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Man behind the mask

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Curt was brought out of his helucinary trance by a loud bang and a sharp pain in his side. A pain he knew well of course, he had been shot so many times during his career that he had lost count. Curt collapsed to his knees from the pain, the mixture of being shot and the after effects of what the deadliest man had done to finally being enough to phase him. The room starts to spin and he can hear Tatiana calling out to him. The last thing he sees is the door of the room being broken open and several armed people rushing in before the world goes black.


When Curt opens his eyes again he is met with the familiar sight of the A.S.S.’s infirmary. He attempts to sit up as he tries to remember how he got there. His movement gets the attention of a nurse who quickly rushes out to get someone else. Moments later Cynthia, along with Susan and a doctor walk into the room. Cynthia gives him a once over before sighing and shaking her head.

“Mega, what did I tell you about getting killed?”

Curt almost laughs at her attempts to hide her concern.

“That you would kill me yourself if I did.”

His voice comes out raspy and Susan hands him a cup of water. Curt thanks him with a nod before turning back to Cynthia.

“How did I end up back here?”

“How much do you remember, Mega?”


It all came rushing back to Curt.

“I remember confronting Tatiana about the bomb.Then I got ambushed by the deadliest man. I was brought to Von Nazi and had to sit through a five minute song about how he thought nazis weren’t bad and then he left. Then the deadliest man tortured me for a good while. Then Tatiana saved me right before I was shot then everything went black.”

Cynthia nodded before giving him a questioning look.

“You said that the Rusian girl, Tatiana as you called her, helped you?”


Cynthia gave a nod to Susan who had been writing down what Curt was saying. Curt shifted to sit up a bit more and winced at the stinging in his side.

“How long was I out for?”

“Only about a day and a half. You're very lucky that the bullet just barely hit your side. It didn’t go through your ribs or any major organs. Though you would have thought it did with the amount of blood that was reportedly around you, that and your reaction.”

“In my defense this my first time getting shot in almost five years. How did you find me anyway?”

“Barb called me after your tracker was off for over forty-five minutes, as I had told her to do. Normally that wouldn’t be a concern but with how much you’ve been fucking up lately I thought it was a good safety precausioin.”

“I haven’t been messing up that bad.”

“You lost a bomb to a Rusian spy. Then you trusted that same spy as she led you into a trap. That is what I would call fucking up. Anyway I happened to have a team in the area and they went and found you bleeding out on the floor just in time to save your sorry ass”

Curt let out a huff and turned to the doctor who had been checking his charts and vitals.

“How long do I have to stay here?”

“Not much longer. I need to check your stitches and change the rappings but if all looks good you can leave after.”

Curt nodded and hissed as the doctor accidentally poked the tender skin around his stitches. The doctor muttered an apology before finishing up and wrapping up his side.

“You should be good to go. Take it easy for the next few weeks and come back if your stitches rip or it starts to look infected. If not I will see you when the stitches need to be taken out.”

Curt thanked the doctor and grabbed the clothes that Susan handed him.

“Get dressed and meet me in the hall, we’ve got work to do, Mega.”

Curt quickly got dressed, as quickly as his injuries allowed anyway, and met Cynthia and Susan in the hallway.

“So what do you need me to do.”

Cynthia gave him a smirk that Curt didn’t know meant something good had happened or if she had planted an explosive in his jacket pocket.

“Well, Mega, despite being ambushed, tortured, and shot you actually didn’t fuck up this mission too badly.”

Curt raised an eyebrow at her.

“What do you mean?”

“Well when my team went to save you they happened to capture the Rusian spy, Von Nazi, and the deadliest man. So other than you almost dying, which I’ll just write off as collateral damage, I’d say that the mission was a success.”

“Well, you are welcome.”

“Do be getting smug on me, you didn’t do shit.”

Cynthia smacked Curt on the side of the head.

“Ow. Realy?”

“Walk it off. Anyway, I’m on my way to interrogate the deadliest man and thought I would see if you had anything on him so I don’t have to waste time?”

“Why would I know anything?”

“Well you are currently the only person that has gone up against him and lived so I thought you might have picked something. Do you have anything that I should know or not?”

Curt thought for a minute before answering.

“I didn’t pick up much, he’s a sadistic fuck who gets off on torturing people. He’s working for or at least with Von Nazi. And he seems to have some kind of vendetta against me even though I have never met the man in my life.”

“Okay, you should have led with that last one.”

Cynthia thought for a minute then grabbed Curt’s arm and began pulling him down the hall.

“Woah, wait, where are we going.”

“We are going to the interrogation room.”


“We’re going to try and use that hatred toward you to our advantage.”


“Not quite sure exactly, maybe you can get him mad enough that he’ll start monologuing.”

Curt rolled his eyes but stayed quiet. They walked the rest of the way in silence. When they got to the interrogation room a guard checked their badges and then let them into the room. There sat the deadliest man, handcuffed and chained to both the table and the chair which were both welded to the floor. He had the demeanor of someone who hadn’t just been captured and locked into an interrogation room. His face was smug, though he instantly started glaring when Curt walked in. If looks could kill, Curt would be dead and buried.

“Well damn, I thought I had killed you.”

“Sorry to disappoint.”

“You should be.”

Cynthia sat in the chair across the table from him and Curt sat on a stool slightly behind her. The deadliest man gave Cynthia a bored look.

“Can I help with something?”

Cynthia furrowed her brows, already done with his attitude.

“How about we start with who you work for.”

Her question was met with a snort.

“You're not going to get information out that easily. But since you asked so nicely I’ll let you know this. Who I work for hasn’t been a problem for you, at least, not yet anyway.”

Cynthia and Curt exchanged looks and Curt scoots closer.

“So you aren’t working for Von Nazi?”

“Good job, Mega, you were able to piece that together. Which reminds me, Cynthia, you really need to work on the competence of your agents, Curt here would have been number eight from your division alone that I’ve killed, that would be if I wasn’t so rudely interrupted.”

He locks his eyes with Curt.
“Though I guess you A.S.S. agents are used to letting the people you work with die.”

Curt tensed at his words, seeing this he grinned.

“Oh, is that a sensitive topic for you, Mega? I should have used some psychological torture on you, maybe you would have killed yourself then. Though I guess that would deny me the satisfaction of killing you myself.”

The sound of a harsh impact rang through the air as Cynthia retracks her hand from his face. The deadliest man moves around his jaw to deal with the shock.

“Enough! We’re asking the questions. Now, what is with your obsession with Agent Mega? As far as we know he doesn’t know you.”

“Oh but he does.”

Curt leaned forward, staring at him in confusion when something caught his attention.On the side of the deadliest man's neck was what looked like a piece of skin was peeling but something wasn’t right about it. Curt got up out of his seat and started walking around the table.

“Mega!, what are you doing?”

“Do you see that thing on his neck?”

Cynthia looked at what Curt was and got up to stand next to him.

“Is that a mask?”

“I think so.”

Cynthia signaled for one of the guards in the room.

“Remove it.”

The deadliest man started grinning then started laughing.

“Go ahead, remove it. Make sure you get a good seat for this, Mega.”

“What is with you man, I can’t seem to figure you out.”

“No you really can’t can you, but I’ve had you figured out from the start.”

Both Curt and Cynthia started to hear that his voice was changing, it almost sounded familiar.

“After all, personal history does have its benefits, Mega.”

Curt froze. He knew that voice. And when the mask was removed he knew that face too. Curt felt as though he couldn't move, couldn’t breath. When he was finally able to move could only say one word.


“ Hello, love. Did you miss me?”