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Silver Dollar, Golden Flame

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After about four and a half hours of walking, the miraculous happened. A cabin was spotted.


They all stopped and stared for a second, amazed that they actually found somebody. Layne was the first one to snap out of the daze and therefore was the first one to reach the door, though the others were not far behind. As he raised his fist to knock on the door, it creaked open as if somebody opened it from the inside. Frowning, the group cautiously turned on their phone flashlights and peek inside just a little, trying to see who opened the door. When they didn’t see anybody, they stepped inside more and Earl immediately started fiddling with the lightswitch. When the last person crossed the threshold, the door slammed shut behind them with a loud SMACK. They all immediately whipped around with their hearts in their throats and Earl began rattling the doorknob, trying to open the door. When he was unsuccessful, he turned around and shook his head at the others, a grim look on his face.

“Oh great!” whisper-yelled Eli. “We're stranded in the middle of nowhere, the door to a creepy house in the woods magically shut and locked behind us and the lights aren’t working. Can this day get any better?”

Geoff immediately started trying to calm everybody down. “Ok everybody listen up. Keep your flashlights on, buddy up and don’t head off by yourself, and if you find somebody who can help us, let the rest of the group know. Let’s not stick around longer than we have to.”

Layne throws on his jacket while everyone is discussing who is going to pair off with who. He wasn’t really paying attention to his surroundings, so when he felt a hand clamping down over his nose and mouth, he was taken totally off guard.


“And Layne can come with…” Earl trails off, noticing Layne is nowhere in sight. “Layne? Bro, where are you? Layne?”

After briefly looking around the group decided to buddy up and look for not only Layne, but help. Unfortunately, Earl and J almost immediately split up, with Earl climbing the stairs to look around upstairs and J rounding the far corner to look on the far side of the house. Eli and Geoff went down the hall and started checking each room they came across.

Earl cautiously climbed the stairs, wincing with how much they creaked and squeaked under his feet. Holding his flashlight up in front of him, as he neared the top of the stairs he told himself he was prepared for something to jump out at him and try to scare him.

He was not ready for the broadside of the shovel that came flying towards his face.

Downstairs, Geoff heard something very heavy hitting the hardwood floor above him and immediately looked back around the corner towards the main entryway where they all came in, trusting that Eli would be fine for a minute or two by himself.

“Earl? Was that you?”

His words seemed way too loud in the silence. Worried for his friend, he begins to make his way back to where they split up and fails to notice Layne being dragged by his feet into a room behind him.


Eli opened the door at the very end of the hall and stood in the doorway, shining his flashlight around. As he passed the light over a chair facing the wall he could have sworn he saw a person, bound and blindfolded sitting in it, but when he snapped the light back over, the chair was empty. Confused, Eli hesitated inside the doorway, wondering if he was seeing things. Cautiously stepping further inside, he knelt by the chair, trying to see if there’s something strange about it when he hears the door swinging shut. Desperate not to be locked in a possibly haunted room by himself, he makes a break for the doorway but just barely misses the handle before it clicks shut and refuses to reopen.