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Her Palace, Her Peace

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Being at the back of the group also kept her at the ever eyes of one Severus Snape. He had watched the girl the entire first two days of their trip, chaperone duty or whatever he told him self. But in truth he simply couldn’t help it.

Her eyes impossibly blown in pure wonder. Her floaty dresses and wild hair giving her an indescribable aura. His own trip enhanced by seeing it all through her, though he’d never tell a soul.

He could tell she was trying to keep it in, the pleasure of being free despite not actually holding freedom. Trying to appear nonplused as to avoid ridicule.

By the third day the group had made its own sub groups. The students easier to watch and more predictable. Leaving it to the other chaperones, it was easy enough to slip back and have a fragment of peace.

They were visiting The Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The gravity defying water something that still amazed him.

His eyes too glued he caught himself accidentally bumping into someone.

And of course it was Granger. But she was.. Crying. Sobbing really. Hysterical almost, though silent. Vanishing her tears and snot with a wave of his hand, then offering her the same hand to help her up.

She took it, more gracefully than anyone that distraught should, hiding her face as she stood.

“Miss Granger,” he tried, “Forgive me for not watching my step. And for asking- what is the trouble?”

“I ..I don’t know.” Quiet, almost embarrassed but he knew it was honest, impossibly so.

“You.. don’t know?”

“One minute I was fine. I mean as close to fine as one can be in a situation such as this. Away from home, kind of solo.. But this.. This spot. It’s like.. I.. Well, I don’t know.”

He looked around to see them near a small corner, almost entirely blocked off. A glimmer in the light the only thing telling them muggles couldn’t see much past this section. He knew it was magical, it’s purpose. But surely she didn’t. Though even he had to admit the residual magic was still strong despite the years.

“Please excuse me a moment, Miss Granger.” He had said before quickly finding Flitwick. Before taking any control of his mind back, he had already made his excuses to Flitwick. Telling the small professor that Hermione was in need of a break and he would make sure she was safe and catch them both up to the group at the next destination.

His breath hitched as he went to announce his return.
“The.. The group is continuing on. Take the time you need, I have made our excuses.”

“Professor?” Her quiet voice was like a symphony after the silent minutes that had passed.

“Yes Miss Granger?”

“What is this place?”

“It is the Alhambra.. A palace, of sorts, in Spain. But I do not think that is what you are asking.”

“No.. I.. Do you feel it? There is something..”

“Magical? Follow me, Hermione.”