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Bedroom Talk

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2. Control

Ricky took the shot of bourbon that had been placed on the bar for him, wincing as the liquid set his throat on fire. Dutch courage was the only thing that he could think of as he ambled about the streets moving past the drunks while contemplating the offer Chris had made him earlier that day. There had been something welcoming about the quiet bar on the corner that gave him the space (and booze) he needed to process. The life of a touring musician was not one of control and recently it had felt like an impossible whirlwind that he worried he would not survive. The lack of sleep, the body aches and the every other day hangovers had him craving simple normality. Dissociation and depression had clouded his every mood as he struggled through. Not everyone had noticed. Chris had done, taking him aside for a pep talk. It had been a nice gesture but it fell short of hitting the mark when he felt depressed.

Instead of trying to cheer him up with niceties, Chris had tried a different tactic all together. Ricky had barely noticed it at first, starting with instructing him on where to sit, but as the day progressed it had been glaringly obvious something was different. He’d quirked an eyebrow at Chris questioning his bossier than usual mood. ‘Do you like it when I tell you what to do?’ The phone in his pocket had lit up with one question and when he looked up at the devilish expression on the sender's face he could feel his entire body blush. Chris was pushing him to give up control to assert the power he had underneath the disorder. He just needed to say stop. It was a quaint, kinky metaphor for how he felt about life. Not over thinking it he texted back one word. ‘Yes’. It was like the traffic light turning green setting engines revving - Chris hadn’t hesitated telling him the exact time he needed to come over that night.

It had sounded like a great idea in the moment but as Ricky made his way there doubt settled into the pit of his stomach. He had no clue what he was getting himself into and crossing their barrier from friendship into something more was not a decision to be taken lightly. He couldn’t deny how much he adored Chris. And more importantly, how much he trusted him. It was the latter thought that convinced him to stop stalling and knock on the door. When it swung open Chris looked as normal as he ever did putting him at ease almost instantly. He was wearing a stripy black and white jumper over faded jeans; note no latex suit. “Come on in” He smiled warmly, moving out of the way. Ricky stepped into the hallway shuffling his feet not knowing what to do but before he could become too awkward Chris lent down, placing his hands on his shoulders and pressing a kiss to his lips.

It was soft, chaste and almost sweet stopping him in his tracks. “I’ve been wanting to do that all day, you have no idea.” Chris finally said as he pulled away. The words tied Ricky’s stomach up in knots with anticipation and affection. “I’m glad you did” He replied with the only words that came to mind hoping they would be enough; he would never admit it but he already started to feel better. “Do you want to come upstairs?” Chris asked putting his hands into the pocket of his jeans rocking back on his heels as if signaling with his body language that he was easy either way not wanting to put on any pressure. “I don’t know what I’m doing though, so be gentle with me.” Ricky nervously smiled before nodding in response. Chris gave a throaty laugh as he led the way turning to look over his shoulder before he replied so their eyes would meet in the dim lighting. “Of course I will... to start with at least.”

Despite the number of times he had been over Ricky had never seen Chris’ bedroom and when the door opened he suddenly understood why. The scarlet walls stood in stark contrast to the clean minimalist design of the rest of the house; taken aback as he eyed the four poster bed in the centre of the room. “Alright, Mr Grey is there a contract I need to sign?” He laughed, lifting the sheer fabric hanging down over the bed post letting the soft material brush between his fingers. Chris moved to stand behind him running his fingers down Ricky’s back sending shivers up his spine. Turning to face him anxiously looking up to meet his dark gaze unsure of what to do. "We can go at whatever pace you feel comfortable with, and if at any point you want to stop you just need to say. Do you have a safe word?" Chris explained gently pushing his hair away from his face.

"Apricot" Ricky shrugged, picking the first word that came into his head. It sounded stupid but Chris seemed pleased. "Well okay, apricot it is." He chuckled saying the word over and over in his head so it would stick. He moved away opening the top drawer in the dresser returning with something folded in his hands. Once he was closer he lifted it into the light so Ricky could see it - a black, silk blindfold. “Would this be okay?” He asked, waiting patiently for a response not wanting to push if Ricky was not sure. After a moment he nodded, turning around to let Chris tie it, letting go of one of his senses trusting the man with him entirely. He could hear the floorboards creak as Chris slowly moved around him but not touching him. The thought made his breath catch in his chest as he tensed slightly waiting for something to come, not knowing made him feel dizzy and strangely aware of his own body.

Chris clicked his tongue deciding to start with his shirt, unbuttoning it as slowly as he could watching each rise and fall of Ricky’s chest as he did so. He pushed it off his shoulders letting it hit the floor followed by his jeans. “If you even try to tickle me, I won’t be responsible for my actions.” Ricky laughed reaching out to see if he could find where Chris was. He lent in to the touch as an act of reassurance. “I would never do that, torture is not my thing.” He replied with a smile watching Ricky’s vulnerability in awe. Chris led him to the edge of the bed, helping lower him onto the mattress so he was laid back. Ricky traced his fingers over the covers letting the smooth cotton disappear beneath the path of his touch, sinking into the bed as the smell of lavender fabric softener felt like a familiar embrace. “Are you sure you don’t hate torture, pretty sure this is a memory foam mattress.” He grumbled more to himself than to Chris.

“You won’t be complaining about that for long.” Chris snickered, lifting one of his hands in his own and meeting it halfway with the restraint cuff in the other. He tied each wrist and ankle double checking they weren’t too tight before asking Ricky to confirm he was okay. He paused sitting on the edge of the bed to lean over and kiss him. He could taste the cigarettes Ricky had been smoking and peppermint flavour of the gum that did little to hide it. It was tender. Chris felt his heart in his throat - by this point normally he would have been far too caught up in the power play to want to stop. That particular night 'slow burn' had more appeal than anything else. He wanted to push Ricky right to the very edge of what he thought was possible, to the point where there was no coming back. To the point where he could barely remember his own name let alone the darkness that was heavy on his shoulders.

The thought alone made his body tense as he pulled himself up off the bed, his eyes washing over the miles of smooth, tattooed and pale skin laying in wait for him. “I’ll be right back.” Chris muttered barely loud enough for Ricky to hear leaving him guessing as to what might come next. For a moment he considered it was all an elaborate prank and Chris just left him there before heading out for the night. He heard the soft padding of footsteps rushing up stairs and down the hall indicating that he had returned but still he didn’t say a word. Chris ran his fingers up his leg resting on his thigh making his body jolt at the sudden caress, arching off the bed. He felt exposed but couldn’t help but want more as he felt the same hand touch his cock over his boxers. Something cold made contact with his neck making him shake attempting to reconcile the two sensations.

Though with the blood rush it was hard to concentrate on much but the way Chris was nudging past the waistband of his underwear to make skin on skin contact. Chris trailed the ice cube across his collarbone and down his chest watching in satisfaction as it slowly melted against the warmth of Ricky’s skin. He began shifting in response to the temperature change but made no move to stop him. Chris left the ice cube on the centre of his chest before retrieving another one from the bowl he had brought up running it up the inside of his thigh. Ricky’s hips bucked up off the bed in response eliciting a low laugh on Chris’ part. “Okay stop” He groaned at the feeling of the cool water trickling down his skin. “Apricot?” Chris asked, pulling away completely. Ricky shook his head “No…” Even from where was standing he could see the blush light up his cheeks as he settled.

“How about we do something to warm you up instead?” Chris smirked to himself moving about the room again searching through the drawers for a box of matches or... The metallic clink of the lighter drew Ricky’s attention, his head turning in the same direction. He couldn’t see the candle Chris was lighting through the blindfold but the familiar sound made him nervous. He returned to the bed watching the wax melt before slowly tipping the candle to let it cascade onto the skin on his stomach beneath where the ice had been. Ricky gasped, biting his lip at the warmth in perfect contrast with the cold. Chris had barely touched him, his fingertips like feathers brushing across his skin but his entire body reacted in a way he had never felt before. Goosebumps washed over his arms, his hips aching to react, his breath stuttering to keep up as his cock strained to be released from the final piece of fabric remaining.

Chris clicked his tongue picking another ice cube as he worked over the sensitive skin of his thighs and stomach with the seemingly random selection of sensations. Each time the ice touched him when he expected heat Ricky groaned in frustration. Every fiber of his being was focused on figuring out what would cause his body to ache next. There was nothing else in the world than Chris and that bed. His teeth sunk into the increasingly sore soft skin of his lips wanting to control his reactions before giving up completely. It was not the time to be reserved. Ricky had never been one to be vocal but the sounds escaping past his tongue any other time would have embarrassed him. Each growl, moan or whimper reflected his agony waiting to be touched. He needed to feel Chris’ hands smooth over his skin, biting into his neck, his fingers tangled in his hair. He needed to finally experience the release that had been building tension in every inch of his body.

Ricky could feel his heart rate going through the roof as splashes of the warm wax landed across his ribs. The sighs escaping his lips becoming louder, the impatience beginning to claw beneath the skin. "Apricot, apricot, apricot" He repeated the word until Chris stopped. "I need you" groaning and lifting off the bed as much as he could. Chris couldn't help but admire his handy work, a smile tugging at his lips. He wanted to keep going, keep edging but could tell there was little chance Ricky would hold out much longer. His skin glistened with sweat, his hands twisted into fists seeking whatever leverage he could. "You have me" Chris muttered softly into his ear, kissing him as he undid the blindfold. He pulled off his jumper throwing it over the side of the bed, followed by his jeans and underwear. As Ricky's clear blue eyes adjusted to the light he lifted his head up catching the tip of Chris' cock in his mouth eagerly tracing his tongue over it.

Chris tilted his head back in pleasure and Ricky couldn't help but follow his gaze surprised to see his own reflection looking back at him. The top of the bed had a perfectly fitting mirror giving him a full view of his restrained body covered in waterfalls of deep red wax and puddles left by the ice cubes. He barely could recognise the lust in his own eyes as he worked to feel Chris rocking into his mouth. Their eyes met in the mirror sending electricity coursing through his system. Chris pushed his boxers out of the way, squeezing the bottle of lube into his hand before roughly lifting Ricky's cock into his grip; each stroke made him throb harder. They worked in a perfect rhythm, their bodies buzzing with sparks pushing each other towards the peak. His eyes wandered back to the reflection of them - the imagery was enough to push Ricky over the edge. His body drowning in the overwhelming, earth shattering orgasm as he frantically fucked into Chris' hand rocking against it until there was nothing left.

He had come completely undone. The spent, satisfied body writhing against the drenched white sheets felt disassociated from all of the anxiety that had been suffocating him. The release shook him to the core, completely consuming his ability to think. He could barely string a sentence together if anyone had asked. The abstract feelings that made him question every decision he had made disappeared into the darkness. Ricky gave a deep, exhausted moan around Chris' cock the vibrations moving through his body causing a familiar feeling to coil in his stomach. He began to pulse his breathing rapidly accelerating as he felt himself let go. His eyes fixed on Ricky as he let each wave of euphoria wash over him not wanting the moment to end. He wanted to spend the rest of his life tangled up in that bed together completely lost to the world.

The afterglow descended onto him as his body felt suddenly heavy wanting to fall into a perfect, undisturbed slumber. Chris almost bent into half kissing Ricky deeply while his fingers worked on undoing the ties binding his wrists only pulling away to work on the ankle cuffs. They collapsed on the bed beside each other in their exhausted, gratified states with blissed out blank minds attempting to piece reality back together. Real life was just outside of the bedroom door but neither one of them was ready to face it just yet. They wanted as much time as they could get in their borrowed heaven. "So how do you feel?" Chris asked, turning his head to look at Ricky with a sleepy smile hoping his diversion tactic had done the trick. Rick’s cool blue eyes met his with a coy smirk not wanting to admit how well it had worked. "I'm not thinking about how much I hate memory foam that's for sure."