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The jinn

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“Sire! Sire!”

The man looked up from his paperwork, mildly ticked at the loud slam of the door and the hurried tone of the overly-excited squire.

“What is so important you would disturb me, boy?”

The boy stuttered to a stop as he fidgeted in place, “Sire, we’ve found it.”

The king looked at the boy tucking his head in shame, “Found what. Don’t mince words and don’t waste my time.”

The boy looked up, his eyes shining with something, “The lamp sire, we’ve found the lamp.”

Now, the king normally did not betray his innermost thoughts through facial expression, but this...this is different. Something he had been hunting for his whole life was finally in his grasp, so, he let his face bloom from initial shock into a satisfied smile, that would come off as smug and terrifying to the squire before him.

“Begin with that boy. Now bring it to me.”

The boy nodded his head, “Yes, yes. The party will be arriving in minutes, I-I think it will be best to receive them in the main hall.”

The king cocked his eyebrow, “I will be waiting in the throne room, be sure to alert them of so.” The squire nodded and hurried off.

The whole castle seemed to tremble as the king broke out into laughter, he Todoroki Enji, would now finally have the power he deserved.

His hurried steps through the castle seemed to make even the ground shake. His deep blue vestments seem to absorb all the light and joy for themselves. He summoned his children through some passing servants so that they might witness his victory.

Endeavor, his kingdom, his home, his responsibility, was a series of islands surrounding a larger land mass, and it had considerably grown since he had inherited it from his mother. But the bane of his kingdom and existence was the coastal country on the nearby continent, All Might, governed by Toshinori Yagi, an annoying human man, that had lived long past his expiration date. And beginning today Endeavor would finally conquer the land of All Might.

He had finally obtained the power he had personally quested for in his youth and had invested endless resources into. A jinn’s container, more specifically in this case, a lamp. The lamp was said to hold a jinn, an omnipotent and omniscient being that would be bound to the owner of the lamp, himself. And he had crafted a solution to the constriction of the traditional 3 wishes.

So, as he arrived in the throne room he was positively beaming in his own way, as he took in the sight of his son, the masterpiece he thought he would use to conquer All Might, his subjects, his servants, and his other children. The throne he chose was not the most comfortable but it was a diuturnal and historic item and he would honor it as his people would honor him in his victory.

Contrary to the first announcement of his triumph the entrance into the grand area was not particularly loud or alarming, excepting for the clattering of armor and hurriness of excited steps.

The men were battered and were visibly fatigued but they showed a visible pride in their accomplishment and loyalty to the kingdom. But, it was obvious that this squadron's numbers had dwindled.

The captain of the squadron bowed as the rest kneeled, “Your highness. It is through many battles, journeys, personal sacrifice, and even execution of trasoniss allies that we bring this to you,” he pulled the chest strapped like a satchel to the front as he was allowed closer to the king, “The lamp.” He let the strap of the bag fall to the side as he presented the contents of the box to the king.

Todoroki-san pulled the lamp out uncharacteristically carefully, the cool metal radiated a warmth not felt by anyone but magic users, “Yes. I thank you for your service. You and all your men will be provided with more than ample compensation as well as honors.”

The man bowed again, “Thank you my liege.”

“You are dismissed.” The men walked away with their heads tall as Todoroki-san grasped the lamp on his way to his study.

“And,” the whole room froze, “Send guards to my study to sentry all entrances. I am not to be disturbed. The men nodded as Todoroki continued towards his seeming victory.

The walk to the study was hurried and paranoid for the king, he had long lusted for this power and now that it was in his grasp he would not be eager for it to be stolen. The doors were locked and sealed, with both lock and spell of the strongest fortitude.

Todoroki-san cleared his desk as he kept the lamp in one hand as he pulled out a collar.

Todoroki had enchanted this collar himself to tether the wearer to him, it was one similar to the one he had used on his wife and had been perfected for the being inside this lamp.

And so the king unleashed the being inside the lamp not wavering even as a billow of smoke seemed to be pulled from the gilded lamp.

The smoke at first was shapeless, but it soon formed into a young man. His luminous emerald eyes were framed by wild bangs of the same likeness, the rest pulled into a braid. His clothes were fairly simple and were nothing but a set of green pants and a loose blouse, coupled with no shoes. The only thing particularly striking about him was the gold jewelry decorating him, intricate gold cuffs on his wrists and feet as well as a single emerald drop earring.

The boy seemed surprised at the person in front of him, but continued, “I’m Midoriya Izuku, and I’m the genie of that lamp.” He pulled a strong face but seemed to tremble at Todoroki-san’s gaze.

He opened his mouth to continue, “Yes, I’m aware of the limitations my first and only wish, is for you to wear and be bound to this collar.”

Midoriya looked hesitant but he granted the king’s wish when the collar disappeared from Todoroki-san’s hand and onto his neck and looked shocked as a wave of magic overpowered him.

“What- what is this? Did you tether me? I-I-I.”

“You nothing. With this collar you are my property and every command I make you are required to follow,” Midoriya nodded.

“Yes, master.”

Todoroki-san shuddered the slightest bit, terms aside from king and his name had always disgusted him, “Call me Todoroki-san or your highness. Nothing else, understand?”

“Yes, Todoroki-san.”

“Well let’s begin shall we?”


Todoroki-san began a list of all the commands he wished to have fulfilled and Midoriya dutifully fulfilled them, one by one: a larger, more skilled army, a flourishing crop, more weapons, the bolstering of peoples’ loyalty to him, and the intensifying of his magic ability. And when they had completed the day’s task. Todoroki-san retired to his quarters with Midoriya and the lamp nearby. With the latter under his pillow and the former on a futon upon the floor. This continued for days as the king built up his army. And his self pride the king had taken to telling Midoriya his grand plan.

“Todoroki-san. Why is it that you want to conquer All Might?


“I want to expand my kingdom and cement it as number one through the display of my strength. Why do you have some attachment to the land?”

Midoriya seemed to hesitate and leaned against the end of the bed frame, “I used to be a citizen of All Might a long time ago. Before, I was trapped inside the lamp.”

Todoroki-san had assumed that Midoriya had had a life before the lamp, but had never actively thought about it, “Of course. How much turmoil did you have to cause to get sealed in the lamp?” Todoroki-san was genuinely interested in the answer considering the fondness of Midoriya’s voice.

“I-I wanted to be a hero. So, I went against the villain facing the kingdom and was defeated. I never stood a chance, and I couldn’t save anyone. And now I’m tethered to the lamp.”

Todoroki-san understood, he had once been filled with that foolish desire to lead his kingdom to greatness through his heroism. But it had been ineffective, but he didn’t need to focus on the past but the future.

He heard the chattering of teeth and spared a look to midoriya. Ever since he had been bound to him the boy had seemed more drained, so Todoroki-san decided to spare him some kindness.

“Boy, come sleep on the bed. So, that you may regain some of your strength.” Midoriya’s head whipped around in surprise but could only stare at Todoroki-san’s disinterested face. After some silence he carefully slid into the bed farthest from Todoroki-san, seemingly half off it.

Todoroki-san huffed as Midoriya muttered about bed’s being much more comfortable than lamps and floors and Todoroki-san fell asleep to it, long since used to the white noise.

His awakening seemed to be much more peaceful, the next morning and so he continued to allow Midoriya to sleep in his bed. And as the days went on Midoriya seemed to drift closer and closer to Enji. Not just in proximity while sleeping, but also when walking the grounds he would stay closer and when eating he would sit next to Enji’s chair rather than against the wall and eventually even received a chair next to the king’s at the dining table.

And things continued to change slowly but surely as Midoriya continued to provide for Enji and connect with him. And comforted Enji as no one else had before.

Until one night as the two were sleeping Enji woke up to a foreign feeling, well not foreign, so much as uncommon. Midoriya had somehow slotted his backside against Enji during the night and it seemed the stimulation caused a bit of a problem for Enji.

Enji didn't enjoy intimacy, it was useless, time consuming, tiring, and genuinely unenjoyable to him overall. However, as Midoriya wiggled in his sleep Enji felt the urge to roll his hips against him, and he did. And the spike of pleasure that pierced his abdomen seemed to disprove his former experience.

But he stopped himself, no matter what he was Midoriya had become a good confidant to Enji. He was tactical, and strong from his days as what he describes to be a traveling hero, and kind and willing/forced to put up with Enji’s behavior and demands. Enji doesn’t usually create friends with his servants but Midoriya was different, he listened and was kind, and tried very hard to understand his thoughts and goings on, even when the heart on his sleeve very clearly showed he was not happy about some of them. So he began to back away and retract his hand that had been wrapped around Midoriya, when he felt another grab it.

He paused, “D-don’t stop,” Midoriya whimpered out.


“ don’t need to.”

“And why is that?”

A pause, “Because I-I want you to keep doing what you’re doing.”

Enji was a bit baffled, “And why is that?”

Midoriya turned his body around, “Because I like you Todoroki-san. From the moment you bound me to you, I thought you were a bad person. But seeing you change when talking with you, holding conversation with you, and watching you act. I realize you didn’t know you were. When you realized you were, you changed, whether you knew it consciously or not. You let Shouto-san quest on his own, you try to connect with Fuyumi-san, and you haven’t been talking about conquering All Might for a while now. Because I know you’re great when you try in a different way and I think you realized that as well.

Enji felt affronted, he hadn’t noticed a change in his behavior, nor had he thought about a plan of attack on All Might, he had been training for nothing, and he just realized it/ He flushed in anger at the realization of his denseness but he didn’t feel irritated because he knew he changed because of Izuku. Izuku was bright and shining in Enji’s life and Enji wanted to be shined on.

“Yeah,” he rolled his hips against Izuku, “Well let's see what happens.”

Izuku hummed as he blushed a deeper shade more visible to Enji as the moon peeked out from the clouds and into the room through the windows.

Enji put his hands on Izuku's waist and slid his hands up making sure to catch the white shirt as he removed it. The silky fabric was smooth to the touch and warm from Izuku’s body heat but the position they were in made it hard to remove so Izuku flipped from Enji’s said to be sitting on top and let his own shirt be removed before starting on the buttons for Enji’s.

The room was silent except for some quiet gasps as Midoriya’s pants were removed.

Enji grabbed onto Izuku’s waist, “Do you not wear anything under your clothing?”

Midoriya’s blush burned brighter and spread down his chest, “They’re comfortable and I’ve never had to remove them before, so I’ve never felt the need to .” Enji grunted in response as Izuku lifted himself up slightly to start preparing himself with the oil he had conjured.

Enji felt Izuku trembling and put his other hand on his thigh, “Are you inexperienced?”

Izuku glazed at him, “No. It’s just been a very long while.”

“How long?”

“At least a couple decades, but I think not any longer than you are old.”

“You know elves live quite a long time.”

“Yes, I do,” Izuku averted his gaze in shame.

Enji smirked, “Well then, I guess you’re just aching for it aren’t you?” Izuku nodded slightly.

Enji grabbed a hold of Izuku’s hand, removed it from his hole and started to prepare Izuku much quicker, making sure to support his waist.

“Tell me if anything seems to go awry,” Izuku nodded and muttered too softly to hear.

“What was that?”

Midoriya collapsed and placed both hands on Enji’s chest with his forehead tp Enji’s heart, “I-I said I will and that nothing feels wrong right now.”

Enji exhaled, and added another finger to the two already working inside Izuku, “Oh yeah? Is that so?” he rubbed along Izuku’s walls until he found what he was looking for, “What about now? Does it feel wrong now?”

Izuku twitched and moaned and gasped as his prostate was mercily prodded. He couldn’t breath when he felt another finger join the 3 and arched his back, only to have his member grind against the hardened one in Enji’s pants and glide against the fabric barely containing it.

“N-no,” he pulled down Enji’s waistband and grasped the hard cock inside, “You’re big.”

Enji huffed out a hot breath, “Yeah.” Midoriya readjusted his head so he could have a better look at the large shaft he was holding.

“Mm-mmmmm. Can I put it inside me?” Enji moved Izuku’s waist higher up his body in response and let him sit up.

“If you want it take it,” Izuku positioned himself over Enji and slowly seated himself, allowing each inch and vein to carve a hot space inside of him.

Izuku twitched and let out a silent moan as he fully took Enji, and sat for a moment so he could adjust. He then slowly moved back up before completely dropping himself again.

Enji grabbed both Izuku’s hips and started to move Izuku up and down himself when Izuku couldn’t seem to lift himself again. This granted Izuku the ability to loll his head back as his prostate was ceaselessly pounded, he bit his lip to the point of piercing the pink skin as he tried to keep quiet.

Enji flipped them quickly so that Izuku was now the one on the cushioned against the bed, “Don’t be quiet. I want to hear you.” Izuku wrapped his legs around Enji’s waist and let out mutterings of “good” and “more” and breathy cries.

It wasn’t long before Izuku was tightening up from the brink of his orgasm, “Enji. Enji. Oh don’t stop.” Enji smothered a moan into a harsh kiss at the sound of his given name, and allowed himself to cum inside Izuku’s tight vice shortly before Izuku himself came.

Enji moved his face to Izuku’s neck and took a bite from his shoulder, “You are mine. Not just from this collar, but from this bite.

Izuku trembled from that, it was dirty to be claimed by only teeth, and he liked it.