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Gold and Silver

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Nerves alive with anticipation, Hermione began to crawl backwards as she maintained eye contact with Andromeda, who stalked forward toward her with the grace of a jungle cat and just as much predatory intent. That was part of the fun with riling Andi up, as far as Hermione was concerned. She loved to act out just a little so Andi would remind her of her place. She licked her lips as she felt her back make contact with the edge of the desk. There was no where else to go.

“Tell me, kitten, do good girls make their lady cum in front of company?”

Andi arched a sculpted brow as she asked the question, finally getting close enough to hover over Hermione, those predatory eyes gleaming in the low light filtering in from the library. Hermione shook her head no, caught in the stare and cautious to speak and break the moment.

“And tell me, do good girls think it’s fair to make their lady have to restrain herself during an orgasm?”

Hermione bit her lip, shaking her head in the negative again, eager for what was to come.

“So then, kitten, I think maybe you need to be reminded of who you belong to. Do you think you can try to be my good girl?”

Gulping in anticipation, Hermione finally nodded in the affirmative.

“Hermione, baby. Good girls use their words. Tell me.”

Wetting her lips, Hermione finally spoke up.

“Please make me your good girl again, Andi. I need you to remind me who’s good girl I am.”

A devious smirk split across that elegant face as she leaned in to nip at Hermione’s lips.

“That’s right, baby girl,” she said against Hermione’s mouth, deepening the kiss as she pulled Hermione away from the edge of the desk some, laying her down on the magically cushioned ground before husking deeply into Hermione’s ear.

“But I think part of your penance should be having to go through the same ordeal you put me through. Don’t you think that’s fair, baby?”

Andromeda gestured ties into place wordless and wandlessly, leaning back to look at her prize. Hermione gently strained against her bonds, chest rising as she felt her panties begin to stick to her. Andi began to drag her tongue against her jaw causing the nerves on the back of Hermione’s neck to spark to life, her eyes fluttering shut at the sensual build up.

“Ah, but I think a good girl should do this without clothes on, so that she can further please her lady. What do you think, Hermione? Should my good girl be naked for me?”

Hermione began to nod her head yes before Andromeda brought her hand forward lightening fast to fasten on Hermione’s jaw and brought her face around to meet her eyes as she held her steady, nose to nose.

“That talented little mouth of yours has gotten you into enough trouble today, so I suggest you use it to answer me when I ask you a question. Should my good girl be naked for me?”

Exhaling a quick puff of air as she felt herself clench on nothing, desperate to rub her thighs together for some relief, Hermione found her voice to reply.

“Yes, ma’am. Please, can I be naked for you?”

Letting go of Hermione’s jaw, Andi chuckled as she vanished Hermione’s robes, leaving her in just the tiny black sliver of panties. Andi breathed out a moan as the scent of her lover wafted toward her now that the barrier of clothing was removed.

“All you had to do was ask nicely, baby.”

She smiled lovingly down at her girl before beginning to trail her nails down Hermione’s torso. Hermione’s breathing had picked up as she felt the chills increase, arching her back to meet the ghostlike touches trailing down her body.

“Please, Andi.”

Chuckling, Andi enveloped one nipple into her mouth, sucking hard on it as she pressed Hermione’s body back down onto the floor, holding her steady. Releasing the nipple with a faint pop, she pulled back to look into the needy face of the girl below her.

“Please what, baby girl? Tell me what you need, Hermione.”

Letting out a little whine at the sultry tone of voice pouring from Andromeda, Hermione turned her face sideways, trying to push past the increasing arousal she felt.

“Please touch me, Andi.”

Andi smiled down at her, running her hands up Hermione’s ribs before settling on her breasts, thumbs rubbing soothing circles over her aroused nipples.

“I am touching you, baby.”

Again, Hermione let out a keening whine, almost laughing to release the emotions building inside her, begging to be released.

“If my needy little girl tells me what she wants, I might be able to help her. Can you do that for me, Hermione? Can you tell me exactly what it is that you need from me?”

Rolling her head around to look at the witch above her, Hermione could feel a full body flush coming over her. Her panties were ruined from all the moisture that had collected. She was panting with need, desperate for Andi to stop teasing and just---

“Fuck me, Andi. Please, please, just fuck me. Show me how to be your good girl, pretty please.”

An ominous chuckle was all the warning Hermione got before slender fingers were pressing against her very much soaked and ruined panties. Andi let out a groan, dipping forward to nip at the nipple she hadn’t already given attention to. Hermione pressed up as far as her magical restraints would allow, trying to get as much pressure from the fingers pressing against her soaked core.

“My baby girl is so desperate for it, aren’t you? Gods, Hermione. You’re panting against me, soaked down your thighs even, and I’ve barely touched you. Such a good girl for me,” Andi purred.

Hermione bit down on her lip, nodding her head forward and gulping in a breath of air before replying.

“Yes, Andi. Yours. I’m your good girl. Please, Andi, I need you to make me your good girl again.”

Dragging the panties down Hermione’s legs, Andi took a moment to appreciate the treasure in front of her. Flushed red and dripping, Hermione was spread before her, all hers for the taking. And that was exactly what she intended to do.

Rushing forward, Andi met Hermione for a bruising kiss. She bit her lover’s bottom lip as she pulled away, hands trailing up thighs as her lips trailed down the torso in front of her. Her girl had been so very good and had waited long enough.

She kissed a path down between her breasts, dipping briefly into the belly button as she passed it, before placing gentle kisses and playful nips against Hermione’s pelvic bone. The needy whines coming from her little witch were intoxicating to Andromeda, all the motivation she needed to bring her tongue forward to dip between soaked folds.

A keening whine, louder than before, released from Hermione as she was finally given what she so desperately needed. Andi spread her thighs further, burying her face between soft thighs, feasting on her witch. She used her hands to hold Hermione’s hips steady as she buried her tongue as deeply into the girl as possible. She nuzzled her nose against Hermione’s clit, feeling her attempt to buck up into the touch. She used one arm to brace Hermione’s hips and brought the other one down, running her fingers through the drenched sex of her little witch. A moan rumbled deep from within her chest, vibrations adding to Hermione’s pleasure.

She trailed her fingers from clit to opening, pulling back and removing her tongue, despite the sob of displeasure her little witch let loose. Running her index finger in a circle around Hermione’s opening, she dipped the tip of her finger inside, feeling the liquid heat of her witch pulling her in. She used her tongue to play with Hermione’s clit, looking up into the face of her witch. Hermione was looking down at her through barely open eyes, mouth open and chest heaving for breath, practically vibrating with need.

She maintained eye contact as she sucked Hermione’s clit into her mouth, pushing two fingers into her tightly clenching pussy.

“Fuckkkkkk, Andi, yes!”

Picking up the pace, Andi fucked hard and fast into Hermione’s clenching heat, spreading that slick wetness around until she could easily add a third finger as she continued to suck at Hermione’s throbbing clit. She could sense that her little witch was close, and pulled her mouth away to ask a question.

“Who’s good girl are you, Hermione?”

Hermione cried out with the loss of attention to her clit, hips still struggling to buck against the hand that hadn’t lost it’s rhythm.

“If you want to cum, you’ll answer me, little witch,” Andi growled out.

Eyes rolling up into her head, Hermione choked out a response.

“Fuck, Andi. I’m yours. I’m your good girl. Please let me cum, Andi. I’m your good girl, always.”

Hearing what she needed, Andi went back to work, sucking Hermione’s clit back into her mouth, picking up the pace with her pumping fingers, and giving her little witch what she needed.

After a few more moments of this, Hermione’s back arched, breaking out of the hold Andi held on her, as her orgasm crested over her like the waves of an ocean. She cried out incoherently, body wracked with shudders as Andi rode her down through the shocks. She continued pumping slowly, working her down through the orgasm, and moved up her body to release her little witch from the magical bonds holding her limbs in place.

She finally removed her hand from Hermione, bringing it up to place the fingers against the lips of her little witch, who eagerly opened her mouth like the good girl she was. Hermione sucked on the fingers presented to her, running her tongue between the fingers to clean the taste of herself from them. Andi used her other hand to push the sweat soaked hair from around Hermione’s face behind her ears, before laying down next to her witch and gently moving her to rest inside her arms, kissing Hermione’s forehead.

“You’re the best good girl, ‘Mione.”

Hermione turned toward Andi, snuggling against her and seeking comfort in the arms of her lover. She nuzzled into Andi’s neck letting out a content sigh as she pressed her lips into Andromeda’s neck.

“Love you, Andi.”

“I love you, too, Kitten.”