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Waiting for You

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This time, they were doing things properly. Entirely by the book.

Mizu was making sure of that- unaware of course of their last intimate rendezvous. 

Sidon was at the domain’s shrine mere moments after the tell-tale wisps of blue indicated Link’s in-coming arrival, but unfortunately, he could barely get a hug and a nuzzle in before Muzu found them and had them separated six feet apart. 

(… perhaps getting caught so soon might have been his own fault for excitedly announcing Link’s arrival through the whole domain, now that he was thinking about it)

It was both a shame and a relief wrapped into one. He had felt a little guilty for how they had crossed a few of Muzu’s clearly laid out rules already but...If he were being honest, he wouldn’t have minded a few repeat events from last time to transpire once again.

But no, the advisor was intent on playing chaperone for the duration of this particular visit and that’s how they ended up as a trio on their causal jaunt through one of the domain’s more pleasant walking paths.

Muzu was… not making things easy of course. In this particular circumstance though Sidon wasn’t sure it was entirely intentional. The elder had a tendency to sometimes… forget himself having been an outspoken and trusted friend of his father for so many centuries. 

So rather than playing the proper escort, tasked only to watch the couple and ensure they didn’t engage in any ‘inappropriate’ behaviour, he continued to be quite talkative. He spent the first while grumbling about his old bones and the path that they had chosen to take but quickly started to ‘miraculously’ limber up as he became distracted with telling tales and reciting the history of the various pieces of zora architecture they passed.

Soon, he was even a couple steps ahead of them, nattering like a tour guide.

Sidon glanced at Link, hoping the light of his life wasn’t too bored or disappointed with the trajectory of this visit. He had just returned from a difficult trip in Hebra and freeing another divine beast- he deserved a relaxing break.

Link looked… entirely content.

He met his eyes for just a second, catching the zora looking and Sidon’s attention quickly snapped away.

A moment later, a hand started playing with the fin on his hip. He nearly jumped but managed to avoid alerting Muzu all the same.

On the list of indecent behaviours, this was certainly one of them.

If Link didn’t know this before, he certainly did now with how he had monitored Sidon’s reaction with the intensity of a sheikah scientist.

And for that reason, his repetition of this gesture could not have been mistaken as innocent, no matter how well he kept the expression on that hylian face ‘neutral’ and ‘unassuming’.

Sidon’s worry that they might get caught was for naught of course. The man who had been stealthy enough to collect shock arrows around an active lynel was certainly not going to be seen misbehaving by their entirely distracted third wheel.

“Ah and of course here- this statue was commissioned by the late Queen to remember the zora who lost their lives in the slope failure at the old luminous stone quarry,” Mizu said, bringing their attention to a shining memorial. Link slipped past Sidon from behind, seemingly with the intention to get a better look but on his way past a mischievous hand ran up the length of his long spine sensually and the prince involuntarily shuddered.

Link of course, had the audacity to look entirely innocent. He stood next to Muzu nodding but clearly not really listening as the elder discussed the special sculpting techniques the zora had used in this piece and why that made it unique.

As Muzu began to move on, Link sent him a conspiratorial look and Sidon shook his head. No, no definitely not! He was not in on this little game!

He was a prince! He had at least some sense of decorum! He sent Link an admonishing look and straightened his regalia, hoping to send the message.

Aaaaand, that was his gills Link was now stroking.

Goddesses help him. His heart was in his throat at the sensation. It seemed he was going to have to exchange some words with his rambunctious sweetheart.

When he was certain the older man was distracted in the crescendo of his monologuing about the golden years of zora architectural design, Sidon quickly dropped to a knee and whispered to Link. “My dearest darling,” he said tightly. “This is highly unwonted courting behaviour.”

Link's gaze turned roguish in an instant and he started to play with the two fins framing Sidon’s face. “Unwonted but not unwanted ?”

Sidon considered lying. He really did. 

“When it comes to being a royal, it’s not always about what is wanted. Perhaps this is a confusion between cultures? We zora greatly respect our elders, we cannot play this joke at Muzu’s expense. I apologize if he is being a tad…” Sidon glanced at the elder who was now theatrically reading aloud a nearby plaque (interspersing his own comments about clever choices in the wording of course) “Much.”

“Well in hylian culture,” Link said, twirling Sidon’s right fin around his finger, “The goal of couples is to get away with as much as possible when our families aren't looking.”

Sidon sighed and finally conceded an affection-laced smile. “Perhaps Muzu was correct when he said you’d be a handful my moonbeam .

“Fine,” Link sighed. “I promise I won’t do anything further behind Muzu’s back”- is what he said but then he paused with a dissatisfied frown and took one quick opportunistic peck on the tip on Sidon’s crest. “Starting now.”

Muzu began to turn around and Sidon shot up.

“Perhaps this walk is doing you some good my prince. You must be terribly out of shape to be so flushed from this gentle trail,” the elder commented.

“Perhaps so,” Sidon agreed hoarsely. 

That was of course the moment Link’s hand slid into his and Muzu and Sidon both jumped.

“Is this not allowed?” Link asked innocently.

… this was not exactly what Sidon had expected by “ I won’t do things behind his back”  but it wasn’t technically a lie.

Muzu muttered a little under his breath, “I suppose it’s... fine.”

The man continued on and the lovers exchanged a grin.