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Charlize Theron's Diary

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As Charlize Theron arrived at the gym, she started to look around. She wanted to make a movie and wanted to have and work with one of her favorites actresses. When Theron heard that she was in town and was in the gym, Theron decided to go to the gym to find her and ask her personally to be in the movie.

Theron found one of the trainers there and approached her. This was a private gym for rich people and many celebrities were using it so when the trainer saw Charlize Theron approaching her, it wasn’t a big deal for her. “Hi there. Sorry to bother you, but I was looking for Mrs. Nicole Kidman, and I was told that I could find her here”. Charlize told the woman.

The trainer pointed Theron toward the section where Kidman was training. Charlize thanked her and went to the section. There and from behind the window, she saw Nicole Kidman doing some push-ups. “Damn, look at her! That body is on fire!” Charlize thought to herself. Charlize didn’t go inside and instead, stand there and just watched. Of course, she was doing this just because she didn’t want to interrupt Mrs. Kidman’s workout and it had nothing to do with how she was enjoying the view!

So Charlize just stayed there and watched Kidman doing her workout. Even in her gym clothes and without any makeup on, Nicole looked amazing and Theron just couldn’t look away. As Theron was watching, Nicole did some bench press and lift some weight and so on and Charlize was Impressed with Nicole’s workout and dedication. “She must be getting ready for some big action role… maybe an incredibly sexy killing machine. mmm…” as Charlize was daydreaming about that, Nicole’s personal trainer noticed her and came to Theron.

“Hi, can I help you?” the trainer asked, and Charlize got back to reality. “ I’m here to talk to Ms... I mean Mrs. Kidman” Charlize answered.

“I just didn’t want to interrupt her workout…by the way, she is training for a movie, right?” Charlize asked. “No, Ms. Theron, she is not doing this for a movie. Whenever she is in L.A., she would come here and train. She just likes to be at her best all the time” the trainer answered.

“I bet she does!” Charlize said which the trainer didn’t get.

“Anyway, her training will be over in a few minutes and then you could talk to her” he said.

Theron went and sat on a bench there waiting for Kidman while lustfully looking at the tall blonde. After a few minutes, Kidman’s training was over, and she left her room and saw Charlize Theron sitting on the bench and waving at her. “Good lord, every time I see her, she has gotten more beautiful than the last time... No wonder I’ve always wanted to have her for myself for a night or two…!” Kidman told herself as she walked toward Charlize and shook her hand.

“Hello, Charlize. It’s good to see you again. What are you doing here?” Kidman asked, noticing how Charlize is looking at her arms muscles.

“I was… well I was in… neighborhood” Charlize was barely able to talk as she was completely checking Nicole’s amazing body.

“Look at those loooong legs…those thick and strong thighs…her beautiful breasts...mmm”.

After a few seconds of dreaming, Charlize finally looked at Nicole’s face and continued “I’m… making a movie, and I was wondering if I could have you… for the movie…”.

When you are a gorgeous, tall person, you soon realize the effect you have on the other people and the fact that all they want is to eat you! So seeing Charlize checking her out like that, was anything but new for Kidman but it was one of those rare occasions where not only Nicole didn’t mind, she was enjoying it because she has always considered Charlize as one of the hottest people in the world, so having Theron looking at her like that with her beautiful green eyes, was a big compliment. And of course, it meant that maybe Kidman could finally get her hands on her!

“Ok honey. But I need to take a shower first. So let’s go to my hotel, and after my shower, we’ll talk about it” Nicole said. Theron said yes and then bent to pick up her bag from the floor which gave a good view of her ass to Kidman! Charlize Theron was truly gorgeous and seeing that view, made it crystal clear for Nicole Kidman that she wants her! Kidman would love to have her way with Theron, and as always, she would get what she wants!

Since Kidman didn’t have any car with her, they went into her hotel by Charlize’s car. They went into Nicole’s penthouse, where the taller blonde asked Charlize to get comfortable while she took a shower. If it were to Kidman, she wouldn’t go to shower alone but unfortunately for her, she had to wait to get her hands on the South African beauty!

After the shower, Kidman put some clothes on and came to Charlize as they sat on the couch. Nicole looked at Theron and asked “hey, before talking about this movie, I have always wanted to ask you something. Why did you turn down that movie we were supposed to do? You know, the one that we were supposed to be husband and wife?”. Nicole was talking about a movie they were supposed to make a few years back.

Turning down that role was one of the hardest decisions Charlize has ever made because she really wanted to do it, but she thought she had a good reason for turning it down. The reason it was hard for her to turn down that role and at the same time wanting to it, was the same thing. How attracted she was to Mrs. Nicole Kidman!

From the longest time that she could remember, Charlize had always had a thing for Nicole, so she knew that even working with her was not going to be easy, never mind being her wife and having sex with her! So in the end, she had to turn that role down.

“Well, I... I did it because of you…” Theron said as she looked down. “I… I’ve always had a crush on you… and I didn’t think, no, I KNEW I could not work with you as your wife and… control myself.”

Mrs. Kidman liked what she was hearing! Firstly, now she knew that the shorter blonde liked her too as she was complimenting her. So now Kidman knew she had a good chance of having sex with her. Secondly, it was giving her the opening she needed to seduce Charlize.

“Wow…I’ve always thought that you turned down that role because you didn’t find me attractive enough to have on-screen sex with me…”. Kidman said.

As she said that, Charlize turned her head up and looked at Nicole with confusion.

“Are you kidding me? How could you think I did not find someone like YOU attractive? How could anybody?!”

Theron said and after not hearing an answer from the gorgeous Aussie, she continued “If I want to be honest, just sitting next to you is… making me horny and wet!”

Theron said as she was looking at Nicole with lustful eyes. Mrs. Kidman’s plan was working and she could clearly see the effect she had on Charlize!

“Well, how could I know that at the time, Charlize? When I heard that you turned down that role…it was hard for me to cope with it, Charlize.”

Nicole Kidman said as she tried to look sad to play with Charlize’s emotion and make Charlize a little sad. After all, she was a performer and lived for a little drama! “… you broke my heart, Charlize!” She continued.

“They should give me an Oscar just for this!” Kidman thought.

And just like a charm, it worked again! Charlize was really sad about the possibility of breaking Nicole’s heart because She adored this woman. But if anything, Charlize Theron has always made up for her mistakes. “I’m sorry to hear that, Nicole.”

She then got a little closer to Nicole and put her right hand on Nicole’s hand and said “look, to be honest, working with you has always been a bucket list for me. I’m sorry I messed up my opportunity before but I really hope you agree to work with me on this movie. I promise I would make it up to you Nic.”

Charlize said Nic as she heard from a few people that it would turn Nicole on when someone said her name like that. And the look on Nicole’s face was confirming it! As she said that, Kidman looked at Theron with her beautiful blue eyes and asked “How, Charlize?”. Well, of course the older blonde already had a good idea of how Ms. Theron could make it up to her!

Charlize thought about it and then realized what an opportunity she has now. She could cross 2 things of her bucket list at the same time if she played her card right. First, she could have sex with one of her biggest crushes. Nicole was just so beautiful and Charlize was so attracted to her. So having sex with her was a dream for the shorter blonde. And second, this way Kidman would say yes to her, and she would get the chance to work with Nicole Kidman. Only if they knew that they both want the same thing!

While thinking, Theron got so horny with the thought of having sex with Kidman, that she couldn’t take it anymore! So after taking a deep breath, she got up from the coach and move toward Nicole and sat down on Nicole’s lap!

The move was a bald one even for Charlize, but she didn’t care. She wanted to have sex with Nicole Kidman so badly that she didn’t care that she was putting all of her weight on someone who was 50-something years old! Besides, from what Charlize has seen in the gym, Nicole seemed very capable of having Charlize on her lap for ‘just a few seconds’!

And to her delight, not only Nicole didn’t mind her weight, she actually looked happy and put her hands around Charlize’s waist, so she could hold her closer.

“Let me make it up to you, Nic” Charlize said as she deliberately used Nic to call her taller colleague “I’m really good at making people forgive me…one way or another”!

At that, Nicole smiled at her and put her right hand on Charlize’s head and run her fingers through her hair.

“Now or never!” Theron thought to herself and then leaned toward Nicole and kissed her. She took it as a good sign that Nicole didn’t stop the kiss. After their slow and short kiss, Theron leaned back and looked at Kidman to see her reaction, and she was delighted to see the smile on Nicole’s face. So at that moment, Charlize realized That Nicole Kidman liked her too!

But then she saw the ring on Mrs. Kidman’s finger and remembered that Nicole was married! “I’m sorry Nicole. I wasn’t thinking clearly… as I said, I can’t control myself around gorgeous people like you…!”. Charlize said and wanted to get up when Kidman spoke “it’s ok Charlize. I don’t want you to stop!”. Charlize was shocked! “But you’re married, Nicole!” Charlize said.

“Yes, but just like you, I’m bisexual too, Charlize. And Keith knows that and he doesn’t care. So it’s ok. Besides, I always get what I want. And right now, I want you, Charlize!” Nicole answered with a smile.

Honestly, hearing those words was such a relief for Theron because she really wanted Nicole too! So again Charlize leaned forward and kissed Nicole again. This time it was more passionate. After a few seconds, the kiss turned to a battle for dominance! Charlize knew Nicole Kidman was a dominant woman and like to top her lovers but so was she! So this was a very important moment for her and as much as it was hard for Charlize to control herself while kissing one of the hottest women she has ever seen, she knew she had to do it to show Nicole that she is in charge!

As they were kissing and Charlize was trying to control her feelings, Kidman moved her hand down to Charlize’s butt and squeeze it not that hard but enough to bring a moan from Charlize’s mouth which made it easy for Nicole to win the kissing battle. Kidman then used her tongue to fully explore Charlize’s mouth and Theron had no choice but to allow it.

She had played this game many times before and knew the roles. She knew Nicole has bested her in their little game and was the more dominant one at the moment. Charlize didn’t want to lose the chance to dominate a dominant like Mrs. Nicole Kidman, but right now, Nicole was ahead of her and she respected that. But that the night was long and Charlize knew that she could easily turn things around!

After a few seconds of Nicole basically dominating Charlize’s mouth, they had to separate, so they could breathe! And when that happened, a moan came from both of their mouths showing how much both of them enjoyed the kiss. They looked at each other for a few seconds and then Nicole with a cocky smile said “if I knew you would want to make it up to me like this, I would have said something sooner!”.

Theron laughed at this and said, “you should have”. She then looked down at Nicole’s breast and saw her hard nipples, but she hated the fact that they were covered under Nicole’s shirt!

Charlize continued “by the way, I have so much more making up to do if you want!”.

She then moved her hands toward Nicole’s shirt and start unbuttoning it and to her delight, Nicole did nothing to stop her. Charlize was so delighted when she saw that Nicole wasn’t wearing a bra, and she could behold Nicole’s amazing breast. Charlize licked her lips and then start rubbing them softly with both of her hands as Nicole leaned her head back and began moaning.

After a few seconds and as Charlize was thinking about how she is taking control, Nicole grabbed Charlize’s hands and put them on her thighs and then lifted her own left hand and put it on the back of Charlize’s head and grabbed some of her hair to “guide” Charlize’s head toward her left heaving breast. And as if on pure instinct, Theron started to lick it. After a few seconds, Kidman brought Charlize’s head up and kissed her a little roughly this time. After the kiss, she put Charlize’s head on her right breast this time, and again, Charlize kissed it immediately. And just like that, Nicole gained control again.

Putting Theron’s head on one of her breasts so Charlize could basically worship it and then lifting her head and kissing her. Nicole kept on doing this for a few minutes and After having her breast licked and kissed times after times, Kidman finally lifted Charlize’s head for the last time and just looked at her. Charlize’s face was red and her eyes semi-closed!

Switching between Nicole’s breast and mouth, meant that she wasn’t getting enough oxygen! But Charlize hasn’t said or done anything so Nicole kept doing it. It was a weird feeling for Charlize but it was like her body and mind wanted her to be Nicole’s little bitch!

And that was exactly how Nicole was seeing it! Charlize didn’t complain because she was enjoying it too much to care about a-not-so-important-thing called oxygen! Nicole put Charlize’s head on her chest to rest a second and confirmed her theory when she put her hand on Theron’s pussy and finds it soaking wet!

“Guess you weren’t lying about being wet!” Nicole said with a laugh although she was wet too.

After a few seconds, Theron came back to her senses and laugh too. First, she kissed Kidman’s breast a few more times (although this time, Nicole wasn’t ‘helping’ her!) and then lifted her head up and looked at Nicole and said “No, I was definitely not lying. And who could blame me? I mean, look at you… you are so beautiful (kiss) and tall (kiss) and so damn HOT!” and then kissed Nicole again.

After their kiss, Nicole replied, “well you should look a mirror sometime to see who is HOT!”. They both laughed and kissed again.

Charlize was enjoying her current situation but she wanted more! She wanted (or more like needed!) to get in bed with Nicole as soon as possible. And when she wanted to do that, she realized something. All this time that they were enjoying themselves, she was on Nicole’s lap!

Nicole hasn’t said anything about it and let Charlize be on her Lap while enjoying each other’s company, and she was actually comfortable having Charlize on her lap.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry for putting all of my weight on you. I was having such a good time that I totally forgot about it!” Theron said. “And you were so nice to not say anything…” she continued as she started to get up.

But then Nicole put her right hand on Theron’s cheek which made Charlize sit on Nicole’s lap again as she talked “don’t worry about it, Chuck…”.

Chuck was Charlize’s nickname that some of her “friends” gave her and somehow Nicole has learned about this. Hearing it had the same effect on Charlize that hearing Nic had on Nicole. “You don’t weigh that much, you cute little thing!”.

Theron, although enjoyed sitting on Nicole’s lap more than she cared to admit, knew if she wanted to be the dominant one, had to start taking control. And there was no way she could do that while sitting on the older blonde’s Lap and hearing Nicole calling her “little thing”!

And besides, in order to have sex with Nicole, she had to get up! So she started to get up from Kidman’s lap when Nicole’s hand grabbed her waist and stopped her from moving, again!

“Why are you doing this, Nic? Why don’t you let me up?” Charlize asked.

“Well, I was enjoying having you on my lap… and having you against my body…” Kidman confesses.

“I must say… I did enjoy that too. But as I said before, I want to show you how much I’m sorry about before. And to do that, I can’t be on your lap anymore! We need to go to your room”.

Theron said with a seductive smile as she again tried to get up but could not because Nicole Kidman was basically holding her hostage on her lap!

Charlize was starting to think maybe she should just accept her situation and let Nicole have her way with her because god knows they both were enjoying it. “No! What am I saying?! There is no way…” Charlize thought.

So Charlize asked again “I meant right now, Nic!”

Nicole was glad to hear those words. Charlize wasn’t the only one who was excited to have sex with the other blonde! From all those years ago, Nicole wanted to have her hands on Charlize and to fuck her.

“Well I’m completely on board with you making it up to me… but who said we can’t do both, Chuck?” Nicole said.

Charlize was confused, so she asked “what do you mea…” but she never got to finish her sentence and find the answer to her unasked question when Nicole Kidman moved both her hands on Charlize Theron’s ass and started to get up off the couch and brought Charlize Theron up with her and off the ground! Nicole moved her hands and grab Charlize’s legs and wrapped them around her waist!

Mrs. Nicole Kidman was standing in the middle of the room while easily holding Charlize Theron up in the air!

Yes, not only Nicole was taller, she was also heavier and in general, had a bigger frame than Theron. She was also working her ass off in the gym. But still, Charlize was a tall person and although not that heavy but still heavy enough to make this a very impressive move by Nicole.

A move that indeed had the desired effect on Charlize! Being lifted off her feet that easily by Nicole in the middle of her hotel room, turned Charlize on even more if that was possible!

While up in the air, Charlize Theron was thinking to herself about how strong is Mrs. Kidman to do this “Damn! Nicole is so fucking strong! She is holding me like I weight nothing!”.

She then asked “What are you doing, Nicole? Put me down!”.

Nicole looked at her while still standing and said “look, Chuck! I told you, I am enjoying having your body against mine. And I don’t want to wait to get to my room, so I could hold you again! Therefore, I’ll take you to my room while holding you like my little baby girl!”. Nicole said as she walked toward the room.

Usually, Charlize was the one that did this kind of moves to wow the person that she wanted to have sex with and of course to tell them she is in charge, but now she was getting some of her own medicine!

And this move has made more than just getting Charlize wetter! While Theron was up in the air in Nicole’s arms, waiting for her to takes her to her room, she thought about that “little baby” part that Nicole just said. About the fact that she was off her feet in Nicole’s strong arms and Nicole was holding and carrying her just like a baby.

That was the moment when Charlize realized that Nicole Kidman was way too much of a woman for her, and she could never top her. Nicole, quite rightfully so, was going to dominate her.

“You don’t need to carry me, I’m sure you are already exhausted for having me on your lap”. Charlize said as Kidman put her hand around her waist and stood still.

“No. It’s ok. As I said before, you don’t weight that much. I have been lifting heavier weight in the gym recently so this is not a problem, baby girl!”. Nicole said with a smile.

Hearing that, made Charlize understand it even more. Mrs. Kidman truly was an alpha who knew what to say to make Charlize feel smaller than her (besides the height difference!) and what to do to make her act and feel like an omega next to her.

And quite frankly, that actually scared Ms. Charlize Theron of Mrs. Nicole Kidman! How far will Kidman go and what will she do to her? And worse, what would she make Charlize do?! Charlize was scared to even think about the possibilities!

As Theron was thinking about that, Things didn’t get easier for her as Nicole brought her left hand down on Charlize’s butt and started to rub Charlize’s clit while talking.

“You see, my trainer says I should train in my home since I’m not here all the time to go to the gym and workout. So if anything, lifting and holding you like this, is an easy but still good workout for me! And don’t let me start on much HOTTER it is! So thanks for assisting me, kitten!” she said and laughed!

Kidman started to walk again, carrying Charlize to her master room. As soon as Nicole stopped rubbing the shorter woman’s clit, Charlize lets out a moan, and then she said:

“OK. Jesus! I get it! You already have made it perfectly clear that you are the alpha not me and I’m just your omega!”.

It was not an easy thing for an alpha like Charlize to confess being an omega to another alpha, but she had to say it so that maybe Nicole would stop teasing her!

“You don’t need to keep showing off or keep reminding me and rubbing it in my face…or my pussy for that matter!”.  And to Charlize’s surprised, Nicole just laughed at what she just said! There was a simple possibility that Charlize hadn’t thought about.

Charlize Theron was an alpha but also knew Nicole Kidman was an alpha and dominant too. So before tonight, she knew it is possible that she might be ending up as Nicole’s bitch. And that was the problem because unlike Theron, Nicole had never even considered the possibility of Charlize topping her!

Sure, Charlize has had turned so many actresses into her bitches, but none of them was someone like Mrs. Kidman.

If Kidman was saying those things or acting the way she was acting, it was not to show Charlize that she is the alpha, not Charlize. It was just Nicole’s personality as an alpha and dominant person!

So to hear Charlize saying those words and realizing Charlize Theron, actually consider herself at the same level of Nicole fucking Kidman, was so amusing for Mrs. Kidman!

So unfortunately for Charlize, that confessing didn’t stop Kidman at all and made things worse for her!

Again, Nicole stood still and said “Charlize. You are one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen! So fucking you was already going to be amazing…” Nicole said.

Then as if she needed to prove her superiority even more, she lifted Charlize a little higher and started rubbing Charlize’s clit harder than before, which made Theron moaning much louder than before in Kidman’s arms!

As Charlize closed her eyes, Kidman continued “but the fact that you thought you could top me, is making fucking you much better, CHUCK!” said Kidman as she starts making her way to her room.

“I mean look at me. Look at my body, Charlize. Seriously, HOW could you think that we’re at the same level, my beautiful little bitch?” Kidman finished as she had now completely destroyed the last reaming of Charlize’s alpha spirit.

And that was confirmed a second later when Charlize opened her eyes and actually looked at Nicole’s body as if she was given an order!

After a few seconds of looking, Theron raised both of her hands and put them around Nicole’s neck -just like her legs were wrapped around Nicole’s waist- and then put her head on Nicole’s shoulder as a sign of complete surrender, while Nicole carried her and finally got into her room.

In the end, Charlize got what she wanted. In the morning, Kidman accepted to be in the movie. But getting to the morning was not an easy task for Theron! That night was a very long night for Ms. Charlize Theron as Mrs. Nicole Kidman fuck the shit out of her! A HARD price to pay for the naïve and gorgeous woman, so she could cross one or two things off of her bucket list!