables filled of refreshments. But most important of all, standing in a freshly two pressed suites, William and Marguerite Anderson.

He could do this. “Hi Mom, hi Dad.”

“Oh, Blaine, honey.” His mother responded first, holding her arms out for a hug. It was instinct to step forward into his mother's arms. What child wouldn't? Though Blaine could feel how tense his muscles were beneath his mother's manicured hands, his back stiff and already starting to hurt.

Once he stepped back, his mother moved his hands to cup his face, moving his head this way and that. Blaine tried not to squirm under her scrutiny, but he couldn't help but feel the pinpricks of discomfort sprouting under his skin. They ignited everywhere her green eyes landed, on his eyes, his cheeks, his chest and arms. Till every square inch of him felt poised and spiked. As if she had pinched it all raw.

“You look much better dear. We can see your handsome face again.” Marguerite said, sounding nearly surprised, even as she gestured for him to take a seat at the table they were standing next to.

“Thanks, Mom.” Blaine said back softly, unable to think of a better response. There was probably a whole host of things he should be saying right now, maybe he should offer them a tour of the grounds, or some food, but none of that seemed to come to him right now. He was too busy trying to keep his body still, to not run away.

His parents were here, and while they were able to see how he was physically better, surely they'd see his lack of emotional progress just as easily. They were his parents after all.

“How are classes, Blaine?” His father's voice broke into his inner monologue.

Blaine glanced up at his father, to see the man not quite looking him in the eye, as if unsure if he was even allowed. Was he doing that because he didn't want to accidentally display Dominance, or was he doing that because Blaine wasn't worth looking at? “They're good, Sir. Dalton has a really interesting curriculum.”

“And your, uh,” the man stumbled for just a second, just long enough for Blaine's heart to stutter along with the words. “Therapy classes?”

“They're fine too, Sir. I've become pretty good friends with the boys in my Group.”

But I've never managed to make it all the way through our D/s Reintroduction class. His mind added in shame. Blaine suddenly wondered if his parents would know that, even without him telling them that? Just how much did Dalton share with his parents about his progress? He's a minor, so it's logical that they'd give them some sort of progress report for their son. He just couldn't be sure of the extent. Did they just tell him he was safe and doing well in academic classes? Did they give his parents a copy of his therapist's notes? A print out of his entire internet browsing history?

Did they already know how little he's come thus far?

He was saved from thinking on that too much, by his mother starting into a tale about someone from the country club. Blaine kept his hands neatly at his sides as his mother spoke, but he longed to curl them around himself, as if he could hide the shame and fear that still dwelled inside of him. All the boy wanted was for his parents to be proud of him again, like they had been back when he was a straight-A, perfect submissive with an excellent pedigree. Instead of like someone that couldn't even make a Dom happy, because he couldn't even follow a few simple orders.

”Chairs are not for silly, stupid submissives.” Master told him, emphasising every few words with another kick.

“And then Sabrina waves us away, like we didn't know what we were talking about. Well, we knew then that it was all going to blow up in her face. Which, of course, it did just that night.” His mother laughed at her own story. Blaine tried to join in, but his own laughter sounded too high, too cheerful.

He needed a moment. “Would either of you like anything to drink? I can get you something, so you don't have to get up.”

“Oh yes, thank you, honey. I'll take a glass of punch, if they have it.”


William still wouldn't meet his eye. “Just a water is fine. Thank you.”

Blaine smiled at his parents and set off across the room. He tried not to seem like he was running away from them, but his feet still moved a smidgen too fast to be casual. The boy was at the refreshment table far too quickly, meaning he'd have to be back at his parent's table quickly as well. But Blaine was having a hard time getting punch, his hand was shaking too much to ladle it out without making a mess.

Damn it! He can't even get his mother a drink without screwing it up. Why was he so broken?


The boy's head shot up at the sound of his name from a voice he didn't expect to hear today. “Hi, Kurt.”

The taller boy was standing next to him at the table, giving him a piercing look. Blaine dropped his eyes immediately, looking at the dribbles of punch he had put on the table and feeling even more shame wash over him.

“Here, meet my family.” Kurt said, a hand on Blaine's elbow to turn him. Now that he was looking, Blaine noticed the four people standing behind Kurt. A built, trucker looking man, a shorter woman with a nice smile, an extremely tall boy and a girl even shorter than him that both looked about their age.

“Everyone, this is my friend Blaine, from my Group. Blaine, this is my dad, Burt, step-mother, Carole, step-brother Finn and his Dom, Rachel.” Kurt pointed to each person as he introduced them. They all waved at him, greeting him kindly. They seemed like a nice bunch of people.

“Nice to meet you, Blaine.” Kurt's father said, moving his plate from one hand to the other to shake Blaine's. Though his hands were rough and grip was firm, the handshake wasn't overpowering. In fact, Burt Hummel seemed to look a lot tougher than he was. The man was clearly a Dom, as his wife's collar dictated, but he didn't seem harsh or cruel.

“You as well, Sir.” He replied and found that he actually meant it.

“Kurt, we're going to snag a table before they're all gone.” Burt said, switching his focus to his son. Beside him, Kurt nodded and the two of them watched as the group moved away.

“Are your parents here?” Kurt finally asked, turning back towards the table to get a drink.

“Yes. They're at a table. I was just getting us some drinks.” He didn't add in that he was failing spectacularly at it, that was pretty self-explanatory, thanks to the dribbles all over the table.

Kurt silently handed him a couple of napkin, so Blaine could clean up the spill. It made him blush, but he did so without complaint. It was his mistake after all. By the time he was finished, Kurt was done as well. Holding two cups in his hands. Still silent, he handed them both to Blaine, who took it without thought. Did Kurt need help carrying these over to his table?

“There you go, now go enjoy your time with your family. You'll be fine.”

Kurt offered him a smile and, if Blaine wasn't mistaken, a wink, before walking away. It took a moment before his mind caught up to what was going on, but once it did, he couldn't help but smile. Keeping a firm grip on the cups, he headed back over to his parents, feeling a bit more fortified.


The rest of the day passed in a blur. He could remember some of what his parents said, just not all of it. The updates on the country club went in one ear and out the other. Their neighbour's daughter getting into Harvard stuck, but something they said about Mrs. Walker's car didn't. It was all just a jumble of things that didn't seem particularly important any more, much as he wished he could still be the person that cared about those things.

You'll be fine.

Those words stuck though. Every time his father would just miss meeting his eye, every time his mother did a double take, as if checking for bruises all over again, his mind brought up those words. He'll be fine. This was something he could handle.

In the end, that had been true. Barely, but he still managed it through the day without breaking down entirely. Blaine considered that an accomplishment. Though, he knew it wouldn't have been possible without Kurt. Even as he sat at his desk, not paying attention to his homework, he could remember how Kurt had looked in that moment. Sure, so very sure. Like he knew exactly what he was talking about and that whatever he said was going to come to fruition. His eyes had held no pity or worry, just solid assuredness in those steely blues.

Remembering the look sent a shiver down Blaine's spine, made his heart race with desire. Want. He wanted Kurt. Wanted to have Kurt give him orders and push him onto his knees. Wanted Kurt to blindfold him and tie his hands to the bed posts. To have Kurt make him get his meals and deliver them to the table for him. He just wanted.

Before he could stop himself, Blaine pushed his books away and got up from his desk. David was in the library and wasn't there to question him, which was good because then Blaine would have questioned himself. Instead, he just left his dorm room and walked down the hall till he was in front of another dorm room and knocking.

“Come in.” The familiar angelic voice said. Blaine couldn't ignore a direct order like that.

When he entered the room, Blaine saw that Kurt was seated at his desk, much as he had been in his own room before his body led him here. Kurt looked, well surprised wasn't quite the word. Expectant, was probably more it. As if he was just waiting for this to happen, but it might just be happening sooner than he thought.

“What can I help you with?”

What could he help Blaine with? Could he make the desires in his head make sense? Could he touch him, use him, take him? Anything.

Blaine opened his mouth to answer, but nothing came out. He cleared his throat and took a deep breath. Nothing. And Kurt just looked on. Waiting. Blaine tried again, opening his mouth and forcing something out. “I n...”

His voice cracked there and he lowered his eyes, embarrassed by his own actions. What was he even doing in here? This made no sense. Blaine should be in his room finishing up his Literature work, not bothering Kurt with silly desires. Not only was what he wanted against the rules, but it was just stupid. Kurt probably had plenty of other things to worry about, why would he want to add Blaine to the mix?

Logically, Blaine knew that. He just needed his body and heart to get that message.

The sound of wood scraping along wood brought Blaine's eyes up enough to see Kurt leaving his desk. The boy walked closer to him, and Blaine fought the duel urge to move back and move forward. In the end, he stayed right were he was, waiting till Kurt was only a foot away from him.

“Blaine.” Kurt's voice was a command unto itself, and the boy looked up to lock eyes with Kurt. He had never seen those eyes so blue before. “Tell me what you want.”

A command.

“I want you to Dominate me.” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. Out and hanging in the air between the two of them, heavy and intimidating. This would be the part where Kurt would tell him to leave, maybe even e-mail their therapist that clearly their Blainers still had issues to work through.

“That's against the rules.” Was all Kurt said, still locking eyes with him.

“I know, I just... you...” Blaine stuttered, but the unwavering look on Kurt's face made him swallow and force the words out again. “You're you.”

“Hmm.” That wasn't an encouraging answer and Blaine wished he could drop his eyes, or maybe run away. But the way Kurt was looking at him had him locked in place. There was no physical binding in the world as strong as this look.

“You want me to Dominate you.” Kurt finally said, taking a step closer. “You want me to bend you over my knee, to tie you to my bed and make you whither and scream.” Another step closer.

Blaine couldn't even answer, couldn't move enough to nod. Kurt was right in front of him, his chest just touching his so that Blaine could feel every inhale and exhale. One arm snuck around his waist, pulling him flush against the taller, lean body. Never once did Kurt break eye contact and Blaine could feel himself getting harder just from this. His body was no longer his own, his breaths coming out in time with Kurt's, every inhale to the other boy's exhale. Perfectly in sync.

“You'd be so pretty like that too. From the moment I first saw you, sitting at your desk, I thought you were lovely.” Blaine felt himself flush from the compliment, more heat pooling in his stomach. “But I thought you'd look even prettier on your knees, those kissable lips wrapped around the base of my cock as I gripped your curls. Would you like that, Blaine? Is that what you want?”

“Yes.” His voice was barely above a whisper, his lungs were barely able to retain enough oxygen to function, let alone speak. But Kurt had asked him a question.

“If I told you to strip naked right now, would you do it? What if I told you to bend over so I could spank you?” Blaine nodded fervently, his body shaking, want and need coursing through him. The only reason he wasn't on his knees already was because of the arm around his waist. Pulling him tight, holding him, keeping him afloat...

“Will you do everything I tell you to, Blaine? Stop when I tell you, stop when you need to?”

“Yes, yes always, Kurt.”

Kurt looked at him for a long moment, the look heady, but steadying. He noticed that Kurt's breathing had increased too, that Kurt was just as hard against him. There was a sizeable amount of desire in Kurt's own eyes, a want running parallel to the power that, combined, made Blaine shake just a little bit more.

“Then you better start calling me, Sir.”