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I Wanna Love You Everyday

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Gemma was a long time fan of Motionless In White. She had been there from the early days of streaming and often gifted him ten and twenty subs. On his drum streams, she would always donate for feel-good songs like Dancing Queen which was one of her favorites. She was very active in his Discord and everyone adored her. She never gave her name though, she just went by Spooky.

She was also really obsessed with Supernatural. She and her best friends Alaina, Samantha, and Lauren often went to conventions all over the US.

Gemma was enrolled in college at Colombia College Chicago, but she was from Back Mountain, PA. She stayed on campus most of the year and lived in her childhood bedroom back home the rest of the time.

In Vinny's Discord, she posted a picture of her favorite coffee mug which was pastel pink and had spelled out in stickers "pajamas all day" and a blueberry muffin. She added: Good morning everyone! I hope everyone has a great day! *smile emoji*

Brooke responded: Good morning Spooky! Whatcha doing today?
Gemma responded: Just working lol
Alex responded: Time to get caffeinated! *coffee mug emoji*
Gemma responded: Deadass I'd probably die without coffee

Vinny responded: So dramatic, Spooky
Gemma responded to him: Haha always
Vinny responded: What does one Spooky do? You're so mysterious
Gemma: I run a couple online shops

Gemma figured that was the end of it and put her phone aside to get started mixing her resin.

Once she had done a few pours, she checked her phone and saw she had a message on Discord. Her eyes got wide when she saw it was Vinny.

V: Hey Spooky, what's your real name?
G: It's Spooky *wink emoji*
V: No for real lol. I'm so curious about you

Gemma racked her brain for a witty response. For some reason, telling Vinny her real name seemed nerve-wracking.

G: If I told you, I'd have to kill you
V: Damn okay
Can I ask you other things?
G: You can try
V: How old are you?
G: Old enough to drink, not old enough for a senior discount
V: So anywhere from 21 to 60?
If you're from the US
G: Correct and yes, I'm from the US
V: Can you tell me if you're younger or older than me?
G: Younger
V: Twenty-four!
G: Nope! :)
V: Twenty-two!
G: Closer!
V: Twenty-one?
G: Ding ding ding we have a winner!
V: A twenty-one-year-old girl from the US
G: Correct
Can I ask you something?
V: Sure
G: Why do you wanna know all this?
V: I have a good feeling about you

She put her phone down and wondered what the hell that was supposed to mean. Why her, of all people?

G: Someone as vague as I am?
V: I like your aura of mystery. You've been around for a couple of years now and I know next to nothing about you
What do you look like? What do you do?
G: I'm a college student and I run a couple of online stores
V: What are you studying? What do you sell?
G: I'm a film major. And I sell handcrafted jewelry, coasters, etc. and my clothes on Depop
V: You've said you're an MIW fan
G: I've listened to MIW since 2011, yes
V: Longer than me and I'm in the band lol
G: Hahaha yeah
V: And you like classic rock apparently, Dancing Queen
G: I love all kinds of music, but I have a soft spot for rock/metal in general
V: You've said you love a show called Supernatural, which I've never watched
G: Vinny!!! You've gotta remedy that. Supernatural is the best!
V: Do you love Supernatural more than MIW?
G: I've watched Supernatural since season one in 2005, so I've definitely loved it longer
V: Fair enough lol
What do you look like?
G: Not cute
V: I'm calling bullshit
G: It's not bullshit, it's true. I'm not cute
V: I just know that you're adorable
G: Fact-checkers have confirmed that to be false!!
V: If you won't send me a picture, can you describe how you look to me?
G: I've got dark brown hair halfway down my back and green eyes and I've been told many times that I have big lips lol
V: You sound beautiful to me
G: I'm not
V: Prove it

Gemma finally sent him a picture of herself where she had had full makeup on and was wearing a red dress. It was taken two weeks before at a convention by her photographer friend Jane.

G: My friend took this about two weeks ago
V: My jaw literally just dropped. You're such a liar, Spooky! You're a fucking babe
G: Lololol don't lie to me
V: I'm not lying! I think you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. For real.
G: K well I know that's a lie because you know Gaia, Kylie, Jaime, etc.
V: Those girls have nothing on you, Spooky. You're absolutely gorgeous
I hope you don't have a boyfriend that I'm severely pissing off right now
G: Hahaha no. No boyfriend. Or girlfriend.
V: You won't even tell me your real name, but now I know what you look like.
G: It's Gemma.
V: I love it. Gemma suits you.
Where are you located?
G: I go to college in Chicago, but on breaks, I actually don't live too far from you
V: Are you serious?
G: I'm from Back Mountain, PA
V: That's 35 minutes away from me!
G: But rn, I'm not home. I'm in Chicago
V: Do you think we could video chat or something?
G: Add me on iMessage and we can FaceTime
My email is

Her iPad went off with a FaceTime call. She hit the green accept button and Vinny's face popped up.

"Wait I look like shit right now." She grabbed her makeup brush and used whatever was left on it to put on her face. She took her hair down from its bun and got back in the frame.

"You look beautiful," Vinny told her. "Hi, Gemma."

"Hey, Vinny." She smiled.

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" He asked.

"No, I'm finished with work for now." She said. "I've got orders to pack, but I'm gonna wait a bit. It's Sunday so the post office is closed anyway." She added.

"I can't believe I'm finally seeing you. I've been curious for the longest time. Ricky kept trying to get me to DM you."

"I don't bite...unless you're into that." She said.

Vinny laughed. "I'll take it. So that's your dorm in the background?"

"I'm in my living room right now." She explained. "One of my roommates is visiting her parents and the other two are out shopping."

"When do you graduate?" He asked.

"May 2020." She told him.

"Only a little over a year left," Vinny said.

"Which is so fucking scary." She admitted.

"You're not ready to graduate?"

"No, although my student loans say otherwise." She laughed.

He chuckled. "What are your post-college plans?"

"My dream job is to work on a TV show. I've directed a few short films, a couple of music videos for friends and I've done a lot of editing work."

"Well I might could help you get some work under your belt. Send me a link to check out your stuff."

She sent him a link on Discord to her reel.

"I DM'd you my reel." She said.

He watched it.

"Gemma, this is fucking dope." He said.

"I try." She said. "I work really hard."

"I can tell." He nodded and typed on his phone for a minute before pulling up FaceTime again.

"When do you have classes?" He asked.

"I don't have classes Friday through Monday. Tuesdays I have classes from ten to noon and one to five. Wednesdays I have classes from nine to three and five to seven. Thursdays I have classes from noon to three and four to seven." She explained.

He nodded. "Okay, cool."

Gemma's phone dinged with a text. "Hold on a sec, sorry." She said to Vinny and grabbed her phone.

"No worries," Vinny told her.

"I asked my friend to grab something from the store for me and she's confused." She typed out a message and sent it. She sent a second text and then put her phone to the side.

She and Vinny talked for a couple of hours on FaceTime before he had to go to band practice. They hung up but not before exchanging phone numbers so they could text.

Gemma packed a bunch of orders and put them in a storage bin to take to the post office tomorrow.