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Family and Responsibilities

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Sully and Michaela knew that they couldn't stay out in the rain, and once it had calmed to a light rain Sully suggested that they get back to the horse and make their way to the Cheyenne camp. Michaela agreed, she wanted so badly to be home and check on Brian, but she knew if they both stayed in their current condition, they would likely be sick and spend a very uncomfortable night trying to avoid the weather. Although it's very existence had caused so much passion for them, the weather was only going to get worse, and a dry place to sleep was sounding better every minute.

On the horse again, he guided them to camp and after locating Cloud Dancing,they were greeted, and shown to a teepee where they could take shelter. His shirt was clinging to his torso and her clothes were clinging to her form. Their skin glistened from the rain water slowly trickling from their hair. There were furs and blankets and Snowbird brought tea and dry clothes for them to warm up. As she started to leave she went to Michaela to see if she needed anything. She took her hands in hers and immediately noticed the white man's symbol for a marriage. The two women smiled at each other and Snowbird whispered, "He has promised himself?" Michaela nodded and replied, "and I have promised myself." Her crooked smile gave away her delight. Snowbird smiled and said, "Come with me." The two women wrapped themselves in blankets and exited the teepee.

Sully used the opportunity to change into some dry buckskins and he removed his shirt, hanging it up to dry. He built a fire and began to hang the other garments up too. Meanwhile, Snowbird pulled a bundle from her things and slowly started to untie the leather bindings. "I have a gift for you, Medicine Woman." Michaela thought about objecting, but she knew it would be an insult to Snowbird, so she stood quietly and let her continue. "I made this dress a long time ago when Sully came to live with us. The pain in his heart was great, but the spirits told us that time and a good woman would heal his wounds." Tears gathered at the bottom of Michaela's eyelids, and she thought upon how painfully Sully had suffered through many misfortunes. Cloud Dancing and his wife had truly saved him with their friendship, and she could only ever hold them with highest regard. It was truly a dishonor that they, along with their people, had been treated so poorly, especially when the proof of such a great friendship was now before her. Michaela stared straight ahead and as hard as she tried to contain them, a tear broke the barrier and streamed down her cheek. She quickly wiped it from her face. Snowbird rose from the ground and turned to reveal a beautiful, soft doeskin dress adorned with snow white feathers and white beads. "The spirits said you would join his soul and become one," Snowbird held the dress up. " Now I will help you to go to him."

Sully heard her re-enter the teepee, and he said,"Michaela, I've got a space for your clothes and", he turned and his mouth went dry as he lost all thought…. Sully was stunned, she stood before him in a doeskin dress. It was adorned with white feathers and beads. Her hair was flowing down her back with feathers braided into it beside her face. Her legs were showing and she had removed her shoes when she entered. The neckline was cut across her shoulders and his eyes were drawn to her ivory skin. The furs she stood on were so soft and pleasing. He finished turning and stood facing her, finding it hard to mask his reaction. His chest was quickly rising and falling and she blushed as he stared right into her eyes. Michaela took it all in, his muscles, his form, those crystal blue eyes that looked upon her, his broad shoulders and his chest…. Her eyes wandered over him and she blushed realizing how she had stared for too long. She slowly walked toward him, and as she reached him she stopped, looking directly into his blue eyes.

"You're so beautiful" he said, knowing he couldn't keep that to himself any longer. Her cheeks blushed even more and she averted her eyes to regain any sense of propriety that was left. She could feel his eyes watching her and she heard him breath out desperately, "marry me." Her eyes shot up to his and she looked at him with confusion and smiled a little, unsure of herself because he had just ask her this very thing only hours before . "Sully,..." she breathed. "I mean tonight," he said. She froze. "How?" He looked to the entrance of the teepee, "I'll get Cloud Dancing, he can marry us."

Their ceremony had been simple and meaningful. Snowbird and Cloud Dancing knowingly congratulated the two and left them. They now faced each other intensely in the teepee. The dress was cut across the shoulders and he reached forward using his middle fingers to caress her skin. He slowly worked over her collar bone to the roundness of her shoulder. The warmth of his hand felt so comforting from the contrast of the rainy weather. He leaned forward and kissed the curve of her neck. Michaela gasp a little bit and turned into him kissing him below his ear. His hands moved to her sides and he caressed her front to back with steady, even strokes. Filled with desire, he couldn't help from grazing the underside of her breast. She placed her arms around his neck and pulled him to her mouth. Passionately, she tasted his lips. The dress gathered neatly at her shoulders with leather lacing that held the dress in place. He pulled back and kissed his way from just below her ear to the side of her shoulder where he untied the tie and then kissed his way back to her mouth. The dress fell slightly and exposed more of her shoulder. He looked down at her chest and slowly moved his hand up her body to her covered breast caressing over them as the soft leather served as a barrier, but elicited the strongest urgency for more. She moaned softly and his lips found her neck as his passion grew. He put his arms around her and kissed his way to the top of her shoulder once more. His hand slid up her back, and drawing her into him his hand was able to reach the tie as he pressed into her. He took it between his fingers and slowly pulled it loose. His hand moving once again to her back as he loosed the garment. He looked into her eyes and let go as he stepped back. The doeskin dress dropped to the floor revealing her beautiful body.

Sully put his hands around her waist, and pulled her close. He started at her ear and kissed the side of her face softly as he continued to her throat. His lips lingered in every spot as he slowly moved to another location. His hand moved to her face and he caressed her throat, the sensations softly bringing her more into him as she sighed. She was content and he picked her up and carried her to the furs and blankets spread across the floor. He kneeled down and gently placed her on the soft bedding. She leaned into him for another kiss and pulled him to her as she lay back. Their previous encounter had been intense and passionate, but what followed their wedding was now a tender expression of love in its purest form. Every caress against her body was treasured and movements were slow, and powerful, and deliberate. Their breathing was shallow and heavy as they reverently explored the adoration they had for each other. She couldn't believe how much he loved her, but even more than that, she couldn't believe how much she loved him. The feelings she experienced were overwhelming. Eyes heavy with love, she caressed his face, studying every detail. Sully was experiencing similar feelings as he continued to caress her body. He could hardly believe that she was his wife. So many things in his life had gone wrong but now it had finally seemed like his life was changing for the better. She truly was the song of his heart. He smiled as he kissed her, he pulled back, and the look in his eyes turned to a more serious nature as he allowed himself to feel every measure of his love for her, often arriving at a deeper appreciation for her then a moment before. Sully took in a deep breath and sighed. Michaela had smiled back at him. She noticed the look in his eyes and they both arrived at the same conclusion, that now was the time to release their innermost feelings for one another. Their love was encompassing a timeless dedication of two souls locked in a force more powerful than their own physical desires and their marriage had fused the longing of their souls to become one.

So infinite was his desire to please her, he reached for her face and his warm hand caressed the side of her cheek as his thumb drifted to her lips. He lightly ran his thumb over the smooth delicate skin as his eyes shifted from her eyes, to her lips, and back again. The sensation was electric, and she found it hard to resist. She kissed his thumb to stop the motion, he moved his hand back to the side of her face. She reached up and caressed the outline of his cheek with her fingertips as she let her hand slide into his hair and caressed the curve of his ear. Then she moved to the nape of his neck. "I love you." It was a simple statement, he leaned in and stilled her with a passionate kiss and then kissed his way down her body, working down her neck to the side of her breast and then to her ivory skin on her torso. He moved to her hips and gently kissed the soft slope of her hip bone before moving on to nuzzle the inside of her thigh as he parted her legs and made his way down her. It was pure torture as he had bypassed her breast and her most sensitive areas, her breathing was shallow as she anticipated some kind of satisfaction. She watched as he lifted her leg and kissed the inside of her knee, and her skin tingled as his lips left that sensitive spot and continued down her calf. His affections were building as Sully rose and removed his buckskins, this was the final barrier. He lowered his body to hers and worked up her legs to her center, bypassing the area again. Michaela was enjoying his affections and the longing frustration continued to build. He kissed up the side of her ribs while his hand splayed to the underside of her breast, he grazed the underside and gently used his ring finger to caress up the side. He slowly circled her nipple and caressed her with the lightest touch. Michaela had been anticipating his touch for what felt like an eternity, his inadvertent contact left her moaning and trembling, she felt her excitement build again. He couldn't keep her like this for any longer. He leaned to the other side as his hand covered her breast, and took her other breast into his mouth, stroking her with his tongue. "Ohhh, ahhhh." Her chest rose and her breast swelled, which caused her to rise even more into him. He moved to the center and kissed her chest and quickly moved to her neck where he gently kissed her delicate skin.

His lips upon her neck were so pleasing and he reverently took his time kissing her and breathing his warm breath onto her soft skin. She met him and the two shared a long passionate kiss. He needed her so, and he longed to make every moment last. With that thought he reached down and joined with her as he pulled her up, supporting her back as her head fell back exposing herself to his mercy.

Enjoying his tenderness, she lifted her head and looked straight into his eyes. The look she was giving him transcended all they had shared until this moment. Longing and love, deep passion with hooded eyes, secret desires of her heart that were to be understood and remedied. He moved in her with passion and ease, slow, rhythmic movements that pleased her very much as he attended to her. Of the time they spent together her completion had never felt so wonderful and full. Every nerve was fulfilled by his attentions and she clung to him with a tight embrace when they concluded.

He rolled to his back and she lay on top of him with her leg wrapped around his. Her breast pressed into him and her ear was above his heart. She listened as it pounded within him and smiled as it began to slow and even out. Her right hand lingered at his side as the top of her hand felt the softness of the furs while she held him and slowly caressed his side with her thumb, meanwhile her left hand lingered on his collarbone and gently caressed his neck. Her foot occasionally moving about his leg and ankle. He was so satisfied with her responsiveness. They truly felt like one body and soul together. He was all too happy to give her this time resting and appreciating her feelings of love. Her body soft and smooth, seemed weightless upon him. His hand rest at the smooth curve of her lower back and he caressed her with his two middle fingers. His other arm reached up to her neck where he caressed her skin as he played with her silky hair. He was so warmly embracing her and she wondered how she had made it so long without the love of a good man. It wasn't long before Sully pulled his blanket over them, and they were asleep.

Michaela woke first, pleasantly warm on a cool day. Soft furs lay upon her back. The rain from the prior evening had stopped and she remained softly tangled with Sully. His chest contently rising and falling, she nuzzled against him and lightly kissed his skin. He held her with a soft firmness with one arm as his other arm had moved above his head, opening up to her freely, uncharacteristic of any defensive sleeping positions he maintained in the wilderness. His broad chest and firm muscles were so pleasing to her and she couldn't help sensually running her hands over his firm body. She used her mouth to gently nibble his skin as she ran her hand along his side. Her leg was caressing his as she rubbed against his erect manhood. Sully woke to the most pleasant feelings as he froze to let her continue. She rose up above him and gently kissed him, "Good morning…...husband," she smiled. Good morning my beautiful, lovely, intelligent, passionately loving wife." She paused, how did she get so lucky. Michaela rocked back, and took him in her hand, guiding him into her. Her muscles contracted and she closed her eyes, relishing the feeling of him. He watched her with love. Once she relaxed,her hand moved to his chest and she started to rock gently. He took her hips in his hands and guided her movements. Michaela closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. He made her feel more than she could ever imagine. Sully was enjoying the steady rhythm as he grew closer and closer to completion. Suddenly it was too much and he braced himself as he sat up and took over, adding a firm but gentle intensity to their pleasure. Her breast were before him and he took one in his hand as his other hand moved to her backside. Michaela could feel him so close to a release, it brought her closer as well. He was solid against her and pleasurably thrusting and just before they both came over the edge, he wrapped his arms around her and pressed their bodies together thrusting hard. Their cries of passion buried into each other, and they remained in this embrace for some time. Finally, both realizing that they should find nourishment for their bodies and needing to return home, they dressed and bid farewell to Cloud Dancing and Snowbird.

Michaela was radiant, her skin glowed and Sully sat proudly upon his horse as they made their way back home. His arms wrapped around her, holding her dearly. Hints of auburn, shining in the sunlight, cascaded down her golden, dark, copper hair. He leaned in and kissed her neck as they rounded the corner in front of the homestead. Michaela blushed and a smile pulled the corners of her mouth, she closed her eyes and sighed. She heard the latch on the door open as the Cooper children came out to welcome them home. Things were different now, they were finally a family. She opened her eyes and there he was, Brian was the first one out the door. He was truly making a miraculous recovery. Sully looked past her shoulder, smiled, and gave her a reassuring hug as he saw his new family come out of the homestead. He and Michaela were about to share the good news, and they would soon find comfort in knowing that he had promised himself to them as well. The responsibilities that Ethan had abandoned were now safely in Sully's care. He was committed to helping raise them and support them, as a father should.