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Hyoutei Days

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Blue, Red, & Orange

Shishido Ryou, a twelve-year-old student at Hyoutei Gakuen. Standing in front of the gate with a pout forming on his lips while glaring at the window near the veranda. Moments later, he can hear the doorknob being turned and comes out his red-haired friend.

“Finally” he exclaimed while glaring at the older of the two by a few days.

Mukahi rolled his eyes in response and closed the door. He headed towards the gate and found one missing. “Jirou?”

Shishido sighed and pointed a finger downwards. “He fell asleep waiting”. The long-haired lad then went to shake the other to wake.

The sleeping lad slowly blinked his eyes and yawned. “Gakuto?”

It was then Mukahi that opened the gates and came out. “Stand up Jirou, We’ll be late for class” he called out and started to walk ahead of them. 

Shishido sighed and grabbed the crouching lad to stand up. “Let’s go”.

Akutagawa smiled and nodded his head, and started to run after their red-haired friend while dragging Shishido behind.