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The three musketeers (hyung line x maknae line)

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°• Let it all go now •°



Namjoon, Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok. Those four have been best friends since forever. The switch from 4 friends to 2 couples high happened in high school, and as soon as they graduated they started part time jobs and tried to follow their dreams.


They started small. Renting a tiny two bedroom apartment together. Yoongi and Namjoon had always dreamed of producing music. They’ve been underground rappers since the start of high school, and as soon as they were able to, they started selling their music under different names. Also involving their boyfriends, using Jin for his beautiful vocals and getting Hoseok to start rapping and do background vocals too.


Hoseok also worked as a dancing instructor in a children’s dancing studio, and Jin worked as an assistant chef in a very small restaurant. Of course, Namjoon and Yoongi also worked other part time jobs because, selling their music wasn't that profitable or, it wasn't profitable at all. They were even played by some of the companies that sold their tracks.


So, having a side job each was the only way they could get enough money to feed themselves, pay rent and bills, and build for their dreams.


Jin and Yoongi being the eldest two had also took it upon themselves to go to college. And close to their graduation, things started to look up for them.


A big company had recognised one of the producers’ songs and contacted them. They hired Yoongi and Namjoon in their production team, just as the two wished all those years ago. And even though they did start with low pay, It was way more than what their side jobs and music provided combined. So, they quit their part time jobs and settled for the producers positions full time.


Jin had to change restaurants because his last boss was too old and decided to retire. Though he was kind and recommended Jin to one of his acquaintances that owned a bigger, and more popular restaurant which paid Jin more after acknowledging his skills.


And Hoseok had been promoted from an assistant that only watches the practices and helps the students when needed, to an actual dancing teacher. Even though he was teaching children, he got paid more, and he really enjoyed teaching the kids. Although, he hadn’t stayed long. After the manager of BigHit who was Yoongi's and Namjoon's new boss saw a video that the two were watching when he was doing his rounds, he asked the two about the boy in it.


It was Hoseok. He'd train and create choreography when he gets free time to stay in his studio without his students. And he sends them to his boyfriend and friends to get their opinion. Even though they don't know anything about dancing they still enjoy watching him do what he likes. So after they explained who he was to their production manager, he had asked to take the video to their CEO.


The two decided to not tell the dancer what happened so he wouldn't get his hopes up. But that was unnecessary since, they got an email to meet the boss and after showing him a couple more videos -with one of them showing how Hoseok worked with the children- their boss asked them to get the boy to his office so he can hire him.


A couple of years after Yoongi and Seokjin's graduation they had enough money to buy a house and move out. So, they moved into a big three-floor house that has eight rooms, a huge living room and a big kitchen - Seokjin’s request -, a pool, in a spacious well decorated backyard and a front garage that can hold up to three cars. Even though they only had one.


This was the result of hard work of four determined friends who had skills that got them raises after raises during those two years. And they of course deserved them.


Now, a year after they've moved into their new home, they were sitting in the kitchen having lunch.


"Okay. That's it! Jin babe, Hoseok, what's wrong? And don't you dare say nothing! You both have been acting weird and we're tired of it already." Namjoon asked pointing at himself and Yoongi.


Their boyfriends have been acting weird for almost a month now. What's weird is that it never took this long for them to confess what's wrong before. It made Yoongi and Namjoon extremely worried. Especially since it's both of them having a problem and not just one.


"Joon is right. Seokseok come on. I'm getting worried." Yoongi, added using the nickname he and Joon gave their boyfriends since it's easier than saying Seokjin and Hoseok and he's super lazy. So basically he uses it more than Namjoon.


"We don't know what you're talking about." Jin answered nonchalantly giving Hoseok a look that says 'I got this.' He didn't trust the dancer to talk to them because he's horrible at lying. He had exposed a lot of their surprises before just because of that. But, unfortunately, both of their boyfriends know that as well.


"Hobi, can you look at me for a sec?" Yoongi asked with a determined look on his face. He knew that using his boyfriend’s inability to lie is not fair. But he and Namjoon can't take what's happening any longer.


Hoseok thought he has to look because if he didn't they'd know they're hiding something, but at the same time if he does they'll pull the truth right out of his mouth. Reluctantly, he decided to look up and try to act unaffected like Seokjin.


"Yes?" He asked his boyfriend who was looking intently into his eyes. That always gets him nervous and fidgety. But this time he was trying harder than ever. Because he didn't want his best friend and boyfriend to judge him and his partner in crime.


"Can you tell me what's wrong?" Yoongi tried maintaining eye contact. He knew that always worked but he was shocked to see that Hoseok still didn't budge.


"What do you mean acting weird? We've been as normal as ever." Hoseok said still fidgeting. Usually he would've spread everything he hid inside all over the table from the first question. But of course, even though he got enough self control this time. His courage is still at the same level.


That just worried both of Yoongi and Namjoon more, because it must be worse than they thought if even Hoseok is having this much self control.


"Well. You have been having secret conversations a lot more than usual these past days, you've been showing each other stuff on your phones and when you see either of us you instantly close them, Jin started trying new recipes and decorating his food in cuter ways, you’ve also been trying to baby me and Yoongi, which was the worst out of everything you've done so far." Namjoon decided to answer and see what excuses they'll make. That’s always amusing for him.


"Yes! The worst.” Yoongi agreed. “now, can you please, just tell us?”


Hoseok looked at Seokjin panicking. He couldn't keep his cool and will probably blurt everything if he opens his mouth one more time.


"Well.... ummm.. we have found out that we...." Seokjin said glancing at Hoseok who’s giving him confused looks because it sounded like he's going to tell the truth. That causes him to realise what he was doing.


".... That we haven't been showing our love for you guys enough! Yeah, that's it! We wanted to show our love more." Jin finished feeling proud of his answer.


Yoongi looked at Namjoon. His smirk still proudly sitting on his face and he knew Namjoon was thinking what he's thinking, since he had the same smirk growing.


"But babe. I'm sure you and Hobi both know how we prefer you show your love to us. And it's definitely not by babying us or giving us food decorated as if it's to be given for children." Namjoon said with his smirk growing as he saw seokjin's eyes going wide.


"Yup. We don't want you to show us your love in the kitchen or living room. We have other places in mind." Yoongi added.


At this point their boyfriends knew they were playing with them in a way they get the truth and get some other stuff too. But they couldn't lie anymore because Namjoon was right. They did know it was a stupid excuse.


"Fine! You're right! We were just scared that you would think we are being spoiled and unreasonable or whatever. And we were scared to ask you in case you refuse and say it would be a burden and too much for us to handle. Then all our hopes would be crushed." Seokjin said quickly trying to rid their faces of those stupid smirks.

Yup. I will be completely crushed." Hoseok added stifling a laugh.

"Seok. it's not a good time for puns. Focus." Jin groaned.



Namjoon and Yoongi were even more confused now. Being the two who get most of the income in their household and being the most responsible got the task of managing the money on their backs. So, two Seok decided to start asking if they want something really costly. But till now the producers always got them what they wanted so why were they so nervous this time?


Namjoon decided to finally ask seeing that Yoongi is just too silent, and had a scary frown and cold eyes, Namjoon thought he's probably angry at them for thinking they will deny them something so important to them to the point of them being this devastated.


"We still don't understand. We've always gotten you whatever you want. Why is this time any different." He asked also frowning but he understands that they just don't want to seem like burdens. It makes him frustrated, because they all know, the money is theirs as well, they are a family after all.


"Because it's not a normal request like all of the others and it will also involve other lives and not just ours." Jin answered him vaguely.


'They want us to kill someone? Why? Did anyone do something?' That's what was going on in Namjoon’s mind. And Yoongi could feel it because he got the same ideas. They've always been on the same wavelength.


"Okay. Calm down Joon. We need to understand before we jump to conclusions." He told Namjoon calmly before facing the other two. "Please stop with the riddles. Can you just tell us what you want? I swear we won't think anything wrong. We will get it for you or do it for you. Just tell us because the things we think we are understanding are really........ not good." He added as gently as he could so they won't be scared to tell them.


"Wewanttogetahybrid!" Hoseok said fast. He finally lost all the self control he mustered up. He doesn't like to worry yoongi and namjoon.


"Hobi. This isn't a rap battle. Please go slow." Yoongi asked again with a chuckle.


"We want to get a hybrid." Jin answered instead getting tired of this conversation already.


"We want someone to take care of. We want company too, Especially me. I know you guys also started working from home to stay with us since I started working from home too and Hoseok has assistants to watch his students. But you guys are huddled up in your studios all the time. and I'm not complaining because, we see you during our meals and l during the day a lot too. But you don't need us to take care of you." He added to explain the reason behind their request.


"You said we were babying you so.... That was because we thought if we do it to you we might not want a hybrid anymore but that didn't work because you are not cooperating and we still want one.” Hoseok said taking over. “The things we show each other on the phone are also pictures of different hybrid breeds. We know it's common and normal but we also know that not everyone gets them since it's like adopting a child and people prefer actual children. Also because some people might take it the wrong way. So we were afraid you'd say no." Hoseok finished looking at his lap.


Namjoon and Yoongi looked at each other. They had a silent agreement -before they even knew what they want- that they would definitely get it for them. Now they were just silently confirming that agreement. And this time Namjoon let Yoongi deliver the happy news.


"Well then..." He started with a serious expression just to scare the two but then felt bad and smiled his gummy smile before continuing.


"Sleep early today. Because we have an orphanage to go visit tomorrow."




After getting ready and eating breakfast, the four friends got in the car and headed to the orphanage. Seokjin was the one driving because he's the one who knows the way since he's also the one who searched for hybrid orphanages.


Once they got there, They went to the reception and got someone to guide them. They realised that this wasn't a high quality place. They didn't see how this place was fit to take care of children. It had chipped walls, and it was cold.


As they walked, their guide was explaining important things they have to know before adopting any hybrid.


"First they are not all children but because they haven't been schooled or educated they all act like children. Its also because they have slower maturity rate in general" The guide told them looking at the hybrids going around the place in disgust.


Seokjin thought she was either forced to work here or she needed money and no one agreed to employee her due to her foul attitude. Either way she was getting on his nerves because those children are not things!


"But some of them have more maturity level than the others. They tell me that's what losing your parents does to you." She added.


"She's so insensitive. Look at Yoongi. He looks like he wants to choke her to death." Hoseok whispered to Jin frowning at the way she talks about the hybrids.


"I bet she wouldn't mind with the way she's looking at him and Namjoon." Jin whispered back with gritted teeth.


"Oh! Look there!" Hoseok called the three after spotting cute white fluffy cat ears. They looked at him and then at where he was pointing.


"Oh, my god! Let's go." Seokjin said passing next to the she devil and bumping her to grab both Namjoon and Yoongi and pull them towards the cute fluffy ears.


Once they got there, they saw three different hybrids huddled up together on the bed. They were sitting in a circle either playing or talking until, they saw the four strangers. the hybrid in the middle, sitting against the wall, instantly pulled the other two towards him.


The one in the middle was a dog hybrid. With one cat hybrid on his right, and a bunny hybrid on his left. They both got closer to him and all three held each other protectively.


"Hello there." Seokjin started speaking gently looking at the dog hybrid directly in his eyes to show him that he's not trying to hurt his two friends.


"Jin can we talk for a sec?" Hoseok called.


"Yeah what is it?" Seokjin turned to face him eyeing him curiously.


"I got us here for the cat hybrid but looking at the other two...... they're also cute and I feel like I have to take them all home." He whispered to Jin so the other two won't hear him.


"I know Hobi. Me too. I feel a pull to them that I haven't felt for the other hybrids I've seen here." Jin whispered back looking torn.


"So what do we do?"


"You choose one." Yoongi answered them causing Hoseok to jump.


"AAH! Yoon you scared me!"


"Yeah I know. But that's not the important issue." He told the two, folding his arms across his chest.


"Yeah, exactly. The issue is that we only wanted one!" Namjoon added.


"but Joon look at them hugging each other..." Jin tried to coax the younger.


"I don't think we could separate them. come ooon Joon!" Hoseok pouted very intensely.


"we could look for other ones ya know... since you can't choose between those three." Yoongi suggested.


"NO!" Both seoks said at the same time.


"please please please! we'll take care of them! we can obviously afford it and we have enough space in our unnecessarily huge house. It will finally have benefit." Hoseok begged.


"and we can take care of them. Especially since most of us work from home and Hobi can make choreography in his home studio so he'll only need to go to teach it. listen it's better that we take all three before someone heartless comes and separates them!"


Namjoon and Yoongi exchanged glances to each other and the three hybrids cuddled together with one of them looking wearily at the four while hugging his two friends closer.


They knew they had the same thought when they saw them -He would probably kill us if we took him or one of them only-


"ugggh fine! we'll get all three..."

"let's hope we won't regret this..."

"That is if they agree to us taking them..."

"...... Considering how protective they seem to be..."

"Its obvious that they have trust issues seokseok."


Namjoon and Yoongi said finishing each others sentences, being on the same wavelength again.


"We can try." Jin said with determination.

"Yeah. I really want to adopt them." Hoseok added. Then went to head towards the three cuties to ask for their names.


"Hello. I'm Hoseok. But you can call me hope or Hobi if you want." he said quietly -as to not to scare them- with a lot of excited waving.


The three hybrids had watched them arguing but stayed quiet. They thought the one who was waving was funny when he got scared. They even almost laughed at him, if they weren't afraid of the clicking lady who was currently on her phone.


"Can you tell me your names?" He asked softly. But they were still a bit scared so they didn't say anything.


Hoseok turned with a disappointed face to Seokjin asking him to try himself.


"Hello again. My names Seokjin but you can call me Jin. I'm Hobi's friend. We were wondering if you could tell us your names?" He asked with a sweet smile.

they still didn't say anything and just stared with wide (a bit frightened) pure eyes.


"They aren't cooperating~" Seokjin whined. He looked at the other two and narrowed his eyes when he noticed they were holding their laughs in.


"If you think this is so funny why don't you guys try?" He challenged.


"True. You two are just standing there watching us as if we're some comedy show. Do something!" Hoseok added glaring at the two producers.


They looked at each other then at their boyfriends. " Fine. We can try." Namjoon said looking at Yoongi again to get confirmation. Once he nodded they both turned to the three hybrids and got closer sitting on the bed's edge. Namjoon on kitten’s side and Yoongi next to the bunny.


"Hi. My name is Namjoon and that is Yoongi, and you already know the other two." He asked the three then smiled showing his dimples.


As soon as the Namjoon smiled the kitten’s eyes went wider and he sounded a gasp. Then he slowly raised his very tiny hand and poked the man's dimple.


Namjoon tried not to laugh so the little kitten won't be scared and take his hand away. He didn't mind being poked.


"That is called a dimple. Not all people have it. It shows up when he smiles." Yoongi explained.


The bunny then spoke for the first time. "Dim. ple?"


"Yes dimple." Yoongi replied smiling wide.


"Waaaaaah gummy bear!!" The bunny yelled staring wide eyes at Yoongi.


Namjoon couldn’t hold his laugh any longer after seeing Yoongi’s shocked expression. Which caused the kitten to stop poking his face and pull his hand away, turning to look at his lap. Namjoon was shocked to realise that he felt a bit disappointed, he loved the pure look of awe the little one had.


"So, boys, now that you know our names. Can we know yours?" Namjoon asked looking at the boy in the middle, who was still only holding the other two protectively.


"It's only fair like that after all." Yoongi added facing the puppy since he noticed both the boys were also looking at him as if waiting for permission.


Seokjin, though standing there looking at the rappers in awe and envy, noticed how the puppy looked a bit conflicted. He could see him weighing his options.


"I'm Taehyung, this is Jungkook, and this is Jimin." The puppy said pointing to himself, the bunny, then the kitten. Namjoon thought that maybe Taehyung was one of those slightly more mature hybrids, but he still saw some child like traits. For example he noticed how he was extra focused while saying their names, probably because he's used to nicknames.


"Okay Taehyung. Nice to meet you three. We're happy you told us your names but can you guess why we're here?" Yoongi asked this time directing his question to all three of them.


Jungkook raised his arm with pleading look on his face, and his bunny ears standing straight.


"Yes Jungkook?" Namjoon asked with a smile that got jimin to start poking and touching his dimple again.


"You're here to know our names!" Jungkook claimed smiling proudly.


"That's right kookie. What else?" Namjoon asked again.


"Um t-to.... get u-us a... umm." Taehyung stuttered.


"Get you what? Come on you can say it. Don't be scared taetae." Yoongi said encouraging the little puppy, nickname flowing smoothly.


"Umm... to take us h-home with y-you?" He finished looking at his hands no longer holding his friends.


"That's also correct tae! Good boys. You're so smart." Namjoon said excitedly ruffling the two boys hair.


Namjoon saw Yoongi smile softly and point to Namjoon’s side with a jerk of his head.

When he turned he saw Jimin pouting and started cooing at him.


"Look at this cute baby. You're so adorable. Such a good boy, too." He said pinching Jimin’s cheeks then ruffling his hair too. Only stopping when he saw Jimin lose the pout and give a small smile.


"We're still here you know." Jin whined.


The five sitting on the bed looked up at the other two who were still standing there with pouts and frowns covering their faces.


"Its not fair. They talked to you but not us only because of those stupid smiles.... Even though I can't blame them since those smiles are also the reason why we fell for the two of you." Hoseok complained glaring at the two who easily bonded with the three hybrids.


"I'd like to say we're sorry.... But we're not." Yoongi teased.


"Come on Yoongi. I think they're upset enough. Why don't you two come and try again? Ask them if they would like us to take them home." Namjoon suggested whispering the last sentence as Hoseok and Seokjin went to kneel on the floor in front of the little boys, not caring about the dirty floor.


"Well boys... do you want to come home with us?" Seokjin asked nervously.

"We would be happy to share our home with you." Hoseok added more confident than Jin since he knew the boys would be happy to leave this place.


After a few seconds of silence and staring, Jimin got up and crawled into Namjoon’s lap laying his head on the man’s heart and clutching his shirt in his small hands.


Namjoon was shocked and when he looked down, he found the boy's eyes closed. He thought he looked so cute like that. And then felt a little bad that he couldn't take them home right now.


He held him close and looked at their guide who was still on her phone. He decided to try convincing her to take the boys home today with a signed promise to come back and finish all paperwork tomorrow.


"No need. You can do the paperwork now. It won't take long since I had some ready. You'll need about an hour." She said telling them to wait and then went to get the papers, leaving the four friends looking at each other in shock and the two awake hybrids smiling at each other.




After their guide left, Jin decided to drive home so he could return the car and get the van. They bought it during the time they were buying furniture. Though they brought the car instead because they didn't think they could get the hybrid they're adopting right away. Or even that they were adopting hybrids.


Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hoseok decided to ask the hybrids a few questions while they fill the papers. But kept the conversations quite since the little kitten is still asleep.


"So how old are you all?" Hoseok asked their new puppy and bunny. Also getting the attention of Namjoon and Yoongi since they've been curios too. It's supposed to be in their personal file that they're supposed to get after getting done with paperwork but knowing earlier won't hurt.


"We are 19 years old!" Jungkook answered bouncing up on the bed.


"All three of you? That's a surprise." Namjoon said frowning down at the boy in his arms. 'He's too small for a 19 year old.' He thought.


"Jimin is just naturally small. And he doesn't eat much too. So he got even smaller." Taehyung explained as if reading Namjoon’s mind.


"Why does he not eat much?" Yoongi asked now frowning too. But tae didn't answer. So he looked at Jungkook hoping the bunny would.


"He was forced to eat little food. So when he eats more now, it all comes back out." He answered him looking at Jimin with sad eyes.


"Can you tell us who used to not allow Jimin to eat?" Namjoon asked further.


They waited as Jungkook opened his mouth to answer but closed it again after getting a warning look from Taehyung. ‘He didn't trust them yet.’ Namjoon realised, He will let them adopt him and his two best friends, but he won't tell them all of their history.


"Okay. We get it. It's okay if you don't want to tell us anything. We won't force you, but we still would like to get to know the three of you better." Yoongi assured Taehyung, probably understanding what's going on as well.


"What? We do understand? Who's we? Because I sure do NOT understand." Hoseok asked with a frown directed to his boyfriend.


"They don't trust us yet. Well tae doesn't and the other two obviously follow whatever he says." He answered whispering the second part so only Hoseok hears him.


"Oh. Well you guys don't have to worry. We only want to take care of you. We won't hurt you or let anyone do that. We'll protect you." Hoseok softly told the younger two.


"Won't hurt us?" Kookie asks pouting.


"Not at all." Hoseok assured.


"If you even try hurting kookie and chimchim, I will protect them. I won't let you." Tae glared at the three men in front of him.


"Well you don't have to worry about that. You know Why? Because I will personally deal with it if anyone of those three hurts you." Jin promised as he got inside the room.


He sat on the floor again next to Hoseok.

"So, what did you guys know?" He whisper asked Hoseok.


"They have been together since birth. They've been without a home since age 10, in this orphanage since age 14, and now they're 19. Jimin is also supposed to be the youngest but they don't know their birthdays, and they celebrate them all together." Hoseok whispered back.


"Oh my god. Poor boys." Jin said getting up and hugging the two awake hybrids.


Taehyung stiffened, but Jungkook hugged back. "Eomma...." He mumbled to his chest.


Jin's eyes instantly went wide shock. 'Did he just call me Eomma?'




"I think you feel like Eomma." Jungkook clarified.


"Can I call you Eomma?" He asked looking up at Jin. Seokjin's heart skipped a beat. He understood now what he felt for the three cuties and why he only felt it for them. 'I fell in love with them at first sight.' He felt that it sounded super cheesy, but he's convinced now that he was meant to save those three and give them the peaceful, happy life they deserve but never got.


"Of course bun. You can call me anything." Jin confirmed holding jungkook's cheeks in his hand and smiling softly at him.


Jungkook smiled back. And taehyung? Well he was still holding on to Jin much to everyone's surprise.


While everyone stared at the three in shock. Jin let go of jungkook's face and decided to hug tae back.


"It's okay. We're here now. You can stop stressing and let it all go." Jin told the puppy in his arms. But the puppy just shook his head and tightened the hug. Jin understood though, He might have let go a little. He might have decided to trust himself to them a little. But he will never let go of the responsibility of protecting his two best friends.


Jin just hugged tae while playing with jungkook's hair, the other three finishing the paperwork with Jimin still laying in Namjoon’s lap. And they all stayed silent for the next 30 minutes.


"I think we're done. I'll go give her the documents, get their files, and comeback. You can take them to the car, I don't think she'll care. I'll meet you guys there." Yoongi announced getting up after collecting all the documents.


The three boys looked down at their newly adopted hybrids and awed quietly. Jimin and Jungkook were sleeping soundly while taehyung was dozing off.


"Hey baby? We're leaving. Can you help us find your stuff. So we can pack them?" Jin asked him quietly.


"They're in a bag under the bed." Tae answered rubbing his sleepy eyes and yawning.


Hoseok got up and kneeled on the floor looking under the bed. He found one medium sized suitcase. Pulling it out he saw it was full with clothes, three pairs of worn out shoes, and one blanket. Nothing else. He closed the bag easily and got up thinking about all the things they don't have and where they could buy them from. He's going to spoil them rotten.


Namjoon had gotten up carrying Jimin princess style, having the same thoughts as Hoseok. He expected to at least see one stuffie but there wasn't. He was happy they got to them first before anyone would come and hurt them. Or not give them the amount of love and stuffies they deserve.


Jin on the other hand had other thoughts going through his head. He needs to carry Jungkook because he's sleeping, but he doesn't want to tell tae to let go.


Hoseok noticing his friends dilemma left the bag and went to tae.


"Hey buddy. Can get up and hold my hand so we can all go to the car? We're going home. Then you can have nap on a nice bed while Jin Eomma cooks some delicious food. Okay?" He asked holding out his hand for tae take.


Hoseok Couldn’t help but think, Tae would've totally declined and walked on his own if he wasn't feeling so drowsy and sleepy. But he’ll still take it.


So after holding Taehyung's hand in one of his and holding the suitcase with the other, Hoseok followed his hyungs who were carrying the other two hybrids out the door.




"We're here." Yoongi announced as he pressed the breaks. He was driving this time since each one of the three had a hybrid in their arms. "I'll open the doors for you." He added getting out of his seat.


After successfully carrying the three hybrids to one of the guest rooms upstairs and tucking them in. The four caretakers decided to handle a few things they didn’t get to do earlier because they didn't think they’d get the hybrids home so soon.


Hoseok took the hybrids' bag to their assigned room which will go through major changes.

Yoongi and Jin went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. They had to think about light meals since that will help little Jimin eat more.

And since Namjoon was prohibited from working in the kitchen, he decided to make a channel list for kids shows.


Once lunch was ready, Hoseok, Namjoon, and Yoongi went to wake the three cuties up and left Jin grumbling on how unfair it is that they get to see them sleeping and wake them up while he has to serve the food.


Their hearts melted as soon as they went inside the room. The three were hugging each other so closely you can't tell which limb belongs to who. It was a bit funny since that's not how they left them. Especially the blanket between Jimin’s arms.


"I think we should wake tae up first." Namjoon said eyeing the cuddled hybrids on the bed.


"I don't mind. But Why?" Hoseok asked.


"So that he calms the other two if they freak out. I noticed Jimin has a bit of a shorter attention span than the other two. We should work on that too." Namjoon clarified.


"Oh. I get it. Well then let's do this...... tae? Taehyung." Hoseok called shaking the puppy hybrid gently causing tae to open his eyes.


Tae squinted at them a little bit scared until he remembered what's happening. Yoongi saw him watching Namjoon reaching to wake kookie and looked like it took everything in him to not claw at Joon's hand.


"Kookie.... open your eyes little one." Joon called caressing the bunny’s cheek.


"Hmm taetae I want to sleep." Kookie replied turning over and hugging Jimin closer to him.


"bun, it's lunch time." Namjoon tried again.


Jungkook sat up opening his eyes. He looked around trying to remember where they are. He then went to wake the youngest of them up by laying kisses on his face and whispering his nicknames with every kiss till his face broke into a smile.


Jimin snuggled closer to Jungkook and hid his face there for a bit. The three caretakers just stood there trying not to squeal.


"We have to cuddle him a little after waking up. Otherwise he might think someone bad woke him up." Taehyung answered their questioning look.


"He's up." Jungkook announced jumping out of the bed then holding Namjoon’s hand.


Jimin sat up rubbing his eyes with his small fists. He looked up with wide eyes and got a little overwhelmed with the big number if people standing around him. Especially since his two friends were holding hands with two of the men in the room.


Yoongi noticed and instantly went closer, slowly climbing the bed. He sat in front of Jimin and reached both of his hands towards him.


"We're the people who took you from that orphanage to your new home. We're here to get you down for lunch." Yoongi explained smiling gently at the kitty hybrid.


Jimin tilted his head to the side as he started to remember what happened in the morning. Then his eyes lost all the fear and confusion and showed excitement instead. He crawled to Yoongi then sat in his lap wrapping his hands around the man's neck and legs around his torso.


Yoongi was shocked but he hugged back almost instantly. But they just sat there not moving afterwards which confused Yoongi and the other two men with him.


"What is it minie?" He asked the kitten hybrid in his arms but he just held tighter so, Yoongi glanced at taehyung.


"He's asking you to carry him." Tae responded quietly, staring at his hand that has been intertwined with Hoseok's for a while now.


"Oh okay. Up we go then." Yoongi slid down to the edge of the bed then stood up with Jimin in the same position.


Once they got to the kitchen Yoongi put Jimin down on his feet as the other two hybrids took their hands from the men's hold running to sit at the table that had amazing looking food. They were obviously hungry.


Jimin however went to his chair slowly. He sat next to taehyung with Yoongi on his other side.


"Hello little ones. You can take whatever you want okay? I don't know your favourites so Yoongi and I made what we thought you might like." Jin greeted them with the warmest smile he could muster, which wasn’t hard, they easily pull that out of him.


"Thank you Jin-Eomma." Jungkook said reaching out for the meat making them chuckle. Taehyung also started eating.


"The food is really tasty.... thank you." Tae said shyly after swallowing. He looked way more relaxed now.


"Here minie." Yoongi handed him a small bowl of porridge, with a another small bowl of boiled veggies. Him and Jin researched and found out that small and light meals are perfect to avoid shocking his digesting system. They tried to make it cute too by making shapes and adding veggies of different colours.


But even with how cute it looked or good it smelled, Jimin just stared at it. Then at Yoongi. Again the poor caretaker was so confused. He didn't know what to do.


"Why aren't you eating baby?" He asked the youngest Pulling Taehyung's attention from his food.


"Oh, you have to feed him. Holding a spoon scares him." He answered looking his friend with guilty eyes. He didn't mean to forget feeding him, it's just he's never seen or ate food that was this good. And Jin keeps putting stuff on his dish and they all taste amazing.


"Its okay, you can finish eating. Don't worry about minie. I'll feed him." Yoongi then held a small spoon of porridge to Jimin’s mouth. He and Jin had also found out that people who have difficulty eating sometimes get overwhelmed when holding a spoon and it gets too stressful. Smaller spoons were suggested to help.


They all continued eating in silence with Yoongi alternating between feeding himself and Jimin.


Then Hoseok stopped eating suddenly when he realized something. Even though he was sure he's just thinking too much and it's probably nothing. 'I mean we've only talked for less than half a day. We probably need to wait a little.' He thought then decided that making sure won't hurt anyone.


"Hey minie? How does the food taste? Do you like it?" Hoseok asked Jimin. And got a nod.


"What did you eat before?" He tried again hesitantly.


"The place would give us each a banana or Apple and one meal of bread and cheese." Taehyung answered.


"Bread and cheese can't stay in chimchim's stomach and he can't finish the Apple so we give him two bananas and half an apple." Jungkook added.


"Yeah. and we eat the meals and split the last banana and half Apple between us." Taehyung finished.


Now Hoseok was starting to feel like his doubt is actually true. But it can't be right?


"I have one more question. Tae, kookie? Why do you always answer for jiminie?" He asked the two who froze in their places. He saw them glance at Jimin. And when he looked too, he saw the boy's head lowered to face his lap, bangs hiding his face.


"Because chimmy doesn't talk...." Jungkook said quietly with glazed eyes.


To say the four caregivers were shocked was an understatement. They were frozen in their places! Such a cute angel not having his own voice is just horrible. 

"Was he.... born like that? Or did.... something happen to him?" Jin asked hesitantly. 

Tae and kookie glanced at jimin again, this time he just shrugged still looking at his lap, so tae decided to just tell them. They seem to really care about them so he'll tell them about what happened to his chimchim. He couldn't help him so, maybe if they knew they can.

"We were adopted from birth. Meaning our parents all gave us away when we were born. Because hybrids prefer to be without a child, that's what they told us. And we couldn't go to any hybrid village because no one would take care of us there so they put us for adoption. The person who got us was a nice man. He told us that he got me and kookie first then he saw Jimin on the day he was given to the orphanage, and he couldn't just leave him there." Taehyung started putting his spoon down. Jungkook then took over.

"The nice man treated us really well for the first 5 years. He was really poor but he still managed. He fed us and took care of us really well. But when we turned 6 he was diagnosed with cancer." 

"He had a daughter. She was a very mean person who only cared about money. She was always mean to us because she thought he shouldn't pity us and spend too much money on us. But he only gave us what's necessary to live. She's the one who got him in debt. She always buys stuff she doesn't need. Like necklaces and makeup and purses." Tae recalled frowning.

"And she always bullied Jimin. She always took food from his plate and ate it and then she would tell him that he's fat and supposed to eat less. We were only children so we just listened to her. And during meals the nice man would have work to do so he could never tell her off. That's how Jimin got to the point where he can't eat. And she also always hit his hand whenever she thought he took too long to eat. So holding a spoon scares him sometimes" Jungkook added, at this point some of the tears in his eyes escaped so, holding his friend close taehyung decided to finish it off himself. He was also thankful for Yoongi who was holding Jimin to his side as well. 

"About his voice.... He used to talk. He had a really cute voice. The nice man always said he sounded like an angel. And he had the best laugh, you can't help but smile when you hear it. The nice man always cheered up after having a bad day by only listening to Jimin’s laugh.... But once he was diagnosed with cancer and put on a hospital bed. She became really mean to us. Or especially chimchim. She hit him every time he said something, or laughed when we tried to cheer him up. He started talking less and less until he stopped talking completely." At this point all the hybrids were crying. Jimin was whimpering in Yoongi’s arms, Jungkook was silently shaking, and taehyung had silent tears rolling down his cheeks.

"She was a noona (older female). I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't protect him. And then when we were 10, the nice man died so his daughter didn't hesitate to kick us out. Afterwards I tried really hard to get him to talk again, but I didn't know how. I know it's not his fault. And I know it's her fault. But I can't help thinking it was mine too. I couldn't protect my little brother, I should've stopped her but I was too scared. I'm sorry jiminie. Hyung is sorry." Taehyung reached his breaking point. He couldn't stay composed and strong anymore.

Jimin then pulled away from Yoongi and went to hug his hyung as tight as he can.

Taehyung got up to hug his chimchim back. He kept apologizing and Jimin just kept shaking his head 'no' in response. Jin also got up to comfort kookie who was still crying. He was crying for what happened to their youngest and because the eldest is blaming himself for it. He felt bad yet he couldn't do anything to help any of them. 

Namjoon got enough. He couldn't stand and just watch taehyung blame himself for something that wasn't his fault. He shared a look with Yoongi and they both got to their feet and headed to the two crying hybrids. Namjoon then took taehyung in his arms, while Yoongi took Jimin. 

"It was not your fault. It couldn't be. You weren't even ten years old. Of course you couldn't do anything." Namjoon argued rubbing taehyung's back. 

"I'm pretty sure jimin doesn't blame you either. Right minie?" Yoongi asked the grey haired kitten receiving a firm nod as reply. "See? He said yes." 

"There was also no way you could have known what to do to help him start speaking again. I'm older and I don't know what to do. But don't worry. His voice didn't go forever. We can ask professional doctors to tell us what to do." Hoseok promised. He was going to start researching from today. 

"You will get chimchim's voice back?" Kookie asked looking up at Jin with hopeful eyes.

"Yes. We'll do our best. We promise." Yoongi said then felt jimin pulling away. He looked down and saw Jimin holding his pinkie out. This time he didn't wait for anyone to explain and instantly wrapped his way longer pinkie around Jimin’s smaller one. 

"Pinkie promise. We will definitely hear your angelic voice." He promised again giving Jimin his gummy smile. 

After that heartfelt promise the caregivers made fruit salad for the boys to eat. They made sure to give Jimin a small bowel and a small spoon, even though they were going to feed him themselves. 

This time Jin was the one feeding Jimin. He had him propped up on his lap, his head on jin's chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. Half a bowl later Jin thought that the boys need to shower. They will make a schedule where they have to shower either as soon as they wake up or before bed. But this time having an early shower won't hurt anyone. 

"Boys? Do you want a bath? It's okay if it's before dinner today." Jin asked the three.

"Can we take it together?" Tae asked thinking about his two friends. 

"We can't leave Jimin there. We've always helped him." He added explaining why.

"Yes. He's our baby. We have to wash him ourselves." Kookie added with determined eyes. 

"You're a baby too, kookie." Hoseok pointed out ruffling his hair. 

"But he's smaller." Kookie said smiling proudly making Jimin pout. He liked playing with Jimin and teasing him about his height. 

"Don't be upset. You're height is adorable." Yoongi cooed pinching Jimin’s cheeks softly, only stopping when Jimin gave a small smile. Then he pulled Jimin to his chest again. 

"Its fine. But we'll help you get the water ready" Yoongi said getting up to do just that. 

"We need to get them clothes too. How about we take them shopping after the bath?" Namjoon asked still holding tae. 

"Yeah. We'll just give them some of Hoseok’s and Yoongi’s this time." Jin added. 

The three caregivers took the hybrids to the bathroom. Then hoseok headed to get the little hybrids some clothes. 

After reaching the bathroom, they didn't know what to do anymore.... should they go? Stay and help them? Do they actually need help?

Those questions however, weren't important. Because the little three didn't care about the older ones presence and just started undressing. -Well tae and kook did-.

Jimin though, looked at the elders wide eyed, cocking his head to the side. He looked confused about something but they couldn't pin point what exactly. 
He heard splashes and looked behind him, starting to pout as he saw his older hyungs already in the big tub and he's still fully dressed. He looked up again with a more prominent pout and pleading puppy eyes. (Even though he is a kitten hybrid but you know what it meant :b) 

The caregivers started panicking. All they could think of is that their little kitten hates baths, he is a kitten after all. But they didn't know what to do, should they coax him into going in? Should they give up and let him out? 

The poor boy getting so close to crying stomped one of his feet then turned to poke kookie on his shoulder. 
As the bunny looked up, he frowned in confusion seeing jiminie still dressed. Jungkook then sighed with a cute accusing look directed to the elders as if he was about to say 'you made mr. Stuffs angry'.

"You didn't undress him! How can he have a bath with us when he's still wearing clothes?" He scolded with a pout. Tae then turned to them too.

"We would have helped him ourselves, but you said you'll help us..." tae added looking disappointed. 

The three idiots just stood there awkwardly dumbfounded. They wanted to coo at the littles' cute accusing expressions and at the same wanted to hide in a hole for the rest of their lives. How could they not guess that. 

Hurrying closer, Yoongi reached out to Jimin with both his hands and motioned him closer. He started to unbutton his worn out, oversized, really light shirt. He frowned wondering how they were able to survive with only one blanket and such thin clothes, especially since the orphanage they were in was allowing all the air inside through seen and unseen little holes in the wall. He shivered as he remembered how cold it was when they went to get the three hybrids. Even though they went in daylight. They always gave priority to human orphanages and Yoongi can't help but feel bad for the other orphan hybrids out there.

Jimin clutched Yoongi’s shoulders as he bent down to take the kittens pants off. The elder was trying so hard to make this casual before he started to help with Jimin’s underpants (They had no problem being seen. They were only children inside but Yoongi needed some time to get used to it.) Once he was done with that, he took both of Jimin’s hands and helped him get into the tub with the other two. He thanked god that Namjoon felt really expensive one day and asked for a two people tub to be built in one of the bathrooms. 

The others had refused in the beginning, they promised not to waste their money even if they were really loaded. Being a producer in a big music company pays really well so imagine if they had two. 

After helping Jimin sit without slipping and snapping his head open -god forbid- Yoongi turned to the other two with him. Namjoon and Jin just stood there looking at the little hybrids behind Yoongi as they splashed the water excitedly. (More like Jimin splashing, Jungkook shielding himself from his splashes, while taehyung tried to calm Jimin down telling him the water is going out of the tub.) Either way, they looked cute whatever they were doing. 

"You can leave now. I'll take care of the rest till Hobi comes back with the clothes and help me. Joon, you can go read some of their profiles. Jin maybe you should prepare a couple of snacks for Jimin, we might eat in a restaurant and not find something suitable for him." Yoongi instructed turning towards the little boys again. 

The couple did just as he asked. They were surprised though, their Yoongi was only serious about his music and his relationship with Hobi so, seeing him like that for the little hybrids - who he was reluctant to get in the first place - after only one day, was really surprising. 

"Okay now. Calm down minie." Yoongi called after the couple left. He was now standing by the faucet, Jimin facing him while the other two sat on the sides. 

Jimin looked up at Yoongi slowly, his hands still moving but in calmer manner so that water wasn't splashing. As Yoongi saw those doe eyes look at him he knew Jimin was clever. The cute boy did what he was told but didn't exactly stop doing what he wanted. 

Yoongi playfully narrowed his eyes at Jimin, but then softened them when Jimin abruptly stopped his moments and lowered his gaze at the water. 
"No no kitten. Don't be upset. I was just playing... come here alright?" Yoongi softly requested extending his arms for Jimin as the youngest crawled through the water and sat closer to Yoongi, eyes still downcast. 

Yoongi then ruffled Jimin’s hair and suddenly started throwing water at Jimin from the side. He tried to hold his laugh at Jimin’s surprised face, but it was so hard. He looks so cute I just want to eat him!! 

Jimin's surprised expression turned determined as he slowly moved his hands to be in front of him still under the water then threw his hands up and quickly back down causing plenty if water to fall on Yoongi and soak his clothes. 

Yoongi gasped falling on his butt making Jimin smile and taehyung and Jungkook laugh loudly. 

"What's so funny? And why are you wet yoon?" Hoseok asked getting inside the bathroom frowning at the mess. 

"Gummy bear fell on his bum!" Jungkook answered laughing loudly. 

"Seriously yoongi how did that happen?" 

"He splashed at chimchim so he took revenge and he won. Good job chimmy!" Taehyung answered this time, high fiving Jimin who was looking at Hoseok with a proud smile and if you have good working eyes, you'll see a little bit of hesitation. Hoseok luckily has good working eyes.

"Well done baby. Next time throw a full bucket on his face alright." Hoseok said laughing as he ruffled Jimin’s hair. 

Yoongi got up and with the help if Hoseok, started to wash the little hybrids. Being carefully of their ears and their tails as they don't know what to do with those. They still have a lot to research. 

After finishing the bath and dressing the three cuties up. Yoongi left to take his own bath because a little cute devil soaked him to the bone while he was washing him - it was Jungkook this time - and Hoseok took them to the living room where they will wait for yoongi to come back so they could go to the mall. 

Namjoon got up and took Jimin from Hoseok’s arms as soon as he saw him. The boy seems like he doesn't want to walk on his feet anytime soon. 

Jin came inside a second after Hoseok with a bag of food containers, Namjoon guessed, and a bowel in his hand. He sat next to Namjoon, and looked at Jimin who was eyeing the bowel wearily. 

Jin chuckled seeming to know the kitten understood what's happening. He was about to have a snack. Jin knew from the research he made that if you can't eat a lot, then eat only a little but more frequently. He is going to try increasing Jimin’s portions little by little, but right now he will have to do this to give Jimin enough nutrients.

Jimin knew they were trying to 'make him a healthier Jimin' so he complied and opened his mouth knowing that if he wanted to stop they won't force him. He seems to be the one who trusts the caregivers the most out of the three hybrids. Jin guessed that the talking issue wasn't due to trust because then he would have talked to tae and kookie. 

"I think it's because it was carved into him at a young age." Jin thought loudly setting the dish away. 

"What was? What are you talking about?" Hoseok asked from between the other two hybrids. He was petting their heads, and they just went drowsy. 

"Minie not talking. It's because they convinced his brain that he is not supposed to speak for four years and he stayed that way for nine more." He explained. 

"It's fine. We can still help him. I'm sure he can talk again." Namjoon assured running his hands in Jimin’s hair to calm him, because he obviously thought that it meant they can't help him talk. He didn't mind not talking, but everyone else seemed to mind, they want to hear his voice. Jimin didn't understand why they would want that when his voice is annoying? He was convinced that if they heard him they'd want him to shut up again. That was the problem.

Jungkook got up and knelt in front of Jimin. He held his hands looked at his teary orbs with his own also filled with tears. 

"Minie... minie's voice is pretty. Minie's voice is not annoying. Minie's laugh is cute. I want minie's voice back." Kookie said starting to cry. 

Jimin's eyes widened and his tears fell too. He let go of jungkook's hand and threw them around his neck instead, kneeling in the process. Then they felt another body holding them, and knew it was tae. 

Jimin pulled away from his two friends then looked Jungkook in the eye, Jungkook staring back at him. 

"He said he'll try his best." Jungkook said smiling at tae who smiled back and hugged Jimin one more time before getting up and helping his friends up too.

"He spoke?" Hoseok asked with wide eyes beating the other three caregivers as yoongi also got inside the room to witness that one sentence. 

Shaking his head no, taehyung looked at the caregivers with a big smile. 

"We understand him without talking. From small signs he could give or the look in his eyes. But Jungkook understands his eyes better since he's also quiet." He said proudly smiling at his two friends.

"Oh... well... we'll get him to talk soon. So ...let's go Then?"

Jin was the one driving with Namjoon sitting shotgun leaving the other couple trying to tame the three hybrids in the back of the van. 

"Kookie, no don't jump, you'll hurt yourself." Hoseok warned trying to hold Jungkook down before he turned to scowl at Yoongi when he heard him laugh. 

"Don't laugh. Come stop taehyung from trying to open the window!" He yelled at the older. 

"I can't really get up. He's still holding me too tightly. I'm sorry hope." Yoongi said chuckling. He had Jimin holding to him tight because as Jungkook and taehyung said; he thinks Yoongi is like a big teddy bear. They somehow keep comparing him to bears. But he's okay with that if it's those three cute little hybrids. So, he just contentedly sat there petting Jimin’s head and rubbing around his ears.

"Ugggh. Taetae baby can you please help me calm kookie down before he hurts himself."

"Okay." He sat down on the seat dragging himself across it to go to Hoseok and help him. 

He held kookie with Hoseok thinking it would help but unfortunately for them it didn't do anything but make Yoongi laugh. 

"Kookie if you get hurt you can't go with us to the mall and eat new delicious food." He said deciding he had enough laughing at his boyfriend, who looked entirely shook because that actually worked. 


"It was obvious he liked trying new foods. His eyes sparkled every time Jin added something different to his plate." He explained with a smirk. "Observation is key Hobi." 


"Guys we're here." Jin announced after parking the car in the nearest spot to the mall entrance. 

"Okay. Come on boys. When we're outside you have to hold our hands. Okay? Or else you'll get lost." Namjoon said making the three hybrids nod. 

"Okay then let's go. The hybrid shops are on the third floor, but let's see the other cute shops too." Jin suggested leading the way.

Hybrid shops have things made especially for hybrids. For example they are made comfortable for their tales or ears too in case of headwear.

They went to human stores first, to see if there is anything the hybrids might like. As they went to the third one, Yoongi started groaning. "Let's just go to the hybrid shops already. They won't like anything he-" he stopped talking when he felt Jimin let go of the grip he had of his arm. 

They saw the little kitten boy run to a display of a hoodie that has a cat face on it. He was pointing at the hoodie and himself. That didn't need to be translated. 

"Yes that's a cat just like you. Do you want it?" Hoseok said as he reached Jimin before the others ruffling his hair. Jimin nodded his head smiling. Jin got a cart and put the hoodie inside. 

They walked around the shop letting the boys choose some hoodies, then left after paying. They finally went to the hybrid section and bought pants, shorts, overalls, hats, shoes, and onesies and all that.

After their shopping was done... for now. They went to eat. They took the hybrids around the different restaurants to see if they wanted anything. Taehyung chose to have Chinese with Jin, Jungkook wanted to eat lamb skewers with Yoongi, and they were waiting to see if Jimin would want anything from here. They told him that he doesn't have to choose anything if there was nothing that he liked, they brought food from home. 

Jimin however chose some corn soup and Jin said he'll get him to eat the boiled veggies he brought with him. 

"Jimin, come on eat just a bit more. Three more spoonful’s and that's it. We need to make you're stomach bigger little by little until it's normal again but that can't happen if you don't eat a little more every time, baby." Jin said holding a veggie with chopsticks near Jimin’s mouth. 

Jimin shook his head pouting. He feels full already you can't blame him. He never tried forcing himself to eat more and he didn't want to try. 

"How about we go stuffie shopping after dinner if you had more? Please just do it for us. We want you to get better remember?" Yoongi tried sighing. But smiled when he saw Jimin’s mouth open enough for the veggie to go inside. 

He was able to take about 6 extra spoonful’s eventually. He saw how everyone looked proud of him and decided he'll try to take even more next time just to see their proud smiles again.

After wrapping up Jimin’s left over food, they went to a toy store. The look on the hybrids' faces was priceless, their eyes went wide and started sparkling while they looked at all the stuffies and toys around them. They each chose one thing they liked the most while Hoseok went alone choosing other toys for them. 

"You guys sure you don't want anything else?" Jin asked after they paid and were ready to go back home. 

"Yes.... Thank you... mamma Jin." Taehyung said blushing and looking at his feet. 

Jin's heart melted as he heard that. It was the first time taehyung addressed any of them. 

"Awe you're welcome. You just wait, I'll spoil you even more." He said smiling and ruffling the puppy's hair. 

"Thank you too gummy bear, and papa Joon and Hobi." Jungkook added hugging Namjoon who was carrying bags so couldn't hug back properly but tried to at least, rub his back saying you're welcome. Namjoon was shocked in the beginning for calling him papa but smiled right after. They probably sensed he and Jin were together. 

Jimin saw everything of course, he really wanted to thank them too so he went to Hoseok who was smiling warmly at kookie and pulled his sleeve. 

"Yes jiminie?" He asked getting the attention of everyone. Jimin then looked up at his eyes and opened his mouth. He tried to get his voice out. He took a deep breath and tried to say it but froze with his mouth still open and nothing came out. He gave up and looked down with glossy eyes and a pout. 

Hoseok immediately let the bags drop and hugged the kitten hybrid to his chest trying to comfort him.

"Its okay baby. You don't need to push yourself. But I want you to know that we would never think you're annoying. Have we thought that way about taetae and kookie?" He asked rubbing Jimin’s back and getting a head shake in reply from him. 

"Exactly. We want you to talk. We want to know how you feel, what you think, what you want. We want to hear your beautiful voice. Whatever that bad girl said about you isn't true. She was just jealous. Okay?" He broke the hug to look at the younger's face to wipe his tears away. 

"Good. And I know you want to say thank you too. So you're welcome." He added smiling after he saw Jimin nod. 

The car ride back home was calmer and quieter this time probably due to the little ones being tired after such a long eventful day. 

Once they reached their house the caregivers took the hybrids to their bed each with his stuffie in his arms, then went to get the bags after tucking them in. 

They put everything away in it's place before going to the living room for an important discussion; The three hybrids files. 

"So what was there when you read them Joon? Is there anything we need to worry about?" Jin asked.

"There was nothing." He answered with a grim face.

"That's great!! But why do you not look happy?" Hoseok asked. 

"Because there is literally nothing Hoseok. No medical record, no information about their parents or where they came from, no allergy tests performed previously, and not even their blood type. It literally only says their breed, gender, height, and weight. Oh! The date they got them into the orphanage was also there." Namjoon explained huffing.

"Calm down Joon. We'll just call to make a doctor appointment. I know a good doctor. It shouldn't be a problem." Yoongi assured.

"Yeah I know. I'm just worried and upset. We have to do our best to show how much we love them. I'm talking toys, a playroom, every kind of food they want, even trips to amusement parks and stuff, and of course hugs and kisses, and all kinds of encouraging words. Deal?!" He asked the rest with determined eyes.

"Yes!" They answered looking back with the exact same determination. 


It’s been a few days and things were slowly falling into place, with getting used to the new routines and the new feeling of always finding something, however little, to change for the little ones to adjust better into their new home
One morning, Hoseok had woken up first, he had to go to work. He obviously didn't try to wake Yoongi up with him, he knew his boyfriend stayed up late working the night before.

He took a shower, got ready, then went downstairs to have some breakfast. He opened the fridge to see if he feels like making something but he stopped midway when he glimpsed a small figure from the corner of his eye. 

Jimin was standing there holding a glass half filled with water as he watched the older with curious eyes. He woke up because of Hoseok’s alarm and felt thirsty so he went to have some water. 

Hoseok then turned to look at the water cooler, he saw a bit of panic in Jimin’s eyes but he ignored that for now. When he saw the mess by the cooler though, he understood why he was panicked. There was water all over the floor and the cooler, the dish cabinet door was wide open and the dishes were out of order with a couple threatening to fall down and crash, he wasn't going to ask how he managed to reach because he saw the chair near the counter.

He looked back at Jimin and saw him with his head down and shoulders tensed, he had put the glass of water back on the counter. 

Hoseok took the glass and filled it with water -leaving a safe margin to avoid spilling- and gave it back to Jimin with a soft smile. The little one just looked at him bewildered as he took the glass in his hands. 

Hoseok decided to just spend the rest of the time he has left which was about 15 minutes cleaning the mess and keeping Jimin company.

"This reminds me of something. There was this one time Namjoon broke the whole cooler. We had to buy a new one because we couldn't find someone who can fix the one he broke." He told Jimin to ease him, chuckling at the memory. 

Hearing that, Jimin did stop frowning, until he heard what came out of Hoseok’s mouth. 

"Well I have to go now. Be careful and go back to you're friends okay?" He said ruffling his hair then headed to the door. 


Jimin being Jimin thought he left because he was annoyed at him for making a mess. He panicked again after Hoseok left. What is he going to do? He can't tell them he left because of him! They'll get angry and hurt him or worse... They could throw him out! 

Jimin went to the bed again snuggling between tae and kookie and pretended to have been sleeping when the caretakers came to wake the three up. 

They had taken them down for breakfast and Jimin was honestly thankful that Hoseok fixed the mess before leaving so no one will doubt anything now, the problem will be when they notice the forth caregiver is gone. 

"Do you want to watch cartoons?" Jin asked as he put the dirty dishes from breakfast in the dish washer.

The three looked at him with confusion. They haven't watched cartoons before. Their old man was poor he only had one tv which was claimed by his horrendous daughter and they weren't allowed in her room. She would murder them if they got close. And the orphanage didn't have tv's so no. they haven't watched cartoons before to know what they are. 

"Okay come here, I'll show you." Jin said seeming to understand. he lead them to the living room and sat them on the couch in front of the familiar electronic device. 

He turned it on flipping between the channels till he stopped at pocoyo. He turned back to face them and saw how Jungkook and Jimin’s eyes were focused on the screen. Taehyung however kept staring at Jimin and when Jin asked him what's wrong he just shook his head and focused on the tv too. 

Jin just let it go and sat with them. The two producers had gone to their studios early to finish work and have the rest of the day free. They were going to go furniture shopping later, to fill the playroom and redecorate the hybrids' bedroom. 

"Kookie come here we, need to talk to Jimin." Tae called sitting closer to Jimin with other doing the same.

"Chimchim what's wrong?" Tae asked getting a head shake from Jimin meaning nothing.

"You're lying..." kookie sighed. Jimin looked at them with questioning eyes. 

"You woke up without our kisses and cuddles." Jungkook explained.

"Yeah that means you were already awake." Tae continued.

"And your face looks like you are hiding something." Kook finished making intense eye contact. He didn't like it when Jimin hid something and he couldn't understand. He must understand everything about his two friends. 

Jimin smiled a little for a second pointing at his face before dropping the smile then he pointed at the door then at himself with sad guilty eyes.

"He's saying Hobi left because of him." Kook told tae frowning. 

"It's okay chimchim. I'm sure it wasn't because of you."

"Yes chim he probably went to eat outside. The food we had yesterday was awesome!" Jungkook exclaimed. 

"He won't go eat outside alone! There is food here. And the food here is amazing too." Tae argued. 

"But the lamb skewers!!" Jungkook whined out as if that explains everything. 


"Okay kids that's it. I can see that kookie will be just like Yoongi with his obsession with lamb skewers. And thank you taetae baby, I'm glad you like my cooking. And minie honey, Hobi just went to work, and Yoongi and Namjoon are still here but they're upstairs also working. No one is leaving okay?" Jin explained slowly with his softest voice to make Jimin understand, but he didn't seem to be convinced. Jin had witnessed the whole thing. He didn't know if they meant to let him hear or they just didn't care if he did. 

Jin sighed because there is nothing he could do about that except to wait for Hoseok’s return to ease Jimin’s. He knew that won't take long because he just had to go for 6 hours. He'll be here for lunch.

Namjoon and Yoongi had come down not long after the whole fiasco was over and they split with Namjoon watching the kids while trying to find an appropriate date for the doctor appointment for all three together, while Yoongi helped Jin in the kitchen once again. 

The bell rang right after Yoongi put down the last dish on the table. 

"Oh it's Hobi! Yoongi come here we have to see this!" 

"See what?" 

"Minie thought Hobi left because of him so I want to see his surprised face when he sees him get through the door." He explained walking with a fast pace and looking back to make sure Yoongi is following him.

He walked into the living room casually to 'call them for lunch' and waited for Hoseok to come inside too. He was excited to see how happy he would look when he saw the older since all they got from Jimin was small smiles. 

But boy were Jin’s expectations low. Because as Hoseok got in and greeted everyone, Jimin didn't only look shocked.

Jimin looked shocked then happy and with a huge eye smile on his face he ran to Hoseok hugging him. Jin was satisfied with what he witnessed and so were Yoongi and Namjoon. But they were wrong if they thought that's all they're getting from the little kitten. 

They were all smiling until....

“Happy Hobi b-back!”

“Did you.... did you just speak baby?”

Hoseok asked after standing in silence for about 2 full minutes, even the hybrids were quiet. But as Hoseok looked down to see the kittens face he saw that Jimin looked really scared. 

So, he put his hands under Jimin’s arms hoisting him up and hugged his torso, the hybrids feet couldn't reach the floor. 

"You finally spoke! I'm so happy! We all are! Right guys?" He asked excitedly. Obviously he would be excited since Jimin’s first words in about 9 years were his nickname. 

Jimin wrapped his arms around Hoseok and hid his face in his neck. He was a little embarrassed since all the attention was on him. 

Jin stood behind Hoseok to see Jimin and held one of his hands as he pouted. "Can you say my name too? Pleeeeease?" Jin begged.

Jimin shyly looked at him and held Hoseok tighter, he was still shy and not used to speaking, it also kind of hurt his throat since he hasn't used his voice in so long but the look on Jin’s face was tempting him to try. 

"M-mamma j-Jin..." He called quietly.

High pitched squealing was heard till Namjoon went to calm his boyfriend down. As soon as it stopped they heard laughing that was so cute and contagious and adorable and whatever other term you want to use. 

Jimin was laughing at his caregiver's reaction. He used to hear yelling of a different kind when he spoke before but this time it was joyous yelling --or practically squealing. He wanted to make his other two caregivers just as happy.

The cute kitten who was excited to see his other two caregivers reaction, wiggled in Hoseok’s arms trying to get down. 
He ran the short distance behind Hoseok to the namjin couple and pulled on Namjoon’s shirt getting him to take his hand from his boyfriend's mouth. 

"Papa nam!" He called more confident this time, making Namjoon coo /“baby!”/ and lift him up to throw him in the air and then hug him tight. He hugged back rightly for a few seconds then wiggled in his arms too till the older let him down. 

The small kitten then went to Yoongi, he saw his two friends shocked and nostalgic expressions and knew just what to say to them. But first he had to see Yoongi’s reaction. 

Yoongi was standing in his place looking envious of his three friends, but excited as he saw Jimin approach him. Jimin decided to give him a little something extra since he was last, so he wouldn't feel like he was less appreciated. Because, Like Yoongi guessed before, Jimin was a clever kitten. 

He reached the anticipating caregiver and wrapped his arms around him, hugging him first this time. "Bear-bear yoonie."

Yoongi literally crumbled. He held Jimin back and just fell to his knees holding him. You wouldn't expect that from the agust-D but sometimes you could be wrong.

He let go of Jimin when he heard whimpering and the boy quickly went to his friends. He kneeled in front of them since they were sitting on the floor. He leaned and kissed both of them on the cheek. "L-love you taetae. Love you k-kookie." 

“JIMINIE!” , “chimchim!” The two hybrids yelled hugging him close and the caregivers stood there watching for about five minutes, when Jin remembered the food on the table.

"Omygod, the food is gonna get cold. Come on boys let's go eat. You can cuddle all you want after."