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Now That It's Over

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”What do you mean, I’m ‘out’ of Stone Sour?” Jim asked, his tone incredulous.

Corey had invited himself over to Jim’s house, with the reason of ‘needing to talk about new Stone Sour music’. While on the phone to Jim, he hadn’t mentioned that new Stone Sour wouldn’t include Jim. Which was the real reason he had rocked up.

The two men stood in Jim’s kitchen; Jim with his back to Corey as he made them both coffee, with Corey only a few feet behind him. Jim had just finished making the drinks when Corey dropped the bombshell, and was currently refusing to turn around.

Jim was certain that this had to be a fucked up joke.

”I’m sorry.” Corey’s voice came from behind him, soft and quiet.

”You’re sorry?” Jim couldn’t help but laugh, although he was aware of the way he could hear his heart beating in his ears now. Realisation was beginning to sink in. But surely not. This was a joke, right?

”You don’t need to fuck with me, Corey. You came over here to talk about new music. To talk about what’s next for us.” Jim finally turned to face the smaller man, unaware of the way his hands were shaking when he extended an arm to Corey to offer him his mug.

Corey looked concerned. He took his coffee from Jim, before almost immediately setting it back down on one of the other kitchen counters.

Jim was trying to play it cool. With every second that passed without ‘The Great Big Mouth’ uttering a single word, doubts began to creep into Jim’s mind.

”Come on, man,” Corey finally spoke up. “You know this isn’t working for you, so it isn’t working for us.”

And Jim was usually a quiet, contained man, but he could feel his blood starting to boil. Snapping wasn’t his thing. Usually the man in front of him was the one who had a lot to say — a lot to shout about. Today, it seemed as if the roles were reversing. But Jim liked to think he was a good actor, so right now he was keeping a lid on it. Trying to contain himself.

Jim felt like static had replaced his brain. He couldn’t think, and the room around him was too quiet. For once in his life, he was Corey would start his usual blabbering and refusal to shut the fuck up. But the fact he was quiet was only making this worse. He just wanted him to talk, to explain it all. This made absolutely no sense — it had come right out of nowhere, with no warning at all!

”Hey.” Corey spoke up again and took a step towards Jim.

Don’t.” Jim held a hand out to stop Corey, turning his head away from him. He had to close his eyes for a moment and take a deep breath, in some sort of attempt to ground himself again.

Jim’s mind was still blank, save for one memory that was creeping back to him. It was one he would never forget, but also one he didn’t like to think about often.

Hell, it was nearly twenty years ago now, but he could remember exactly how it felt. How fucking pissed he was when Corey originally left Stone Sour for Slipknot. And what did Jim do? Follow him, of course. When he was over the bitterness — or when he pretended to be. Now he dared to kick Jim from their band? After all this time?

Jim’s hands fell to his sides and he gripped the edge of the kitchen counter behind him. Decades ago, yet it all felt the same to him, here today. The feeling of this anger, this rage, this disgust building up inside him made him want to vomit.

And Corey, being the persistent idiot he was, stepped closer to Jim and laid a hand upon his shoulder.

Jim’s head whipped round, his eyes wide in a glare at Corey, while baby blues stared right back into his soul. Jim harshly shrugged his shoulder to get rid of Corey’s touch, but the smaller man only gripped his shoulder harder. Jim looked at Corey’s hand as if it had personally insulted him.

”Look, I know you’re not happy. I want you to be happy. I don’t want to force you to do shit if your heart’s not in it,” Corey sighed. “We’ve been doing this a long time. Nothing will change with Slipknot. I know that’s where your heart lays. If Stone Sour isn’t your thing anymore, it’s okay.”

”It’s okay?” Jim spat. “Okay for you to make decisions for me? Maybe in your eyes. But I didn’t get a single fucking word in on this, and you’ve somehow figured out what I want or don’t want to do? How do you know what’s good for me?”

”James—” Corey tried, concern in his eyes.

”Don’t you James me!” Jim grabbed hold of Corey’s wrist and yanked his hand away from his shoulder. “You came here with false pretenses. You didn’t even think to ask me first. It’s dishonest. I thought you knew better.”

Jim could see when Corey was angry. He was always the first to know when he was about to blow. It was like a spark in his eye had ignited something. Corey’s jaw ticked and he snatched his arm back from Jim, squaring up to the tall guitarist.

”Don’t you call me dishonest! I’m trying to fucking help you! I wasn’t going to tell you over the fucking phone, was I? God, Jim, you know you’re like a brother to me. I want to do what’s best for you!”

”What’s best for me, or what’s best for Stone Sour? Or maybe even, what’s best for you?”

”Shut up!” Corey harshly poked his finger into Jim’s chest. Jim had to force himself not to flinch. Ouch. If Corey was taller, they’d be nose to nose right now. “Would you rather I hadn’t spoken to you at all? I could’ve just sent you a shitty fucking text message saying you’re out, but here I am, trying to work it out with you!”

The thing with Corey was that if he kept his mouth shut a little longer, was a little more polite, a little bit quieter, he wouldn’t end up in half the shit he gets himself into, nor half as many arguments. And the more he fired up at Jim, the more Jim could feel seething hot anger running through his veins. And he couldn’t get away from the cause, which would only make matters worse.

Corey was still rattling on, yelling and cursing away at Jim, but Jim had known him for so long that he was able to tune him out eventually. Jim could only shake his head at him. He didn’t care what the younger man was saying. He already knew it was all straight up bullshit.

The thing is, Corey also knew when Jim wasn’t paying attention.

”Hey!” Corey shouted and shoved Jim backwards.

Jim lost his footing, only momentarily, but then he was straightening himself up and shoving Corey right back into the nearest wall.

Don’t you fucking touch me!” Jim lowered his head towards Corey as he spoke, boxing him in with both of his hands against the wall, either side of the singer’s head. “Don’t come in here, to my house, and start picking fights with me, Corey!”

”You never gave me a chance!” Corey argued back. “You put your defenses up right away and started getting shitty with me. Maybe if you’d listened to me and just shut up for five fucking minutes, this wouldn’t be such an issue!”

And the more he went on, the more Jim really just wanted him to shut. The fuck. Up. For a second, Jim thought about strangling him, but figured that Corey would actually get a kick out of it instead.

Jim’s grip on Corey’s shoulders remained firm. He knew there would be fingerprint shaped bruises there tomorrow, and that he was probably hurting Corey, but Corey didn’t seem to care nor acknowledge it.

And then, Jim did find himself abruptly shoving a hand against Corey’s throat and curling his fingers around that famous neck.

But it worked. Corey immediately, finally stopped talking, and was staring up at Jim with wide eyes.

Jim couldn’t help but smirk to himself. He wasn’t hurting the younger man now or applying much pressure to his neck, but it was enough to shut him up, which Jim was grateful for. Maybe he’d get at least a couple of seconds to think and calm himself down.

Until he was distracted by a whimper coming from the singer.

Jim cocked an eyebrow at him, confused. He knew he wasn’t hurting him so why—

Corey shifted his hips forward and Jim felt a hardness pressing against his thigh. His eyes widened as he was caught off guard and he swore he felt lightheaded from his own blood rushing south so fast.

”You—“ Jim tried, his voice wavering initially. “You like this?”

And it was a stupid question. He’d known Corey too long. So when the smaller man laughed meekly, it was all the confirmation he needed.

They’d been here before. Fooling around with each other. Not all of the time, but often enough over the years. Touring got lonely, and there was a lot of fucking testosterone on that bus and in those hotel rooms. Sometimes, things would just kind of happen. They’d help each other out.

Jim clenched his jaw and turned his head away, trying to think of something to bring him back down to reality, but the way Corey had been staring up at him and the throbbing in his jeans was too much. His mind was gone. As if things hadn’t already been heated enough beforehand.

Jim tightened his fingers around Corey’s neck and was met with some sort of cross between a whine and a moan. Corey pressed his hips forwards again, and Jim fucking snapped before he could cum in his pants.

”Knees.” He commanded, already starting to push Corey to the floor.

And Corey, of course, immediately obeyed, dropping to the floor and brushing his nose against the front of the evident bulge Jim’s jeans.

Jim, with shaky hands, reached down and began to unbuckle his belt. A part of him was telling him this wasn’t a good idea, not the place and not the time, but mostly he just wanted to fucking destroy Corey.

As soon as Jim’s jeans fell to his knees, Corey was mouthing over the fabric of his boxers. Jim hissed through his teeth and leaned his head back, enjoying the wet warmth of Corey’s mouth already. And while he was distracted, Corey took the lead and yanked down his boxers.

Jim emitted a sigh when his cock finally sprung free and turned his attention to the singer again. He couldn’t help but chuckle to himself at the expression on Corey’s face. Twenty years and nothing changes. Corey always acted like Jim was the biggest on the planet. Jim was rational and didn’t suffer from ‘dick brain’ so he knew otherwise. He was just thankful he had more than enough to stuff down that sweet throat.

As Corey leaned forward and parted his lips, Jim hooked his thumb inside the singer’s cheek and pulled his head back so he would meet his gaze.

”Wait.” It was a simple statement. Jim allowed Corey to close his mouth around his thumb and suck on it for a moment, but then Jim was pulling his thumb free and guiding his cock towards Corey’s mouth instead.

Corey only parted his lips ever so slightly when Jim rubbed the head of his cock against them. He kept Jim’s gaze and sat ever so still on his knees, just finally behaving.


And now, Jim was prepared to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Corey opened up his mouth and Jim pushed into it with ease, allowing himself to immediately sink in further than he usually would at first and catching Corey off guard by bumping the head of his cock against the entrance to Corey’s throat.

He smirked once more when Corey let out a surprised gag. And fuck, how he wished he hadn’t shaved his head so he could tangle his hair around his fist and fuck the breath out of him. Well, he still planned on the latter part of that.

Jim pulled his hips back and Corey closed his lips around the girth of his cock, almost sucking the soul straight out of Jim’s body. Jim grunted in response, allowing Corey a few seconds to just bob his head and please Jim by himself. Oh how things had changed in a matter of minutes. Corey was nice when he had his mouth full.

Jim couldn’t help his soft sighs and moans as Corey continued to suck him, swirling his tongue around the head of his cock and dragging the tip over his frenulum. But then Jim dropped a hand down to grasp Corey’s jaw and dug his fingers into his cheeks.

Corey’s mouth fell open and Jim began to thrust.

Corey sat still, obedient and patient and submissive as ever, still staring up at Jim with his baby blues as Jim began to quickly fuck into his mouth, enjoying the hot, wet slide of Corey’s tongue creating friction against the underside of his dick. He kept his hand on Corey’s jaw, although he knew well that he would stay exactly like this if he removed it. But this time it was different.

Soon enough, Jim began to fuck Corey’s mouth a little deeper. Corey stared up at him, his eyes starting to water as Jim began to hit his throat again. Again, Jim wanted more.

Corey was getting him real wet. Spit was beginning to run down his chin. Jim took his chances and as his other hand grasped the back of Corey’s head, he thrust his hips forward quickly so his cock would plunge down Corey’s throat.

Corey’s throat contracted in a silent gag around his cock and Jim couldn’t help the loud moan that fell from his lips. He threw his head back and kept the pace up, quickly thrusting into Corey’s mouth and breaching his throat every time, making sure to drag Corey’s head forwards at the same time to meet him in the middle.

There were tears streaming down Corey’s face when Jim looked at him again. God, he was so fucked out already, gagging, drooling and crying over Jim’s cock. His lips were red and swollen. Jim didn’t know how much more he could take.

Jim pulled back for a moment just to let Corey have a breather, and maybe regain some of his sanity himself, but as soon as Corey stopped sniffling and gagging for even a second, Jim was eagerly pushing into his mouth again.

Corey tested his limits almost every fucking day with his stupid mouth. But god, Jim loved to test his limits like this.

After a few more quick thrusts into Corey’s mouth, Jim shoved Corey’s head back, allowing it to thud against the wall. Jim followed, once again pushing his cock into Corey’s throat. Corey gagged around his length again and Jim stilled with another loud moan, Corey’s nose buried in Jim’s pubic hair as Jim came down Corey’s throat.

Jim slumped against the wall above Corey, burying his face into his forearms and huffing into them as his cock continued to kick with the last of his orgasm. As soon as he was spent, he pulled out of Corey’s mouth, but still stayed in the same position above him.

Corey fell forwards against Jim, coughing and spluttering harshly into one of his thighs. Jim hardly even noticed. He was sure he’d reached another dimension after that.

When Jim could be bothered to move, he only did so to pull his underwear and jeans back up. As he buckled his belt, Corey clung to his legs, curling himself around them as his face stayed hidden in Jim’s thigh.

Jim released a heavy sigh when Corey looked up at him, throughly fucked out.

”S-Sorry—“ Corey tried, his voice hoarse and quiet as his speaking caused him to start coughing again.

”Hey,” and Jim was still incredibly mad at him, but he wasn’t an asshole. “You good?”

Corey didn’t speak this time, instead he nodded his head and smiled stupidly. Jim offered a hand out to him and he took it, allowing Jim to pull him to his feet.

Jim would be lying if he said he didn’t feel guilty. When they’d fooled around in the past, they were always rough with each other, but not like today. Jim took a deep breath and turned away from Corey. He ran a hand through his hair and went to fetch Corey a glass of water. When he turned around again, Corey had lit a cigarette and was leaning back against the wall with a foot propped against it, wiping his face on his forearm.

You think that’s a good idea?” Jim motioned to the cigarette and Corey shrugged his shoulders. As he took the glass of water from Jim and began to drink, Jim took the cigarette from him and took a long drag from it.

”Hey.” Corey frowned. He was already starting to sound a bit better, but they both knew he’d have a bit of hoarseness and a sore throat for a couple of days to come. At least they weren’t currently touring.

Jim blew the smoke out from his nose and handed the cigarette back to Corey. After Corey had taken a puff, he began to speak again.

”I’m sorry, Jim, I really am. I just want you to be happy.”

”Don’t.” Jim looked away from the younger man again.

”Alright,” Corey sighed, his breath full of smoke. He straightened himself up, finished off the glass of water and set the cigarette back between his lips. “I’ll go.”

Jim didn’t follow Corey when he headed to the door.

”Do you forgive me?” Corey’s voice came as he stalled in the doorway when he was halfway out of it.

”No,” came Jim’s response, with zero hesitation. “And I won’t for a while.”

Without another word, Corey closed the door behind him and Jim was left alone with his thoughts once more. He was just glad they’d managed to clear some of the seething anger and tension.